Saturday, November 21, 2015

Taylor Swift Live in Singapore..Dreams Come True!

Taylor Swift is such a major MAJOR talent and rightfully so, because she knows what she wants and she goes for her dream without getting lost mid way amidst the fame, money and popularity. Infact she improves herself ten fold over time from that time she started playing in outdoors concert with a cheap looking banner overhanging the stage. 

And now she performs in big stages with a platform that can level up and rotate to thousands of screaming fans. Apparently, I am one of them too :D

The indoor stadium may be packed but my goodness, there were just as many disappointed fans as well who couldn't get their hands on the tickets because they sold out very fast! Getting in was hard but my ever resourceful brother (for once, actually..haha) actually opened up two computers at school and apparently, one of them put him in the waiting room while the other didn't. And it wasn't even 10 am yet where it would actually be the official time the tickets would be on sale online.

That was how hot she was, besides physically of course because she's so pretty!

Even though she had switched off her genre from country pop to totally pop, she is one savvy business woman who did not lose her fans overnight from the switch. In fact, she wins over even more fans in her quirky ways which she dubs as 'taylurking' and through other ways like she's totally having fun in life and we all want to be her friends. 

I actually didn't want to get her tickets (I know, silly me right) but based on my brother's persuasion, he insisted we get them because he wanted to watch her sooooo bad. She came to Singapore before and this would be her 4th visit and he was determined that this would be the year that he would be able to watch her live. 

So it's actually more like his dream came true :)

We enjoyed her show thoroughly and were whopping through out and even though I don't know the words to many of her songs..oops...but I sure know her catchy song Shake it Off!! Sue me if I don't, haha.

She's also such an  inspiration for the younger generation and for people like me too. I don't see her star dimming any time. Infact, it just gets brighter and brighter.

Enjoy the pictures below! Click to get a larger view.

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