Sunday, April 08, 2018

Our Experience at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018

Last week, we rounded up our Marina Bay Carnival 2018 with the games, which we sucked at by the way. Honestly it was annoying how we throw money away like that, haha. We had enough rides..or rather had enough with rides, gosh that Viking ride made me broke out in sweat. I still don't understand how people can do an IG story/selfie/wefie while they were on that Viking ride that swing like a damn pendulum.

Anyway, we started off with the Euro Ride which was fun but alas, too brief. I think there were like two points that plunged down when we reached the top and then we were back to square one. It would have been better if we went at least two rounds but oh well. Now the Viking, that felt like forever, haha.

I told myself not to scream and though I didn't give out a girly scream, it was more of an exhilirating scream while looking at the guy sitting opposite, with a face who couldn't care less. I was thinking, don't you feel anything? The various reactions on the ride.

I was saying I broke out in cold sweat and suddenly I felt soooo hungry and thirsty and since I didn't carry any water bottle, had to visit the food booths to get a bottle of water. After that I felt tired and didn't feel too good but I still could stand on both feet and walk. Somehow the ride on The Viking zapped my energy level. 

There was another section to the Carnival along the Marina Bay as well but it was quite a walk. We took a break for awhile sitting down at an empty bench surrounded by crowds of people who were visiting the i Light Festival. But we didn't take long because time was running out and we went to another ride.

Now this one was quite funny. Apparently the assistants had problems trying to bring the bar down to secure the lock because well, my brother and I were not exactly small sized. But after delaying the rest, somehow they managed to secure it though I had my doubts. Thank God nothing happened while we were up there hovering in the sky. After our previous ride, this was pretty mild although I couldn't look down because I was already not feeling too good. But I did enjoy the view from up there even though we were swinging around. 

My brother was quite funny. He had these mild panic attacks while on the rides and I had to calm him down. Of course he was in denial when he came down but clearly, halfway through he started feeling scared and wanted it all to end. Trust me, I wanted to as well. Somehow being on the ground felt more safe. Yet I still managed to get it together.

We were already feeling so tired and hungry so we had to postpone the carnival games until two weeks later which would actually be the second last day before its closure. Believe it or not, I felt asleep at the McDonald's while waiting for my brother to collect our food. He was embarrassed but I couldn't open my eyes, it was that bad. Luckily I had a roll of banana bread that we shared. I was beginning to think that I would faint any time. Oh dear.

For our second visit ( or third, if you counted the day we just went to check out the place), I know we sucked at games but we didn't know we really sucked at it, haha. But we had to finish off the credits so no choice, we had to put on our lousy game faces. Anyway, even though we would only stand to win soft toys, though some were really huge if you were really lucky, I think it was more about winning that matters, not the soft toy. Unfortunately, we didn't experience that.

Each of us spent $40 each with most rides about $10 to $12 each. But admission was free. I wasn't hoping that they would bring it back and if you want to experience such rides, we still have our Universal Studios in which if you do the Math, it would be a lot cheaper. But unlike the Universal Studios, this don't come often. I think that the Marina Bay Carnival was the first one of its kind? Not sure. They were smaller scales one though.

So enjoy the pictures below. Of course that wasn't one with us in the ride itself. We were too busy panicking and probably screaming our heads off.

Do We Lose Freedom When We Are Married?

Freedom is such an open word. It can mean freedom of speech, freedom to explore the world and freedom to live the life that you want. Often people feel that they are being pigeonholed and that their lives are being controlled by other people, whether by closed ones or those unrelated to them.

Each person's definition of freedom is different though the main thing still remains that people want to feel 'free' and able to make decisions on their own. 

Some people view marriage to be one that hinders their progression in life. Though I'm not married myself, initially I thought being unmarried means having the lack of freedom to do what I want. Being in marriage means having to do things only after consulting with my husband or do things for the sake of my children which means sacrificing a lot of things that I used to do back when I am still single.

But it's not true. It still depends on how you choose to lead your life and how supportive your spouse is. I mean being single doesn't mean that I don't have to make sacrifices either. We still have responsibilities whether towards our own family, business or work. Basically we need to give ourselves the permission to do things that continue to bring meaning to our lives and that we enjoy doing because it makes us happy.

Being married doesn't always mean our life is complete. We still face challenges. For many others, marriage is another stepping stone in life and not a progression in life. Progress is simply realising what we can do and working hard towards reaching our highest potential. 

There are many women who still continue to work hard doing what they love best and yet they still have a family to run. They follow their dreams, they are leaders in their respective fields and they make time for their hobbies such as fitness or even painting. It takes a lot of clever time management and roping other people to help them but they continue to be in control of everything in life. Of course we're still human beings, things may not go according to plan and we can make mistakes. That's basically life in general, married or otherwise. But we do not remain defeated. We rise up to the occasion and do even better and move on.

I am writing this because I was thinking about my friend who is getting married and being a single woman for so long and that having the right one to come along, she seems to embrace it all that her life is about to change. Of course it's natural to feel worried and wondering about how things are going to be, with all the changes ahead. I would like I don't know if I can cope. But based on the advice given to her, she realised that you will just know what you have to do. It will take awhile to get used to it but you'll come round it. 

In life, we constantly have to improve for as long as our mental and physical being is able to. Sometimes I do wonder if I ever get married,  there are so many things that I need to work on in order to make myself the better half, instead of bringing in more problems. But we don't have to wait for that one person to jolt us from our daydream and finally do something about our life it if hasn't been in order. Just remember, this life is ours. Not our mum, our dad, our husband or wife. It is ours to keep. So people will always talk, whether we are married or not, and then when we do not have children, when are we going to have them. If we have just one child, when are we going to have another one. It goes on and on.

So basically, chill :) Don't feel pressurised that our life isn't quite the same as other people like when our friends are mostly married, why aren't we in that same group. That single person can be single by choice or single because he or she has yet to find the one to marry. So let this unsettling feeling go and just wing it. This life is yours and you have the freedom to make the decisions on your own, if you only let yourself be.

Monday, April 02, 2018

i Light Festival at Marina Bay 2018

Last Saturday, we finished off our iLight Festival 2018 at the Esplanade & Marina Bay and we had covered most of the light displays. They were really interesting in terms of the shapes, sound and some were interactive which attracted even more crowds. There were also some made from recycled materials turning them into lighted displays. iLight Festival takes a look at various sculptures that make use of the light elements in LED form, UV ray form or simply flourescent lights  in large casings of various designs, mostly frosted glass. Some will light up and play an array of colours when interacted with elements such as sound or touch. The lighted displays come in various sizes too from a small 'mushroom' to a large red coloured heart.

I think this iLight Festival should be carried on annually because it provides a good platform for local artists to stretch their creative abilities. Every year, it attracts large crowds of people and make for some interesting insta worthy pictures. Although taking your own photos will be quite a problem because it would turn out pretty dark. However, if taken at certain angles, it can look pretty cool like the one we took where our teeth would glow, haha.

So enjoy the pictures below!

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