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Traumatized But Moving On

I was traumatised earlier about three weeks ago when almost $70 was stolen from my wallet and it happened on the day when I already felt shitty enough and I wasn't working out very well because the cough that I was having for almost a month was making me feel defeated. I got out of breath easily and every stride and every walk seemed painful that I had to stop in between to catch my breath.

The following week I skipped gym promising to do something about my cough though my mum thought I actually went gym coz I was all dressed up but then I chickened out. But a huge reason behind it was because I was traumatized by the incident. I didn't want the thief to know that it was my bag if he or she happened to be there again. I didn't want to report the matter despite the place having a security camera as I thought it would only be a fruitless effort.

But I figured I can't run away from it. I can't just totally skip that place and find a new gym because it would be a hassle …

Halftone Photoshop Tutorial thru Youtube

Ok I don't know how to do those youtube video tutorials..k fine, they are time consuming and I always wonder how people can find time to do them. I  just help to link from my blog..haha.

Anyway, I learnt yet another photoshop tutorial. I love haltone patterns and I didn't know it is in photoshop all the while despite years of using it. Yes, I is smart sometimes..hrmph.

I used Freddie Smith's picture come on, look at that face! Here's the link to the tutorial:

Well if u don't want to be distracted, u can off the music. It's super easy to follow actually. And I created this, with a bit of my own personal flair:

You know what, I think I may just start a new page on photoshop tutorials. Stay tuned!

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Driven at Work

I just watched the undercover boss episode at xinmsn on the episode on white castle. It was inspirational learning about the people that work there, their fears, their hope and ambition. The ones that made me rather emotional is how they don't treat their job as just a regular job at white castle. They are very driven because they feel like they need to keep going. Some of them do it because they want to continue providing for their family while some do it to get the exposure of working in a restaurant while harbouring a dream of opening one themselves.

Of course they didn't know they are actually talking to one of the owners of white castle. He learnt a lot about his company in the production lines and frontline and how they aint easy jobs. Howver these very people depended on these jobs to make a living and they do them well because they want to continue to support themselves and their families.

Overall, it was heartwarming. For me it used to be me just going through the m…

Photo Effects

Vintage effect..

I love lomo effect and vintage effect of photos. Heh, I actually like any effects as long as they add some zing to the photos and now, there are a lot of free apps for your smartphone so that you don't have to like uhm..spend time making your plain picture less than  ordinary.

For blackberry, there is the pixtrix that places filters over your photos. You can give it a try (it's absolutely free by the way) and let it change your world..or at least your pictures.


I can't wait to get back my old laptop so that I can install the photoshop CS2 cd which I can't do on my current laptop. I know they have 5 now or whatever and I'm still stuck at 2. If you need to know, like as if you do, I'm STILL using adobe photoshop 7. It's basic yet functional without the complications that comes with the latest software. For professionals, CS is the way to go. For newbies or dunnobies like me, 7 is suffice.

Let me show you the vintage effect using photoshop …

Finding Creative Influences Everywhere

Hey peeps,

you know I love reading blogs. I don't get many readers as others do but that's not what I want anyway. So erm..what can I write today.

Oh first up, if you have creative juices running through you, I suggest you make use of them. Not everyone is blessed with a creative streak but let me tell ya something, you can be influenced by the things and people around you that it doesn't take a genius to write something inspirational, design something fabulous and take great photos. All you need is an open your mind and use your eyes for things that can influence you in your creativity. So who says creativity can't be nurtured.

As a start, you can look at other peoples creative outlets like their designs and have a keen sense of interest in them so that you can slowly learn and adapt it to your own style. Most of them start off copying other people's designs but over time, they find a niche and they know what they like and what they don't like and incorporating t…

Life 101: Strength Through Difficulties

I have been rather exhausted over the weekend since Friday because my younger brother was hospitalized after an operation. He is back home already, still weak and the bandage around his surgical wound was taken off today so he is experiencing soreness around the area. I shall post up my er..'weekend story' later on.

So my plans on starting my own blogshop selling handmade accessories have been put on hold first because after returning home, I just want to zzzzzz....though I am going to continue it today. Hopefully :S

I took two days off on Friday and Monday. I am almost broke but I try not to make it so bad though yes I have sleepless nights thinking about it. I am trying my best to cope with the expenses and it's not easy what with the travel and food expenses since I have to go back and forth the hospital. Overall, I guess I could still manage and my mum and I would share the plate of food together though she craved to eat this or that and saying no to her would incur wrat…

Using A Word To Go on Your Blackberry w/o Premium

Hi peeps. I totally forgot that I'm supposed to write a blog post about the use of blackberry. To me, it's a perfect smartphone compared to an iphone and NOT to say iphone is not da bomb, it is. I think it's the smartest of them all, of course with minor quibbles here and there. I just's not for me. 

I used to have a pda because I'm the sort of person whose life is never sorted out so with it, I can keep notes, keep up with my appointments, like medical appointments or courses, and the fact that recently, it intergrates with my google calendar means that when I update my google calendar via the computer, it will automatically be updated in my bb calendar. 

Also, if you have the Word to Go software, and its trial use has expired, let me...teach you how to get around it.

Create a word doc on your pc. Name it doc1 for e.g. and type in a few words such as 'hello there'.

Then, you transfer it to your phone either using email or blackberry desktop.

Open the…

Positive Light through Money Woes

I have to wake up super SUPER early tomorrow because I would be heading to the hospital as my brother would be going for ops. It's a minor surgery but as in ALL surgeries, there are risks of complications so wishing him all the best, though before he goes, I made sure he studies and do his homework, heh. I'm a good sister what.

Anyhoo, I attempted to make my second pair of handmade earrings and though the pair may look super simple and oh-so-easy to make, anyway that is what the youtuber made it out to be :S, it was tremendously hard and I squinted like I never squinted before. It deviated a bit from what I intented them to be. I am not so mighty proud of it but just like any designers when they first start out, the first few pieces may not be the best so it's okay, I shall learn as I go along with it. While making them too, I kinda persevered and almost wanted to give up as I struggled a lot with the looping part. But at the end of it, mission accomplished. Time to come up…

A Simple but Sweet Handmade Loop Earrings from Moi

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Accessories in the Making

By the way, last week I told you that I designed a pair of earrings which is like a BIG BIG BIG achievement for me considering I am so lazy to the bone and yet I want to have my very own online shop. Go figure. But I've been scouting around for ideas and places where I can sell and how to sell them. I am going to create a new blog just for this and I hope to get it done by next month July 12. Target, target.

Anyway, this is what I did. So Proud!

I will try to make conventional ones like the above and unique ones too and I will make sure the accessories that I make are good enough for me to even wear them. Trust me, I may not be the biggest accessories fan but I am very very selective. My personal style? I actually like metal pieces. 

Anyway, every time I make something, I will post them up here but they're not for sale yet. They are going to be really affordable that even if you are broke, like me most of the time, they are still within your budget. You can't afford NOT to ac…

Trip to SAM

Last Friday, despite being totally broke (trust me, it was quite  bad), my brother & I took a trip down to the art museum. It was free from 6pm to 9pm so why not, eh? I thought that it would be my maiden trip until I actually went there itself and then after awhile, realized that I did go there before many many years ago with my then school mates. I actually couldn't remember much except for the fountain that triggered my memory, heh.

Anyway, overall experience? I am definitely not arty farty especially regarding the video installations coz me don't get it :S. Artistic, yes...but whether they are challenging enough to make you think, honestly no. K now I sound like some art critic. But I can appreciate colours though and something whimsical yet interesting.

Photography is generally not allowed so you don't get to see the bulk of it. However, I can post some pics with mostly us in them, haha.

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Helping and Learning from Others

I feel like I'm writing an essay on a word document with the new post layout :S. Anyhoo, I want to say about that within this short week, I've learnt so much about people. Both the good side and the bad side as well. I guess that's why I posted several posts on similar topics.

Not to condemn but rather to educate my dear readers, all er..two of you. You know people are people. Many of us are not saints, me included. Some people, even after helping them on numerous occasions, when you ask for a little favour from them, they hesitated so much and in the end, they are not even willing to help you but rather, they try to push you towards others. 

I give this scenario. I conduct entrance exams in the school that I work in. I have two pupils coming and so far, the head of departments have been so kind as to provide me with the exam papers AND helping me mark them on the same day the pupils did the papers. No questions asked. But when it comes to English papers, the level head aske…

True Nature of People

This post is akin to the previous post regarding toxic friends. Sometimes we think that we know a person well enough and even get to embrace some not so pleasant  parts because we believe in the person as in we know their good side over weighs the bad and that hey, we're all ain't perfect. But then wham..the person shows his or her true identity and then slowly but surely you begin thinking what in the world were you thinking being friends or in a relationship with this person. They can be so venomous in their words, so cold hearted and so downright mean, it becomes a side you have never seen before and you become not so sure if you want such a person in your life.

Generally, you will come across such people. It's up to you whether you want to continue being in a relationship with someone who has no sense of sympathy towards others but are so caring towards your needs. You feel like you are torn apart but to me, if it really bugs you so much about it, and not making you hap…

Things That Make Us Happy

Finally I solved the problem of Maria! I mean..I finally solved the problem of my missing share buttons. Thanks to the blogger forum, some kind soul has posted the answer for it. Anyhoo, you can now share my posts to any social networking website and drive traffic to my poor unread blog! hahaha..

Oh yes, I love tweaking my blog because blogger always seem to come up with something new :S and tonight I came home and I'm like..'whalamak?!' how do I nagivate the page? They changed the layout and suddenly I feel like a blind woman trying to navigate my way around. Needs time getting used to it.

I've been ranting about my poor sad life and the weekend had been so 'fantastic'. In short, I lost money, had to use money reserved for my bills so that my family and I don't starve this week and I just felt like I lost a whole lot of motivation in my life. But I guess that is life in general. Some moments are good and some moments are simply so bleh. 

Yesterday I thought I…

Toxic Friends

Friendship is a very tricky business. I know I make it sound like you need to pay for it,  ha! Anyway, I don't know how many of you have friends but if you truly ask me, not all friends are true to you a 100 per cent. Really. Don't get me wrong. There are friends out there who won't take advantage of you and will help you when you are in need even it is something small that they are willing to help. But there will be those, who may all nice to you and stuff, but will find that small loophole to take advantage of you which of course they think you wouldn't notice coz well, you are friends what. What are friends for.

If you are one of these kind of people, I suggest you relook at how you view friendships and whether YOU would like to be treated in that manner. Sometimes being friends, they are just being kind to you and don't want to bring up the topic because they are afraid it will have a repercussion on the friendship. But it doesn't mean you can take advantage…

Never Be Careless Again

It sucks. Let me tell ya. Things happen for a reason and it can be such a chore when it happens. We assume nothing will happen and right then later, it happens. While I can be very careful most of the time especially when I cross the road, not so much when it comes to taking care of my belongings.

This late afternoon, already feeling so down and so lethargic at the gym, while I was taking a rest at the changing room, someone actually took all my money in the wallet.

I did have a flash of thought when I put my bag there initially, like should I zip up my bag. I bought something earlier on at Cotton 0n and then didn't zip up my bag coz I thought nobody would go through it since there are so many things including my clothes, shampoo and others. Furthermore, i also thought there is a security camera nearby so people wouldn't dare look into other people's belongings.

Alas, the camera there is for show only. The gym facilitators were also there to only track people signing in and o…

Second Year Passing of My Dad

Today marks the second anniversary of my father's passing and until today, I really miss him lots. I still feel the emotional pain that I experienced seeing him suffering from his illness and i felt really bad too that I couldn't do anything but hoped for the best for him.

Alas, his death marked the end of his sufferings. I also remembered the day he fell very ill when he slipped into unconsciousness, it was like the end for me. There was such a strong flood of emotions going through me like a huge whirlwind. I felt so much at loss like this could not be happening. It just could not be.

Dear God, please bless my father's soul. I know that he is in safe hands because I often dream about him not suffering anymore. I miss him a lot and I just could not bear to think that he is no longer with us. 

Dad, you will always be in my heart. Amin.

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Halfway Through the Year and To be Inspired

I'm trying to add a widget to my blog but currently failing because the template designer is having probs. Oh well. Anyway, we are already midway through the year and I'm sure there are those of you out there who actually have started out a list of things to achieve this year and then like me, are still struggling to achieve them (hello, weight gain), well..let's start all over again.

I have decided to just restart my weight loss scheme again and this time, extended the 'deadline' by year end instead of my birthday since I screwed up..hrmph. Of course, I haven't been able to save well and I have lost my grip on this though I am really determined to make a fresh start. Now my philosophy in life is that I don't need so many bags..or so many shoes...or clothes....and, and I guess I will do fine. I don't need so much material goods and I'm certainly not one who rave over designer bags, nevermind if they have good quality that can last years an…

Life 101: Don't have time? Then make time!

When we are all busy running errands every now and then, its easy to lose track of time and just focus on doing our work and not having time to do anything else. But life is not about earning money only though of course if we don't earn money then life will be harder. It is also about making time for ourselves, for our loved ones, and to indulge ourselves in our interests. To me, it makes life even more meaningful because we only have one life to live.

One day as I was going through the newsfeed for facebook, I came a status update from a contact. She did a beautiful artwork and other people who are in the same profession as her asked her how come she is so free? Her organization did not give her much to do is it? Her simple answer is to make time.

I once know of someone in the same course as me who teaches yoga after work. She also teaches yoga with other organizations while holding onto a full time job. Then what about those stay at home mums who also run a business at home wh…