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Movie Reviews

To be honest with you , I often think about what I want to write in my blog but then when I start reading other people's blogs, I realised that Im not such a good writer and I damn well admit it. I dont know if I should write to entertain or write to reflect what I want to say without caring what others think or basically just write about my daily experiences in life.

So in other words, I am pretty much torn about my writing style but when I recall now, I did mention on few occasions that I dont write to entertain others but merely use my blog as an avenue to express myself and organize my thoughts. And guess what? I shall stick to this format instead of feeling down whenever I read a blog-tastic post by other people and start shunning my own blog. Incidentally, I must also admit that is part of the reason for my absence.

Anyway, I try to improve my writing skills indirectly when I read the newspapers and the way they weave the words and phrases together are so enticing and I actual…

Extreme Spending Adventure

I have been such a majorly lazy bugger for the last 2's easy to imagine what a complete mess my life is now. Ok..messy...not in a sorta step on people's toe kinda way but just messy...

Well, I can say that I kinda screw up a bit in terms of my expenditure...I guess coz I am in this bubble that on the 1st of march, the 'gah-men' (government) is going to give eligible Singapore citizens some money to tide over the economic woes. I dont know if I am right but given such difficult times, I suppose Singaporeans will complain less over the amount given because any monetary help is useful. For a scrooge like me who gets easily delighted when she finds a 2 dollar note or even a ten cent coin on the floor, the amount I am getting makes me happy although I do worry if it can last till my next pay day which is more than a week later.

Seriously, if I dont have to spend on my family, based on my recent adventure in Bugis Street two weeks ago, I would help myself to a lot o…

SNL Febuary 14th Alec Baldwin playing With the Wii

Hilarious skit..with a sexual...well...just see for urself!

Facebooking Love

Sometimes when I go through the facebook updates of my 'friends', a familiar topic crops up often. The topic of love. Besides being loveless, and unromantic (I cannot think of one thing a guy can do for me that will light up my day apart from giving me good quality chocolates)...the cynical part of me will think that hrmph..these people take life for granted. It's not as if it's the end of the world if your relationship fails. But later I will think that hey, Im not in their position so I cant comment much.

As you become more mature in age *cough* so not me *cough* your idea of love gets more and more screwed different based on experience whether of your own or others. I do not know if this rings true for others but to me I realised that I have become more jaded and it's not because I dont bleep on guys' radar. I guess because in my younger days, I spent too much looking high and low for love as if it was the no. 1 mission in my life nevermind if my studies got …

Little Breather


well....the previous post sounds a bit too shocking but rest assured, it's a one time thing and in order to save myself, I wont let it happen again. Anyway, on to other things that will be some sort of good news. Remember I keep talking about my father's retirement fund? Well, the good news is that they have finally contacted (can I say...'FINALLY!' again?) but you know the deal...whenever you get to finally breathe fresh air, they shorten the supply?

Okay, the thing is that, since we are withdrawing based on medical grounds which means that it will be taken out earlier than expected, there is a clause. Honestly, that sucks because we just want the money earlier coz it's not like we're well off or what. Yet, they still will take 8000 dollars and put it into the medisave and once the transfer has been done, we cant get that money out. Now we were given the option to not opt for the medical ground scheme but we would have to wait another 4 more months. I know …

Guilt Ridden

I am so guilt ridden for not writing but nevertheless, I shall try my best to pen down my thoughts or entertain sleepless nights..heh. Anyway I want to say that I did some things that I wasnt proud of and would not have done so if not for my sheer desperateness. I am really sorry it happened. I wont go into details but I hope it wont happen again.

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