Vlog: Night Lights 2011

Presenting my first vlog! Done in a way where you can't hear me talk except for the words 'Bunny Rabbit'. Yes, I did make a mini appearance. This is interesting as I've never done videos before and thanks to my brother, managed to do some really minor video editing. 

Can always count on  my brother to know what are the latest public events in Singapore because I is clueless.

I would say it is interesting though I wish there are more of it but you know, it's not about the quantity but about the quality. I guess in future, it will be better. 

If you intend to go, do check it out though I suggest you don't wear heels coz you have to walk around the Bras Basah area. Best if you go on Friday because you get free entry into the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum from 6 to 9pm. Go with your date or with your family and highly recommended when you are as broke as me but don't want to be living life as a hermit.

Then if you got time later like you have no idea what to do on a Saturday, check out their flea market just next to the Singapore Art Museum. Can find amazing cheap stuffs there to add to your collection of many many clothings and accessories and I actually got a nice red dress for...get this...$10! For awhile I was wondering, wah don't they feel heart pain selling this pretty red blouse? 

First up, some pics of us (but of course) and the really pretty 'jelly fish'. You know, creativity doesn't have to be something difficult to do. It can be something simple yet with imagination, can make it into something wonderful and even mind blowing.

the 'jellyfish' which are actually ligh orbs covered in drapes of white cloth

Volvo sponsored light exhibits. .cool eh?

No time to change after work..

My brother pretending to look stoned.

 And now, presenting to you...my first video vlog!!

Forgive the video quality because I was using the video function from my Blackberry.

For more info regarding this event, can refer to the link below

Night Lights 2011

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