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Don't Just Think. Just Do It.

I take heart that even people like Oprah hates exercise. But she sees exercise as a form of loving her body. Then after playing truant last week, I finally told myself that hey, skipping gym is NOT an excuse, even if it's raining cats and dogs outside. After all, from the bus stop to the gym, it's just a short distance away and until then, I will be inside the gym protected from the rain. Still, it didn't stop me from entertaining such thoughts again and in my heart, I so wanted to start next week.

But my mum was like so funny just now. When I was sitting down infront saying oh, how cold it would be later if I were to go as the rain would only make me cold inside the air conditioned room, she said and even mimicked the actions of jogging, that when I jog on the treadmill, I will be hot. Then I said but my umbrella is spoilt, meaning to say that I will get wet on the way to the gym, and she was like, can use your brother's new umbrella.

Oh well. I totally have to go, huh?…

A Look Back

I'm turning 30 this year. While many people younger than me have accomplished a lot of things in life, I'm the sorta laid back person who has many other important things in mind like my family though we have squabbles every now and then coz it's the most normal thing to do. Working hard has its perks but I don't believe in working so hard that you forget you have a life. We need a breather once in awhile. See I told you I have a laid back attitude.

As laid back as I can be, I do have strong beliefs which can baffle people but they're basically my beliefs just like how many people don't eat meat because they think that it's inhumane to kill animals for food. As long as they're not downright ridiculous and life threatening to others like a cult, everyone has their own beliefs which they stand up for and carry with them possibly throughout their whole life. Then there is this thing called survival where I can't afford NOT to work as in reality, bills ne…

Random Pics in January

One of the things that I like in my life is getting stuffs that I don't usually wear or buy, even it means second hand stuffs. Really. I am currently using one bag given from a dear friend whom I've always admired her bags for and she gave it to me and I still use it even though the straps are rather worn out. Hey, if it still looks nice and everything else is in place with no risk of my items falling out, why not eh? I'm not a designer bag girl and I will never be so it's mighty fine with me actually.

I get other stuffs too and they are given to me out of their goodwill and of course, I try to really make sure they don't want it, in case they think I'm such a freeloader, haha. 

But I still buy my own stuffs, hokay? Just in case YOU think I'm a freeloader.

Anyway, let me share with you RANDOM PICS OF THE MONTH which I think is just a way to say that I don't have anything to write so I'll just post pics..haha. 

So January is coming to an end and I share …

All in A Day's Work

It's funny how people get all flustered when people talk about them like speculating how they may have a crush on someone and they felt hey, these people have no business with me whatsoever so why don't they just shut their gap. But then when they talk about some other people's business like oh, you two should be together, and how's the progress, why don't you see her as someone special, blah blah's like they have every right to do so.

Reality check. If you can talk about others in that manner and in their face like be some frigging matchmaker, why are you being so defensive when others talk about you especially when you air them in facebook? Doesn't make sense to me. If you don't want people to be nosey in your affair, stop airing them over in cyberspace and also don't be that nosey bugger as well coz you obviously hate it when people do that to you.

Oh well.

Anyway, I was just thinking to myself that at times, while I'm usually mild man…

Life Isn't Always Unfair

When I hear people ranting or airing their disapproval, I'm like okay you've got a point here and there but it irks me when they don't know how it's like to be in that situation and yet they wag their disapproving finger and be so condemning. And yet we live in a world where our minds are more open than a few decades ago thanks to our online presence which connects people all around the world.

It always baffle me how a blogger can be so popular when all I see on their blog posts are mainly advertorials and camwhoring till no end. But you know, if that's how they make their moolah and lead a jetsetting lifestyle, well good for them. If they want to be mean and play all childish by accusing their critics as people who lead boring lives just coz they don't get sponsorship deals and flying perks, go ahead. Popularity can only get you so far if you keep dissing people. Five or ten years down the road, people won't even remember you. For these critics, I suggest y…

Snapping Out Of It

Ten years ago, I played truant. I didn't go to school though I stepped out of the house like as if I was going to school. Instead, I went and enjoyed a good breakfast and waited for the library to open so that I could plonk myself there and idle my time away.

I naturally flunked in my studies and I regretted it later. I soon bucked up the following year, made some life long friends along the way and managed to squeeze some passable grades out of my national exams.

Today I find myself playing truant again. I actually skipped gym though I was in full gym gear. I have been feeling pretty low from the start of the year and I don't know why. At some point of my life, I find myself in a trough of depression like something is nagging at me. I lost some control over my life and I find myself eating and eating though at times, I do stick to my commitment of eating less each day such as eating oatmeal instead of wholemeal bread for lunch except on Saturday as I get the luxury of working o…

Good Karma and Bad Karma

I've gotta be honest. If there's one thing that I have been doing for the last twenty days is this: slacking. Look, after more than two months of a rather relaxing time in the office coz there were not many students and teachers around and then now back into high gear with interruptions every now and then, how could I not be tired when I reach home?  

I have totally neglected  my skincare and my nutrition plan is not on par with what I have planned. But I know myself way too much. I know this is just temporary phase of 'yay, I'm going to jumpstart my life this year' and then I totally went downhill..haha. But this year, I want to be more determined to make time for many things in my life and especially in loving myself though I still aim to lose some weight before I reach 30. Well, talk about starting on the right foot into my thirties, eh? hehe..

Hope to get my life into the right track. 

Anyway, I'm kinda peeved at some people sometimes at how horribly rude they…

Credit Card Frenzy

When I read reports that a Singaporean typically holds 6 to 7 cards as the number of credit cards in Singapore has crossed the 6 million marks, I'm like 'whoa!' though actually not quite surprising since we are after all, Singaporeans, who don't like to lose out to others in terms of the things we do. 

Basically if it's just 2 or 3 cards, then well, still okay as long as you can afford them when it comes to making your payment later. Then nowadays banks have tied up with different establishments so when their customers use the cards, they will stand to benefit from the cash rebates and privileges. But, 8, 9 and even 12?! That's like way too much. 

I've mentioned before that as long as you don't abuse the credit card, it is a useful tool to have and then if you often dine out, it's also good to get a card that offers discounts when you eat at different food establishments. Then petrol is another thing. With the rising costs of fuel, it's easy to pa…

The Start of the Ten Months Preparation

When I read some posts on facebook, I can't help but think..oh why oh why..are some people delusional, haha. They keep fawning over the said person and yet, when people talk about it, they get angry. Of course it's true you have the right to post what you want on your facebook and people also have a right to talk about it especially when you write in 'mysterious' manners that kept people guessing though I suppose they know already who or what is it about as at times, it's just so freaking obvious. 

Oh well. I guess when you are having a massive crush on someone, you get rather delusional oblivious to what people may think or say especially when they have access to your facebook profile page.

Okay, enough about that. I have an incredible task ahead actually and that is filing my brother's notes, practice papers, test papers, exam papers etc into one or two big ring binder files. I thought of bringing back one of those files from office but I don't think it'…

Hold Your Tongue

It amuses me when people are so proud that they have a high IQ but they diss other people like nobody's business even over harmless comments. I can only say that they have such low EQ and this is bad coz we are, after all, part of a social circle where almost everyone has something to say, whether is it for the better or they're just saying out how they feel. Of course we don't always have to agree but why stoop so low as to call them names? 

Actually, what we hear from what others have to say may not be the real deal as they may just be following what the majority is saying so they kinda get misinformed about the true facts. Yes, they are ignorant and probably is better off getting the right information before mouthing off but they're no idiots. Just..misinformed. So the people who know the actual situation should actually get things right by sharing the right info and dispel the myths instead of criticizing this group and call them names.

I guess people need to learn t…

When Enough is Enough

While I mentioned before that what people say or do is basically their own prerogative, and the best thing to do is to just ignore some people. But I can't help but be more and more annoyed and I don't know if others may have felt that way especially when she talks, she is trying to be manipulative, in a sense but maybe she didn't do it consciously, that the world can't function without her. Sure she has some mad skills on organizing and is very independent but really, why she brings a particular person to such a higher level even though she doesn't report to him and chose to diss the actual person who writes her reports makes me think rather low of her. I think the last straw was when she called my boss a 'bitch' yesterday when she was finally out and why, I don't know. She's just trying to sway everyone's opinions that she's being 'bullied' which is just her tired excuse of she's leaving already, why she keeps dumping work on m…

Cheap Gym Alternatives

Sunday Times ran an article listing the addresses of gyms near homelands that are affordable and are hundreds of dollars cheaper than those exclusive mega gyms that charge more than $1K, and who keeps pestering their members to sign on to premium membership that costs even more than the basic membership. So there is really no excuse to NOT go to the gym especially if it's mere bus stops away from your house. Well, I have been going to the ClubFITT gym at Hougang (say hi! if you see me..especially on Sunday..coz that's the only day I go..haha) and I can't lie that I did lose some weight when I went there after putting on some the previous year coz of bad eating habits. I can't lie that I still do have those habits but I try to keep them to a minimum and cut out unnecessary eating as much as I can especially this year, right before I turn 30.

Info extracted from Sunday Times (09.01.2011)

Where: 15 Sports & Recreation Centres islandwide
Membership fees: $310 for 12 month…

An Unexpected but Romantic Wedding

Who knew love can turn an angst person into a somewhat happier and calmer person? Well, when we got the wedding invitation, and better still, saw the card with him grinning on it with his wife to be, we were like in shock..haha. 

But well, he's an overall nice guy actually..just with a lot of pent up anger, though I think he will be concentrating on being a better husband now. Nice to know that he has finally settled down. Congrats!!

And what is a wedding without a reunion with old school mates? After all these years, though things may have changed, we still have that bond among us. Unfortunately, we just had to sit at a table with the still annoying guy from back in school *sigh* and poor Nutty was tormented, haha..

Some pics from the wedding..courtesy of those who brought cameras. I suppose I should invest in one too..hrm...but with the tagging in facebook, actually it's not really a necessity. Okay moving on..

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Loving Someone Unconditionally

I think I found a gem of a clip towards end of last month on youtube and I thought that despite the cheesiness of the movie, at least there are some things that are so sweet and precious that I forgive the cheesiness of it..haha.

I just got this thought out of nowhere that someone will fall in love with me this year. Yah last year I said about I got a feeling I will enter a relationship and then opportunities arised, I chickened out. But I guess if you were me, you will do the same thing too coz we're not desperate like that. When you truly like someone, and have a good feeling about it, even if for that first few seconds of interaction, love can happen naturally. A single girl doesn't always have to go for someone who shows interest in her, right? Plus I prefer to not lead the guy on or something if I know, it won't come to any good out of it.

Actually, I just want to share out like hey, if you like someone who is way older than you and you know for sure, people will frown…

Tragic Accidents Shouldn't Have Happened

To lose your loved ones is one of the worst predicaments that one should face or the worst even because it is really not a situation you want to be in as it's not something you can get it over easily. Though death is inevitable and that you  just have to learn to accept that it can happen to anyone everyone, I just think it should not have happened sooner and that suddenly, he or she leaves you for eternity.

While others were busy ushering in the New Year, recent tragic accidents in Malaysia where a double decker bus overturned and a boat capsized killing many people on board, remind us that life is precious and in the midst of taking a break from our busy lifestyles, unexpected things may happen.

It's sad how we actually put our lives on the line if the tour agencies are mainly interested in making as much profits as they can during the year end holidays when many tourists will visit for a break. Our safety is then compromised when they tried to squeeze as many people as they c…

Healthier 2011

A healthy breakfast is always a good start to a good day. It give you the energy to start you off. If you have a heavy and healthy breakfast, you don't even need to eat much during lunch and it will save up some calories. 

I recommend eating two pieces of wholemeal bread with your favourite spread but it gotta be just a layer of spread and not multiple layers even though the peanut butter looks good...haha. This year, I resolve to eat less bread and only stick to eating wholemeal bread for the morning breakfast. Lunch, I have decided to just eat oatmeal which I have been doing so for last week though later, we got invited to eat lunch provided by my workplace. Twice. Sigh, nevermind, I shall rewind the button for this week again.

If you can, avoid white bread. Though the naysayers may tell you that eating wholemeal bread is pretty much the same thing too coz it's basically carbs and it still has sugar, tell them back that hey, some good carbs is better than no carbs. Your body n…

My Financial Resolutions for 2011

I'm in the red zone. I did an online expense sheet and I actually know that I will get into trouble in regards to my expenses but I just went along with it. It's difficult for me to maintain a good expense sheet as I'm the only one working in my family but I also know it's not impossible to save up as long as we learn to cut down on certain things. I suppose I'm doing alright but it can be better. This year, I will try to build up a good savings amount for emergency that will last me a few months and this won't be an effort in a year only but many years to come because in life, we do not know what will happen tomorrow. But it doesn't mean that we can't predict what is going to happen because from these predictions, we can make preparations. It's going to be a difficult thought process especially when we are predicting for unforeseen circumstances such as loss of job which nobody wants to experience.

However, this is reality, whether or not we like it…

Countdown with the Besties

In my previous post, I mentioned we went on a buffet spree and we were completely stuffed! You can see it in one of the pics below. Some of the photos taken by the girls. Aah yes, they can be a bit crazy sometimes and I'm always like a deer caught in the headlights..whahaha!!

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Ushering in the New Year

What a night. After stuffing ourselves silly and me being quite unwell from it though I managed to hold the food down in my stomach, heh...we even managed to get ourselves up on the Singapore Flyer. They started to guess when they were in the train and I just let them do so though Nats got the answer on her first guess already. The answer lies in the envelopes I gave them earlier. I thought I couldn't plan it well coz I hardly organize gatherings but we had to take turns and I was like oh no, why did I have to plan for new year's eve?!! It helped too that they both didn't go up the Singapore Flyer before so it was a nice surprise for them :)

The fireworks as usual were magical and the teenagers behind me were hilarious with their random comments. They were like shouting 'Mas Selamat!'..'Your mother!'...'encore!'...'I should have paid the $38!!' in reference to the concert held at the floating bay where the fireworks were shooting from and whe…

'Tis the Season for Giving

I feel like I am blessed whenever I get nice gifts and it's not because I force them to by dropping huge tips but they are willing to buy them for me. Whether or not I like them or eventually will use them, it's always a nice thought.

And I always feel bad whenever I didn't get them something that's nice. But call it a pet peeve or something but I just boil it down to natural reaction but I don't really fancy it when someone shows the face that they don't like what they get. Well at least you can pretend to like it coz sometimes you don't know the efforts the person put in to think of what to buy for you that will suit to your taste. But then, if it's something so majorly weird, then I don't blame you if you raise an eyebrow..haha.

Not to show off, but I love the things I received this year including the very odd looking fabric basket that is too cute to boot which my mum said looked like the sleeping bed for cats. Never mind..but I thought that well,…