Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Case of the Bullies

When I was younger right up till my late teens, I have been the case of bullies and though they didn't actually physically assault me, their words hurt me a lot. Initially I was upset a lot but my father would tell me that I should just ignore them. I guess he just want to hush me up coz he didn't want me to bother him. But anyway I just followed his advice.

Infact I followed it so closely that I got kinda jaded already with the whole verbal bully thing. Naturally I would still feel upset about it to a certain extent coz I'm still a sensitive soul and I'm just a girl. Eventually I managed to hush up the cruelty of the people by just living in my own world. Hence why I was quite a loner.
While I may ignore them, I believe that good things will come my way so long as I continue to be a good kid. I also learn to be more tolerant towards people as I don't want to end up like them. From my experience from such people, I become more selective over who I should be hanging around more with and who I should avoid.

To me, it doesn't matter if I don't have that many friends. Why? Because good friends are hard to come by. A majority of people aren't fit to be called friends because of the way they treat people.
That is why I feel a lot for the people who are constantly being bullied by the peers as well as the society at large. Sometimes these people don't know the consequences of their words and actions. To them, it is nothing. It is just a play thing for them. What they don't know as well is that if they continue to bully other people, those who have suicidal tendencies may actually really try to kill themselves. They see it as the only way out because sometimes the pressure is so hard and that they are just so exhausted mentally and physically that they are willing to end their lives.

They can't see that things will eventually get better but any minds, especially the adolescents, will view such bully acts as being extreme if the same thing happen again and again. They may act irrationally.
So if you know any kids or even adults facing the case of the bully, listen closely to their pleas. Don't treat them lightly. Nobody deserves to be bullied.
Please think about those who ended their young lives easily due to extreme case of bullying. You don't want another addition to the rising figures right?

I hope people will just learn to be nicer in general. Words may just be harmless but they will no longer be harmless if a life is lost in the process. Can you live with the guilt?
Please treat everyone with respect. Make the world a generally better place to live in.

Getting to Know You..Getting to Know ME

Let's do a fun post. That will be me diverting your attention away from talking about how life is so so so hard sometimes..haha.

I'm just going to write about random stuffs about me that you may or may not discover about when reading this blog.

Well, I am a generally shy person, which my friend attributed it to my Virgo sign but honestly, I don't follow the horoscope coz despite the many coincidences, I don't believe in it wholeheartedly just like I don't believe in fortune telling. 

But when I do open up, people find me generally a nice person and they just enjoy my company, talking to me and giving me stuffs. I don't know how and why but they just like doing so. I like to help people and also I treat people nicely so I suppose that's why people are like fine with me. 

Okay I think you heard of those stuffs again and again, haha. So that is just a tiny intro of...what are the OTHER stuffs you may not know.

Hrm, I think most Caucasian guys are handsome, haha. Shallow me shallow me..They have this sex appeal in them that I find very er..appealing. But that is where my so called obsession with them ends.  I don't go beyond that line like befriending them and stuff though it will be just nice to get to know at least one of them. Decent one, I mean, like a friend and not more than that.

But then I'm not the sort of girl who attracts guys, Caucasians or like wise? Coz I know men like their women to be of those whom they can converse with intelligently and not some silly ol' boring talk, haha. I'm not a great conversationalist. However, I do always am interested in what people have to say. I guess it's a gift.

The last time I went to a club was like more ten years ago? And that was when I celebrated my friend's birthday but honestly the atmosphere isn't for me, even ten years later. It was quite a quickie because I was out of there very fast. My friends are bringing me to one this Saturday, if I were to follow their clues correctly that is, and they're not the sort who club hop or go there quite frequently. I guess clubs are fun but as girls, we have to be on our tippy toes, if you know what I mean.

Oh, I think you would have known by now that I love me soap dramas. But I do get bored of certain storyline sometimes not coz I have other better and more interesting dramas to watch. It's just that I think the writers have lost their mo-jo. Not everyone can be a brilliant writer from start to finish.

I thrive on you tube every single day though I find that their recent enhancements to their players suck. It's not as friendly as previously. I find myself clicking on the pause button or play button twice to get it going.

Like every other girl, I love make up but I hardly wear them. Go figure. I basically collect them but have been very very good in the sense that I don't always get them. I try to go for the budget kind but not the ones found here in Singapore.

I like wearing denim skirts as opposed to denim jeans. The latter always make my thighs fatter.

My hair is constantly frizzy despite the many ways of taming them but I just have no time to straighten my usually wavy and messy hair. I use the Loreal frizz control which does work, to a certain extent and make my hair rather va-va-voom sometimes. So okay, at least there is one solution.

Whenever I go on courses held by my ministry, people ALWAYS assume that I am a swinging single. I don't know, maybe I gave away the vibes, haha.

I'm very supportive of human rights. I am appalled by how homophobic or how racist some people can be and I totally condone that. No one should go through the trauma of being bullied. No one has the right to say how we are supposed to live our lives. 

I'm constantly trying to  lose weight, and yes I know that is not something new here. But really, it is very frustrating. But I am going to try again and not be easily beaten and I'm not doing this coz I want to be thinner. I just want to be able to fit into my skirts well again. I don't like to carry extra fats around my hips and thigh. It's frustrating coz clothes are harder to fit in. Anyway, I have started to do something about it and hopefully by the end of the year I would be able to lose at least 3 to 5 kg for a start? If Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy can do it with purely diet and exercise, why can't I? I had done it once, why can't I do it again?

I like watching non mainstream movies which I either download or watch on you tube. Even if I don't get to watch the whole thing, but if I can watch snippets of it summarizing the whole thing, I am fine with it too. Not really into movies with big names in them.

I can be such a hopeless romantic. Who knew, right? Haha..Anyway, my idea of romance? Let's see. I like it when the attention is on me. I don't think I would like a guy to dictate what kind of things I should do or the clothes I should wear. I don't mind being around a guy who I can be comfortable me and not feel uneasy.

My dress sense? I know I can't wear those long flowy dresses because I don't think I'm that feminine enough to carry the look. I like to mix and match separates. If I were to wear a dress, normally I would wear with leggings or jeans. 

Oh, another new interesting fact. I know my pop culture pretty well as I follow up on them on a regular basis. Read: Every day. I know of movies and dramas way before they come on to our telly in Singapore and on cable. 

Okay, I guess that is pretty much what I can think of at the mo...

My next post will be a bit serious one but which I guess some of you are able to relate to as well. 

So what are your quirks?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Living in Regret

Have you ever lived in regret? Actually, I do and most of the time, it is about money. Of course I do have my regrets in the past where I wished I had studied harder so that I don't have to end up with sup par grades that do not give me a better paying job. Anyway, what I am thankful for at least is that I have the brains to finally pick up the pieces and catch up on my studies. If not, I won't even be sitting comfortably in my own little cubicle. 

When you have a family to support, a lot of things go through your mind. Honestly why I am so hesitant to start my own family is that I don't want to add burden to my life. No, a family is great. It is! Just ask any of our ministers who are advocating single people like us to have children. I meant, burden in the sense that I don't want them to end up being ill fed and brought up haphazardly. I see a lot of people who could not take good care of their families because they got married hastily and find themselves unable to cope with the demands. And divorce rates are on the rise. Who are we to determine that marriage will last like in the past, where couples actually work to make things happen but nowadays, we tend to give up easily if both parties are not willing to give in and compromise.

So hence, I don't want to live in regret by having my own family and not being able to take care of them later. Look at my current little family. I can't even support them properly though I am trying my mighty best to do so. 

But yet again, my life is also determined by the hands of fate so I can't really tell for sure if I truly will get married eventually.

So I did say that most of my life regrets is about money. You know how you always say oh, when you get money, you will do this or do that and then when you actually have it, your plans kinda went up in the air? Like for my case, I would say that most of the time I spend on  my family and not  much on myself. So I sometimes tend to beat myself up over trivial matters like why the heck did I buy this or that even though to be honest, they may not cost much. But when you are so tied up with money, every little thing counts. Sometimes I think of why do I have to regret over what I buy? In the first place, I have tried my best to spend within means. But you know, things happen. I can't predict what my mum wants to buy next. I can't also predict what bill I need to pay next urgently? 

Then from there, I realize my mistakes. Then I should foresee what are the coming expenditures and before I spend the money, I should have at least a plan laid out. Why? So that I don't regret what I buy. I will only get it IF I believe that I do have enough to cover whatever it is that I wanna buy.

With the recent price hikes, I have to say I can't cope well with it. My pay has been stagnant since last year.  I do hope that at least next year, I have a promotion so that I can at least be paid slightly more. May not make much of a difference but believe me, sometimes a little boost is all I need.

People make mistakes. But bearing the regret in yourself ain't going to do you any favours mentally. While some things we can foresee, for some other things we just can't. We just go with the flow of what are the things to come and it is not always that things come in our favour. That is the unpredictability of life. It makes you aware and keep you on your toes but then being human, we tend to like get lost a bit especially if things don't go our way.

Whatever it is, leave the past where it should be and concentrate on the present. As they say, the present is a gift. I believe that everything that happens in life, has a reason. Many times it only strives to make you a better person that you already are. It also makes you realize that you are actually a strong person. And if you have been weak willed, life will also show you that sometimes, you just need to toughen up to keep going strong.

Learn to let go of the past. Don't always live in regret. Whatever I have advised here, likewise I am also advising myself because honestly it is true that it can be hard to let go and not regret. I hope next time round I will wise up and learn to plan because after all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Birthday Wishes

I didn't think I talked much about my birthday the other time but well, today is exactly one week ever since my birthday and how am I taking it in my stride? Er, not so good but then not to worry my fair and lovely ladies (it kinda rhymes), I hope things will look up soon :)

Let's talk about what I hope to achieve in this new age of mine. Firstly, I would like to tackle er, this diminishing youth problem, haha. So long good skin in the twenties! Come to think of it, my skin wasn't so good back then (seems like so far away, ha!) but just like over a few years ago, I decided to take an overhaul over the way I have been taking care of my skin and I must say, I don't look so bad right now though the ugly factor is there. Anyway, ugly or otherwise, more importantly is to stay beautiful on the inside :)

Maybe it's just psychological thing in my mind that I look better than before but then you be the judge, that is if you know how I look like in real life though. Pictures always look better after editing so long as we don't overdo it.

Honestly, I didn't wear any foundation or loose powder on my face. All I have is some cheap talc powder which may be cheap but don't be fooled by its er..cheapness. A light dusting over the moisturizer does wonders. Actually this product is good in the sense that my skin looks less oily than it ever does before!

Eyebrows must be well groomed because they provide a frame to your whole look. If you don't want to look overly made up but still wanna have a touch of make up, I recommend eyeliner. You can wear it straight up OR smudge it a bit for the smokey look.

Blusher is another pick-me-up and gives an instant lift to your whole look. Either that or lipstick though I opt for the former as I'm not quite a fan of lipsticks. This picture I didn't use blusher but countouring powder so you can see a bit of a 'fake' cheekbones, heh.

Everyone is beautiful in his or her own ways but to me, true beauty lies within you. So it doesn't matter if you wear chanel foundation or urban decay eyeshadows. What is more important is that you take good care of your health because all of this will just continue to go down the hill but health is wealth. 

So when I am well in my thirties I want to concentrate on skincare. Right now I am using an anti ageing cream from Oil of Olay and I read that eye care is also important because as you age, the skin around your eyes will tend to lose its elasticity so it is better you have an eye cream that can help to minimize the fine lines.

While the twenties is the age to discover new things in life and adapt to major changes, the thirties is building up on what you have built upon. That or continuing the lifelong journey of being a better and more wise person. With that, I want to take on the challenge of doing something new in my life every year to have some accomplishment in my life.

In terms of my famously zilch love life, I am determined to make more new friends, especially guy friends. That means not shying away from  making new friends with the opposite sex which sadly I have missed many of such opportunities simply because I am so creeped out by them. Seriously. I may ogle over hot guys on the internet or in the magazines but that is pretty much it. I always think that I am never good enough for them. But around my colleagues, I learn that I am quite well liked by them, whether or not they're married or they're much older than me. I guess bottom line is, people will like you for who you are and for not being pretentious. Guys dig that.

Speaking of lifelong learning, I also aim to go to school. You are never too old to build up on your education and getting yourself a better paying job. For me, I want to be like that. I want to be like one of those older women who still continue to get better education so that they can provide better for the family.

While my finances suck this year, I want to get it back on track. i want to learn to spend wisely. I may think that I do but actually, I don't. I just have to pay extra careful as to how the money is being spent. I certainly hope things will look up better for me.

Oh, I also want to learn to dress up better. Not for the guys, but for me. I want to learn to build up on my dressing style so that I will look and feel good about myself.

Lastly, I want to learn to be grateful for every single thing in my life that makes me happy and appreciate life even more.

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Being In Love

It's amazing how being in love can change a person. For the longest time after a heart has been broken, it is really hard to get back on track. You keep thinking what went wrong and as women, we tend to blame ourselves if things don't go right like it is our fault, even though it may not be.

But when we're in love, it's like the moon and the stars are shining on us. From wearing black all the time to wearing coloured clothes that bring out the colour in your eyes. We do anything to bring out the best in us and to impress the potential love interest.

Then when we find ourselves truly in love and when we are loved back, it's like we feel that we have accomplished something. We just change for the better. Life is sweeter and we that we are breathing in the sweet sweet love in the air.

Of course I'm merely talking about the good side of love. There are of course girls who get involved in unhealthy relationships but they continue with them either because they think that there is no way out or they just don't see anything wrong in the relationship. My tip is, if the guy doesn't make you feel good about yourself, make you feel like a pathetic loser, and that you feel like you've got better things to do than be stuck in a rut with this guy, do learn to pick up the pieces and move on in life. There is no such thing that when you fail in one relationship, you are doomed to fail forever.

Sigh, the beauty of love. I've watched enough soap dramas to reiterate the fact that being in love can truly change someone and most of the time, it is for the better.

I have never been in love before so I just imagine that if I ever do, how would I change? Would I bother to dress up better, learn to improve on myself and be a better person in general? Heck, you will never know. But being in love has its perks and hopefully, when my turn comes, all the perks that come with it, will stay with me even if I am out of love with that person and to be in another relationship.

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Beauty 101: I'm Sexy and I Know It

Anyone can be sexy. Really! If you think that love can't come to you because you're fat, heavy or ugly, you are so wrong. Honestly I don't give a frack about guys who would go after those girls who are so picture perfect and they parade around such girlfriends like a prized trophy. Honestly girls, who give a damn about such guys eh? Especially if the girls have such a crass mouth..eurgh. Even worse. And who cares if the guy is so freaking handsome you wanna die? Be damned!

Anyway, frustrations aside, yes I'm talking about the frustration of living under a hope that some guy out there have a little bit of interest in wanting to get to know me but narh, lady luck ain't shining on me. What I get is some creepy guy who are..well creepy enough to scare me and not interest me.

Don't fret. When I say anyone can be sexy, I mean it. Sexy is not defined by how small our waist is, how long and silky our hair is, or how long our legs are. Sexy is defined by someone who thinks that we certainly got the moves to be 'Dang! You're such a hot mama!' haha. Honestly, you are sexy as long as you think you are sexy.

Basically it is all in our minds. If we think that girl is pretty, there will always be another girl who is prettier than her. You think that only the fair ones or the tanned and lovely ones will be defined as beautiful but a girl with a mocha skin won the Miss Universe. See? Who has the rights to determine what is beautiful and what is not.

Every girl is beautiful and sexy. When I say sexy, I also don't mean how much skin you decide to show. Too much showing off the skin isn't a good thing as well and you are wrong to think that guys dig that. Most of them don't. Even if they have some interest in you showing off much skin, their mind will soon wander to some other girl who show off even more than you do.

So if you think you are sexy, you are going to be one. We may need help to enhance our beauty and no, not in the cosmetic surgery way, but rather, with the help of the right accessories, clothes, makeup, we can and we will look sexy :)

And sexiness extends beyond the way we look. It is how we carry ourselves, how we approach others, and the way we don't give a damn about those narrow minded people and just do things that make us happy and ultimately proud that we are who we are. Everyone is born unique and there will always be something about you physically that you like or in terms of personality, a part of you that shines through and make you a likeable person.

If you are a plus size just like me, don't think that guys won't find you attractive. Even if there are, they are probably bigger than you :S I have seen with my own eyes many times how bigger girls can also have a romantic relationship with guys smaller or thinner than them. I don't know if the guy started off not liking the girl and then finally being won over by her personality. Or that if they actually don't give a damn but just like her for who she is.

So be it. There is nothing wrong with you. You don't have a perfect set of teeth? Look at Madonna! She has a gap in between her teeth and she didn't fix it and she is still very much worshipped.

Just think of the LMFAO song, 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' :)

Embrace your sexiness!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Little Miracles

I appreciate every little miracle in life. I really do. Yes, sometimes I admit that I get too caught up with a lot of unnecessary things in life that I don't know where I am heading but then things may happen that will just help you along and make life better for you. I call them my little miracles.

The first miracle is seeing how Fluffy the cat is back in my neighbourhood. For a rather long time, I haven't seen this adorable friendly chubby cat that just loves to roll around on its back whenever it sees someone approaching it as though it's some kind of entertainment. We made so many conclusions as to its whereabouts and my brother made a not-so-nice remark that it could have been knocked down by a car as it lives at the multi storey carpark. 

But it returned! 

How can you not love this lovely cat?

My other miracle is that in times of need for money, where I am so so SO struggling and I don't know how am I going to basically go through another week, my claims for reimbursement came in earlier at only slightly more than a week! How efficient! Normally I had to wait for like more than two weeks like almost towards the end of the month so I  was so surprised that I got it early! I actually bothered to queue the very long queue at the atm machine just to see if the money has been reimbursed and I was actually thinking quite positively about it. It's seriously a miracle because I have very little money left and my mother isn't the sort who is understanding enough when I say I lack the financial means to get the things she want to eat or cook for us because she sees it as me being incapable of providing for her.

While it is still a long road for me, and I still have to be cautious of my spending until Friday when we will get our quarterly maintenance money, I am thankful that my life has turned around a bit. I really felt like giving up hope and I seriously didn't think that fluffy the cat would come back or that I would get my reimbursement this week instead of the week after.

I cannot reiterate enough that eventually at some point, life isn't so bad after all because life in general is a wonderful gift. Yes you may experience hardship sometimes but the difficulties in life is just to make you stronger and a better person. Remember that.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleepless at Home

Yesterday I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking about how am I going to survive the week. I've got very little money left & it is going to be hard for me.

I hate going through such unnecessary turmoil. I've mentioned a few times how this year is so hard for me. I even maxed out my credit cards (but which luckily only have a 500 limit). I half regret getting those cards coz it made me owe money unnecessarily which I dislike. But I've got no choice coz I faced severe financial difficulties this year despite my some boosts like bonuses and all. I have limited my use on them and will plan to pay all & eventually cancel at least one or two by first quarter of next year.

But you know how life has a funny way of giving you a glimmer of hope at times especially in times of need? Well it did. It wasn't much I would say but to me, it still means a lot to me. I got a 20 dollar hongbao from my colleague. Honestly, I didn't expect it from them. I was hoping to get from my ops manager coz he gave me one last year. But despite the many hints, he did not give me one. I suspect coz last month I borrowed money from him & I had yet to return. Instead my other two colleagues gave me & I think that it is so sweet :)

I also got a huge blackforest cake & I think it was nice of them to give me the cake wholesale. I shared it with my family and coincidentally my mum's birthday is tomorrow (technically that would be today). Honestly I hardly buy cakes as it is too pricey for a lot of fluff. But the last couple of years I did get at least one for my brother coz previously he complained I didn't get for him. Luckily polar cakes still sell reasonably sized cakes for less than 20. Of course I try to get one as cheap as I could get so namely I would get around 17 plus.

So anyway, I always think that when you are sincere at heart, God will help. Even if you don't believe in God, believe in yourself that things will slowly get better.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bargain Shoes from Warehouse

Just last week, I went to the Charles & Keith warehouse sales and while walking to the warehouse, I realized that they have another warehouse situated just nearby their other warehouse. My goodness, talk about expansion.  I live along Paya Lebar Road so journey isn't so bad for me because it is about 15 minutes from the warehouse.

The last time I went to their warehouse sales was in March last year and didn't go the one in November of December last year because I had no munneh. This time round I did simply because it was around payday. So I could spare some money. Anyway, I needed new shoes and their shoes are like so freaking ex nowadays compared to the last time when I used to buy my shoes from them, which is so weird. Honestly, many of their shoes don't deserve the kind of price tag they were given not because of quality but I guess it's a brand thing.

Well, whatever. Looks like I just have to rely on such warehouse sales to go 'borong' or buy in  mini bulk.

I actually got four..yes, you read there correctly, four. Initially it was five but I didn't really like the one she chose because the one I chose, was the last pair and it was the one which they displayed on the table. But then come to think of it, that last pair was still in good condition so heck, I just took it.

Anyway, I would have gone so shoe crazy if not for my feet, which are well, large and 'manly' looking. I used to wear slip on heels a LOT when I was working in HPB and seriously, I didn't know how I managed. Then I got lazy when I got to work in this ministry and started wearing er..get this, sandals. Ha!

But I guess heels shouldn't be such a big problem because I am confined to a small space of a general office which basically means I don't have to torture my feet a lot with walking. This in  comparison to me working in HPB where I was practically out in the fields most of the time. 

While I'm quite sad that I can't wear the fancier looking ones or the sky high heels coz I is scared of falling and also, I have one of the worst balancing skills in the world, I have to settle for the slip in heels..or slip on..well, you know which kind.

Okay fine, most of them have the buckle designs, and not coz I purposely chose them like that but it was a coincidence. 

The heels between them all varies but it's pretty much about the same height and they only look slightly different. Honestly, I like the third one with the denim front soles. But I had some problem walking up the stairs coz well, I did mention I have the worst balancing skills in the world.

I am sure many of you girls out there did go to the charles and keith warehouse sales, braving the heat because it was held in a new multi storey carpark and also the massive crowd. Ugh...but the things we do for shoes, right?

Price wise? Two of them cost 9 bucks (!!), one costs $14.90 and the other $16.90. So in all, I spent $49.80. I cannot get such a price for four shoes from them in their regular stores. Probably a pair with one shoe, heh.

That's it! I am just sticking to the warehouse sales for their shoes. Next time round, I may get a bag. The last time I went, it was still quite pricey, at least to me lah, but their prices were slashed up to 50%. Still, I think the designs were pretty meh.

What did u get?

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House Visit & Bestie's Post Bday Celebration

So..we had a very post birthday celebration. Well, not really. It was officially a month after her birthday, come to think of it now actually, haha. Sorry I is slow sometimes. I actually did most of the planning and my other friend did all the driving. It was so...funny in a part that at one time we were like where is KPE? where is KPE?! And all along we WERE on KPE, hahahaha..three clueless girls in the car.

I actually gave mostly the directions. From TPE to Lorong Halus to goodness, for a non driver, I learnt a few acronyms. If you are not living in Singapore, they are basically the acronyms of the different highways we have. I think we pretty much covered all the expressways except BKE as that is going to the west side. 

Well my friend Nutty wanted to badly watch the movie Crazy Stupid Love and we all actually had to rush here and there JUST for us to catch the movie, haha. Hence the panic when we didn't realize we were all along on the KPE highway. Go figure.

My verdict? It was aight. Meaning good but not fantastic. It is sorta lazy story telling and honestly, my other two friends also think the same. So not worth catching except for....Ryan Gosling's abs. My goodness gracious! They're so freaking tight!

Before we go on our so called road trip, we visited Sherry's house and it was a major feast as you can tell from the pics below later. We felt so bad coz we couldn't stay for long because seriously, time was of essence yesterday. The movie just HAD to be at 7pm *sigh*

The highlight of her birthday should be the awfully chocolate cake which I pre-ordered for her. The cake wasn't overly sweet and you can actually finish the whole thing, I mean a piece of cake lah not literally the whole cake, because it is not like many other commercial cakes that have a lot of cream and it's mostly inedible.

You have no idea how from a simple chocolate cake like this can give the owners of the cakeshop which had its humble beginnings in a small neighbourhood shop so much dough (geddit?) that they open multiple stores overseas. 

Planning to order a cake soon?

Awfully Chocolate

Oh, and for the first time, I visited a mini club called Home. Well, me and Nutty were fascinated by the vibrating wall and we were sitting  outside. I just realized that to go into the club, you need to pay entrance fees, or something in that line. Such  places are good for people watching though you gotta be careful when you do that unless you yourself want to attract attention. My friend ordered me a mocktail as a way of ushering in my birthday. Plus I don't drink alcohol and it was actually my first time drinking a mocktail. My verdict? Really nice....

Just a fun fact. I'm thinking if a mocktail is called as such as it is a mock of a cocktail which contains alcohol? Too lazy to google but I assume it is of that case, haha.

Enough blabbering! Picture time!

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Random Pics in Whenever

Okay this is so silly. I used to run these kind of posts and I somehow stopped. I guess coz I was so...lost in the moment where I just adopt such a laid back attitude towards life instead of making it productive.

Anyway, I'm sure every now and then you see me put up pics so I think it isn' bad? haha.


It may look ugly but my mum's chocolate chip cookies are da bomb.

I made this programme brochure in 2001! I kept it till now.

I think this tin box is so cute..I got it from my VP

Mum's homemade nestum cookies..very nice and crunchy!

Eu De Toilette for Men..Burberry baby!

I have sweet tooth & I like biscuits from Marks & Spencer

The penguins are all the way from....London Marks & Spencer!

I just love this vintage look of the packaging...there were 3 in a pack selling for SGD1.99!
I just realize the pictures are mostly cookies coz I love cookies! Although must eat in moderation, haha.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Figuring Life Out

So I have resolved to be kind to my new colleague though I still find her irritating. I guess sometimes it is just human nature for them to behave like that. Well, everyone's different but at the very least she is generally a nice person.

But anyway, enough talk about her.

By the way, I got a first birthday present and it is a..crystal vase or jar. I don't really know what to do with it actually, haha. I think it is pretty useful, for mum which she interprets as it being a cookie jar, hehe.

Like I said, I'm not really fussy about presents unlike some people when they say that it will be nice if someone can get something which they really like. But unless you drop very obvious clues, then don't expect something which suits your taste. To me it is kind enoughof the person to give you one :)

While sadly I didn't manage to lose weight as I initially wanted to prior to my birthday, I just resolved to do so come Monday onwards. Being officially 30 means that I won't have such youth regeneration...degeneration yes, haha. Plus it will be harder to lose weight and your health can slowly fall apart as your body starts the slowing down process.

I know I am talking as though I'm turning 40 instead of 30. But that's how it is. Being in the twenties has its ups and downs mainly because it is the decade where you start to develop your working career & for many others (me excluded like duh) have families of their own. It is such an exciting period.

For me? It is mostly dealing with many of life's challenges and my personal struggles with...everything in life. Many times they are just so hard to bear like I'm totally clueless about it ike what the heck am I going to do.

But what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger. It makes you to become who you really are and give you a new approach towards life as you figure out that life isn't always easy.

For those still figuring out life, just like yours truly is, approach life like an open book. Whatever it is, do what it takes to make you happy, of course without jeopardizing on other people's happiness. Do it on your own terms.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life 101: Dealing with Illness and Nasty People

I've always hoped and pray that I don't encounter a major illness in my life which can be life threatening to me such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on. Life is so fragile. They used to say that if you don't watch what you eat and lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are most likely to have such major illnesses visiting you.

But now, that is not always the case. How many of you know of fit and healthy people, who has probably not smoked in their life or practically run every other day, find themselves suddenly battling with cancer in the long haul or suffer a major stroke which made life more difficult for them? I'm sure you know of at least one person, or read about them.

There is no guarantee in life. It is unfortunate things like this happen and it makes life so difficult. 

The point of this entry is to seriously treasure what you've got now. Your friends, your family and most importantly, your health. Doesn't mean that there is no guarantee about it, you can just adopt a heck care attitude like you just don't think you won't have to deal with such heavy matters. When some unfortunate things happen, who are you to blame? God? Yourself? 

With our life moving ever so fast, it is important to stop for awhile and not be so carried away. One of the things I've noticed myself doing is being so easily agitated especially when I face difficulties at work. Dealing with accounts is not one of my major forte. It will NEVER be. How I manage to balance the accounts when they don't balance, I am also wondering how. Then this week, my colleague is on leave and I am practically doing her job ON TOP of mine while she is away on hols. But I can't blame her. The thing is, she has been under a lot of stress and I can totally understand it. She hardly takes leave and if she does, it is mostly to just take her mind off stress as her husband is very ill and she also has to take care of him as he battles lung cancer, being a non smoker. Yes, a non smoker and the health authorities have been emphasizing that smoking is bad because it can cause lung cancer. Still THAT is no reason for smokers to rejoice. Smoking is still bad, even though now they don't feel the impact but in time to come, as our body age and has a lower immune system, it can be detrimental to our health.

See, that's the thing. An actor just passed away recently and he was as fit as a fiddle. He got a job as an actor in the leading drama Spartacus so you basically know how major fit that character is but he battled with lymphoma, a type of cancer, two months after his cancer went into remission. After 18 months, he lost the battle.

It's unfair because his career was about to take off and he was such a wonderful actor to work with that the people in the drama series were willing to wait for his comeback when he was battling with his cancer. Just as he was about to come back for the second season, he dealt with the cancer again and passed away soon after.

But death is inevitable for everyone. It's just a matter of when.

Sometimes I don't get why people can be so nasty, so mean and so rude like people owe them a living. They can be so bossy and don't give people a chance to explain and just go on and on about it, for the sake of their own benefit or convenience. 

I simply don't get it like why can't they deal with the matter in a civilized manner instead of throwing their weight around.

But you know, just like the opposite of life, is death and so is nice versus nasty.

So you can see why I get agitated easily. Work and having to deal with such nasty people...dealing with financial difficulties, I fear I can 'lose' my temper for someone who is often relatively calm. I want to change for the better. I want to remain nice and calm and not easily snap at others just because they don't follow your instructions or well, they're simply irritating, like my new colleague is. Goodness gracious...

When life gets me down or people are just so bloody rude and nasty, I find the best way to deal with it is not to retaliate. Yes yes, I know it gives people the opportunity to be even MORE nastier but seriously, some people are not worth arguing with because they just won't change. To them, everything must be perfect. If it isn't, instead of dealing with it in a manner that is more civilized, they make such a big hoo haa over it.

Life is short and so  precious. Let us be nicer people. If we're nice to people, it makes things easier to deal with and you get the respect you need without having to force people. It's a natural progression. I know that it is SO easy to just scream at them and let them know they have NO right to talk to you in that manner but only when it is to the extreme like they are seriously pushing it too far. But I still think you shouldn't scream at them because it is not going to make things better but worse. It will be a tiring back and forth battle because such people don't like to be challenged.

Just remember, if you're nasty, you won't gain any friends. If you do have, they probably pity you for having no friends or they're just being nice about it.

While we all appreciate being disease free, if things happen, there is always a reason. Sometimes the reason is just plain and simple. It is to make you stronger at heart, change you for the better, reflect on your life and also to see who are the ones in your life that are worth having around.

Meanwhile, do learn to take a breather and learn to deal with people in a more civilized manner. When you are facing difficulties, the people that you are nice to, will turn around to be supportive. 

Cherish life.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friendship vs Money

Hey peeps!

Yes, been slightly more than a week since you last heard from me. I haven't really do much. But last week, I have been trying to survive for like 5 days because I was at the tail end before my payday on the Saturday. Would u believe I only had $10 at the start of the week?!

But thankfully, I had stashed my coins away for times like this and then exchanged it for dollars. It was quite enough like an extension on a game. I was trying to ration like crazy! But it was worth the efforts.

Now I'm back to doing the same thing for the next couple of weeks until our maintenance money. But sadly I spent quite a fair bit just now and my heart just like dropped when a 50 dollar note becomes 17 dollars. Hrm.

But it is justifiable except the bit when I had to meet a friend at the last minute. And she's the type who hardly opens her wallet to share the costs. Now that I know her tactics, whether she does it on purpose or not only God knows, I try to go easy when buying stuffs and paying for it. For example, get only things that I can afford and with just a tinge of guilt. Actually the best thing to do is to just skip altogether and not get any food but then I always find it annoying when she keeps asking me about it like as though she wants it but just trying to be 'polite' by following what I want instead.

Oh well, I don't like to kick up a big fuss over money especially small amounts. I don't want friendships to turn sour because of this. But I'm always struggling because of money. So I just think that it will be nice for them to pay their friends when due. Doesn't mean we are friends, we can be easily taken advantage of.

I'm excited this week because it is going to be my birthday end of this week! Call me a kid at heart but I just love receiving presents though it doesn't really matter if I truly get it or not. Can't believe my upcoming age would signal me being in this world for 3 decades. Wow.

Honestly, my only wish is to just...

Well, I don't want to jinx my wish ;)

How has your weekend been? My Saturday had been fantastic because I bought a few shoes from the Charles & Keith warehouse sales. My goodness, never seen so many the multi storey carpark, heh heh.

More on that in my next post!
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Monday, September 05, 2011

Health 101: Dealing with Depression

I have dealt with depression a few times in my life. Two times it was so bad that I just cry so freaking easily like my eyes were made of water tap. I was depressed in terms of how I had been mistreated as a friend and another time was because I did very badly in my studies. Other times, it wasn't so serious but I still cried not because I wanted to let go of the sad feelings but thinking about them makes me very sad and tears just flow naturally.

With the stress in life and the demands that I sometimes can't cope, writing is one of the best ways to deal. However, writing is only a small aspect of it. It is a good way to distract myself and to let me sort out my feelings. But honestly, sometimes writing can make me even more miserable. A good thing that came out of it all is how people react to these feelings. Friends and even strangers give encouraging words. That was good enough to lift my spirits up momentarily. 

But the one that is going to help you most in dealing with depression, is basically your own self.

The thing about depression is that it can affect the quality of life greatly. Life has no meaning to it and you just don't feel like doing much in life because there is no point in doing so. That is what I felt recently. I felt that whatever I do, I just didn't do enough.

While we can't talk it out sometimes, like especially people who are introvert such as myself, this is where writing helps. I did say writing may or may not help but at least, it will tell people that you are not in the best of spirits and you need to seek help or be given encouraging words so that you don't act silly and by that, you should know what I meant. 

Depression for some people can be so severe that they may entertain thoughts of killing themselves to end their misery once and for all. But think of your family. You think that by killing yourself, everything ends? No! Your family has to pick up your broken pieces and in some circumstances, they will not be able to deal with their own life in the same manner again because they are forever carrying part of your misery which you have 'conveniently' left behind.

So please don't.

I leave you with an article about understanding depression, especially if you know of some people who are dealing with it and how to recognize the problem so that you can offer help before things get too late.

Understanding Depression

Nowadays, I try to deal with my depression by engaging in other activities such as my renewed love for blogging. I also try to clean my room and get rid of as many unnecessary junks as I can. I also dabble a bit in graphic designing, reading, making  photo montages and even er..helping my mum bake cookies.

If you believe in God, do know that He loves you. He is just giving you a test to see how far you can go especially in such times when we may forget His existence. But He doesnt just leave you in a lurch like that. Somehow, you will be given help, in small but meaningful ways throughout your test. 

Be strong because life is beautiful.

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Letter to the Town Council

I was getting frustrated last week because I got another letter from the lawyer regarding outstanding payment for the conservancy fees. Why I was frustrated was because the last time I got such a letter, I almost paid all the payment, which let me to sacrifice not buying anything for myself except for a pair of shoes, which by the way, also made me realize that I can't wear covered shoes. That is another story.

Anyway, I could not deal with another of their  letter and with their uncalled for demands to make payment within 14 days that I just....I just had to write to them. I didn't want to think that I am one of those who refuse to pay even though they are capable of doing so. I wanted to tell them that I am behind payment because I simply could not keep up with them as I am financially disadvantaged. With the ridiculous amount that I am being charged every month for utilities, and that I am also a sole breadwinner who doesn't earn much, it's not something that I did on purpose.

So I wrote in to the Aljunied Town Council because I wanted to explain to them my situation. I didn't want to call because I don't think I would have the time to do so at work and I also wanted the right person to address the problem to me. Within a week, someone called back. At first I was beating myself up like why the heck I left my number. They are probably going to track me in terms of payment once this has cleared up and to monitor my payment status since now I am on their 'radar'.

But then paranoia aside, I felt that I had to just answer the damn call after switching it off the whole day in the next morning. I thought that I would just listen to what they say and see whether my situation is being taken care of.

Fortunately, the lady was kind enough to look into my case and sincerely see it as a genuine case. So they haven't decided to take legal actions against me when she checked. So I was safe in that sense. I knew very well that they would have no qualms taking me to court and making me liable of paying up to $1K which you and I know I just..can't. 

I know payment is payment but she was also kind enough to let me pay within my means without taking action against me. Well, being an aunty (I suppose..from the sound of her voice), she was being rather repetitive like come on, I get it already :S

Whatever. As long as the damn lawyers don't keep haunting me until I go mad and cause grief to my family. 

So my advice to you people who also face the same kind of financial situation like me, don't be afraid to seek help. If it is a really true genuine case that you can't pay because of some reason, do let them know or else they will always assume that you are being ignorant. Trust me, a lot of people are because they just want to skive off and not pay and they are trying their best to manipulate the system. Let them know you are not being like that.

With one less problem now, I have other problems in the line up that involves $$$. But there isn't much I can do for now but just hope that things will get better.

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Getting out of Depression

I have been running a few so called fun blogposts recently because I don't want to turn my blog into something depressing. My life didn't get better but it is somehow slowly trying to survive the ordeal because believe me, it's not easy being in such tight financial spot. But I thank God that along the way, I receive small amounts of help that may not seem much to others but make my life slightly easier like as if I have been given survival tokens in a game to extend my lifespan a bit..something like that.

So those of you who are thinking that life is so hard for you, trust me, it will get better. We go through life ups and downs and even those who are seemingly happy, they're not always happy. They may not go through hell and back like some of us do or be in perpetual state of unrest and misery but if you look at those truly happy people, they are always not necessarily of those who lead a good life. They just choose to see life in a positive manner in which they know they will eventually pull through and that life is beautiful and they treasure every moment of it.

Many respect to these people.

As for me, as you can see, I'm trying to just distract myself from  my financial woes because I do not want to be in a state of depression. I have been depressed about my current situation but I don't want it to get me down because depression is a seriously deep port hole that is hard to get out of once you find yourself falling deeper into it. Help yourself if you can and seek other people's help like how I did. They may not be able to help so much but every bit counts. 

I am still in a state of dilemma in regarding about how life is treating me and that my problems are here and unfortunately, they are accumulating as we speak. I can't do much about it but just hope to pull through until my next pay day which is like 5 days later. I may not be able to go visiting like many other of my muslim friends and acquaintances as I can't afford it. But we have our own way of celebrating it within our own small family and with whatever money that we have, my mum managed to whip up a good meal.

As always, if you are experiencing a not so good turn in life, don't fret over it too much. Think of ways to get it better but if there isn't  much to be done, know that you have done your best and also pray for the best. Just see it as God's way of testing you and let Him know that you can pull through this test to become a better and more enriched person that you already are.

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Friends for Life

Some friends are meant for life. If you have them, treasure them and even after you have families of your own or on the way to climb up the career leader, never forget them. Friends that keep you grounded and lift you up during your darkest days deserve to be treated well.

Can't wait to meet up with you girls again!

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Hari Raya 2011 Food

This year, my mum prepared food for Hari Raya!! When my ex colleague played me out by deciding not to give us food this year (which I suspect she was upset I didn't order stuffs from her), my mum rescued the to be dreary day by slogging in the kitchen and giving us glorious food.

I'm a happy girl when it comes to home cooked food. Wouldn't you be?

If you are still out visiting, do take care of your food intake because around this time, all the richness of coconut milk and oil will come to play. Drink more plain water rather than sugared drinks. Think of your health for the long run in the midst of all the fun. You wouldn't want to be sick during this joyous occasion, right?

Nevertheless, enjoy yourself and get acquainted with your distant relatives or even friends. This is a good time to ask for forgiveness and bond.

Once again, Selamat Hari Raya!

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Vlog: Night Lights 2011

Presenting my first vlog! Done in a way where you can't hear me talk except for the words 'Bunny Rabbit'. Yes, I did make a mini appearance. This is interesting as I've never done videos before and thanks to my brother, managed to do some really minor video editing. 

Can always count on  my brother to know what are the latest public events in Singapore because I is clueless.

I would say it is interesting though I wish there are more of it but you know, it's not about the quantity but about the quality. I guess in future, it will be better. 

If you intend to go, do check it out though I suggest you don't wear heels coz you have to walk around the Bras Basah area. Best if you go on Friday because you get free entry into the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum from 6 to 9pm. Go with your date or with your family and highly recommended when you are as broke as me but don't want to be living life as a hermit.

Then if you got time later like you have no idea what to do on a Saturday, check out their flea market just next to the Singapore Art Museum. Can find amazing cheap stuffs there to add to your collection of many many clothings and accessories and I actually got a nice red dress for...get this...$10! For awhile I was wondering, wah don't they feel heart pain selling this pretty red blouse? 

First up, some pics of us (but of course) and the really pretty 'jelly fish'. You know, creativity doesn't have to be something difficult to do. It can be something simple yet with imagination, can make it into something wonderful and even mind blowing.

the 'jellyfish' which are actually ligh orbs covered in drapes of white cloth

Volvo sponsored light exhibits. .cool eh?

No time to change after work..

My brother pretending to look stoned.

 And now, presenting to first video vlog!!

Forgive the video quality because I was using the video function from my Blackberry.

For more info regarding this event, can refer to the link below

Night Lights 2011

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Budget Make up : Lakme Cosmetics

If you often go to Watson's to check out the make up range, perhaps another place you should check out is Mustafa Centre. If you can spare yourself at least $15 or even lesser than that, say $10, you can actually get a product from there and then rave about the colour pay off. 

You can check out the CCUK range or the Lakme Cosmetics range which is from India. If you watch the Bollywood beauties, their make up can be so gorgeous and so intense! Especially their black eyeliners, super the intense and this is one of my gripes. I like eyeliners but for the life of me, I can't draw a perfect straight thin line because my eyes and hands are not co-operative so I prefer and eyeliner that does it well and quick with great colour pay off and I think I may have found it already.

So I did check out before their make up range and before that, I have never heard of this Lakme products or what not but I did a few swatches over there and I really liked it though I didn't buy coz I was trying not to buy any make up stuffs. I just like to play around with them.

But if you really want to get them and don't wish to spend too much moolah on them, I recommend getting the CCUK and Lakme.

Just a warning though, they break easily because they are so highly pigmented. For klutz like me, there is a high possibility so just be careful.

For a glimpse of the Lakme cosmetics, you can refer the website below

Lakme Cosmetics

Meanwhile, I found TWO local youtubers who share their experience with the Lakme products through their videos.

In the second video, you can check it out starting from the 7:40 minute.

In an unrelated post, if you are on a plus size and lack low self esteem and want some tips regarding beauty and fashion (basically me), be sure to also check out their other videos. They are a hoot to watch! And friendly too :) coz I posted a message on one of their videos and they are so kind to reply back and so sweet about it.

Do support them because all they want is that people are interested in their videos which they put in so much passion into them.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Presidential Elections Duty

Singapore now has a new people elected President and I cannot be anymore pleased....that the elections is over. Why? Simply because I stayed up so late until 4 am for duty *yawn yawn* but the excitement was there because the fight was so close between two of the hopefuls. As we were doing the counting, we could actually tell who was in the lead and who was obviously losing but we had to wait for the rest of the counting centres in Singapore to tabulate the figures. And tabulate they did, so much so that at freaking 2 am in the morning, we had to do a recount!!

Overall, I wouldn't refuse such opportunity. Come on, this Presidential Elections don't come in every year. The last elections was in fact in 1993. Yonks ago, peeps!

Granted, this time we were provided food. More like a snack pack and I thought there was so much inside, it was meant to be shared but actually it wasn't. All for me!!

 I couldn't finish the pack unless they want me to get diabetes coz they were mostly sweet stuff. Oh, and it was also because one of them shared her pack with me because she couldn't eat all due to health reasons. Food wasn't a concern. It was more like I was so mega thirsty because of the whole day of fasting.

I was happy that I got to have the same SARO who is Mr Koh whom I talked about in the previous General Elections. Such a funny, happy and wise man. I am thinking the school that he is a principal at is so lucky. I am sure it is such a joy to have him as a leader and a role model to both teachers and students.

I am also thankful for this opportunity because it gives me another chance to make some moolah! I will be paid the basic pay of $90 plus the 4 hours of overtime (!!) and it will add up to a nice figure. Of course, since it is added to my salary in October, expect it to have some CPF cut?!

Oh well. With that extra money, in God's will, I hope to have another trip to KL, Malaysia for some shopping and bonding with my good friends. 

Either that or I get me some new stuffs like clothes, accessories and make up that I have been craving for but never got round to it coz of lack of funds.

You know, I actually don't think that the Presidential Elections is a necessity. Now everyone is like so divided regarding the President or the head of country. He should be a people's President just like Mr S R Nathan. Whatever the outcome, let's not bear this hatred. I am sure with his many years of experience in Politics, he will be useful in the government and work hand in hand with them. Not so much for one of the hopefuls because he seems to want to work against the government. If that happens, we are basically doomed. I'm still miffed Dr Tan Cheng Bock didn't win and only lost out by a small margin. I still can't believe he remembered the auntie whom he helped 30 years ago! With nowadays people often pretending they don't know the person on the streets even though we're clearly connected via facebook, that to me is such a great honour for someone to still remember you and best of all, remember how he had helped.

So nice of him but then, the results of the votes say otherwise.

Oh well, let us not be hateful people. Let us be more civil, gracious and respectful towards the new President Dr Tony Tan. In time to come, I am sure he will be a people's president as well.

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First Date Jitters

If you read my blogs, you will know that I've never been on a date for many MANY years except during my teens when I was just well..getting to know guys and that was about it. Adulthood? Nada.

I can't deny that first dates can be rather nerve wrecking from picking out what to wear, what make up to put on and whether you can come up with enough topics to talk about that will keep him interested. I picked up some tips from this magazine that I got for free for singletons like me who work in the civil service. Thought I would share with you as well as giving some tips of my own.

First of all, score a date. You can go on group dates and if you want to be a little bit more comfortable in such group dates, bring along a friend at least. Make new friends in the groups and if you catch one that you fancy in the group, waste no time in getting to know him. Because basically interest will wane over time so while it is still 'hot', grab it girl! 

Okay if you are too shy for that, just start off with small talk and make sure he knows that you are interested in what he is saying by appearing interested basically by looking at him when he's talking and not interrupting him every now and then. Body language plays a part because how you portray yourself physically, like for example folding your arms, can say a  lot.

If the person you ask out isn't too comfortable with one on one date, best is to make it a group date. Then slowly make sure you give enough hints that you are interested in him. But don't fret if he doesn't reciprocate immediately. 

Another approach is to give him SMS as another form of communication, after the group date. If he takes forever to reply, don't take it to conclusion yet that he is not interested. Probably he is busy. But if he gives you replies like K or very short ones, then girl, you gotta find your new target move on.

Discuss common interests with him. Okay you can cheat on this one. Google current hot topics and hear what other people have to say and then take the info in bits and pieces with your personal opinions thrown in so that at least there is some basis to your argument. And I don't mean argue until tables and chairs are thrown. Give him an insight that you do have a brain and you don't just agree to every single thing he said. But don't be so defensive about it because everyone has their own opinions. 

Dress wise, don't wear something too low cut or he won't look at your face, if you know what I mean. Keep make up simple like don't wear too bold colours but give a nice subtle smokey eyes in shades like mostly matte and shimmer in brown and copper tones. To make your eyes pop a bit, wear eyeliner. I don't suggest fake eyelashes on your first date. Use concealer and conceal those blemishes and wear a foundation that doesn't cake up. 

Wear some simple yet attractive accessories like a pair of studs or simple dangly earrings. Shoes? Not too sky high. Flats or a low pair of heels will be much comfortable to walk in.

Lastly, wear a nice smile so your face will light up and you will glow. During the conversation, lightly stroke your hair by tucking it gently behind your eyes to make yourself appear a bit more seductive..hehe. Don't slouch and keep your eyes focused on him.

Manage your expectations well. Sometimes we set our expectations too high that we get disappointed too easily and not give the person a chance at all. Give him some time but if it really bothers you that you just don't want to pursue this anything more than a friendship, do make sure you let him know gently that you are just interested as friends and it's not because of him. Well, unless you want to be honest and say that it is him but I don't think it is nice because seriously girl, nobody likes to be rejected flat out.

Keep in touch with him after the date. Drop him SMS and suggest a new place to check out or a new movie to watch. Find excuse to meet him just to tell him that you are interested in making it more than just a single date.

Now while you can be so enthusiastic at your new prospects, he may not share the same feelings as you. But don't make the rejection feel that it is about you that you screw up or you're not worth it. Girl, you gotta have more sass than that. There are many reasons that may not necessarily be you.

Look at the situation in a different manner. If you look back on it, just learn from the experience and see what could have been wrong. Was it because you don't open up too much like you keep mum most of the time or is it your body language? Just reflect on it. But if you think you didn't do anything wrong, then just have to accept that he's not ready to accept you as a love interest. However, see it as a way of gaining a new friend.

Whatever it is, always think positive. Sometimes things may not work out the way it does and sometimes it does. Take it as a learning experience and in the next date, make it a better one. Good luck to you! :)

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Girly Tag

Girly Qsns:
1. Is it cute when a guy kisses you on the forehead? I think it's sweet.
2. Poofy dress or short party dress? Short party dress but I need to wear with leggings or jeans.
3. Would you like a long love letter? I don't mind if it heaps me compliments.
4. Group dates or single dates? Single dates. I will suck in group dates.
5. Do you hate when guys act different around their friends? Not really unless he doesn't acknowledge me.
6. Are diamonds a girls best friend? I don't mind but in my dreams only. I'm happy with simple pretty things.
7. Is your hair up or down? Down of course. Hate to tie hair.
8. Do you straighten your hair? No. I'm fuss free.
9. What's your favorite girly magazine? CLEO
10. What's your favorite mascara? I like Rimmel but so hard to remove. Maybelline user for yonks though.
11. Do you get your nails done? No. Not into nail polish. Lazy to remove.
12. Small or large purses? Small but I prefer small sling bags.

13. Jeans or skirts? Skirts FTW. Jeans and me don't click
14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? No way.
15. Do you test a lot? Test who?
16. What would you do if you got pregnant? Faint.
17. Whats your favorite color? Blue and pink
18. Heels or flats? Flats

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Shopping Haunts for Plus Size

If you are a plus size like me, do you have difficulties finding clothes? I mean come on, looking at the women around me, they are so small or so skinny, I'm like gosh, I feel so out of place. But don't fret, girls. It's not the end of the world.

Actually, I've got some tips which I've picked up from some sources and my personal experience too that probably will help you to give you some ideas on where to get your clothes and how to wear them. Anyway I did a post on this before but you know, second time can be a little bit better. That sounds a bit wrong. Moving on..

Forever 21. I bought some clothes from here before and if you can really look through the racks and the multi storeys (which basically is just 313@Somerset), at times you can get find clothes or dresses that will look flattering on you if you are plus size. 

Cotton On. Not all Cotton On carry bigger size labels and in varieties. Sometimes the clothes are quite bleh like so generic but you should wait for their sales stock. I can get basic dresses from there and during sales, they can go as low as $10 to $15 from the original $29. One of the bloggers I follow gave a tip that Anchorpoint near to Alexandra carries stock that sell cheaper than the rest of the stores so you may want to check it out.

By the way, if you are into skirts, their skirts are really stretchy and if you don't mind skirts that barely touch your knees or a little bit mini, you can check their skirts out and it may probably fit them!

Bega. I know one at Hougang Mall and sometimes they have sales which can go as low as $10 and they are suitable for work. 

Dorothy Perkins. If you have a bigger budget, you can buy clothes from here. They can be really nice and if you are plus size, they also carry bigger sizes. They have pants up to size 20 and they are comfy to wear.

John Little. I think this is more for more mature women but it's one of the department stores where you can actually get basic tops like Monroe for less especially during their sales. While I did say it is for more mature women, if you are younger and you prefer a decent enough top that are not eye popping, they have quite  good selection though you have to pick out carefully or you will add years to your age.

CK Store. No not CK as in Calvin Klein. It's one of the shops in many heartlands that do have bigger size clothes and in the past when I was bigger, I used to buy pants from here. And they're inexpensive. You can also look for skirts and jeans in bigger sizes and have to be careful because sometimes their designs can be rather gaudy.

Bugis Street. My tip for Bugis Street. Try NOT to go on weekends, if possible :S Anyway, if you want to look for long skirts or long dresses, cardigans like cropped cardigans or blazers for cheap, this is a good place to shop for them and you can get them for less if they allow you to bargain. But I must emphasize that their quality is sub par. 

This Fashion in MRT stations or the bigger outlets. Ok I get my skirts mostly from here which I wear to work. The ones I go to is Dhoby Gaut MRT station ($10 for a skirt, come on!) or the bigger outlets like the one at Ang Mo Kio. 

Mango. Mango in recent times has a lot of hits and misses. During sales, you really need to walk in different shops to get the right clothes. Either that or take a half day off from work FIRST day of sales. But their L size can be pretty big but this really depends.

Overseas like Malaysia and Australia. I dunno why other countries cater to bigger sized girls but not Singapore. And they have more varieties of designs. Go figure. You can ask friends to help you buy clothes from there but only if you are comfortable in asking them.

I've got a few tips for those who want to carry a variety of looks but are rather contraint by the choices that we have as plus size girls.

Layering. This is a good disguise as in they can really be flattering if you know the right techniques to layer. One of the tips I picked up is that if you wear a rather short top, you can elongate the look by wearing a longer tank top underneath, in white for instance. If you are afraid of the little bulge, you can wear a blank tank top instead underneath over your skirt or shorts. 

Another way to layer is to wear a long cardigan and a belt. Something like this...

See, simple. What I like to layer is a printed tee inside and a sleeveless top over it.

Roomy dresses. I like those roomy dresses like the one I wear below which can be inexpensive if you buy at Cotton On during one of their stock sales.

Uhm, ignoring the bloatedness there, I usually like to wear like this when in sleeveless dresses. I have no intention of wearing sleeveless with nothing coz my arms are..well..they are best left hidden. Either this or with a cardigan although this is more of my style. No prob with cardigan except that the neckline is usually low like this and I've got big boobies so cardigan isn't quite an option for me, heh.

Fasting month has made me less bloated and less obese looking though I'm still pretty much the same but that's another topic of the day.

Oh yes, if you don't mind, you can also get basic jeans and no frills tops from hypermarkets like Giant. I got the yellow shirt from there for less than $10. 

One final tip. While shopping can be rather stressful for us plus size peeps especially if they don't seem to fit or have one in our size, don't let them get to you. Go to the right stores and stick to them. It's not like they are going to sell the same ol' stuffs. Usually they will change the designs based on recent fashion collections.

Recently I bought some new clothes from the recent Geylang bazaar and I got a few tops and believe me you not, two of the tops I got them together for just $6.80. Yowzer.

Because I've got the suckiest quality of camera phone in the world (anyway, I got it not because of the camera), they don't really stand out. They can do though, if I use some photo magic but let's just say, I'm too lazy to manipulate, haha.

The last two I got them for 10 bucks each. Love! I thought I could not fit into the last one coz it..well...looked small-ish, and I'm definitely not small-ish, but I was desperate for a top to wear for the Presidential Elections duty and the rest look so gawdy or god awful..and this looks like the most decent mama. When I wore it, it didn't look too bad actually. I didn't even look so fat. Best of all, I can fit into it! Why? I don't know. Did I lose weight during the fasting month? Only God knows coz I'm not going to step on the weighing scale.

I like the top from the second last one picture. It has ruffles on the chest area and the material is soft though judging from the price, don't expect it to last very long. But unfortunately, it's a bit tight around the arms area. I can still put my arms through it but in order  to cover the tightness, I think it is best worn with a cardigan.

So that's it! Do share with me your shopping haunts for plus size clothing.

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