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What Have We Become

I admitted before I'm not that intelligent. Occasionally, I will make somewhat intelligent responses but most of the time, I'm just your average clueless drama mama. I was doing research online regarding cyberbullying and one of them happened in Singapore in November last year and it was mind blowing how an intelligent undergrad can do a despicable thing in name calling another fellow undergrad from the same uni and then asked his fellow friends to chime in as well, in what I term, as immature. I thought days like this happened in primary schools or even secondary school where we didn't know any better and don't see the repercussion of bullying other people. But we're talking about undergrads here.

What is absolutely going on.

On top of that, a former politician and activist joined in as well by contributing a very degrading sexist remark which has nothing to do with her actual post. It's a good thing he has resigned. You don't want such highly intelligent pe…

Saving for My Future 2.0

The one single tip which I believe everyone should follow is...

'Pay Yourself First'

When you get moolah, like your take home pay or earnings from your business, I suggest to have a separate account and get a portion of your salary, or the whole of your earnings, into that account. My aim this year is to save about $2K in the other account. 

There is one problem though. I don't want to come into a stage where I have to dip into that savings, which I had done last year on a few counts, which got me so upset. But no more, absolutely no more. Once I get in touch with a tip that I got from one of those motivational videos, is that whenever I have to pay bills, buy groceries from my family or even treat them, I have to think this way 'There is plenty more from where that come from' and I believe that money will come in, slowly for surely for some, or fast and aggressive for other people.

I am really glad that I have this online shop but my other challenge is to keep the mo…

What.A.Week (Make it 2 Weeks!)

Yes, my disappearance has a reason. I started school the second week of Jan and I have been busy non-stop. Oh gosh. Okay but I haven't been busy every single day. There are like two days at most in the week that I simply couldn't care less because I have been waking up super early, that is after returning home super late after class. I just am rather tired. This week, I would say that I'm a little better off. I want to remain productive and there are some days that I feel like I am productive but the problem is, I need to keep this up. 

They say that being busy doesn't mean that you are being productive. True. You can be busy the whole day doing the things that don't really matter that much.  We want a wham bam thank you m'am, kinda productivity, haha. I mean come on, once that hours, minutes and seconds are gone, you are not gonna a 'back to the future' moment. It's totally gone. So I have re-started on my 'to do list' for the umpteenth time…

The Stories of Our Lives

Me and a couple of my besties had not met for the longest time and the last time we met, was back in October when we went for swimming. At least the two of us were swimming, okay attempted to swim, heh..while another one was simply just tanning herself and waddling from one corner to another, haha. So anyway, didn't know that a matter of just a few months, give or take simply 3 months only, many things had happened. Today we shared news about each other's lives and while we each have different directions in life, it's clear that we do not know how the future is going to be like and the point is to just take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

One of our friends did share a news so shocking that we both were in disbelief at first but I tried to keep the conversation going because I didn't want it to be an awkward session. We could only listen, empathize with her situation and then praying for the best for her. It is a really difficult situation to be in an…

Little Perks in LIfe as Reward

I receive a cheque recently on New Year's Eve (talk about good timing) and I started 2014 on a good note, at least financially. And I also watched this video some time ago where it talked about not holding on to the fact that you have used the money to pay bills or treat other people because 'there's plenty more from where that came from'. If you treat someone, the universe will respond back and you'll get more. Of course you don't go through life EXPECTING to be responded back in that manner because whatever you do, do it with sincerity from your heart. Don't think, 'eh...I'll get more money after this! hurhur'.. It's not going to work like that, peeps.

Plus, it's always nice to make others happy, right? It's already rare enough for me to treat, like the last time we went to Breeks together, it was in 2011. Even then, I didn't pay in cash but on credit. For a long while now, I don't rely on credit but on cash or via wireless…

Taking Small Actions Every Day

When you look at the big picture, or looking at the list of things that you have to do is so daunting and all you want to do is curl up in bed, I know exactly how you feel. It's like there are times I think, do our life revolve around this only? Lists and lists of things to do?

But then I figured the usefulness of figuring out what are the things that I have to do each day and they don't always have to be an incredibly boring list. Basically, I treat it as something that I want to achieve in doing to have a better quality of life and to provide better things for the family.  Sure, the excel formulas can get rather confusing, or the online quizzes seem to pluck out the questions from outer space. But as I go along learning them, and slowly getting passed the difficulty through understanding and several practices, I see them as stepping stones to something bigger in future: a certificate and a diploma at the end of the ordeal programme. The presentations that I have do also make …

Harrowing Experience..& True Friendship

Some people only know how to laugh and some people lend a helping hand even when it

means having to dig through the rubbish bins. No, seriously. She did that first and when

I came and I still couldn't find the stack of cheques (and seriously thought I was a goner),

we went behind and dig through the bins with bags of rubbish.

Guess what? The one who laughed at my misfortune for 'losing the cheques'? Turned

out, she was the one who was holding on to them. She had been helping me update the

spreadsheets and then suddenly, amnesia struck her and she didn't realise she was holding

on to them.

But I can't totally fault her. Why? For the life of me, I couldn't remember how on earth

the cheques were with her. I kept thinking I had the brown envelope that was holding on

to cheques and clumsy had thrown it out without prior checking.

I prayed to God when I found out that the cheques were missing. I prayed that He would

help me so that I won't lose my job and we would…

Round up to 2013..and Hello to 2014!

This year has gone by in a whiz and frankly, I don't know what have I achieved! Hah..that is what I told myself every year. But now, it's a bit different. I actually signed up for a course back then in March but it got delayed and I only got to attend the proper course in October. This course would award me with a local polytechnic Diploma in Business Practice ( Customer Relationship & Service Management). It's a CET programme where part-time courses are specially designed for working individuals who would like to further enhance their working experience with a proper diploma. Along the way, there are modular certs to obtain, which trust me, isn't easy, haha. The best thing is that while I have to come up with my own money initially, for every cert that I obtain, I am able to receive a reimbursement claim for up to 80% from my ministry. Yay to gahmen support for peeps like me!

In this course, I've met wonderful friendly people and while I do still have the shy t…