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Thank You, Mr Lee

I've never met the man before all my life and the only time I got to see him was last year's National Day Parade which I got to attend for the first time through the display screen. He looked so frail and had to be helped to his seat, a far cry from back then when he stood tall and stoic when giving his speeches. It was very sad indeed but kudos to him that even with his ailing health, he came to see the Nation celebrating its 49th birthday which he had never missed.

Sadly, when the Nation is going to celebrate its 50th birthday, which is a monumental celebration after 50 years of independence, he will not be around to witness the grand celebration. He built Singapore from a swampy nation to a Metropolis that you see right now. He felt accountable to the lives of the millions of people here in Singapore and took on his leadership roll very seriously, making promises to them and keeping every single one of them.

He didn't care about our youth's opinions on him who weren&#…

Inspirational Video "I am My Own Rescue"

Among the hullabaloo on the blogosphere of Singapore, with the so called influencers, and also some people who dipped their toes into it to get 'hits' for their blogs. As readers, we should be able to see if some things are worth reading and giving our attention to, with our already precious time. I know I am not one of those influential bloggers and if you are here reading my regular posts, I thank you for it. I like to write or blog as a way of putting words into my thoughts, share my experiences and also to share some things that are able to inspire you. 

Life can be tough and can also be cruel but if we can change the situation and make it better for our own goodness and brighter future, we will feed our minds with positivity. We will fuel our subconscious minds with the rewards we want to achieve, and knowing that we will get to that point in future by making plans and working hard towards it. 

I am in the midst of reading this wonderful book and will share some things that…

Hanging in There - Ed Sheeran Style

When my brother told me about the story that his friend shared on the facebook newsfeed that Ed Sheeran used to be a busker, I was like..nooo...this guy is like one of the biggest stars to have come out from the UK and successfully breaking into the US market. He came to Singapore recently and based on the you tube videos posted by his fans during his performance, he is an absolutely a musical wonder! So blown away by his talent.

His passion for music is so deep that he was scoring gig after gig and often had to sleep out including in the London subway just to be able to make it to the next gig the following day.

And if you read about his strict upbringing, including no tv and no console games, and instead indulging him to watch performances by musical legend seeing how much he loved music which shaped his music career further. What is even more amazing, despite knowing half of the celebrity world both in the US and UK, and of course a multi-millionaire with his best selling albums, he …

Dinner at Ramen Ten / Shin Tokyo Sushi

We wanted to eat something and on the urging of our mum, to eat proper food instead of fast food (like we usually since she was not cooking dinner, we settled for Ramen Ten. We didn't want to spend a lot of money just on food because there's no occasion for it, just casual dinner and we initially went to Pastamania. However, it was outdoor and started to rain so we changed our mind and went inside the building to eat Ramen Ten.

Still being on a budget, we were careful not to overspend and chose a bowl of Ramen with Karage Chicken, Fried Ramen with Grilled Chicken, and two sets of sushi. We are not very experimental with sushi so we chose the cooked version, which is egg mayo and tuna mayo. Nothing fancy schmancy.

There weren't a lot of people and we waited quite awhile for our food to be served, although funny enough, two times they served us with drinks and followed by food but they didn't belong to us. The service was pretty slow, so much so, my brother just o…

Life Purpose & The Definition of Being Rich

Different people have different definitions of money although essentially, money is just paper that we trade off for experience, to buy essentials needed to survive, further our education and so on. Money is important but only for the things that we truly need such as for some of the reasons above and not to spend it carelessly as though there is no value to it.

The video below is truly an eye opener and I am truly impressed on how he valued money, but only based on his efforts to earn them and not to take pity on him. While he struggles to make ends meet by selling street food and is visually handicapped, he knows there are people who are more needy than him. Mostly everyone wants to be rich but does only money can make one truly rich?

I want to be rich too and while I used to share the opinions of plenty of other people that being rich is simply to have a LOT of money, it is not the means to an end. One can be rich with money but poor in values. I am sure you have experienced the like…

Happy International Women's Day 2015

Women face a lot of challenges in life but as women, we are emotionally stronger and we sacrifice selflessly for the sake of loved ones. We've been treated unfairly in life but it doesn't mean we get holed up and just let things be. Despite the prejudice, we still work our way up on the success leader and prove the naysayers that women can reach the top.

People say that women can't run businesses or even the world because we get too emotional. Guess what. We are not afraid of challenges and pushing ourselves forward and defy all odds. Yet, you can still lean on women as support because we're just human and we laugh, we cry whether the occasion is a happy or a sad one. And we encourage one another to do our best and be there for our friends when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Often, women put others before themselves. Single mothers shunned by society, have to work extra hard to raise their children; single women who face the often asked question of when are they going t…

Is Marriage Really for Everyone?

A couple of weeks ago, my friend was telling me about how her friend who is going through a divorce, met someone at a wedding party and they instantly clicked. And I mean clicked as in started to make out with each other already, lol. Okay that was fast. Every since then, they have been dating for about a month and is set to get engaged.

Then I looked at my friend, who has been avoiding the topic of finding her significant other for so long, and then now thinks that she has possibly taken it too seriously and would love to settle down soon. She has an awesome personality, many good friends, has a kind heart and everyone loves her. Yet, she has trouble attracting love.

I'm completely the opposite of her but I'm in no hurry and I know myself well enough that marriage is not for me. It's not that I don't deserve it and I bet all married couples are still trying to find their way around how to make their marriage works like an ongoing learning process. But really, it's n…

A Classmate Gathering cum Birthday Dinner at Satay By the Bay

I'm so happy I get to have another round of satay and grilled  prawns! Yums. But what I loved even more is the turn out of the class reunion. I don't know if it's technically called reunion because we haven't finish school yet, lol. Let's hang tight for yet another one year. Yes, you heard me right. ONE YEAR. It felt only yesterday that I studied like God knows how much I can squeeze into this small brain of mine.

Anyway, not only was it a gathering, it was a birthday celebration for a very very very dear classmate of ours. She has been very encouraging, and generous, not only in treating us on more than one occasion, but in sharing her notes that she took more than a day to prepare, just like that to us. Without her law notes, I don't know if I could even pass the second business law test because I seriously didn't have time to make notes because I was so busy at that time, making 300 cards. 

She had her own setbacks too last year and almost wanted to give u…

Start of March 2015 & Commitment isn't a Dirty Word

Happy 1st March people! It's the month where I'm in my happiest when I get my pay because it's also the same month where I will have bonus too, in the form of performance bonus, yay! But I don't want to get my hopes high of that ONE TIME I barely received $300. Can never forget that. Then again, just like two of my other classmates, that $$$ is going to the school fees due this month also. Oh gosh. For the last couple of months, I've been mightily trying to cut down on expenses though there are some 'can't help it' moments as it's a dry spell for me, business wise and also because of the fees, I don't want to be left with very very little savings once I've paid it. I refuse to be left with the feelings of being superbly poor as back in October and November and hence, why I've been a little bit more cautious. 

I want this year to be a year of more but then, some things take time to happen. But you know what, I just know that this is going …