Saturday, June 24, 2017

Leading an Honest Living..Even When Things Get Difficult Financially

My brother lectured me recently about how I'm so calculative and why after so many years, we are still poor. I can't answer him because I can't argue with him that we're still so poor with little savings to get by. Basically I don't like to lead a pay to pay type of lifestyle and I prefer getting a second income. I want to be able to spend without too much worries about how little I will have after I spend on this or that. He's right about the calculative part. I tend to use my phone calculator and do a check on how much balance I have left if it's able to last me until the next week or so. 

Honestly  I don't like this. What I like is earning money, even in small amounts me, a little goes a along way. Of course I don't mind having more but this is as much as I can do with what little capital I have which mostly come from my pay. 

Now I am not going to discuss about my financial situation as it can be a tad boring to talk about as it's more or less the same sad story. To me, what matters is I continue to stay strong and do as much as I can to keep the finances afloat until the next month's pay without depriving my family too much. Besides being careful in my expenses, it also means working hard to bring some money as and when I could.

I admire how other people, who are also in financial difficulties, still manage to put up a brave front that you do not know that they're facing problems back home. The life they paint on the social media or in front of their friends and family is a stark difference to what they are actually going through in life. Yet they still continue to do the best that they can. 

Sadly, some resort to things like stealing money at work which is a breach of trust. I know where they come from. It can be a struggle supporting the family especially when the expenses can be overbearing no matter how much we try to scrimp and save. However, it is still not right because no matter what, we must make an honest living. It's better to get a part-time job as a supplement to the main job, than resort to stealing. Because the consequence can be hard to face especially when we can lose the job which means zero income. We also don't want our family to suffer if we are charged for it..aka facing jail time.

We all want to have a better life for the family. But at the same time, we cannot be too sucked in by the joy in people's faces when we see families dining in places where we will never step in unless we have some extra money or something. We shouldn't compare ourselves and feel bad about it later because each family has their own strengths. As long as we're honest in our living, being positive and continue to be determined to provide a better life for ourselves and our family, good things will come our way.

Now many of us may have just a few hundred dollars in the bank to last until the next pay. I'm one of them too. The tight financial situation we are facing can be a source of problem where families can break into arguments with each other. But during difficult times like this, we must be able to stay strong. Don't let it take away our happiness. Seek help if needed. Our happiness goes beyond the dollars and cents. But never give up and continue to achieve for a better life. Even it means not going on holidays or stay in hotels, the point is to keep the family together and going strong in good times and in bad times. We can overcome this challenging period, pick ourselves up and brace for a better life one day.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

My Zumba & The Total Cardio Blast Strong by Zumba Workout Experience

I don't know why I never write about this but I actually have been going for Zumba classes since April. Okay, now I am actually doing a variant of the Zumba which is Strong by Zumba but more on that later. I was inspired to go for the class because of a friend of mine who has been taking part in the Zumba workouts nearby her workplace location in the city area. And they're free and co organised by HPB which is a semi government healthy authority in Singapore..and where I used to work for 5 years as well. Anyway, I've always been fascinated, and honestly intimidated as well, by the vibrancy and energy of the participants in their outdoor workouts that when I found out, they are free, I am even more interested, lol.

But in the end, I thought argh, the locations not that convenient for me. But I got excited when HPB sent an email to us and then they had Zumba classes located around my working area. Yay! And this one was so near I just have to walk there. Still I had my doubts because okay firstly, my coordination sucks and secondly, I will be by myself :(((

My friend encouraged me to go and just try it out like seriously no harm done. Okay I'm not going to lie but while it seems fun, I did struggle (and I still do at times) with the coordination but during the class, I realised too that nobody's perfect and nobody is going to judge you or laugh at you. So there's no reason to be shy because we are all here to just work out and have fun while we're at it. Therefore if you're a Zumba noob like me, joining these free classes will be a great introduction to Zumba and Strong by Zumba and let me tell you, your one hour of sweat (and possibly tears..haha) will be worth it and you may even be inspired to sign up for paid classes after that.

Yet again, Zumba may not be for everyone as the combination of salsa and latin moves can be quite intimidating even if the music can get you pumped up. Honestly you will realise you have hips to sway, chest to pump after that making you do I put this, lol. And then at times the music gets fast and then I struggled to change from one movement to another. However one way you can reduce this lack of coordination is by watching basic Zumba movement on the youtube. I did once and it kinda helped although you have to watch more than one time unlike me.

At first I don't go every week because initially it wasn't organised every week. There were other types of classes like the Running Clinic which of course, I wasn't so keen. Then the following month it was on every week in May but I couldn't go for all the weeks but in June, it was back to alternate weeks.

Now this is where it got interesting. Instead of Zumba, now they had Strong by Zumba. I thought what the heck is this, doesn't sound safe, haha. So I googled and found this video.

Oh..M...Gee-ness. Is this Zumba at all?!!! Looked like some training from Boot Camp, lol..with the burpees the push ups and what have they. But again, thanks to the encouraging words from le friend again, I ah, signed up for the classes. Now this looked more challenging and definitely something I initially was hesitant to sign up for because it is also the fasting month.

But I figured that well towards the end I could still drink water. Plus the fact that during fasting month, you tend to eat more good food during break fast, even more I needed to sign up for the boot camp  Strong by Zumba classes.

At first I think I got overly excited because for once the coordinations were way easier than Zumba as it's almost like cardio until up to a point, I forgot I was fasting. So I got tired easily and almost felt sick that I had to sit down for a bit at the back to recuperate. Then shortly I joined in again and went easy. 

I am not going to lie that the other intimidating part was the hands on the floor movements and how you need to do burpees and push ups but the music went on quite fast that these flew by quite quickly. It's not like you have to do 10 burpees at one go. It tied in with other dance like and tae bo movements as well. There's actually very little of those salsa and latin moves just like what you see in the videos but boy, there were quite a lot of squatting movements that after my first lesson, the next few days , walking and sitting was a pain.

The thighs were practically screaming. But for the following lesson at another location,which I decided to join as well because I was inspired by the (male) instructor and the larger group setting, I learnt to always breathe and to always move so that I don't feel faint. Also, the thighs didn't scream as much the next day after the initially shock in the first week.

Thanks to my friend's resourcefulness, she found out for me where to sign up for this class at Plaza Sing and it's free also, yay! I liked both instructors and one time, I didn't like a Zumba class from another trainer in May because she wasn't going the movements together with us. She expected us to know how to continue from what little movement she showed like come on, we are not Zumba experts. Now that, I felt like a total loser because half the time, I didn't know what I was doing.

So instructors play a part too. Other than this awful experience (besides the screaming thighs..heh) I encourage you to go look look see see the HPB website here and there are a variety of classes, not just Zumba and in various locations in the heartlands, shopping malls, city areas and major working areas. Most of them are free too. There are classes in centralised locations that get snapped up quite easily too so it's also a case of fastest fingers first.

Why not just go sign up for a class, enjoy the experience and possibly sign up for more classes in the future. Don't say we don't have time for exercise. The best is to exercise every day actually, not just 2-3 times a week. It can be as simple as walking up staircases to playing sports. If it's not to lose weight, it's basically to stay fit and healthy. For me it's both but it's also part of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Hope this sharing of my experience as a Zumba or Strong by Zumba noob can spur you on to sign up :) If a shy and introverted person like me can do it, I am sure you can do much better.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Walkabout in the NS50 Army Open House 2017

A few weeks ago, we attended the Army Open House 2017 and it was so surreal to see so many of their vehicles on full display and open for photo taking too, on top of the vehicles. But I didn't get to climb up but just take photos of them from the ground. We definitely had come a long way from the basic vehicles to what we have now, all high techie stuffs. 

There were long queues for photo taking and they were kind enough to let people come up for group taking. Of course they won't take them for a ride but I think that would provide a different kind of experience. So far, this was the closest that we can get to such war machines, besides seeing them on National Day parades.

It was also in conjunction of celebrating NS50 where 50 years ago, National Service was introduced. All Singaporean men are required to perform 2 years of National Service where they will go through basic military training to equip them with skills should one day *touch wood* Singapore has a war crisis. Even though our last war ended in 1945 and looking at how we are under the close watch of terrorists and so close to war torn countries, we must always be prepared. Plus the fact that we are a small country, we can easily be targetted and finished off easily if we do not have the military expertise, be it equipments or manpower.

My brother is currently serving NS and within almost a year, he has learnt to drive many types of vehicles as a transport operator. Honestly it was tough for him at first, learning the basics of manual driving and he almost gave up and it didn't help many of his friends were dropping from the course as well. But after a prep talk from me, which didn't come often unlike it's a crisis like, he managed to overcome his worries and pull through. Slowly he took the time to learn through his books and youtube, learning his mistakes through practice, and now he has a military licence and authorised to drive up to class 4 vehicles. Now that is some achievement as compared to the older sister who can't even drive, haha.

Looking at how big the vehicles are and how he pointed that these were similar to the ones he drives, my heart skipped a beat. I don't know how else to emphasise how big and scary these vehicles looked and can't imagine myself as a driver sitting in them. It must be awfully scary for the then 21 year old brother of mine learning to drive these biggies and now I can fully understand why he wanted to give up at first too.

But it's an experience for him and skills that he learns for free but for a lifetime.

There was a mixture of older and younger Army personnel and my goodness, do they look buffed and tanned. Up to that point, I did secretly wished I have an Army boyfriend. But looking at the girls whose heart they've captured, as they walked around with them and showcasing how's army life for them (usually we don't care..but we will still be proud..haha), these girls are quite attractive. So yeah, just like footballers and models. 

Moving on..

We also watched a performance by the military band and they were backed up with dancers, of course not from the Army, and together they were amazing. At the end of it, suddenly there were fireworks in the background which gave the whole experience to the NS50 Army Open House to another level.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I want to be More Intelligent. Learning to be More Questioning

I often read articles about the going ons in the world, both local and foreign and I actually also like to read the comments section. Yes I know that there are a lot of keyboard warriors out there and holier than thou people but honestly, there are those who are actually quite intelligent you can't help but question the objectives of the articles or the subjects being mentioned too. I do read and then do not always agree a 100% but that's about it like I would be thinking hmm..but never quite put these thoughts into words. Puzzled yes but not criticise. Like there was this article about this 20 year old girl who have to support, I think 13 family members on her income of $1500 per month. She was seeking public donation to help with her plight through a charity website.

Then I thought she's not the youngest and there are those who are older than her, what are they doing. But I kinda pushed that thought to the back of mind, not thinking much about it except how pitiful she is.

After that I read in the comments section and someone had the same thoughts as mine though she chose to make it known and gave some harsh words about the older siblings as well. Like I want to pity your state now but really, what are the rest doing too.

Because for awhile now I try not to take things word for word as a story can be interpreted in many ways but for convenience sake, most of the time we just take it at face value. But we have to learn to be more questioning. The article can show one aspect only or one point of view, mainly in the reporter's point of view or the interviewee's point of view. But there is another side to it. We can't agree with it wholeheartedly.

Even at work, you have to question certain things too, besides questioning the, because we can get too comfy with the procedures.

But in terms of the articles we read whether online or in the papers, besides of course factual things that happen like accidents or murders, even stories that are meant to inspire us or gather sympathy from us can be questioned as well. Besides the one mentioned above about the 20 year old being the sole provider, the article is about a guy who turned his life around and made good on his promises after the death of his son.

Again, I can't help but feel inspired by him like how he made it from point zero to being a motivational coach. But through out the article, I can't help but also think about how much he went through in life as a bankrupt, being jobless and carrying out odd jobs to make end meet, he could still have the means to give in to vices such as smoking and drinking. Oh, and own a car too.

But the one that 'triggered' for me was when he went through so much in life being in financial difficulties and clearing his huge debt, one would expect him to live in a small comfortable home and not some condo. But he did got himself and his 2nd new wife a condo after marriage.

Look, I'm not here to pinpoint the guy into being a little shady with his backstory. But rather, how people should not take it word for word, in writing or in speaking. After all, there are just some things people would rather not disclose to the public. 

We are not to also dictate what kind of house he should live in, considering his financial status prior to that. It started off good and inspiring but in the later part of the article, it became more and  more sketchy and it's just about the condo as the new home for his new family. Like how he managed to pay and having his bankruptcy discharged even though it wasn't the full amount paid yet. He did a few things like publishing a book and listening to others when they advise them. In short his life changed for the better.

Still,  people questioned his sort of lifestyle, akin to the lifestyle of someone who loves a high life such as car ownership and purchasing a condo despite how much he has gone through previously. Sure it's an odd choice but the guy probably has been raking in money from a probably well paid job plus his bankruptcy status held on for 12 years has been dissolved. 

Yes there are a lot of constructive criticism but it doesn't always mean they are right. But we can train ourselves our mind to see another point of view too.

Another case in point is just today where there were complains on social media regarding this home baked business who makes unique looking cakes that are cute and attractive to young children. But the disappointments faced by parents who didn't get their cakes despite having fully paid for it and then being promised to deliver the cake on the celebration day itself.

To have the agony of finding a replacement cake which of course could be just some generic birthday cake for a kid who looks forward to a celebration such as this and imagine how the parents feel having to disappoint their kid. But she later apologised despite the initial MIA she did and posted a pretty lengthy and repetitive lines of asking for forgiveness and then wanting to change for good by knowing the purpose of why she started this cake making.

Sure there are people who accept and for me honestly, I thought it sounded sketchy like how many times must she apologise and then not mentioning the reason of her being MIA for that case. But again being me, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. And then there's the group who is on the other fence, who like me, think that her apology seems insincere and strongly feels she will do it again. 

And then she did but worse. She didn't make herself MIA by responding to messages but unfortunately, only gave empty promises about delivering cake which of course, didn't get delivered as well.

This post is not about her irresponsibility but rather, how we should be more discerning and intelligent about reading between the lines. I think to me too, it also makes for an interesting conversation with people but without crossing the line by dismissing their point of view.

So go on, start reading articles on current news, interviews or articles and start to make your own judgments by learning to question and reading between the lines. Let's at least try appear smarter when discussing with people even though we may still a ditzy person at heart, lol..we can always pretend.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Should I lose faith in Humanity & the Midst of the Holy Month

Something's isn't right with this world. Correction. The world is fine, it's just the people are behaving out of the norms these days. Going on killing sprees, talking sh*t about other people, spreading lies and so on and so forth.

All these years and we learnt nothing about being a human being? It's like we lost all sense of compassion and we just end up being rude and obnoxious and bringing down other people like we just completely lose respect for humanity.

Honestly, reading through comments in the social media, both local and overseas, can be nauseating like you're here thinking about how selfish and hurtful they are. How would they feel if other people talk like that about the people they care about.

Anyway, life still goes on even though we still have a long way to learn about how to respect people and be compassionate instead of just thinking the world owes us a living.

On the other spectrum, I am also touched by the gestures of Singaporeans who would rally together to help those who are in need of assistance. The fact that the media and some other local websites focus their attention on people in real everyday situations. Shedding some light on them on how they navigate through life despite the hardship and difficulties that they are facing.

Everyday is a blessing for them. It's even more of a blessing when they can actually have proper meals instead of having meals of rationed food that will need to last for longer days. We often end up jaded in life like go to work, go home, have dinner, watch tv or surf net and then go to sleep. We end up living in a cocoon where we don't know what is going on around us. We complain about how tough life is and sure I can't deny that that there are days where it gets pretty challenging and you are out of wit's end sometimes.

But always think positive. There are days that are tough for me too. It used to be a lot tougher back then when my pay was pretty low. Now that my pay is higher, unfortunately, things are more expensive than back in those days when I first started working. This pay, on top of the online shop I'm running, is still quite tough too. 

However, I still give myself permission to buy things that I like such as make up and crafty things. But instead of going overboard, I am still careful. I will continue to earn money from side income because I enjoy making money apart from my regular income. It's more than just making money but it's also an extension of my interest. But with such side income, I like the freedom of spending and then knowing you'll earn back part of it the next few days. Of course if I'm 'good', I will get to keep more. This income also help me to support my family like buying food for them. My mum doesn't cook every day but we still need to eat, same as when I'm at work. So it helps to defray my expenses a bit.

I watched this show recently that showcase another side of Singapore where among the Muslim community, there are those who struggle to make ends meet because honestly, it's expensive living in Singapore. Since this is the Ramadan or the holy month, we are encouraged to do more good deeds. And it's also when the Muslims pay zakat or donation that will go into charity to help the less advantaged people. It's a compulsory thing to do, just like fasting during Ramadan. But we are also encouraged to donate more because the brownie points that we receive from God are twofold which of course will benefit us when we pass on.

So on tv, there will be programmes to highlight the plight of some Muslim families and how our donation or zakat will benefit these families. But I like how they also showed families that used to struggle a lot, even to a point of staying at the Changi beach, because their electricity and water bills got cut off. But instead of just surrender to their fate, they made effort to seek help. This was where they will also inform of the various Muslim groups that these families will be referred to when they need help and how they can help. Basically, they are assisted in finding a job, upgrading their skills and their young children benefit from education with free or subsidised tuition.

Basically they provide the means to survive and fend for themselves instead of just relying on handouts which I think is a good thing. You can't always rely on other people. Sure you can seek help if you struggle but ultimately you need to also stand up on your own two feet because we mostly don't just live for ourselves but for others too such as our loved ones.

I hope you're good and continue to do good deeds, whether in this holy month or even when you're not a Muslim. Even if it's a small gesture, it still goes a long way. Also, don't be too hard on yourself if things are not as good. I believe that not all days are bad. It's within our capacity to be a good person and not being too emotional and affecting other people around us like they don't deserve to get  the brunt of your anger or dissatisfaction. 

Okay I shall stop ranting. Stay positive and make each day count.

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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Star Wars Day at Gardens by the Bay 06 May 2017


I have been absent from my blog awhile mainly because my mind is blank on what to write. But let me try to update this blog regularly and will start off with this post where I went to Gardens by the Bay. For the first time, we celebrated Star Wars Day here and there was a huge turn out and initially it was scary. Why so?

First thing first, we had to cross the long bridge to get to the other side of the bay where the celebration was in full swing. It was so packed and it was the only way to go there. Packed was one thing. The other thing was that, there was crowd control so everyone packed on the bridge and at one point towards the middle, the bridge started to sway.

I had been on that bridge a few times and never knew the bridge could sway like that because I always felt it was rock solid. So when it started to do that, and movement was already slow because there were crowds of people moving in and another crowd from the other side moving out. At one point, the bridge was overlooking the waters and swaying so my imagination ran wild like what if the bridge collapsed and all of us would fall into the waters. Now I do not know how deep the waters were but a collapse will sure to bring about injuries, what with such a large crowd.

I kept praying and praying and managed to move to the sides and held on the side bar as I walked though it brought little comfort. At last, we crossed over and solid ground never felt so good and the people behind me felt the same way too. So there was crowd control when a security person stopped the oncoming crowd from going up the bridge yet. And in the most dodo moment, there were people still asking the guy why they could not go yet. He said it's for safety reason. I don't understand some people like why can't they just wait. People are so willing to risk their lives so easily nowadays by not caring much about safety.

After that nightmare, we had to rush to the light show where the super trees were converted to giant lightsabers in multiple colours which 'danced' to the famed themed music of Star Wars. It was quite spectacular and the ending was so epic, like how the lightsaber sounded when it swooshed. After that, we started to walk around. Though it was crowded, we still could walk around comfortably and we saw displays of collectors' items that were collected over the years ever since the start of the Star Wars movie. Obviously they were away from itchy fingers and most were enclosed in containers because these would cost so much money for the collectors especially those extremely rare ones.

There were also several cardboard standees around complete with background of popular characters from the Star Wars franchise. There were those with lines of people awaiting to take their photos. We took a few but basically those had either one or two or none waiting in line, hehe.

There was also a silent disco in the centre field where people had put on headphones with neon lights and even though it was silent, at one point, the crowd was singing to the chorus of a popular Backstreet Boys song.

It would not be complete without the replica of one of the robots from the movies (or at least I thought it was a robot, hee) and also, selling of the merchandise. There were t shirts, toys, miniature robots that come with remote control and lego sets. According to my brother, these are the limited edition ones. Obviously they were not cheap but if the price will be lowered once they start selling these in the shops.

On the other side, there was a movie screening of the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise. While we were walking there, the Star Wars run was finishing and we were almost ran over by the runners who were wearing the Star Wars shirt that probably came with the goodie bags. Speaking of which, these were the legit runners who finished the run. But throughout our walkabout, we already see many runners adorning these shirts that we assumed were in it because of the goodie bags only. Whether they did run, well at least some part of it, or just collected the bags, I don't know. But the shirts were so cool to have.

We didn't stay long for the movie and proceeded to move out from the Garden which was always a difficult thing to do because there were not enough signages around to lead us to the nearest MRT. But my brother had to rely on his past experiences there to help us get out and take the bus instead. I have become so reliant on him for directions nowadays, hehe.

Overall I had fun even though I am not a fan in the beginning. But you know, it was free anyway plus it gave us a unique experience. Hope you had fun when you went there too!

Below are the pictures from our trip there.

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My First Long Stay Overseas Trip in KL in 2017

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I had made plans to go KL from the 20th to 22nd of May. It wasn't something that we planned a long time ago. Rather, we did have it in  mind though to travel overseas though we never actually thought it would happen. It was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. The last trip we had was 5 years ago. Why I was nervous was due to the long bus trip. Also the money issues but I was determined that if I want to make bigger overseas plan the next time, I shouldn't be so hard up over this KL trip. Of course I have to do some mental calculations as to how much I would be left after paying for the lodging, transport and shopping but it seems to still be a comfortable figure to last until the next payday at least.

Also, I was nervous because..ok, I have this health problem with my bladder, where I can't hold pee very long. The long bus journey made me even more nervous but I just have to ensure I have very little liquid, which may or may not help. Also, I also have to be mentally prepared.

So the day came and already my friend was furious because the shop wasn't opened yet and we needed to collect the bus tickets. We did have the proof of purchase buying over the internet but we wanted the physical tickets as well. She was even more furious when the shop opened and then was told the bus would be half an hour late.

It was quite a journey just going across the causeway. The traffic jam took us 45 minutes and then just as we though okay, now it would be smooth sailing, it turned out to be otherwise. There were delays when we had to wait for another bus to board but then eventually just changed the bus driver. And then it stopped again coz someone called and my friend said she saw someone carried the tyre. 

But the BIGGEST delay was because there was a stopover at Seremban. We weren't told about this. Apparently a group of them from behind, coz we sat in front, this was their destination. A few of us were furious because this would mean another 1.5 hours of delay. We were supposed to reach KL by 3pm max but eventually reached our hotel close to 5pm, also because of a jam we encountered at KL. 

We were so tired over the 9 hours journey and we didn't have a proper meal, just bread bought from the convenient stop and waffles. 

But despite our tiredness, we were actually hungry too and bread wasn't enough. We dropped our things in the hotel, asked the counter how to go to KLCC via their trains and then luckily the LRT was just outside the hotel itself. We had to ask the counter how to go there and when reaching the destination, we didn't know how to get to the other line which would take us to the KLCC MRT. 

The staff wasn't so helpful and we had to ask a second time and eventually used our own intuition to find our way there. Luckily there were sign boards leading us to the underground MRT line. We were actually at the same excited boarding the trains. My friend couldn't help but point out how their advertisements were dated back in 2016. 

Though the lines were not interlinked like in Singapore, we managed to reach from Bukit Nenas to KLCC. When we reached KLCC station, we were not greeted with THE KLCC but another mall. So we were feeling lost again. But not for long as we stepped out of the mall, lo and behold it was in the opposite road.

Finally, our dinner beckons!

Thankfully, there was only a small crowd outside Chili's and since there were only two of us, they let us get in first and sit at the bar while waiting for the table. I tell ya their service was impeccable. The staff was attentive despite the restaurant being in full house. I don't have much to say about their retail staff, but this I was impressed.

The food was quite okay, wasn't what we expected, but we were hungry so we gobbled down anyway especially after such an adventure earlier on. After that we walked around and there were a lot of high end brands but we managed to buy body shop product and my friend bought a MAC lipstick which after conversion, was cheaper than Singapore.

After that, we decided to explore the mall we saw earlier on. We chanced upon this restaurant called Boat Noodle which was recommended by my colleague. It tasted authentic but at the same time, the quantity wasn't much. I doubt anybody else would buy one bowl each except us, haha, but we weren't so hungry actually. However, we still liked it.

Then after we had to make our way back to the hotel as it was getting late already. We weren't going to take a cab but the trains so we had to be quick as it was closing to 10pm. So we were tired already on the 1st day but we still survived. 

On the second day, we obviously had more time because no need to battle with long bus journeys, lol. But we kept sleeping in that eventually we only managed to wake up around 10.30am grudgingly. We decided to hit the gym for about an hour, go back to change, have lunch at a nearby mall beside our hotel and going to Sungei Wang followed by Pavilion. No trains this time as we decided to walk because we were actually in quite a good centralised area to walk around.

After a round of successful shopping, we managed to get what we wanted and chill for a bit at a nearby cafe before starting with our round 2 shopping. This time it was quite a walk and there were also many shopping centres around too like Orchard Road but we wouldn't have time to explore every thing there. There were many Middle Easterners and we were thinking how they had to rebuild their lives here in a foreign country because back home, it was ravaged with war. 

We went to Pavilion because I wanted to go to a  particular department store. I got a skirt and a long sleeves top. At this point, I needed to conserve my money to buy food for home on day 3. So I was really tight on budget but my friend was willing to lend me some money and I transferred to her later in Sing dollars.

At the end of this, we were hungry and were asking several retail staff as well as the counter service where is the nearest Subway. Well, they didn't seem to know but we finally got one answer and time was running late like around 9.30pm and we were afraid the shop would close soon. Actually we got out of Pavilion and walked to some other malls and then found out there was at Pavilion itself, lol.

Honestly my feet were so tired already and my walking pace had slowed down significantly compared to my friend who was still so agile. So we had to walk back to Pavilion again and then it didn't take us too long to find the Subway and we were like the last two customers. Thankfully, we got our cravings fixed. So it was time to head home. The journey would be far if we were to walk back so we took the train from Bukit Bintang which was just one station away from Imbi where our hotel was.

We thought we had to wait twenty minutes (!) for the next train but it was a glitch and the train arrived 5 minutes earlier. What we noticed was that here, the people coming in would rush in and at the same time, the people would also rush out. So unlike Singapore where we had to let the people inside go out first. Of course though, there would be those who would still rush in but at least not the whole crowd, haha. So we had to follow suit as well or we would end up getting stuck.

So the second day came to a close again. 

The third day was more chillax. My friend managed to get the breakfast buffet at the hotel counter itself because she forgot to request for it when booking the hotel. For a special price of 40 ringgit, it was quite a spread. From Western breakfast to Asian breakfast, you can have your fill from point A to point B although the stomach would say otherwise. 

Then we wanted to make use of the hotel facilities. The day before we tried the gym so we today we tried the swimming pool. My friend was complaining how it was freezing cold. It was alright to me except that I was scared of the first pool we went it as it was quite deep. Oh and I almost slipped coz I didn't have my specs and didn't see the steps. So clumsy, haha.

The second pool was not as deep and there were jet streams of water. We actually sat where the jet streams were so we were bubbling underneath us, haha. Then my friend did this game of recapping what was the best and worst moment for each day. We unanimously think the bus ride was the worst.

Then it was time to check out of the hotel to head home. Before that I went to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It used to be in a bigger cafe setting and now it is just a small stall. There was no red velvet though, sadly. We also bought cheese tarts and she bought a whole box of 6. I tried it at home later and it was so yummy!! They have it in Singapore too but it's not halal.

Okay! No pictures for 3rd day, at least I didn't take but my friend did.

Honestly, it was such a nice friendship overseas trip. I don't think I will be back for awhile because I want to think further, possibly Australia. Wowza. Overall we strengthen our friendship ties though honestly it didn't really need anymore strengthening. But you know, it's always nice to have some fun chillax time with your friends, local or overseas.

I hope you had a good read over this long blog post! :)

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