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A Little Memento

Entertainment News update: Dewy (Eyes) a.k.a Ronnie from Make me a Supermodel reality show did very well last week winning his first challenge after being in the bottom 3 for two straight weeks! Fierce. Then when asked who did poorly for the last photoshoot challenge(which he thanks to the six foot long boa in the tank), he said his bff's name in the show, Ben, who people have been commenting that his friendship with him has caused him quite a distraction. OoOoo..even more fierce.

Oh well...Dewy...I hope you will win. If not, there's always Perry. me to be unfaithful. I got a feeling it's going to be like America's Next Top Model. They dont care if you're snobbish or whiny, if you've got the IT looks, you got the IT looks.

Well, I have been feeling pretty tired these past few days which is a mixture between good and bad. Good...because I get to catch up on sleep and bad...because it also means my diet has been haphazard. Food that has bee…

Dewy Wishes Happy Valentine!

It's Official

Oh. MY. Gawd. I watched the first episode of Project Runway Season 4 on tv! I cant believe it considering all this while I had been keeping up with the show via episode recaps on a certain entertainment blog. As I was watching, I was exclaiming to myself the names of the contestants which I could identify with most of the'Sweet P!'...'Rami!'....'Chris!'...'Christian!'..and finally saw Ricky too whom the blog writer and the commentators claimed as a crybaby coz he cried too easily. And oh, Jack! The hunk-a-lot...honestly, I was looking out for him more than the rest..heh.

Trust me, nowadays, my geekiness is in this order...internet geek, tv geek and followed by computer geek. Pretty much soon, I would be in my computer geek mode as I have to read this entire Dummis book on using a Mac OS x which my brother, a Mac fan, pointed out that this is an old version of Mac and the latest version is a..err...hrm, was it safari..leopard..honestly, I …

Of Blogs and People

Let's face it. Blogs can be controversial but to completely shun it because of the fact that it can invite criticisms and the likes, is something I dont agree with. I find that blogs can be entertaining, educational even, informative and also a place to voice out what we dont get to say out loud because as 'open' our society claims to be, some people are just too stubborn to listen to what other people have to say. I wont say that it is a good thing to just keep things to ourselves and then one day we just explode out, which I would say, that keeping a blog is a good thing to 'let go' of such frustrations. But to me, it only boils down to the bloggers' moral ethics by not being so cruel to air people's dirty laundry over the internet or to bring shame to innocent people because I think that is just beyond belief when an intellectual person lacks the emotional intelligence.

I mean come on ah, how insensitive can you get? Even if you want to vent your frustrat…

Uncertainty of the Future

Actually, I have only half an hour to type out a whole blog post, which to me, isnt exactly enough given my 'gift' of blabbering redundant stuffs. Anyway, Im often thinking about the uncertainty of the future of my family and more precisely how am i going to cope with the family's expenditures in time to come like my brother's schooling needs and my father's hospital appointments. Being a single income earner is never an easy job. Of course I do have a bit of jealousy seeing people spend their money and not thinking going into some deep thought like me on whether to buy or not to buy. Sometimes I do feel bad about it if I am a little bit controlling over my family's daily expenses but not to an extent I forgo the necessities like bread. My mum doesnt cook so the money meant for marketing, in what people call it as, is used to buy outside food like over the weekends.

People do think that this is a waste of money and pretty ironic as well since Im quite uptight ab…

What? Again?!!

(logo from afterelton)


What the hell? Bottom 3 again?!!

Hello! Wake up can?!

But then again, he has a huge following in bravotv's 'Make me a Supermodel' so maybeeee..just maybe, he will pull through.

He's being criticized for being too 'All American' which I dont understand what it meant but it could mean that he doesnt have the look of a high fashion model but those belonging to the catalogues like the A&F catalague. By the way, have you seen a sample of that catalogue online? My gawd..I've never seen so much bare a*s and covered boobs with the models in a state of half dress and dress...that Im thinking..' a fashion catalogue?!' No wonder eyebrows were raised and some people actually read the catalogue like some kind of soft porn magazine!

Me? I seriously have no problem with it..despite my complains..heh. They're still hunky what!

And I do agree with some of the commentators that one of the things that makes Ronnie …

The Real Truth

Before anything else...I wanna wish...

A Happy Valentine's Day!!

I spent the night 'celebrating' this event napping on the couch on top of my big black handbag and a stack of papers from two days ago because I was too freaking tired to clear them. Though Im not posted to somewhere far this time for the past few days for my field work, well I have my share of late nighters and I predict tonight will be one of those nights. I want to say that I suffer from imsomnia, it will probably be not one of those chronic cases because I dont have trouble falling asleep compared to back then during my 'honeymoon' period when I was not working while awaiting for THE day to start work.

Anyhoo, whether or not I take a quick nap, like what Mariah says, Valentine's Day can be so overrated at times. Sure, it is a celebration of love but it doesnt equate to spending so much freaking money. A picnic, anyone?

I dont know if it's just me or what but the valentine's day celebration…

Yippeee...New Job!

YAY!! I got a new job! I am finally going to do something different and be in a more stable working environment!!!

See..I told you the begging is successful...after..uhm..five long years.

Im so looking forward to cheap canteen food and cheap transport costs!


Chocolates vs Teddy Bears

I just read this blog by a close friend of mine and I happened to hear on the radio as well about this primary six boy which she blogged about, most prob about 12, looking forward to his date of the same age, while his mother's nagging loomed in the background. I thought it was sweet because when I was their age, boys of the same age group didnt quite appeal to me. I go for older boys..more precisely the ones from the secondary school next door..wearing the longer pants. I like.......

Okay, that is not the concern. Valentine's Day is coming and if you feel like you're being smothered to death by couples everywhere carrying huge bouquets of flowers or huge teddy bears (which to me equates to huge dust collectors), well, you're not alone. It's almost intoxicating and Im not even talking about being jealous here. To me, it's okay because the only date I am anticipating right now is on the 20th when I will be receiving my first full pay with this company. Now THAT&#…

Dexter: Morning Routine

haha...the BEST morning routine ever..scary..

Dexter: Serial Killer by Night

i love you michael c hall! A blood splatter analyst working in the day and a serial killer by night. Go figure!

Nice Start to the Week

Heya,'s nice to hear someone thinks I have a nice face in the c box but the following remarks after that was pretty ambiguous so I dont quite know what it means. Anyway, I am happy team was given the go ahead to 'go home' at freaking 12 o'clock in the afternoon! Wow, if every day life is like this, I dont want to quit this job. You know, being in a team where your working colleagues are a pleasure to work with, going to work in the morning can be a pleasant thing. I look forward to it every day. That or Im all psyched up after successfully covering my eye bags from a lack of sleep and looking fresh as if I just come out straight from the shower.

Talking about colleagues, I just want to drop a bit of bad news that I have a falling out with a colleague of mine which I had dubbed her before as a good friend. Unfortunately, I am slowing taking it all back, despite knowing her on good terms for the last five years. Like it or not, people change for the b…

Ex Schoolmates' Wedding

Since I dont have much time to blog since Im off to work soon, I might as well do this little update on a wedding I recently attended. My friend and I were invited to an ex schoolmates' wedding. The bride was also an ex classmate of mine and I was pleasantly surprised she invited me. See the power of friendster. Well, I guess the fact that I have so far uploaded more than a hundred photos on friendster speaks volumes of my existence..heh.

I almost could not attend the wedding because my two close friends had other plans but instead I got a call that morning itself from another friend who was also invited. Then we thought what the heck..we should go together but unfortunately, the dress that I was planning to wear was frowned upon by my mother and I ended up wearing a grey and dull looking top which to me looks great but definitely not for a wedding.

Anyhoo, it is nice to take note that this is a couple that goes way back since pre university days. Sweet right? They look pretty much …

TV Geek Special

This is a TV geek special so if you think Im going off track a bit like where are the juicy bits of my personal life,'s in the title, TV GEEK SPECIAL.

Oh, before I start, let me make some entertainment news update which is quite a shocker..

Ronnie Kroell (yes, that man of the month on the sidebar), is finally, in the bottom three! Yes, apparently I talked about how unfocus he has been with a bit of distraction from Ben whom he dubbed as his biggest competitor but then at the same time, hoping he will be around as long as possible. If you're new to my blog, Im talking about Make me a Supermodel which you can find out more when you click on the link. You can even read the blogs over there and I can tell Ronnie has a HUGE fan base which also agree that he has been distracted but nevertheless still want him in the game and which I read that they actually voted the max of 30 times the minute they found out he was in the bottom three.

I guess they cant bear to see him all so s…

Songs for Listening Pleasure

Upon requests, I managed to download and upload these songs for Mariah. But it's for anyone to download too. But it's only for personal use and not for commercial distribution.

Jonas Brothers When you look me in the eyes

Colby Calleit Realize

If I have time this week, these songs along with some others will be placed at the sidebar.

Eyes Wide Shut

Im supposed to do something right now which is transfering of money online but Im so gawd damn lazy to do it especially when money is involved. TO me, I just dont like it when people get involved in various business and then expect you to also chip in by buying their things whether or not we like it. And only because we're 'family'. So Im super dragging it to...I dunno...tomorrow morning before I go to work? Like there is PLENTY of time for me to do that in the morning. It will probably be thrown into some vicious circle of doing it tonight..then doing in tomorrow instead..and then postponing it back to night time..and so on. Bottomline is, the thing will hardly get done soon enough even if it is going to take me a mere five minutes or so.

Yah, talking about money, since my pay is going to be late since I joined the company pretty late in the month in January, I have to be careful about my spending. Although, like I mentioned in an earlier post, I would be getting some form…

Not just a Prick

I went for yet another medical check up yesterday. Well, on one hand I should be thankful that I have been given this opportunity ( thanking the oscars) for a check up because it could be a clear indication that I might have scored the interview with MOE. I mean, come to think of it on Friday as I was contemplating about it, why would they spend money on sponsoring for the medical check up, with a renowned private group clinic, and then telling me that I dont get a job offer from them? It would be a waste of money on their part, wouldnt it? My colleague's sister who had gone through this same process to become a trainee teacher, said that unless she had a major seizure that day, this check up requirement means that she got a job already and they just want to ascertain we are physically fit for the job.

Let's just hope for the best. So yah, despite the scare fest with the blood test ( so rhymes!) where it was a mere prick but enough to send me 'fl…

What hurts the Most

Im planning to turn this blog into a multi-functional one. And okay..uhm...I Know Im a weetle bit back on the tech articles but I shall do it! Tonight! I will even sacrifice my sleeping time! My other plans include putting up songs that I download from youtube and setting up a blogshop for my accessories. Getting busy now! woohoo!!

Anyway, I like this song. Im not a country music fan but I kinda like this band called Rascal Flatts. And then now they have this song playing on the airwaves right now and I think it is very beautiful.
And im being so nice and letting you download the song off my blog! woohoo!!

If you like it, download going to sound lame's as easy as A-B-C! If you know your alphabets, that is.

Just go this link to download:

Rascal Flatts What hurts the most

Ronnie Behave!

What the hell are you doing Ronnie?!! I know he's cute (the one I said looked like Wenty) but're in a bloody competition!!

Ronnie's been a bad..bad boy..

If he cannot stop flirting, Im so gonna move on to Perry who is obviously more freaking dedicated to professional modelling than YOU!