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How to Be Motivated? Start Now.

The first step is always the hardest. But to me, the best way to get around and be motivated is to just...get up and do it. Then you'll be in the way of things and realize what was the hype all about..haha.

Honestly, I'm not always motivated. I'm on of those who would rather laze on the couch and just sleep through. But I don't want to do that all the time. It's difficult for me to have a quality life if that is what I just want to do. I can't be able to have a sustainable second income from my online shop. I can't get promoted if I keep making mistakes at work. I can't get good grades to get my modular certificate from my studies.

What do I do if I am not motivated the day before? I just do MORE the next day to make up for the so-not-motivated me. But I don't want to always be stuck in a rut like that. I want to be able to keep moving and just do it instead of doing rushed work at the last minute and not being happy with the results. No point waitin…

Christmas Light up 2013 & Annual Dinner

Every year, almost everyone comes down to Orchard Road to see the Christmas light ups. This year, the guideline had been pretty strict as in no colours resembling the colours of the traffic light, which is kinda stupid, because the main colours of Christmas is green and red. But still, if you're creative, you won't be limited by such stupid rules. I don't know about how others feel but I kinda got the feeling the budget for Christmas light ups have been reducing in recent times? Last time, they used to have those major Christmas props along the streets and we would go in awe at such displays and take photos every now and then. Now it was like, that is all they had to offer? But the saving grace was the displays outside Ion Orchard. Beautiful garden wintery theme with mazes and lattice awnings (I think that's what they're called..not too sure..ha!), we practically had to wait for others to take photos in them! Still, they were in our photo shots.


Staff Retreat to...Desaru, Malaysia!

When you think about Desaru in Malaysia, you think of pristine beaches where you can chill and relax. But no, that day, it was raining. Nobody wanted to get down to take pictures unless you count getting down the bus near to the beach for our makan or lunch, haha. I've been to Malaysia at least once for the last almost 5 years and it's always amazing to be back home and appreciating Singapore more. I don't know, I think I'm just not cut out to be staying in a sleepy town where getting basic groceries is like half an hour drive away, haha. But if you like to stay out of congested crowded public places and prefer a more quiet and simple life, probably it's for you. 

So anyway, back to this trip. It was a staff retreat so obviously, it's customary for us to visit places that we would learn from. Of course, there were a lot of things that we learnt but if you ask me what have I learnt from those trips, ostrich egg is equal to 25 chicken eggs! ha..…

Musical Trip Down the erm..Downtown MRT Line

We went on another adventure in one of those open houses (yes, we *heart* MRT open houses) and in the first station itself at Bugis, we were treated with three celebrity impersonators, well at least attempted to impersonate, and the more fun part was seeing some people who were asked to be on stage, to be so sporting. I mean, everyone loves doing the Gangnam style, no?

The rest of the time, we were just hopping from one station to another, and stopping at places where we wouldn't have gone to usually like the Chinatown Point and Telok Ayer, which are nearby to each other. It's definitely a change from the usual spots. The shophouses along Telok Ayer were pretty nice and chillax, away from the hustle and bustle of city areas like Orchard Road. It has this nice traditional town vibes. Not too sure if it's about to change with the opening of the downtown line but it could be good business for them. Rental maybe increased too. Oh well, in life you can't have it all I guess.

My First School Hols...After So Long!

After soooo long, I finally experienced my first school hols! I think it's after more than 10 years..haha. I wrote about my schooling days pursuing a part-time course in a diploma and man, was it hard. But somehow, surviving. I'm juggling my full time job, my online shop and the part time job. While other people are fast asleep, I'm awake crafting fulfilling online orders or studying for a test or some concepts I'm unclear about especially regarding the excel formulas. It's crazy sometimes but I enjoy it. Well, sometimes..haha.. but I have to be grateful that I can FINALLY continue my studies because it's been made affordable for people like me who struggle at times to make ends meet. It's a good opportunity for me to  get better job offers in the future with a better pay. 

My classmates have been wonderful too. We keep in touch via a whatsapp group chat and you just have to give a shout out for help and there are willing people willing to offer the help yo…

When You Feel Safe & Loved..Imperfection can be Beautiful

When I was watching this web series in different parts, the ending almost blew me away. What started off as a short break up, a lot of self doubt, all that just fades away with that one realization that he decides that he wants to give his all and be totally exclusive in the relationship. 

'I want to give you me..that no one else could have'

In real life, when someone changes the whole outlook of your life such as making you change for the better, encourages you to be even better than you already are, love like you had never loved before and make you feel special. If you have found that  person in your life, congrats to you. For those still searching, don't give up hope yet. Fate has this funny thing of uniting two people even in unexpected situations. Sometimes you don't even have to search. It's right under your nose but because we're so caught up with things in life or too caught up finding the 'one', we failed to see that imperfection can be beautiful…

What Have You Done Today?

Sometimes I read posts, but merely skimming through, and man, they can be so mean. The problem is at times, I know some of these people and I'm like in disbelieve, why are they saying such things. But I'm not here to judge people. I am here to simply lead my own life. It's their own prerogative. Only thing is that, if they're so negative, I don't want their negative vibes to rub on me. 

I would rather ask myself 'What Have I Done Today?' Do I even have any right to judge other people's lives, especially when we don't know the real them, for sure? If they're truly happy being themselves, after hiding for so long as if they are being chained, let them truly enjoy their new found freedom. For other people who said that we shouldn't give them the respect because compared to someone else, they are world's apart. There IS no comparison. Each of them has put their kind heart and soul forward, for the benefit of other people, and they shall be re…

Am I Smart Enough?

I've never seen myself as smart. I think I'm getting by life pretty okay, learning and growing at the same time. I see how people converse, how they make smart opinionated remarks, though hurtful remarks are not withstanding, and I'm like..ugh..I'm so not like them. 

Before I make a self-declaration that I'm stupid or something, I think I would term myself as street smart. I only hit the books when I have to, I'm not studious like that where the whiff of books cause them to be in a dizzy spells as their brain expands taking in the new knowledge. I have been in school for 3 days a week for the last one and a half months. I went through two ICA, or Individual Continuous Assessment, and how I managed to past one of them, is by studying in the wee hours. In fact, how I managed to scrape through and passed all three major A level papers and the sub papers, was by pulling my socks, in other words, putting as much hours as I could, in the day and at night, after failin…

Celebrating Life..& Being Thankful for it

If you watch the news, you would have heard about the devastation caused by Haiyan Typhoon leaving thousands homeless and corpses strewn all over the streets, uncollected and unidentified. So sad. What's sad too, when young children lost their homes and their parents. If you can't imagine the horrific devastation the Haiyan Typhoon had caused in the Philippines, you can read about the news here, the tragic stories as told by the orphaned children.

Philippines Orphans Speak Out

I am not trying to gain readership for this post by speaking about this topic that many others would have covered. I am trying to do some self-reflection on myself. It's easy to think about oh, how lucky I am and in the next instance, I am back to being ungrateful and leading my life as though the world owes me.

I watched Philadelphia when I was young and I watched snippets of the movie online and it still brought tears to my eyes especially the hospital scene. Everyone went up to him and saying things …