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Right Attitude in Life

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Been a little down lately and not focused but don't worry, everything is going to be fine and dandy :)

What I learnt from this 'blues' experience is that we are all different. Some things don't go as planned and end up adding more burden to my already burdened life but as quoted, there is no such thing as mistakes. Well, I don't know if you believe in that but let's take it with a pinch of salt. Basically these 'mistakes' allow you to grow and learn from experience. So in other words, it is not a mistake. It is a learning experience.

Anyway, the blues come about when I felt that I am holding on to more responsibilities that I am spreading myself too thin. Last time I used to remember that I wish I have things to do at work. It was so boring the last 2 and a half years of my working life at my current workplace. Reason was that my boss didn't trust me enough to do my share of work and my then colleague has b…

Facing the Dreaded Music

Staying true to what I have written previously about wanting to achieve happiness in my life, I have decided to face squarely with my debt problems by...answering the phone call :S I know somehow one day I just have to answer the call and even though it was nerve wrecking, I was glad I answered the call this time. I had just avoided facing legal charges which can jeopardize my career and being in the civil service doesn't help.


One thing I am er..thankful is that the guy on the other line is kind enough to offer me a low payment scheme and in my enthusiasm in wanting to know when is the next payment due, he asked me to do it one at a time. So one at a time, it is. I have to be resourceful in finding my funding source and this is a very painful lesson for me.

But I have brought myself this absolute mess and only I can clean it up. What I can learn from this is to never EVER borrow money again, whether from the banks or from people. I have to also learn to manage my money prop…

Rise Above it All & Be Truly Happy

I hope that with my new salary next month onwards, things will start to get a bit better. I know for sure that it is not going to be easy at first because I'm still in debt and I need to pay them off slowly but surely although I do hope that if I ever get bonus for July, I will use most of it to pay. I don't like to owe money and be in debt and on top of it, being chased by creditors. I hate it. 

I've mentioned about how I was unable to cope with the rising prices due to inflation which lead me to borrow money from people and also from banks. I really really want to put it all behind me. Even if it is going to take me a year, I will most definitely want to break free from this cycle.

Meanwhile, I would like to start afresh in terms of my purpose in life by pursuing things that I love doing and to spend time building on the foundations of what I deem as being truly happy and sincere. We all make mistakes and the first thing we should do is to admit that we've made those m…

A Little Promo for Accessories and Handmade Cards

The exciting thing about having your own little online shop is that you get to call the shots as in what you want to have in them. I like mine because I get to be creative and let the whole world knows about my handmade products..haha.. Fine not really, because it's not like I'm making huge sales progress. But never mind, we start slow and hopefully progress into something bigger.

If you are on facebook, do take a look at my online shop. I've added new group of things which are my first love with handmade things...accessories!

Here's a short preview..

If you think that looks like a shoe, it is!! haha..I got the acrylic 'shoe' during Christmas time where they have these limited edition especially for chocolates and for the life of me, I can't remember what chocolate brand was it. 

I used to crack my brain a lot (which doesn't have much storage anyway) and give up a lot of time because I just can't come up with a decent design!! The frustration of it, eve…

Blush Blush with Bobbi Brown

I know myself enough that I won't be able to buy high end make up unless I won them or somebody gives to me. Maybe after this promotion I will be able to..heh.

Anyway, I have no problem with the lower end make up especially for those that performs just as well but well, a girl sometimes just want to have that one luxe make up item.

Recently I've blogged about my colleague giving me the bobbi brown make up palette and honey, I'm loving the cream blushers. At first I thought I can never pull of cream blushers but I managed to :)

They're in fact longer lasting because it's cream. But the application is a bit of a chore because you really need to get it well blended so that it doesn't look like you have a lot.

So here's the palette that I'm loving

Okay I wore that at 12pm and look at how long lasting it is, and it's 11pm now!! Don't mind the hair coz well, it's 11pm..haha.

You can use the popular beauty blender but I got a pack of sponges with a V tip…

Promoted At Last!

You've heard me complaining a million times about how low my pay is and how I really hope that I will get to be on the new scheme with the promise of a slightly higher pay. Basically it's not so that I can have more money to spend on myself but rather, so that I have more to spend on my family. They've all I've got and it is not easy being a sole breadwinner. 

Anyway, the good news is..I've got the option to transfer! And that's not all actually.

I don't know if you can see but..

I'm eligible for promotion! woot! I know I know...I've been wishing I don't get promoted and I thought that I of course wouldn't be promoted as I'm such a blunder at times at work and I don't exactly have this work intuition turned on all the time. However in whatever comes my way,  I only know two things: I try to stay on top of things even if I feel overwhelmed and that I do my best in whatever is thrown my way.

If you are new to the working world or is curren…

Turning Hobby into A Business Venture

Recently I have made...$60 from my cardmaking ventures. I'm really proud of it because I've actually made money..hehe. But then that is because I bothered to put it on facebook and one of my working colleague wants me to help her make one. Initially I made the smaller ones which is the A2 size but her idea of an actual card is uhm..the A5 size which is like half the size of an A4 which I initially I didn't have. So I had to stay up late until about 3.30am in the morn to make them so that she can choose which one she wants. So, is this what you call sacrificing time for business? haha.

Anyway, it paid off, well literally as well, because I got $10 instead of $6.00 because she thought that a lot of hard work is placed into it. 

Just as I thought that I could use this moolah to save up, I went out with my two friends that evening and used up the $10 because my friend bought more than the usual for us to share because she was feeling very hungry :( Didn't help that we were i…

Not the Same Anymore

I'm on leave today...wooh!

Speaking about work, with a heavy heart, I'm announcing that life wouldn't be the same anymore at my workplace. No, I'm not announcing that I have resigned and currently I'm still waiting to see if I can get transfered to the new scheme and I will be informed by end of this month. If I still didn't get my transfer, I'm afraid I have to look somewhere else where I will get the chance to be on the new scheme when I join another ministry.

Two of them have resigned and one of them is a close buddy. I mean we're not that close close but he has been very helpful and kind, not just to me but to the rest of us too. However, after putting up with our crap for the last four years, hehe...I think he has finally decided to move on. He has been offered a better pay by us but he says it's not about the money. Rather, he wants to be in a job that allows him to be more specialized and more IT related instead of being asked to do this and th…