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Between Giving in to Consumerism & Saving for the Future

I am so torn apart...I want to start afresh by having a stash of savings, at least as a good start for 2017, but there's so many distractions that I do not know whether should I give in and buy that make up palette set that goes for 40% off (OMG...) and or to keep my savings safe and sound. Honestly, I don't need so much make up since I'm always rushing to work in the morning..heh..and often end up applying blush  to add some colour to my face. But the temptation..hooh ma god.

I am trying to write out this post so that I can convince myself that the palettes that I have with me now..they're good enough. I should put a stop to it already and instead, use the money for good use instead like buy the daily necessities for the family. I mean I know myself well enough that the last few months have not been easy financially. It was really tough. But at the same time, I do not want to deprive myself as well. So I still indulged in buying a stash of makeup for myself and even bu…

Orchard Road Christmas Light Up, Christmas Trees & Decorations 2016

Last Saturday, I received my bonus earlier and therefore, got the chance to go shopping and also have dinner with my brother at Seoul Garden, as we always do every year. I didn't shop much this year, except for skincare and makeup, that as mentioned in previous post, spent a total of $150.00 only. I made a mistake coz I was focused in getting this mini palette that is only available online that I wanted to get something at least from Sephora so I got this 10 blush pan set from Tarte instead of the ultimate palette, also from Tarte. This blush pan set wasn't even in my wish list, lol. But it's okay coz I justified that well, I use blush almost all the time as compared to the eyeshadows since I don't have the luxury of time when getting ready for work. So yeah.

Moving on, my brother got upset halfway through the dinner because he splattered mushroom soup on himself even though I told him to bring his bowl closer when scooping out the noodles. As usual he didn't listen…

When the Year End Bonus Comes In..

So I just received my salary and the 13th bonus with a little 0.5 extra bonus which usually goes to my mum. I know I always tell this to myself every year that I am going to put this aside and use as little as possible. I didn't buy clothes, accessories or big stuffs this year, well except for make up and skincare that costs me $150 in total plus an annual treat to Seoul Garden, more on that in a later post, even though I could afford them now. 

I guess the last few months have been hard for me up to a point, I am grateful I prayed to God to help me in times of my low moments when I didn't have much money left. The help came in a form of the money that was given to me for payment of something. I used the money to help me tide over my financial difficulties for that one week prior to receiving my salary. Coz in that same week too, the kitchen light blew and we had to call for repair that cost us $40 which frankly speaking was all the money I got :(

But life has to go on, right? I…

National Gallery Light to Night Festival

The National Gallery Singapore is a huge place. I went there last Saturday for a second time as recently, they held a festival celebrating their first anniversary. Technically, the gallery has existed for a long time already, and was monumental in Singapore's first National Day in 1965 and the election of the first group of the political leaders.
So the celebration consisted of installations, both interactive and non interactive to musical performances and of course, food. I didn't eat any of the food from the food kiosks but there were lines formed for almost every kiosk. Basically coz Singaporeans are matter how much it costs. $10 for a bowl of noodles?!! 
Anyway, having been there in February, I had seen most of the in-house installations. So we basically just walked around, took the lifts and explored the various exhibitions that we had not seen or were part of the festival.
Of course the most interesting ones were the interactive ones like the one where we…

Happy 1st December & Life's Updates

It's 1st of December..yay!! Life has been a roller coaster ride and a struggle too. But as much as possible, I try to lead a good life. I try do my best. And I try to simply survive each single day like getting through life in one piece. I still have to face the ghost of my past which I hate but I can't avoid it totally. But I also try to bring value to my life by continuing to do my best and improve my life each and every day.

I've also been busy with orders. I made some minor changes to instagram and slowly, the local community starts to take notice of my work too. I actually followed a local instagrammer who is a Science student and has mad skills in calligraphy and makes customised calligraphy pieces with foil. Amazing talent. Part of this change is because facebook, where I first started posting my customised cards, has changed its algorithms and people don't really use facebook pages to look at my works and be enticed into making orders with me. While carousell ha…