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Night Visits

Recently I have to go to the toilet every two hours at night and that sucks. When that happens, t's not a good sign actually and I should have known better. The reason being it could be a sign of diabetes as I have my a high sugar content in my blood as diabetes runs in my genes. Diabetes can be controlled and you can prevent it from occurring if you could take good care of your health by limiting your sugar intake even from food with hidden sugar.  Honestly, I am not a fan of plain water because plain water is just so...eurgh..but you need to drink water or load up on fruits. Without water, you will lack nutrients in your body and your hair can go limp and your skin can start to be dry and itchy etc etc..

I do drink as I get thirsty quite easily although I don't eat much in the day. My only vice is that when I drink, it's mostly sugared drinks though I don't drink soft drinks like coca cola on a frequent basis. It is a nice cool drink to have when you order food outsid…

The Big B

Recently, I'm wondering why I still bother to save up when I'm going to get extra money next month due to bonus. But I felt that I need to save up because when my money is running low, I still have some savings to sustain on until my next pay. I may look like I'm simple minded and blur at times, but when it comes to money, I wise up because I just have to as I'm not going to be the only one suffering. My family will. And while my mother knows that I save up every day and have a budget of about $10, which I have no idea where she derived the info from :S, she can be pretty demanding with her choice of things to buy. I cannot say much about how much I have now but currently am a bit scared I won't have enough later on prior to my pay but I'm hopeful. Yesterday they announced through the media how much civil servants will be getting and it's a two month bonus inclusive of the 13th month bonus. It's a heck lot better than last  year, I think, and after I mi…

Thankful for Every Kind Gestures

Today today a boring boring day. Well, at least at work but what to do, gonna earn some dough so I can pay the b-b-bills. Don't mind me..sometimes I'm a bit crazy.

With all the natural disasters occuring in different parts of the world and thousands of people left stranded without homes, we should be thankful that we have a roof over our head. We must also continue to be blessed with what we receive whether is it, a big or small gesture.

I read a lot about sad news on how people are struggling in Singapore, me included actually, and they don't get much help that are actually aimed to help struggling Singaporeans whether financially or to help them find a job. And with what little help they receive, if they're lucky, they start  blaming the government because of its inability to get them out of their undesirable situations.

For myself, I just don't get why the utilities bills are so high every month with only 3 of us. It seem to be stuck forever at this am…

Hair Storm

I luv how my hair is now like a bit thicker :D I'm beaming coz for the last, dunno how many years, I have been suffering from thinning hair. (getting old?!) but maybe it's just an illusion coz I just washed my hair today..haha. But I have been using this hair tonic regularly which is supposed to help my hair grow and has moisturizing benefit. What other benefits I'm not too sure because it is written in Japanese :S I have also been drinking soya milk quite regularly which may have added to the thickness factor though I can't really prove that. What I do know is that your hair is made up of proteins and so with a healthy build up of proteins in your body, your hair receives enough nutrients.

I'm just being scientific there in my own terms but I may be right. 

Other tips that you can make use of if you are on a tight budget but still want to look good, is to basically drink lots of water. Without moisture, your hair will be dry and it wouldn't look nice. If you tak…

Im Smellin' Good

I am smelling so good's hard to imagine that I, ah, haven't bathed..hehe. While  I loathe my current state of mind in which I'm always checking whether he is online on facebook, which is quite a damper though I still enjoy checking out what people are up to, I like it when people take note of my status updates.

I actually got a mascara, a whole entire make up brush set, a bag and now perfume! I lamented about how I don't own a single bottle of perfume coz it's so freaking expensive. I know there's always pay day and it doesn't take up a whole lot of my pay, at least the balance of it, and also there is this thing called bonus, but I'm always thinking about how to feed my family until my next pay. While I'm at that, I forget to pamper myself :S

My all time favourite has got to be Hugo Boss Woman

If I were to get a perfume (at last!), it should be that. Or CK One. They're not too floral and not too musky but just nice for me like they give me…

Major Boo Boo of a Blouse

Okay I'm going to do a quick blog post. It's more like a confessional blog post coz something  I'm not supposed to and I think I've used up my 'But I'm just a girl!' trump card :S 

I bought a freaking blouse. It was just a harmless purchase you may say but you know how undeniably tight I am this month in terms of my finance though based on my recent pay, I have managed to put aside some money that may or may not last until my next pay but I remain hopeful. But I certainly didn't budget for this! Hrmph.

Oh well. Damage has already been done. Okay what blouse did I manage to buy? But more importantly, where did I buy it from? It's actually from a Kovan market. Yes, market as in wet market. The wet market is behind and then infront of the newly refurbished food and wet market centre, is this row of shops that sell clothes, clothing alterations and a few others. Normally I would just breeze by such stores even those in the shopping malls coz I…

You Had Me at Hello

 Remember I talked about a guy recently? Well, that was the only time I talked to him and I kinda enjoyed and it has been more than a week, bordering to almost 2 weeks since I last heard from him. I thought, oh well, guess he moved on and I guess I should too, eh? He's not someone who updates his facebook regularly so it's kinda hard for me to keep track of what's going on in his life. The time he added me as a friend, he also added a few more and I'm like..hrm...since apparently all that he added happened to be girls though based on their profile pics, they were not all single girls.

So I was like whatever. But he came across as a decent enough guy to talk to. And I've been wanting to talk to him again but me and my...well..'issues' that are holding me back. So I had to leave it at that. But on his side, I didn't hear from him again and honestly, I was a wee bit upset like eh, I guess he has moved on and getting to know more and more people.

What is a gi…

Some People are Just So...

I have to honestly say that I'm not in the best of health recently. I told you before that I got the diabetic genes and I guess around this age, it may start to kick in and I'm trying so hard to keep major illnesses like this at bay even if it means giving up most of the good food. 

I went to work last Saturday and spent a good amount of time outside running here and there on little food as fuel :S and ended up with a gigantic headache. Although it was gone last Sunday, it came back again the next day though in smaller doses but still irritating enough. I had a sleepless night where I kept waking up every now and then feeling dazed like where the heck am I. While I already established that I was in the safe comfort of my room, it still didn't feel safe enough for me that I often woke up pretty shocked. 

While I mention that I try to keep to a healthy diet on weekdays, I'm still human. Like I have a major sweet tooth and my weakness is sweet drinks and chocolates. For swe…

Can You Imagine

Life can be so unpredictable. There are many others who have gone from rags to riches and likewise, fall from grace or become bankrupt. You can never be too sure of what will happen next so it is best to just keep an open mind and hope for the best.

For myself, I cannot imagine losing a parent but I did. 

I cannot imagine having a sibling and I...unfortunately, did :S

I cannot imagine losing a house...and I almost did and it caused me nightmares for several months.

I cannot imagine being so poor that I could not afford to go to work.....and even though I eventually did, it was only because I sold my precious things for so little money. And the best part? I got my pay the next day coz apparently my actual pay day fell on a weekend. So it kinda made my effort futile and I never got to see my camera again.

There are many situations that we cannot imagine putting ourselves into. I also cannot imagine falling in love and meeting my life partner but hey, you'll never know.

 Part of the beaut…

For the Sake of Vanity

I dont know about you girls but there's always something 'special' about guys who praise you. Of course it's nice to hear them say how nice you are or how funny you are. But it's even nicer if they say that you are pretty, you look good and the latest one (yes, I'm talking about myself here, ha!) that I have such smooth skin. O praise me till I can't come down from the sky!

Sometimes girls like me who border on the fence in terms of physical appearance will feel good and even over the moon when they hear such nice praises especially since we don't get them too often :S While I still admire those girls who really really take the much effort to make their 'blah' look to even more 'gorgeous' albeit with a LOT of help, I still think your personality will outshine all the stuffs that you put on your face to hide your imperfections. 

But we can always have the best of both worlds..hee.

I also need positive affirmations like this to tell me that m…


Love Notes

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A bit of Accessorizing

Im trying to keep up with beauty and style though it's working to me in small doses. I've been trying  my darnest best to put on night moisturizer every night so that I will wake up with brighter looking skin and well..overall better looking skin as well. And I'm proud to say that it has been working well for me *winks* If only I don't have the stupid scars from my previous breakout, chet. What a party pooper.

Style wise? Well does wearing earrings count? Okay I haven't officially worn the new earrings yet which I bought for less than $10 from Forever 21. Yes I know it's not pay day yet so we'll just call it..uhm..pre pay day purchases..heh. But I have to pay myself back though :S

Moving on..

I luv my new earrings! Luv it coz it's only $5 and I thought that it looks nice on me. But coz it's black and my hair is black, I guess you have to see it really closely to spot them..haha.

Take a look!

Don't I look younger or what? heh...

I'm going to start …

Not Proud But Desperate

I did something that I'm not proud of but sometimes in the most desperate of situations, I felt like I had to. I'm not going to spill about it and to be honestly, I don't really feel too guilty about it either. I felt that my situation is worse and it's going to help me. But granted, I won't do it again.

Have you ever get caught in this kind of situation? You felt you shouldn't do it but you had to, if only to make things better.

I shall give away one of the things that I did. I actually downloaded the draft of my performance review found on the sharing network at my workplace. My colleague taught me how to do it and we know that we shouldn't do it but we did it because we want to improve ourselves by reading our performance reviews. Actually my boss wrote a lot of good things about me and I'm so proud of it :D But at the same time, there were also areas to improve and I know where my weaknesses are. I felt that I should be contribute more ideas to improv…

A Home for a House

Im upset that I'm one of my close friends confided in me about her housing problems and how she is going to lose the house that she has been staying for about 13 years with her family. I love her house coz it's so spacious and so nice and clean although every year that I go there the furniture stays almost the same and there aren't much changes. I want to live in such a big and spacious house too although it will be quite a nightmare for me to walk from one place to another and Im not even talking about the cleaning.

Then my aunt is also going to find a place to stay in because she has to rent out her current place for some extra income in order to help pay off her house in Johor. She decided she will stay at my place temporarily but I don't know how temporary that will be actually. She will shuttle from my house to her new home in Johor because her daughter will be studying here until they find a solution to get her a school over there to cut down the inconvenience.


Windows to Your Soul

When you are in your twenties, you will enter a new phase in life and it's also when your youth will slowly start to disappear if you don't take care of your skin. I admit that when I was in my teens and early twenties, I was such a slob when it comes to beauty routine. But okay until now I still do feel that way but if I were to continue to be absolutely nonchalant about my beauty routine, chances are I won't get my youth back and I will be in my thirties even if I have yet to reach that age group :s Scary sh*t.

Anyway, one of the key things that you just simply must have is moisturizer which you just HAVE to include in your daily routine if you want to continue looking youthful because a dry skin is such a no no. Plus, we are not all blessed with good skin so just suck it up and do something about it before your skin condition gets worse.

But what kind of facial moisturizer is good for you? It really depends on your skin. Like my skin is oily so I have to use one that does…

Dealing with Big Problems in Life

My legs are so freaking tired...and only because we had to walk quite a long while just to find a freaking sit!! But then can't blame all the people there. It was Deepavali so technically it's a public holiday. But no matter what, I enjoyed the company of my ex colleague. Actually from this morning's conversation, I thought that she had a hand in getting this guy which I talked about recently to get to know me but she didn't have a part to play. She only suggested playfully to another ex colleague of mine that I, uhm, may need some help to find a guy. She didn't expect her to take it seriously.

Anyway, it's over. I haven't heard from him the last few days so I assume he has found someone better to chat with since he basically is looking around. Ah well, no hard feelings. 

 Hearing two bad news in a matter of days regarding other people's problems is not easy. I appreciate the fact that they are willing to share their news to me even to the point of not te…

Surprise Call

I've officially finished my job and Im freeeee as a bird! Oklah, I still have those nitty gritty stuffs that are not important which I can do some other time. See, if I can just focus, I can accomplish what I have set out to do for the day. And that rarely happens, haha. 
Anyway I want to talk about the guy whom I've got to know recently. Yesterday I didn't see him online or receive any messages from him. But it doesn't matter. From what I know, he's looking around coz although I didn't snoop in great details on his facebook profile, I kinda have an idea that he is well...looking around if you know what I mean. And honestly, I don't want to be one of those statistics. Not because Im jealous or something but I basically want someone to be friends with unless his real agenda is to look for a life partner. But yah, I can say this now and then change my mind later but as for now, I just leave it as Im not interested. Yet.
Im such a party pooper..haha. I know I sh…

Hanging on till Next Month

For the first time, I actually used my credit card online...yay! I used it to pay my handphone bill from the previous previous month. Yes I actually owe them money from that far back. If they continue to pursue for the last month's bill, then I will pay them eventually. But of course Im not going to leave it like that. I will pay my bank eventually but on pay day. I try not to make this a habit because I will end up paying more coz of the interest charged by the bank.

As for my other bills, I anticipate making another credit payment online again but this time is to pay for my internet and cable fees by their due date almost end of this month. The reason why is because I need the cash urgently this month for day to day expenses. I've been trying to save diligently as and when I can so that I can have some spare cash later on to tide over until my next pay day in December which will be inclusive of bonus. I don't know how much bonus I will get but whatever it is, I will keep …

New Guy Friend

Remember about the guy I talked earlier? Well, last Tuesday night we were chatting on facebook after he added me prior to that. He came across as a nice guy although when I first saw his facebook profile, and looked at how a majority of his friends he added are girls, who are er..on the more pretty side, Im like thinking if my ex colleague was introducing me to the right guy. It came across to me that this guy needs no introduction to girls! Honestly I didn't really bother to look at his pictures but just did a quick scan including some notes about him such as his job title. He is working as some engineering assistant with LTA. 

While I didn't snoop on his facebook profile, he did on mine :S and he even critiqued them during our online conversation saying he could see the difference between no make up and with make up but he meant it in a good way. He also said I looked good in one of the pictures which I protest that it was actually the lights but he said nope, definitely not …

Blind Date Offer

If you don't follow my blog, you will know that I have been single for the longest time ever. Infact, I have been single my whole life! But of course minus my childhood years and my teenage years though you may argue that hey, teens do have BGR or boy girl relationships. My BGR then was limited to crushing on boys and uhm..that was about it.

Well, Im not that lucky to change boyfriends coz I hardly stir any interest in people I guess. If I do, I will run far far away. But I've taken a more relaxed approach like there is no harm in making friends but still if the person's original intention is only to end their singlehood hopefully with me, then I get very scared. It takes the fun out of making friends but that's just me. To me, love shouldn't be forced upon. You should let love takes its place naturally.

Why am I talking about this suddenly? Actually I don't have a problem with being boyfriend-less because of my heavy financial commitments towards my family and h…

Angry Birds

Wah, I have been playing the angry birds lite version over the weekend including tonight and boy is my neck hurting a bit. Good thing I don't have a full version because that will mean paying which is not possible as Im using an ipod touch on loan. Anyway now I know why people say it is so damn addictive as you just want to get rid of the damn green pigs!

But anyway me and my brother has finished all 12 levels and what is the next thing to do? Restart all over again! wheee...(while my eyes are groaning).

Actually the game is pretty simple to play. All you need to know is how to direct the birds to target certain parts of the barricade where the green pigs are. With a bit of strategy planning and LOTSA luck, you can clear the level and move on to the next one. And oh yah, practice makes perfect but with each retry, try to recall and improve on your strategy so you know exactly where to aim at to make the barricades fall and hence kill the pigs.

However let me reiterate to you. They do…