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Inspirational Story & Make Up Session

While I didn't have an awesome start of the week with me having to  pay off one of my credit card bills once and for all, after that, the week didn't go as bad. Of course, at work is a different story but that's just because my boss has something against me but we leave it at that.

Midweek, I got the chance to meet up with the very friendly Roseanne Tang, beauty blogger and lifestyle vlogger whom I've been following her blog ever since she was based in Australia and then moving to Singapore. 

She is so young at the age of 24 so technically, I'm like 10 years older than her but she is absolutely wise beyond her years. She has been working so hard on her make up portfolio after her stint in a London make up school and while the perks of being a beauty blogger is so much, she wanted more. She wants to own a business. And her very latest development in terms of business is getting her own office space in a quaint shophouse just outside the Outram Park MRT station. 

I woul…

An Emotional Week with Two Burdens Down

I feel so guilty for not writing recently because I actually like to blog and I don't think it's something that I want to stop. Not for money and popularity but basically because I enjoy sharing my experience with other people and also share my life stories which also help me to 'let go' a bit of the feelings and also to probably motivate other people as well.

Last week had been intensive, followed by emotional, as I spent the first two days of the week going to the school library in the morning and the next day in the afternoon all the way to late evening. It was the dreaded exam week and while almost every week, I am facing demanding school commitments with tests and projects that don't seem to end, this was also critical as the exam paper carried 50% weightage (!). There was NO WAY I can afford to fail this paper. The test and project only carried 20% weightage each with 10% going to class participation.

I know this wasn't as overwhelming as the previous semes…

From Small Changes to Big Dreams

 It's always inspiring to read about how people went from zero to hero by not letting personal setbacks rule their life by rising above the circumstances to being where they are right now. A lot of people, well Singaporeans as well, take things for granted and just keep complaining over and over again. Today we are celebrating our nation's birthday and someone on my facebook was so excited that she took her first free MRT ride in conjunction of the celebration, even though it was for one station, lol! But then her friend commented, oh well, if you look at it in another way, the government may have spent money on us but it's still OUR money. Ok, party pooper. But my friend candidly said, well it's true so therefore, we must take this opportunity to ride for free!

I know what people say may have some truth in it. I mean, our government back then wasn't the same as now as in look at the circumstances. They were totally different. But it still remains corruption free a…

Our Quiet Raya Celebrations for 2015

Hari Raya celebrations has always been a quiet affair for me and my family. My paranoid mother doesn't like to receive guests and we don't actually visit people as well, except for one of my aunties. You know, it does seem like my childhood memories seemed more interesting with the visits, lol, even though I never looked forward to the first day because I had to go to the house of two my aunts from my dad who I wasn't close to.

Anyway, so Hari Raya has been like a family thing for us instead. Mum will prepare the food although at some point, she did it grudgingly because suddenly she had this 101 things to do list. I wasn't so fussy but I MUST have my sambal goreng. It's actually a traditional Malay dish that is often found in most Nasi Padang stalls or mixed rice stalls. They have fried beancurd, fermented soya bean cakes (tempe) and sliced long beans. There are many variations but these ingredients usually stay and they would be pre-fried first before adding to th…

Happy 1st August (For 2015) & Working with the Best Team

I've been so busy last month, it's so unbelievable! My life has never been so tortured with so many projects and tests within a month, lol. I still have one more project and two weeks later, a major exam. I actually haven't start yet with the project, and here I am typing away, haha. 

Last Thurday's project was a group work and I am so SO happy my team treats this so seriously, despite each one of us having family and work commitments. They were also so hardworking in doing research and I must say, they did a very good and thorough job. I didn't do so thorough as them as I am also managing my shop's order but I try my best to do whatever I can, such as waking up early to do some research, type out key phrases and sentences from the book, editing other member's works, getting together to finalize the report (until 11pm mind you, in school) and finally, understanding the notes for the presentation the following day.

Overall, I was happy with our project and whi…