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Love Can Wait

Despite going through some financial difficulties this month, I dont think I can actually survive through this week at least without the kind help of my friends. It's really heartwrenching to me to know that they do not hesitate to help me even though money is involved because u know how people are when it comes to money issues but I would understand. While I lamented that God does not love me, I suppose it's just His way of telling me that He still remembers me even though He is giving me such a hard time right now.Anyway, that aside, I was thinking for a bit about my non existent love life. No Im not going to drop another complain but like I was said, I was doing a bit of thinking. I dont know if it is a good thing or a bad thing for me not to have any guys interested in me. I suppose I have a lot of issues with myself that I have to deal with first before one fine day, a guy will have the guts to ask me out for a movie at least. I know no one is perfect but I think a lot of…

Hanging On

I seriously hate to be in such difficult predicament. Sometimes I dunno why God saddle me with such a heavy burden on my shoulders that it's making my life difficult. I also dunno if He does it out of love or he is just playing a cruel trick on me. Anyway, if it's not for my supportive network of friends, I think I will be a goner. My family only knows how to make noise instead of making efforts to do something about it. But no matter what, I think that during tough times like this, there will be a rainbow at the end of it all.Im still sour over the fact that this month I did not get my bonus...making me quite regret the fact that I quit for a supposedly greener pasture. It's also no point wishing for something that obviously I didnt get and putting me in a tight spot like this. Other people may have it harder than me like losing a job and with no financial means to pay off the bills and support the family. But let us all not lose hope. Hang in there.

Disappointing Morning

What a disappointing morning! I woke up slightly late..and would have still have time to get up and dress up for gym but my mum had to occupy the toilet at the wrong time. And I know that doesnt sound like a bad thing..but if you have a toilet hygiene clean freak like mine, she takes FOREVER to be in the toilet. By the time she finished, it was like almost 9. See I was not exaggerating when I said she would take a long time.

Even though on Sundays, the public gym opens later at 9am, I have to be there slightly after 9am, and latest by 9.30am because if not, the bloody exercise obsessed hoarders will occupy the machines and take their own sweet time getting off the machines even though those things are timed.And usually, I would be able to use the machines but it's usually useless after 11am because by then, queues will start to form. If I am early, I would be satisfied coz I get to be on most of the machines before that. Unfortunately, this morning was not the case. In order not to…

Work Woes

Sigh, my apologies for not being able to update on a regular basis coz I dont know if I ever mentioned regarding my pc. It has officially died. It has served me well for more than seven years but that is like 70 years old in technology speak. I expected to last me at least ten years old although judging from my heavy usage of internet on it, 7 is still a good number.
Anyway, the only thing I am relying on to satisfy my internet craving is this laptop that is not doing me any justice either coz half of the screen cannot be seen so it's hard for me to see what I am typing. But hey, if God permits, I would be able to get either a new laptop or a new desktop before year ends. Speaking of money, this month I did not get my bonus which sucks coz I dont know how long can my current pay last me and based on past experience, not much. For the last few months, I was able to sustain a bit coz my father's monthly retirement fund helped to ease the burden a bit but this month we didnt get …

Unreasonable Twits

Today, my colleague a.k.a the temp girl got really worked up at work over several calls. Im not implying anything but I guess she should learn that well...being tactful when talking to someone, especially with one that is obviously flared up over a certain matter prior to this, will help to not make things worse as it already is. I mean, being in the customer service line sometimes sucks when they insist things to be done their way..obviously only thinking in terms of their own benefit, or just refusing to admit defeat by even blatantly telling lies just so that they have a finger to point at.
But that's working life in the service industry. To me, it is of course frustrating when it seems to just be a one way traffic but if we always heed their words, it will be a difficult outcome for us too especially when other people will not be too happy over it. So it ultimately about weighing the pros and cons. But just how you tell the person that their suggestion is basically not a benefi…