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Blessed with Make Up Goodies

I am having some problem typing this out because the cursor appears double but I guess it will fade..later? Anyway, I feel quite bad that I haven't been blogging because it is quite a mad rush to get to the laptop when my cousin was here. Nevertheless, will try to make up for it.

Oh! I've always wanted to win some make up this year because I didn't want to always indulge in buying a new one and  also because I don't have those branded make up and always have to rely on drugstore brands. Then of course, there is the matter of financial needs where make up is not a necessity but I am a girl and I just love how make up can truly enhance your looks.

But I have been blessed :) Now I don't celebrate Christmas because well, I am a muslim but then we just adapt the gift receiving part or rather, making someone happy with the joy of giving provided of course it is something that is nice and not because you are trying to get rid of the item, haha.

Anyway, I go this …

Not So Private at Home

My cousin has been staying with me for almost two weeks. It was supposed to be for a day or two but my aunt fell ill and we had to send her to hospital. So now my mum is her like her temporary caretaker. Her dad is working and she doesn't want to be looked after by her other elder aunt whom she has been staying with the family before they came over to our house. So currently my mum is super busy because not only does she has to attend to both our needs, which is me and my brother, but now also my cousin and in between also has to go visit her sister who is my cousin's mother. The frustrating thing about all of this is my cousin isn't really easy to take care of but now she is getting used to it and sees my mother as someone who is strict yet loving at the same time. Although with us she used to be more strict than loving, haha. I guess it is just her way of instilling discipline since young.  Children tend to learn from the adults they interact with and my cousin grew up w…

Work & Economy Woes

I've been bogged down with work recently because I am rushing to make payments and process personal claims. Ain't easy and I had to return to work even on Saturdays to get the ball rolling on some work before it starts to accumulate as I also anticipate even more work coming in. Shudders :s But I take it all in my stride because it is part of work. I used to complain about having little work to do especially when my ex colleague was around and she was a control freak. Although now it seems that I have too much work, haha. Oh well. Just have to be fast like some robot. I guess that is why there are some people who are willing to leave cushy jobs with such a good pay because of too much work pressure and never ending deadlines. Some also don't even mind taking a paycut just to do something they like and truly enjoy. For me of course I can't afford to be in such a situation although I do still hold on to my dream of having an online store selling my own handmade accessor…