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Confirmed Couple?

I swear they should start hiring me as a freelance I.T. writer...

Anyway, on a lighter note, remember that time I wrote about Wentworth Miller so called dating Luke McFarlane (the hottie!). Actually I dont really care if Wenty is gay or not although if a guy of the age 35 looks that hot, I.....may just consider dating a guy of that age who oozes the same sex appeal. I mean seriously, even if he is, give him a break man. And then if it's coming from the Perez website where the truth may not necessarily be out there, he does have a knack of getting things right too.

So it's like people are speculating that he is but just not 'out' yet and then he's dating this Luke guy from Brothers and Sisters (Singapore time...that will be every Monday 11pm). The first time he let out this info back in June, there were no pictures so I was like, hrm......he's just putting the two together just coz the latter was photographed by a freshly 'out' T R Knight before. They coul…

COMEX 2007

For Last Week

Well, supposed to blog every Tuesdays for my Tech Tuesdays segment but there was not really much to blog about last week. Fine, it's not really a techy thing but heck, last week's Digital Life issue is about social networking on a higher level. Ok, more like on an I.T. level. Right now social networking websites are being used as an almost free source of advertising because of their ability to connect people on different degrees which is a perfect avenue to attract customers. Plus, we're talking millions of registered users here both local and overseas so there is a very high chance that if you set up a business such as an online business in making and selling accessories, you are able to reach out to a lot more people. And therefore...bring in the $$$. So dont just see websites such as Friendster as a convenient place to 'add' friends...or so called friends coz you hardly know them. Try to milk such an opportunity without bursting your bank account.


Mum Bugger

It's easy to see me as someone who is cool as if there are no problems bugging me but thats just who I am outside. Im rather tormented inside coz my mum has been driving me up the wall nowadays and it's not over me going out often as I've been pretty good. It's just that seriously, she's driving me insane with her constant need for reassurance about her health which she does not want to do anything about so seriously, there IS nothing I can do except listening to her talk and talk and talk. Then I asked her to look after my father's health and not to make him buy food outside too often like those coconut rich food but she took a nonchalant attitude about it like..heck..let him buy what he wants to buy. Her excuse is that he's sick and it cannot be cured so whats the point..just let him enjoy. And when the person coughs non stop for the past few days, she kept on calling me on the phone, make me convince him to see the private doctor and then forcing to take…

Love is Sweet

I have very different views on love. But thats the beauty of is three dimensional. You can see it as something that is very complicated or pure and simple. Most times I chose to see it as freaking sweet. Now isn' t a good time for me to fall in love but can we choose the right moment, the right time and the right guy to experience love?

Here's the cant. It's totally unpredictable. That person can be a total stranger to you and within the next hour or so, you're totally smitten by him, quirks and all. Love sets in and everything starts to fall into place.....NOT!

Okay, maybe not. Sometimes it can take a bad date for you to totally push him to the back of your mind. But what if he creeps back in through a totally unexpected chance encounter...and start to show up slowly....but surely.

I've been watching these indie films and it teach me that it takes courage for us to face our fears and to be more relaxed a bit rather t…



finally some free time to blog...that is until my mum comes knocking on the door. Well, hows life been for me. Cruel at times but I do have some sun shiny moments too. Like yesterday, as I was sitting in the front of a seat of a bus..the kind of long seat facing directly opposite the former farecard ticketing machine (thats a preetty long description) with my load of groceries and food, I saw this guy boarding. You will probably think Im weird that within that five minutes that he boarded the bus, he just had to stand directly opposite me. I figured that he was waiting for the bus to stop moving so that he could find a seat. But even when the bus stopped at the next stop, he didnt move. You see, the minute he boarded the bus, I was trying to control myself from grinning. Now this, does not happen all the time...for a guy to put a silly grin on my face. Okay so I noticed the body first and boy does he fit the description well-O! QUite hunky and he has a nice skin colour and nice …


you know wat..

i seem to enjoy watching short films on you tube be it internationally acclaimed or amateur...the message is often put across short and simple...yet sweet, bittersweet, emotionally engaging..whatever...and you're often left pondering on a thought. And more sometimes.

i witnessed the companionship between two unusual characters that you will never thought would actually forge a friendship. I also witnessed the cruelty of society and at times i would catch a glimpse into a world that is so pure yet rarely seen.

so after watching these short films, which often mimick real people's lives but we hardly witnessing it happening, it kinda open up your mind a bit and then you'll be left with a thought that hey, that will never happen.....but then again, it will.

okaylah..thats all the excuse i can think of for my absence in writing...haha...

Piece of Junk

Oh bother.....

seriously disappointed with myself and feel like slapping my face left and right for treating my own life like a piece of junk. no im not on drugs but nowadays, Ive been treating my life like as if there will always be enough time for everything.....and therefore can chuck it aside and then leaving whatever I have left behind to rot in some corner.

very the philosophical but thats how im feeling right now...

so much in the dumpster..

let me get a hold of myself (or better yet..slap myself)

ok truth be told, I think i better get rid of my obssession with well, they cut the bloody movies in parts so it's like okay...watching one after another. haiz.......

i will be a new day! no more leaving things to do till the last minute..and never accomplishing it!

including blogging..

Tech Tuesdays

So while Mariah has her book review, I have review every Tuesday since I read digital life every Tuesday. I expect her to be on auto sleep mode already by now.I try to sound as layman-ish as I can so this is more like a personal review.

I must admit...when it comes to mobile technology..a.k.a..handphone technology...I can safely say Im a mobile idiot. Why? Things that offer the world in your hands in a compact device such as email on the go cost a heck lot so basically im not interested. But! If you're willing to fork out an exorbitant amount of money for this kind of push technology, it is something that is worth a try. Okay if I were to choose my dream mobile phone, it will be the one with the qwerty keyboard like the blackberry. I know that is getting more and more affordable but you know Singaporeans, if you carry things like that around, they will get this picture that're rich. I hardly take my pda out because it will draw stares and then furthermore…

New Camera Pics

Fooling around with the new camera's a weekend what! what do you expect?

Energiser Bunny

Yippeee!! The muttons are back!! wah...the long hiatus is making my midnight very the boring! Especially when my nights are spent tutoring my brother with his very the freaking challenging maths 'exciting'..


so we got new driver and due to the increased number of teams on prowl..err...more like sent out to the field, it will be very taxing for just one driver. So we have one main driver and another guy on standby and if one of them happens to be nearby the area, then he will come by. and no..they're not the sort you want to befriend with coz they have this look like they dont even wanna look at they look younger than me and I think they just left ns or what. or they can be ex convicts..or ex gangsters..i dunno..we're talking about tattoos worthy of that scale. aiyah..we're so desperate for drivers that this company we hired to do the transportation for us will take in anyone so long as they can drive a van and fetch the equipments. and pe…

Stupidity Overcomed


I will not let my itchy fingers do anything drastic to the template anymore by pressing the buttons WITHOUT thinking.

managed to restore back to the version I made even though had to almost start from scratch but did it within half an hour.

and this time I saved the codes..

painful lesson learnt.



rahayu the damn freaking smart!! anyhow go and change the freaking shitty template and then now what! have to start all over again! just great!!!!!


500th post

In celebration of my 500th post, I have decided to post up a completely different blogskin. This time, I didnt recycle the usual template code but still used the fray theme...coz..Im so in love with the fray! And guess what? The singer...uhm..what the heck is the name..hrm..

*thinking hard*

oh, it's Isaac Slade . ALright so i checked the internet. It's his looks lah..Im more of a physical appearance sorta person..the more handsome..the more I remember..

Anyway, he was born in the same year as me! AND!!! He was born in May! So technically, he's older than me!! Woohoo!! Okay which means Im not liking a pre-pubescent.

Talking about pre-pubescent, my colleague just broke up with her fiancee. I know this may sound ridiculous but...'finally!' Seriously, he has been a bad choice from the start and not just me..everyone thought so too..including her family but she was determined that one day, he will change for the better. But for a guy who does disappearing acts every now an…

Boring Project


what can i say except to wish you all you singaporeans who survived listening and watching the opera singers belt out tunes during the Marina Bay national day celebration...a very good national day!

had been awhile since we last had a public holiday that not going to work today felt like a Saturday that I kinda woke thinking..oh i supposed to do Saturday duty today?!! Am I supposed to cover someone today?!! WHAT?!! You may probably guess that my dream last night did not involve any hot or cute looking guys and thus the wakin up in an exasperated manner.

well....I guess I have been so used to the routine of waking up to go to work on a weekday despite being sick the last two felt like another working day just now. But I guess i got over it and then end up waking at 11 plus..hee..and then 2 plus onwards, I felt my energy level dipping. I thought that maybe yesterday's gym routine got me a little lethargic coz it was a little harder than the usuals as I got a…

Busy Sunday


last sunday was a super busy day for me and it was so freaking hot even wondering why the heck am I even outside!! It has always been a false notion for me that sundays are super hot days..coz probably most of the Singaporeans are prowling out in the streets taking up the shady spots leaving the rest of us to roast under the burning sun. Okay so I was being dramatic but seriously, me walking in the traditional baju kurung..taking the bus that made so many numerous turns..and then breaking down halfway...making us wait for another one in the barely shady bus stop..hello? being dramatic is an understatement! I was also rushing for time coz I had to meet two of my friends in about two hours time after the wedding held in the middle of nowhere..seriously, doesnt mean the rent is cheaper you should set up the damn restaurant there! Okay rahayu being super pissed. Pity those guests who drove there and then their cars had the wheels clamped afterwards. And so they got st…

Of Computers and Guys

My computer is currently having a meltdown...and you wonder how I can still type. Well, meltdown in this case means that it is housekeeping time! It will start to lag and thats when I have to delete unnecessary softwares, documents or pictures..oh..especially give back space ( in the button..okay, lame..) for more unnecessary stuffs in the future. I do it at random but not really a thorough one coz that will mean waiting time..and.....a rather long time without the usage of computer. That!!

But I must give my computer a round of applause for tahan-ing with me all these 5 years where other computers may not be able to survive this long given that this is a very basic computer and how I use it for long stretch of hours every night or day. I cant say the same for the keyboards though...pity. And my printers (yes that's a plural) have also survived with me all these years. Of course there are the occasional breakdowns including …

So Called Genius

oh man...

life sucks if i don blog. point in case. my ex driver came back! what the like ..what the heck is he doing here?!!! bothersome!! not really bothersome lah..he just sit down lepak like one big boss except that he is skinny which takes away the 'grr...' factor in him.

anyway, I have been rather busy lately because my brother's homework has been piling up like crazy and who is there to help? yes..super sister. Im not that keen with maths..and probably never will....but for his sake, i have to make use of my maths skills. This may sound strange to those who always have to calculate change for me if we share out the costs...haha..but im actually pretty good in maths..which, trust bloody odd also. And another 'things you never knew!'...I uh...score better maths than in english for my 'o' level..I hate to say this, but i dont see it as something to boast about. More like an embarassment coz im supposed to be better in English! Oh, and an…

Blogging Break

Would you believe i have been on on a blogging break right now? hehe..

okay...not that i have run out of ideas or what but i have been down with flu know the brain lost half its functuality..if theres such a word..

but i'll be back soon most prob later tonight coz im better now..except the occasional sporadic phlegm clogging coughs..

so mariah! i'll post the photos tonight k?

Rahayu Popz Simpson!!