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Eliminate a Possible Breakout

To be honest, I actually have sensitive skin. It used to be really bad when I was younger and I used to break out in bad rashes and also would have hard swollen bits that had water in them and they looked super ugly. I don't have those pusses anymore but just few years ago, I had a bad case of rash that broke out around my ankle and feet area. At times they appear but the best battle to win against them is to simply apply rich moisturizer every day and to watch my diet such as being careful not to consume too much sugar because I have a high sugar content in my blood already due to genes as diabetes runs on my father's side of family. 

Feet are one thing but I also have an oily and sensitive skin on my face. As my face tends to break out easily like annoying pimples pop up every now and then which will leave behind pretty ugly black marks, I can't be a babe who spends like almost half an hour (or more even) to apply make up so as to look and feel beautiful. Sad fact but wha…

Introducing Edamame

Drats. I failed in losing weight this month. I was so ambitious in wanting to lose at least 2 kg and I ended up putting on at least 1kg. Pfft..what tough luck and I still refused to blame on the almost 8 pieces of breaded shrimps that I ate about two weeks ago. Anyway, I don't know what exactly went wrong when I didn't eat much. I was even trying to save money by NOT buying snacks when I knock off from work which was also a good way to save on calories. I ate wholemeal bread for both breakfast AND lunch. 

But I think I know. Well, from what I describe above, I suppose coz I am so famished by the time I reach home, I tend to eat whatever I can grab though yes I do try to watch out that I don't overeat. It's fine if I just eat that but then nowadays my mum cooks on some days so you can imagine I will eat that on TOP of whatever food I grabbed earlier on. 

Still, it's just an assumption. It could also be because I haven't been eating fruits regularly. I refuse to ba…

Zoo Mania

My two good friends and I started this tradition of planning a surprise trip for the three of us and then this time, one of them planned something and she wanted us to wear something comfortable and bring a face towel as there would be exercise like lotsa walking. So the key words are basically there so me and Nats were basically dressed up for exercise but then in the middle of the trip, we were told that we would be going to the zoo.

My first thought was....'in this?!' looking at my get up of a baggy shirt, shorts and a backpack...hrmph. Oh well. My friend who was a planner was dressed up as she obviously knew what she was going  and Im like..eurgh..I just had to wear this after not stepping in the zoo for awhile. Oh well. If there was one saviour, it was only the fact I at least wore mascara for photo taking. So please forgive me if I looked like crap in the pictures below...some of which are courtesy of my friend the 'surprise planner'..heh.

Anyway, what I enjoy abou…

Working with a Perfectionist

Would you believe I tried to blog for the THIRD TIME regarding the same topic?! The first time was on my ipod touch, which is on loan by the way by the kind hearted technical assistant in my work place,  and I used my gmail account. For the love of me, I have no idea where the heck the draft went to when I went to my actual gmail account to retrieve the draft :S

Anyway, I suppose it's still lurking somewhere. I was just talking about how perfectionist my colleague is who is about the same age as me. I would say she is on quite the extreme edge when it comes to being a perfectionist for a Virgo. I am also a Virgo but Im that much of a perfectionist, well...except for certain mundane things, hehe. She was told to print my principal's signature on more than 300 copies of certs which she was also asked to enlist my help but she refused coz she figured she could do it by herself. But by then she was struggling and it wasn't due to the stamping of his signature. It was due to the…

Fitness - Strength training

 Im going to take on a new direction against for blogging. Actually I was supposed to write in this manner, meaning to say not just about my sad depressing state of life at the moment..heh. I am going to write stuffs that will be useful to you like my previous how to be stylish guide. At least you don't just come here to hear me whine..haha.

I feel like a teacher when I say this's topic of the day is 'Strength Training'. Im one of those who believes strength training works. I know a lot of women are put off by the thought of lifting weights coz they are afraid they will bulk up. Chances are, they won't. Those women who do bulk up, they are doing more than just lifting weights because their main agenda is to have the body of a bodybuilder. Their diet also plays a part which includes protein shakes and whatever food that can help them to bulk up.

Before I go on further, just what the heck is strength training. In my own words, it means building up your musc…

Of Lust and Beauty

Okay fine, my last few posts have been nothing but a downer. Coz that's how life is. Im still struggling and I don't know how long my diminishing savings will last. I just have to hang on and be careful with my spending and try to save as and where I can. But of course, I am only human. While I have strongly resisted the urge to go to the Charles & Keith warehouse sales (so far so good..), and also spend a very minimal amount on myself including after work snacking despite the hunger pangs, I did err a bit but I made sure I make up for it later. Sometimes it's really no point blaming yourself especially if all this time you have been doing the right thing. That is inclusive of food. Why deprive yourself, of let's say chocolates, even if you are trying to lose 2kg within this month? Of course Im talking about myself here lah...forever the chocolate queen, but have to eat them in minimal quantities. I only limit myself to two pieces. But then again, like I said, Im  …

Help me Dear God

Im really hanging on a thread at this point of time and the future looks bleak. But that's how life is. It doesn't always give you happiness. No point ranting because it's only going to be the same ol' story. Im trying my best to sort out the finances and the last few months have been a killer for me because there are just so many things to pay for and then my mum was also hospitalised so I used up even more money though Im still thankful that there are kind hearted people around to help me out financially. But I can't be expecting so  much from them too right? Though currently I have to sacrifice a bit too like not buying new things and have to forgo unnecessary things like snacking especially after work. I guess my wardrobe is enough to last me until mid of December. I don't need a new bag too. Whatever it is, once my bonus is here, I can get for myself new clothes and a new bag. So no big deal. I just want to make sure I have enough money to go by until the …

2 Weeks Challenge

Im not having a good week despite one of the days being a pay day for me. I hate to pay bills but one gotta pay as long as one is working. I just don't agree with paying excessive bills to the point I cannot afford to do so. This stupid utilities bill drives me nuts every now and then but being the only provider of water and electricity, they can afford to drive people nuts. I know a lot of people don't have a problem with paying their utilities bill because I once hear how much they have to pay and I can only say I don't believe it! They are only paying that much?! Anyway last Sunday I just had one of the pipes fixed and I hope the utilities bill amount will go down a bit. 

While I actually intend to make this a blog post worthy of a rant, I think I shall leave that alone for now. No matter what happens, I just have to keep on going I guess. Pay day was just few days away and though I can't blame myself entirely, coz last minute I had to pay additional bills on top of …

My Guide on How to be Stylish

I've always grimaced on how tough it is to be a young woman because it takes so much effort to But then, when I think about it, that's not always true. I can afford to look more stylish and more feminine and eventually a head turner by taking good care of my appearance. You don't have to be rich and beautiful or have a fab model like figure in order to look good. Being stylish will be a great confidence booster no matter what body shape you are. What you need to do is basically play up your great features and tone down those not so great ones. 

So when you get used to it, being stylish doesn't have to be a tough and expensive routine. Im going to do a blog post special today by giving some well meaning tips to help you on the way to become more stylish :) the Rahayupopz way..hehe...

Know the general proportions of your body. I know I can never have a model's body and it's a hard fact to swallow. Unless I am willing to spend a fortune, then I j…

Denying Love

Hrm...I just realised that I haven't been watching this particular korean drama for one week! Usually, I can't live without watching it every single night when I reach back home after work. And now I realised, that I have to catch up with at least 3 episodes although the subs are not up yet.

Despite the rather tame love relationships, sometimes it's not the physical aspects of love that are touching like a kiss although that will be hot..heheh. It's the love declarations that make me all warm and tingly. Like in one of the scenes, just as he thought he was losing the one he loves, he was given these series of love declarations...seriously 'awww'...

Currently, Im following emmerdale again..from UK..hence my temporary absence. I've been off emmerdale for a while but this week, they had this major storyline and it was amazing....the train crash, the crying..the humour..everything!

I shall keep u posted on that. The storyline's so so so..compelling and heartbr…

U Crushing on Me?

I am gonna get my new credit card soon. I didn't know it would be approved coz my bank balance, honestly speaking here, is zilch. But in two days time, my pay is coming in. I checked my internet banking to see how puny my balance is and then I was surprised that I have credit card..hee. Before you think I am going to splurge and exceed the credit limit, I am not going to, because that is like putting my head on the chopping board. 

Then again, today I had my water pipe fixed because it has not been working for the longest time eva! And I was sceptical about asking someone to come and change. It's just me..delaying and delaying until something happens, then I scramble to find help even though it may come at a heavier price like earlier on :S $160!!! What the bleah!

Being the calculative me, I need to find a solution quick to pay my brother back. Looks like I have to hold my internet and hp bills..sigh. I see how lah. There is a huge chance that I need to hold them back until they…

Best Gifts in Life

So much for planning. I tell ya, I can plan and plan but when the money comes in, I forget. I was supposed to put back $50 into this pouch which I have reserved to return to a friend. But dunno how and why or what, I think I believed I had 'extra' money when my brother received his maintenance money and then spent it on the family instead.

I just realized it when my brain jolted me out of nowhere. But I see how it goes. I have to do one last planning before my pay finally comes in next Tuesday. Anyway, just two days ago, I paid for the tv license. It was supposed to be on the Sept 30th but geez, somehow it slipped my mind. Lucky thing I was still able to pay for it few days after the deadline without being imposed the late penalty fine. Hrm..but come to think of it, I think the money which I forgot to put back into the pouch, I just treat it as paying for the tv license and then I'll pay back using my own salary.

Anyway, my friend is right. I can't afford to buy things h…

Losing Weight the Rewarding Way

It's good to be back in the gym after a two week hiatus!! I managed to remain the same weight as I was pre fasting, post fasting and fasting when the food cravings kick back in again and I overate until I felt like puking. But of course, I came to my senses and though I did feel bloated following the overeating sessions..heh...and it's er..time of the month too, I managed to lose back the extra weight as if I never put on any weight. Amazing, right? It's annoying also coz I made my body feel like a yo-yo..haha.

Okay but I told myself..enough of this yo-yoing. After being stuck in the same weight for like the last two months or so, I have to do something about it. And I need to put extra efforts coz I have only about three more months to go to reach my weight goal. After doing some estimations, I realise that I need to lose about 2kgs per month! Pressure..pressure.

Im not doing this for anyone else but for myself and we are encouraged to be happy with ourselv…

Good Looks on a Bargain

I love the beginning of a new month because it signals a new beginning. I love paydays too..but that's another story. Recently, I've made some purchases even though I think you hear me rant a few times how Im just so freaking short of money. But what can a girl do when the outfit that was previously selling at almost $20 is down to 50%? It's just $10! How can you not love that? 

I ah..also got another blouse for $15 which originally costs $29 and then a maxi long dress for just $10. Believe me, such maxi dress sells at a price so much higher than this! Plus, I don't have one *pouts* Then my mum receives maintenance money and all the more I feel like I should spending a bit of moolah on myself, eh? But I don't over do it. But the moolah should be the extra bits of money where if I don't spend, the next thing it will go to is topping up the ez link card for travel..and I do that all the time and it's so boring! I can't complain that much because our public…