Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My First Beauty Box Subscription! - Bella Box March

I must admit I got duped into believing I would be paying 50% off, which fine, I did eventually, but only for the first box and then subsequently I have to pay $19.90 on the 1st of every month. Yikes. But I can cancel the subscription anytime.

After hearing so much about beauty boxes delivered to your door step, minus the drama when it was first delivered to my house because our family dislikes opening the door to strangers, I thought okay, worth a try. Plus, if you follow my blog, you would know how much I lurve make up products though beauty box is not just about getting samples or even full size make up items but beauty related stuffs.

So I was just a tad bit disappointed that I didn't get the Taylor Swift perfume but I guess it's either because I paid only $9.95 for it being the 1st subscription or this is just a totally random selection. I'm pretty okay with the items I received which include the mememe eye pencil (never heard before), hair oil, Mox lip butter and some shampoo and conditioner samples, which I'm not really interested in because like how many more of these samples do I need. I also got a small tube of Nuxe Reve de Miel Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel which is the only item I used so far after a gym session last Sunday.

I am not affiliated with Bella Box but you can head over to their website if you wish to find out more about their subscriptions and what they have to offer.

They also sell other products online including the Sleek products which are popular UK drugstore make up products but are not available in Singapore. You should totally get their Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 Lace which is like 3 blushes in one compact priced at only S$20.00.

Product Description:

Take contouring and highlighting to a whole new dimension when you pick up Sleek Makeup's Blush By 3 compact. Each perfectly portable makeup kit includes not one, not two, but three complimentary shades of blush for you to layer and alternate for perfect light-reflecting, highlighting cheek action.
The included mirror lets you touchup or check on your colour anywhere and everywhere you go. Say goodbye to flat colour and hello to 3D intensity.

One word? Nice. Totally rahayupopz approved for both the bellabox and the Sleek Makeup Blush.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Liking The Best & Worst of Me

I've mentioned before that I love watching this show called Please Like Me from Australia and yah, while I get annoyed at times by the titular character, I actually kinda feel that I'm quite like him. Like here's a guy who is hot, sweet and pretty much interested in you and your life such as your friends and family.

But I would understand Josh's position because this guy is like the go-getter kind like he doesn't waste time showing his interest which can be quite intense for some people who are, well, are not really forth front in terms of showing love and affection. Just look at me, getting a hug from a friend, may me shriek..haha. 

Still, does this mean I just let go of this one precious gem who likes me for who I am, doesn't care if my personal appearance is not as hot as him, or if I am a bit weird at times, because he wants to get to know me, both the best and the worse side of him.

All together now....awwwwww....

I mean such guys are really into you but for some people, such as for me, we may not get used to getting undivided attention from such sweet and hot young guys and we will be in huge denial like uhm..why would he want to know me? There are plenty of girls out there who are much  prettier and slimmer and then he just had to choose me.

Some things cannot be explained. While yah, it will take awhile to let it sink in, eventually, what matters most is whether he genuinely cares for you and like you for who you are, both the best and the worse of you.

Seriously, what would you do if a guy this handsome, with such a hot bod and soaked in the rain, is standing at your door?

I believe that instead of thinking, why does this guy even like me, perhaps we should be more invested in this truly 'different' relationship and give yourself a pat on the back for getting such a great (and hot) guy who likes you for who you are. 

Erm, I still think the gay slurs called out by him during the football game was uncalled for and he just wanted Josh to see the worst side of him. Not cool calling people with gay slurs but I believe that the issue is not that. It's just that Josh still feel rather intimidated by his open-ness. 

I wish they will work things out. No, not because I want him around (k, maybe...) but hey, wouldn't you want a guy who sees the gem in you instead of you always seeing yourself as a diamond in the rough?

So be that gem :)

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Where Are the Good Men?

I used to wonder how some girls practically get guys pretty easily like after a break up. I couldn't even find one decent guy that have the slightest interest in me..haha. But you know what, I don't let that thought get me. To me, I have my own personal growth issues to work on and also, the universe is simply responding to my inner thoughts. I don't think I am in a good position to pursue a relationship which is hard to explain here. But it's still something that I am open with in the sense that opportunities may present itself, whether I like it or not, as part of life, so I'll just deal with what is coming.

But I'm not here to talk about my sorry state of love life. I've learn that I should not entertain thoughts like 'nobody wants me' or 'I'm not slim enough' because I've seen several times how girls even bigger than me snagged a boyfriend who is on the lower weight scale. Believe it or not, it is not that difficult to get good men because opportunities can just present itself if we work on our irresistibility on the inside and let it shine on the outside.

Of course they are men who only go for looks because they want to look good too. But do you think such relationships will last? I don't think so. Being in a relationship means to be committed in giving your best to take the relationship to the next level where you communicate clearly to each other and nourish each other in terms of personal growth. 

I personally think I still have work to do. I am currently working on being a better person with a more enriched life which of course will naturally attract people, both men and women, and while I think I am getting better, I need to have better control over my emotions. I have the tendency to get myself affected by the environment around me or annoyed quite easily and naturally, I will show my disapproving  looks instead of looking at the situation another way. This of course may upset other people. For example, my mum. She always think she is right and she likes to ramble on and on and she doesn't care whether you're watching tv or surfing the net, if she wants to talk, she will talk..or rather, ramble which is annoying.

But she gets angry if I get annoyed like I'm not giving her the attention. I mean I try to but after awhile of listening to her rambling, I get bored and frustrated because I keep hearing the same old things. Most of the time, I try to listen and follow her instructions like when we go out, but I can't help but be frustrated when she gets insistent she is right.

Oh well, this is one area I need to work on. I mean you're thinking what has this got to do with finding good men? A lot. It's about trying to control your emotions, giving the person your undivided attention and making the situation better instead of whining that the restaurant is crowded, for instance.

I believe if I can control my emotions better, I will have better luck in finding good men because people may find me more approachable. I mean nobody likes a complain queen or someone who sulks because he or she doesn't like the situation they are in right now. I will be like this natural magnetism.

So yah, it's not a big deal for me being a single. I won't say it is my fault that things are not looking good for me in terms of getting attention from guys...some things are just worth waiting for, provided I work on my own personal development, which trust me, I have a lot of issues to work on.  All the best to me :D

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love & Sacrifice

Spartacus: War of the Damned is coming to a close and we have lost two beloved couples...okay, one of them still in question as he fell from battle but not known yet if he had died...while the other, can say with the beheading, he could not possibly survive.

However, their love stories are unique. The parting words were heartbreaking as they head down to battle or separated to fight in battle. One was regretful that he could not give her the life like the mother and child they had seen, although she did not mind because her heart was with this man and his beliefs.  The other gladiator wanted his loved one to live and be happy in the coming days while he went to battle because that was what he was only good at and he had no other life beyond this.

Heartbreaking. The sacrifices you make for your loved ones. You just want to be with each other but circumstances can break the deal and if it so happen that you are separated by death, can you still live a happy and meaningful life?

The heart will eventually heal but the memories will live forever, both happy and sad moments. The language used in Spartacus may be crude at times but they can be beautiful as well though I have to re-watch the scene again to understand because I didn't realize the language of love can be so...flowery.

All good things must come to an end? Anyway, if you learn about the history, you know how it is going to end. Spartacus would eventually be defeated, though his body was never found, ending his Slavery revolt under the hands of the Roman.

What would you do for your loved ones? Would you follow him or her through thick and thin or if you think it would not work out and you are better off searching for your own happiness? While I have not experienced love from a guy, I have love for my family and while I know there are some things I cannot afford to splurge on being a sole breadwinner even though I can, I am happier that the money earned is spent on them. I do of course buy things for myself too except that I have to be more careful which means that I cannot buy those big ticket items including high end make up although I love make up, and better quality bags and clothes or even bags and clothes every now and then.

 I am more contented buying things that will not cause a dent in my budget as long as I can support my family and give them a good life.  I may not be able to give my mum gold accessories or diamond or my brother expensive gadgets like the popular tablets but I can provide them with food, shelter and money for spending.

Thankfully, they are  understanding and while it's natural to wanna have desires for certain expensive items, it is not like if we can't have them, we will be miserable. I believe if we are intended to have them, we will get them.

I still believe love, in any form, is beautiful and can enrich our lives in our personal growth making us better human beings. This is not talking from a romantic point of view but rather, being accepting that love can indeed change a person. It cannot change a person to be worse off because it is up to the individual to make the right choices without a clouded judgment. At the end of the day, being loved is our birth right so don't let anyone take that right away from us.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Being Miss Irresistible

Yay, I will be posting many awesome posts shortly. I received my healthy performance bonus ( compared to previous years) and while I've saved up most of them for my upcoming studies in October, I managed to get me some new stuffs including craft materials for my online shop and  my scrapbooking hobby and of course, make up items for my other hobby..haha. Fine, it's not really a hobby but more like a personal interest. I believe as women, we must always look good and whether or not you like to be completely dolled up, partially dolled up...the point is, sometimes you need a little bit more help to make you look even better than you are right now.

Yes, enough of justification.

 Early this week, I finally got myself the book by Marie Forleo called Make Every Man Want You (How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!)..phewh..the title is so long I have to google it to the words right. Before I got the book, I have actually been following her videos in you tube and she provides nuggets of wisdom relating to women's personal and business life. So inspirational. 

I was of course excited when I found out online that the book is available at the nearest library! Yay! I also discovered I could actually find out the availability of books right here at home on the internet without going physically down to the library yet to do a search. Yes, after all this time, I'm still clueless about our local libraries coming from someone who doesn't read much.

The book looks very well read and even in the inside pages, someone wrote notes in pencil like she's studying for some test. Not good..because in the first place, this book does not belong to you. I am reading it halfway will do a good review once I'm done with the book.

But so far, how do I find it? Very insightful. While she sticks to her very long title, she did mention in one of her videos that the title is meant to 'trick' women because the book is much more about making guys fall for you. I, sadly, don't have that magic touch but actually, the whole point of me reading that book is not because I want guys to want me even though that will be great...*lol* I just want some help in terms of my own personal development. 

I read about being irresistible and how you must actually throw out that checklist for the perfect guy and keep your options open such as basically being open to the fun aspects of dating. While I do not have a checklist, since I can hardly keep to my own to do list, I do fear the aspects of dating and I have this natural instinct to go into this fear mode if someone I don't know tries to talk to me. But I have learn, not through this book though, to relax and just calmly answer and don't panic easily. I find that people are not as bad as I think they seem. It's not about trying so hard to impress people but being a good listener because they will appreciate it greatly.

Being irresistible is also about to be in the moment like I know I have become a little more pudgy round the waistline and instead of beating myself up, I do something about it. It's about taking action and if there is no way I can reduce my waistline, well...then there are other physical aspects about me that I can embrace. 

She also mentioned that we don't get men falling at our feet because of the hang ups we have. It's time to let go of statements such as I'm not pretty enough, I'm bad at relationships, I'm too fat..basically things I've said personally to myself. But looking at the recent couples I've come across in the malls for instance, one chubbier girl holding hands with a skinny guy and I think that the guy is so sweet to want to be seen publicly with her because people being people, they will of course notice pretty much like me. But instead of giving the stinky look, I think he's being sweet because some chubby girls like me will not stand a chance and such guys go against the type. You know what type..the ones constantly portrayed by the media to be of certain looks.

So while at this moment, I am not looking for a relationship yet but who I am to stop something if it is going to be a good one such as just letting nature take its course. It will also open up to me making more new friends. Even if I don't have every man want me, which is actually quite a scary thought, at the end of it, I just wan to be Miss Irresistible not just to men but to everybody just like one of my friends. She is so irresistible with her kindness and her friendliness, she has many friends for keeps, friends from even back then from secondary school whom she recently went on an overseas trips with. I don't have to look so far across the ocean to be inspired. I just have to be inspired by her :)

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Living in the Now

We always want to be something better we keep on harping on that very same fact instead of taking actions to make it better. Why don't we change that concept and take in stride that the present, is in fact, the truth. So if we want to be slimmer for the sake of being healthier, we take stock of who we are right at this moment and make it a point to invest in ourselves and make that much needed change. Instead of saying negative things to yourself that well, we have to be passionately engaged in what we are doing right now, whether is it cleaning the room, reading a book, writing an it makes ourselves more desirable and irresistible to others.

Why? Because we are in control of our life...we are taking personal responsibility. If we think we have put on weight, we take the personal responsibility and take the steps to lose that added pounds because no one but ourselves is responsible for our own being. Don't put yourself down for putting on that weight. The first step is being aware that yes, you're a little pudgy now. Is that it? Don't beat yourself up. Hold that thought that you want to be back at your normal weight and you want to look good and feel good and you focus on that goal or desire instead of mentally bashing yourself up.

You know I've been single all my life and I admit, one of the reasons is because I don't socialize as I'm too scared of meeting with people. But over the years, I've opened myself up a bit more and don't restrict myself to a certain type. Of course, we can't compromise on certain qualities of men such as honesty, kindness, humour, graciousness etc because they are universally desirable qualities that most women desire. We can, however, be a little bit more open minded that some great guys don't necessarily come in the package that we imagine them to be.

In all honesty, being single is not a bad thing. I am not needy in which I feel like I need a man to be loved and complete. I take it as God wants me to do a thorough self discovery because at times, I feel like I'm at odds at myself with having so much to deal with on a plate with this huge responsibility of taking care of my family needs. I also feel like I need to be grounded and discover what I am good at, develop them and overall, be a better person as a whole.

Right now, I am learning to take stock of my life, see what can I improve on, and be a better person in general and hopefully, more irresistible to men out there. If ever I meet a man, I need a man that helps me to be an extension of myself and be a even better person that I have achieved to be to develop further on my personal growth. It's not about making me feel more's about loving me for who I am and being supportive in what I do. Everyone, I believe, has some physical traits in  mind that are desirable to them in terms of the opposite sex. But looks change, our skin change, our body change...but our soul will still remain the same and if he can love me even as my skin wrinkles or I put on more weight, he is truly a keeper.

So from now onwards, I want to treat every single day as a chance to be a better day than the day before because it's all about the 'now'...the be aware and to give myself a chance to make things right whether in terms of health, friendship, family, finance and etc. Fingers crossed :)

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Taming the Frizzy Hair - Moroccan Argan Oil

I don't know how many of you battle with your hair every day and even though I don't really battle with it like how I did the last time, it's still quite a challenge for me because my hair is so freakin' frizzy.

Anyway, I watched this you tube and she has nice long hair and even though I have medium length hair, I understand her battle because her hair is so curly. But I just could not be as committed as her in terms of blowdrying my hair, straightening it, applying cream..oil...and the list goes on...I am, however is intrigued by this hair oil she uses called the Moroccan Argan Oil. I don't know..but the word Argan reminds me of my favourite character on Spartacus, Agron..hehe.

Moroccan Argan Oil

My verdict? I like it although I still come to the conclusion that my frizzy hair cannot be tamed completely. But well, I'll take it still. I have to use it though because to me, it's quite pricey. $15.90 :s and I'm willing to pay the price this time simply because I want my hair to look good. When your hair looks good, you feel like you're looking good as well which is a great confidence booster for me as my self esteem isn't rocket high.

In the morning, I actually used a hair straightener and though it doesn't work very well, it does temporarily give me the impression that I have long luscious hair.

Are you a hair fanatic or you're like, not too bothered but damn, I really need a quick fix and cheap solution. To me, whatever your beauty routine is, it always pays to invest in yourself by taking good care of your looks, your body, your health, your money and so on. Not to show off to the world what a damn great woman you are but because in your heart, you are really one damn great woman. You just need to work it girl :)

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Loving A New Australian Comedy - Please Like Me

I've been watching this Australian comedy show and I loved it because it's so witty and charming and of course, funneh!! The first time round, I thought the lead character was...pretty a quirky kind of way...but after watching snippets of the show, I totally got in the groove as he dealt with his mum's problem, his alcoholic elder aunt, his boyfriend, his father and his friends. Yah, the character is revealed to be gay...after he broke up with his girlfriend and got to know his friend's colleague who is this OMG SO HANDSOME guy. It sure was hilarious when his own mother remarked when he met his boyfriend, she was like 'you're so handsome..and you're so.....' in reference to her son. But he's not just a pretty boy. He's so sweet too, friendly, polite to Josh's parents and even Josh was wondering why on earth, when someone with such good looks and good physique will be so willing to kiss him.

This leads me to the next question.

Why can't I be as lucky as him?! We always think that the good looking people will be paired with equally good looking or better looking peeps but that is not always the case. To me, if you really like the person, naturally you will start to go beyond the looks and you start to fall in love with him or her for what they really are. can catch the episodes on youtube posted by a fellow youtuber and hopefully, this time round, they don't take it down like they did the first round. 

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ka Ching Comes Early

Yay, I just wrote a blog post on having an emergency financial plan and then at 1am in the morning, I received an email on how much I would be getting for my performance bonus. And it's a healthy sum..yay!

It's the second most that I received this time round. It could never beat the first one because it was based on my last pay in December which was technically my last pay for working in the company as well therefore it is more than my regular pay. If it that doesn't technical enough already..ha!

Anyway, it's just shy of 0.25 of the full month's pay but me here thinks it's good enough..infact, very good enough! It's truly a financial reward for me for all the hard work last yearr. It came a little early because I was expecting to get it at least the week after. But I won't be going on a spending spree, save for some shopping at the usual haunts like H&M, Forever 21 and Mango, or even get another bag like as if I need another one. It probably won't amount to more than $100 so it's still a mini shopping.

The rest of it will go into my paying for my studies which has been postponed to October. Probably will have to make use of part of the July bonus if there is one. The postponed date is not due to me but the school because they have yet to receive approval of funding from MOE for the course and therefore they can't commit and would prefer to have it started in the second semester instead.

But I believe I should be using this money to pay off some of my debt. I can always earn the money later but having this debt shadowing me is getting to me especially when one of the banks is very very persistent with their daily calls except for the weekend. I hope when I pay them some more this week, it will give me some time to have them off my back.

So people, it always pays to work hard. Some people, as usual, will complain they don't get enough for the hard work they put in but to be honest, in their line of work, if they're so calculative about how much they're being paid, I think they're leaving  passion out of the equation. I do mainly administrative work which can also be daunting especially with MOUNTAINS of paperwork that doesn't seem to diminish. I mean seriously, I can't find passion in clearing that..haha...but you know, you've gotta find joy in what you do or otherwise you're dragging yourself down and it's going to affect the rest of your day. So just get over it and come home and be all chillax.

This week will be so sweeet...I hope I don't screw up!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Emergency Financial Plan

I've mentioned before that this is one of my favourite months apart from of course, the birthday month and December. That is when all hell breaks loose as I go from shop to shop stocking up on things especially clothes because it's the bonus period.

But this time round, I'm trying to be smarter with money. I've tried before and obviously I failed but I am trying my best to pay off as much debt as I can every month while at the same time, saving some stash of cash to fall back on instead of worrying every now and then if I can pull through til the next pay.

I think that all young women must learn to be smart with money. It's a really useful life skill that actually should be developed since young but then you know, it's never too late to start whatever income you are earning. Life can always throw this curve ball at ya and then you'll find yourself tearing your hair out trying to figure out the solution. So I believe instead of waiting for major things to happen before we take action, we should take some precautions which to me, is saving stash of cash for emergency use.

With this in mind, I actually started from December and even though at times, household expenses can get a little out of hand because I have to accommodate to my mum's requests which are frankly, quite redundant at times. But she will sulk if I don't get it. I'm used to it already so if I spend a bit more today, I will spend lesser the next day or two. Plus I try to stick to the budget and buying what is necessary.

Anyhoo, I hope things will continue to progress and I do hope that I don't find myself so low in cash. I know this can be quite a possibility which honestly I may have no control over. If you read my posts, you may note my enthusiasm getting some stash and hoping to save them, managed to save then sh*t happens. But it's part of life. You fall and then you get up and do it again. Much like a spider whose web got destroyed. Instead of sulking one corner, it will make a brand new web.

Money can be useful as long as we use it correctly. It's only evil when we spend more than we can afford to and things get out of hand. Trust me, it is difficult to get back on track but we have to find means to climb our way out of this hold we have dug up. It's not impossible.

 For example, this whole week, I am trying to get word out regarding my online shop and also setting up other online shops with pre-made templates like a real online shop. I need to capture a bigger internet market. So far, it has been working. I've received 3 orders so far which is up order..haha.

I hope this post inspires you to finally learn to save up not for the benefit of buying new toys or the next IT bag but for the future and unexpected circumstances. Good luck! :)

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Planning for the Future

In regards to making personal decisions, some people tend to get wishy washy about what they want out of their life. They don't know what they want, what they want to achieve and it's pretty frustrating if you hang out with such people because they just can't decide.

I actually used to be like that. I just take one day at a time and just breeze through life without any concrete plans like see how it goes. Of course I have made major decisions before in my life including over life and death but most of the time, I have a take it easy attitude. Although I still think that way, I've learnt that in order to be more of a person and to lead a more meaningful life, I have to take charge of my life and be responsible for it.

I admire those young women who know what they want and they go all out to achieve their dream or they have made plans for the future. While many of them still lead a life pretty much like me such as going to work, buy groceries and coming back home, they also know what they want and have goals in life and work towards them by thinking about them, planning and putting their plans into action.

When I read about them or follow them through the social media, I can't help but admire them and then think to myself, when I was in my twenties, it was pretty much quite crappy although there are some highlights and it  is all thanks to me being focused into getting what I want. But I would say that a majority part of my twenties isn't that fantastic. My friend recently got to know a guy and she has already made plans for the future with this guy from overseas right down to where the children will be born and that she will be moving to the country once she marries him.

I actually did think of my future in the event that I am still single, I will move into a smaller flat such as a studio flat with basic amenities in a neighbourhood where there is a welfare group who will look into the needs of senior citizens. I mean I don't want to die and then nobody knows about it..haha. It's a bit extreme kind of thought but I guess it can be a possibility if you see how there are now many single people in Singapore.

Another future plan that I have is to continue my studies. While I still am toying with the idea of whether I should continue or not, I think that I should. I don't think there is any other way of escaping because I told my boss in one occasion and then she remembered it and told me Vice Principal who then encourages me to take at least a diploma to further my education. Eurgh..why does it have to go that far. Plus I can't say that I have 'no money' because I have saved up for it and there is a pretty huge subsidy provided by the government. On top of that, the balance that I have to pay for, they will reimburse at least 60%.

Now you tell me, do I have any other choice? haha..

But yah, if I want to be able to sustain myself in Singapore where the cost of living is high, I have to do something about it and I anticipate the future to be even more expensive than right now. I remembered how I struggled and had to take up loans and until now, I am paying for it and being called up to pay for my debt by this one particular bank every single day except for the weekend. I would say it's pretty traumatizing even though I do pay them but they just want more and more.

So no more of this struggling me. I want to concentrate on saving for the future and paying off my debt.

I have been watching you tube videos of this wonderful mentor and after watching her free online workshop and many of her videos, I feel like I want to create a life and business that I want which is what she has been advocating for all the women out there. You can visit her website and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed :)

After watching her online free workshop, after so long of putting off one of my business to do list, I finally did it within an hour and I'm so proud of it. I changed I can't into I will.

We all have one life only and we might as well make it meaningful and make use of the opportunities in our way because who knows, what great things we can achieve.

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Long Weekend, A Little Rambling & My Lack of Gratitude

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