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Spur of the Moment

You know one of the things I find most annoying is people throwing me questions after questions which make me rethink again and that annoys me coz I mean, being human, you tend to make spur of the moment decision or a split second decision that may not have a strong basis to it. For example, okay you thought of going to Long John Silver to grab a bite and then decided, have KFC instead then. But going out with this one friend of mine can be quite frustrating coz she likes to backtrack my previous decision with question after question like 'I thought you want to go Long John?'....'You sure u dont want to go Long John?'....'I give you a choice. You want to go Long John or you want to go KFC?'....'You want to go in and take a look at both first and then we decide what you want'....Sigh, just because at some point in time earlier, I wanted to go Long John doesnt mean I just HAD to go there. People change decisions so just get on with the plan ah. I…

Ugly Rahayu

This.Is.Exciting. Ugly Betty is returning to the googlebox tonight! Uhm, that is if you live in the United States. So wait a bit longer for it to show in Singapore but we're all interconnected through the internet and it doesnt hurt to snoop around and watch the latest episode...or rather webisode.

And Betty is going to have a new love interest! Yes, Henry is no more. I just think Betty deserves a guy who is not a nerd (but seriously, have you seen him sans clothes and in his undies only?!). Well, I thought she will be better with Gio who likes her but apparently, he takes great pleasure in making fun of her which got her annoyed. But the look of longing that he had for her is just too much for my heart to bear. I seriously prefer him to Henry as Henry was starting to get on my nerves for his timid appearance. Okay, so I think Gio is just better looking and has great biceps.

So in this third season, Gio wont be around? Sigh......I will miss him more than Henry then. Aiyah…

Hello Panda on Banned List

I am very sure all of you Singaporeans read about the contamination of china made milk products. And whenever I used to pass by the rows of milk cartons, imported from China, Im like....'heh..sure or not, safe to drink?' Then lo and behold, the products were recalled recently because they contained some toxic product called melamine. Even though low levels of toxic will not cause that much of a serious health hazard to us (unless u consume 24 white rabbit sweets every day..which I dont understand why you would), we Singaporeans always try to play it safe. So down the incinerator these milk products go in batches.

Of course the ones who are of huge concern are the babies especially in China where over 3000 of them are sick. Those poor babies. It's either an oversight of the manufacturers to accidentally dose the lethal chemical substance or they're plain stupid by adding an 'extra' ingredient to save cost or whatever stupid reason they can think of.

I mean serious…

Early Pay?!

I received an sms yesterday night saying that my bank account will be credited with October's pay on Sept 26. Im like 'huh?!' so fast? Then I was thinking, oh...must be because of Hari Raya which is on October 1st. When I was working in a semi government board the last time, that was what they did to. They would give next month's pay earlier, say...a week so called help us with our expenses. Yay for me but uhm, knowing how 'torturous' it was last year because I had to put up with one more extra week before the following next month's pay...the agonizing pain (and the loss of some precious items *sobs*)...Im like, I can only keep the money for later use only.

Oh, plus I got additional support also in the form of some allowance from the government as part of the GST package which is basically some help to cope with the increase in GST tax. I know people lament that it's not much and it's a sign that the price of things are gonna increase f…

Boo to Emmys

I cant ramble much these days coz Im pretty tired due to the exhaustion of fasting the entire day., Im just downright caught up with giving my brother some revision and mouthing to him to study, study and study. If you have a teenager for a brother, who defies every word that comes out of your mouth, well, it can be as tiring as toiling the whole day at work. Eh, as if I do toil coz I dont get to do much work coz my other colleagues including my boss have been busy preparing for the coming audit next month. The only contribution I do is to maintain the relief appointment letters by making sure they get signed and countersigned and also to update the whole 9 files of invoices in the database.

Other than that, my life has been pretty much quite okay except with my mum's ramblings and her bitterness in regards to my late grandfather's payout when he passed away years ago. She would not let bygones be bygones and I dont think there is any end to it. If my aunt has kept …

Happy 27th Bdae to ME!!!

What can I say except....

HAPPIE BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! And I get to eat chocolate cake even though it's very the cheapo NTUC brand cake. Still, Rahayu is happy. Well, I didnt have any celebration this year but it's ok, I treated my family with food bought from a certain food stall in Toa Payoh. Ban mian..yums! Although I still think that it would probably taste better if we eat on the spot. Oh well.

And to all those who wished me Happy Birthday, the very few lot of you, I appreciated it all very much :D including one from Moody who surprisingly knew that today is my birthday.

Thank you for taking that one minute or so of your time to let me know that I am being remembered. Here's wishing myself that life will be more bearable to cope with great support from both family and friends. Okay, truth be told, for the last three years my wish was to lose weight by the time I reach my next birthday even though it has always been a desperate case of losing back the few kilos that I have ga…

Men Candy

My mum is on her rambling spree brother is protesting against my good intentions (a.k.a asking him to study and do his homework)...I am in no serious mood to blog.

Infact, I shall post photos.

These are the latest photos of Luke Macfarlane as Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. He is just so...........adorable, I can bite a piece of him. I'll start with the ears.

Okay, I know I can be gay friendly but there is one gay person whom I hate, and it's not coz of his sexual orientation, but rather his history of boyfriends.

Obviously, there is more to him that seem to attract the cream of the crop. Everytime he breaks up, that empty slot seems to not be vacant for long and every time it's filled up, Im like..'you've gotta be kidding me.'

His latest boyfriend, well he's not as good looking as the ex, or ex-es I should say..pfft...but I would kill to have a guy with that body. Lance doesnt even have a rockin' body. I say this guy drinks the charm potion eve…

Past Love

I dunno what is wrong with me but my fascination with a certain UK soap drama had kinda died down a the crucial point. Just when the ex boyfriend came back after a long time from nowhere after disappearing to Dublin just like that right smack in the middle of wedding plans that were going awry. Aaah...bliss. How much drama can it get? Apparently, it's possible! When the couple quarreled after one of them felt that the wedding was too rushed, followed with cheating by sleeping with the runaway boyfriend and then the next thing you know, the other half got poisoned upon finding out a dark secret of another character. Fuyoh.....and I didnt catch that all!!

Okay first and foremost, I knew that this was bound to happen through leaked spoilers and second, it was rather painful to see someone leave the show like that. Hey, he's a hunk so you know where Im heading with this. I somehow also knew that the writers had along wanted the original couple to be together but I never li…

Learning Journey

You know what it sucks when you were fasting and they were serving you breakfast, lunch and some and cakes and pastries for teabreak. I didnt want to go to this Learning Journey thingey with the rest of my colleagues as well as people from other schools because I knew it would be during the fasting month. But NOooOOoo...they signed me up without asking me, well they did but I said no, and they still went ahead all coz I was a freakin' newbie..hrmph.

So I didnt quite enjoy the whole experience. Lunch I didnt mind not taking coz it looked pathetic..but YA KUN KAYA TOAST?! One of Rahayu's favourite food?! That pushed it too far. Although I did get a bottle of kaya from there as a souvenir. But it didnt taste as good as when served with their toasted bread. Once again, hrmph.

Anyway, I found out a few things from my colleague whom I hung out with throughout the learning journey. Like the fact that Chuck is engaged with someone from KL whom he sees once a month. Ooh, long distance r…

Reliving the Past

Today is the start of the fasting month and I can tell you one thing...Im not quite handling it well....*groans*. But I know that this is just a start and being someone who makes noise whenever she's hungry, it's so not going to be easy. Then again, I can just pull this through like I always do. And then being stuck behind this table of mine may seem like a good thing because I will not tire myself so easily like my previous job where I had to travel all around. It would be just like that time I was on attachment in a certain room in a polyclinic where lunch time would be spent sleeping. Heck, even when I was not fasting during another attachment last year in a faraway poly (one of the things why I was glad that the department closed down..pfftt), I would also sleep. Too bad I dont have the luxury of sleeping here and fasting is a pretty lonely affair since Im the only Malay among my office colleagues.

Anyhoo, I received an earlier birthday present from Mariah in a form of a cd…

Assertive Guy

Have I ever confided in you that life sucks at times? I in big time? As in you plan for things and they just dont seem to according to plan? Okay fine...that happens to many of us...which may be a source of comfort though. Oh well, some things we can control...some things, we cant.

Anyway, me, my mum and my brother went to Hougang Point today coz I dunno...out of nowhere, my mum decided to go to the NTUC fairprice there to get some veggies and some stuffs to prepare for the fasting month which commences on 1st of September. Of course being on a freaking tight budget, I felt the pinch but knowing my mum, you cant actually go against her even though I seriously think it is not the right time to grocery shop with her. Plus, with my brother along? One word. Ouch.

So hey, now I just try to see how I can deal with the pinch for the next few days. *sobs* rahayu feels like crying :( Anyway, I dont want to dwell on it too much. I mean seriously, there is only so much that I can d…