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New Drama Addiction: The Originals

I must admit there would be periods of time where I would be so addicted to certain you tube clips from dramas on tv, cable or movie that it's embarassing to note I might be one of the frequent contributor to the increasing viewership of the said you tube clips. I don't watch them in full episodes since of course, they have strict guidelines about posting online for free but then again, I wouldn't want to watch everything so you tube is like heaven to me. That is provided, they upload the critical scenes. I would somehow know how the storyline goes, even though I don't watch all because I trawl the internet for the spoilers, recap and even the transcript, pretty much what I do with this show. 

After that, I would continue to trawl the you tube world and I'm thankful for these eager fans would spend time running through the episodes and make short clips out of them the minute they're out. So time consuming and therefore, I'm touched by how they do it without …

Trip to Jalan Besar, Butter Studio & Queueing for Llao Llao

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I finally went to our first ever cafe adventure. We went to Butter Studio who often posted mouth watering cakes and drinks on instagram, which my brother followed, and has been bugging me ever since to bring him there. We kept thinking it was at some God forsaken old place along Jalan Besar that we have to find the ways that are not accessible by buses so it was quite put off. 

But one day, coz obviously, one can only hear so much of one thing, decided that hey, since it's around the pay day period, we shall just go (And get it over and done with, per say) and we took a bus from near our home and were very surprised that it wasn't that far away and it was actually accessible by bus. 

Yes, us and our paranoia.

It was a rather quaint cafe, not exactly bustling, but filled with about two groups of teenagers, or young adults, that were much hipper than us like one of those cool crowds that my nerdy teenage brother can't fit in, lol..and so ca…

Bad Coughing Ordeal

My absence from the blogging world and just when I promised that I would blog more often, and then I had to be plagued by really bad coughing fits that left me tired, especially work and school. Apparently, it was so bad that at the start of the early weeks of Jan, I had fever which left me so cold and hallucinating when attempting to sleep. How could I not sleep. I kept going to the toilet because my body mechanism was somehow screwed up and probably, it was trying to help me cope with my fever. 

In the end, my mum found out that I was indeed having a fever even though I kinda think that I wasn't. Remember, I was hallucinating. So, she gave me panadol, which is like the best quickest cure ever. I fell asleep without waking up and then by morning at about 5 plus, I was well enough to get up and sit down before getting ready for work.

But it was the start of my coughing nightmares. There was so much pghlem in my throat and there were frequent moments when I would cough like nobody…

2014 Year in Review & Hopes for 2015

We had a gloomy year end with the latest aviation crash of a plan en route to Singapore, my home country whose life status of over 150 passengers are still  unclear and the main wreckage still in the midst of being located. There is a massive flood going on in neighbouring country Malaysia, the worse that hit them leaving thousands homeless and facing food shortages. 

If we are right here in the comfort of our home, or in the company of our friends or loved ones, consider ourselves lucky that we are able to still ring in the year 2015 with a bang. I hope for all of us that this year, despite the unknown challenges ahead, have faith that we will start and end 2015 on a powerful and positive note.

Learning about these sad events that unfold in the form of tv footage and news coverage, I can't imagine being stranded without a house and waiting for our loved ones in vain, not knowing if they're dead or alive. It shows how our life is so precious and that wherever possible, we shoul…