Thursday, August 30, 2007

Confirmed Couple?

I swear they should start hiring me as a freelance I.T. writer...

Anyway, on a lighter note, remember that time I wrote about Wentworth Miller so called dating Luke McFarlane (the hottie!). Actually I dont really care if Wenty is gay or not although if a guy of the age 35 looks that hot, I.....may just consider dating a guy of that age who oozes the same sex appeal. I mean seriously, even if he is, give him a break man. And then if it's coming from the Perez website where the truth may not necessarily be out there, he does have a knack of getting things right too.

So it's like people are speculating that he is but just not 'out' yet and then he's dating this Luke guy from Brothers and Sisters (Singapore time...that will be every Monday 11pm). The first time he let out this info back in June, there were no pictures so I was like, hrm......he's just putting the two together just coz the latter was photographed by a freshly 'out' T R Knight before. They could be buddies for all you know plus Luke never said he was gay even though he acted as a gay in the drama and also in a stage play. See ah, act in gay roles some more. I mean seriously weird stuffs go around Tinseltown all the time like Nicole Richie being pregnant and all so I just thought that them being friends is nothing weird at all. Like heck, now it's like people question you whether you are out in public with a girl friend or a guy friend just coz you're a celebrity and paparazzis have nothing better to do but to photograph two friends enjoying some time together.

Okay but I would be lying if I said I was not excited when I saw them being photographed together plus they were all smiley. Fake smile or not, I dont really know. Why excited? Not coz I thought the photographs confirmed that Perez was not lying when he said these two knew each other but didnt go out public except to hang out in each other's home. I mean..pfft...I can even tell you Wenty hangs out at my house.

But I was excited coz they were photographed together and I was mean hello, feast your eyes on two hot guys walking on the sidewalk in matching brown pants and sandals reminding me of two good friends who have to wear almost the same like a united BFF thing. Even if they are a gay couple, I guess I know why they hang out at each other's homes most times..heh..duh, they are both physically attractive. Most of the time they will just go 'exploring the back of the house'. I dont think coz Wenty is shy lah that he doesnt want to be seen with luke before this...if I were him, I will just shove Luke somewhere inside my house too.

Sorry lah..Im more into Luke than Wenty...

Whether Wenty is gay or not, I dont think you should stop supporting Prison Break especially with the coming Season 3 which can be another reason why he wants to attract the pappis. I dont think gays should be treated any different just coz of their sexuality because he is a talented actor even though I never watched Prison Break and not planning to either. Yah I know, Im outdated so sue me. Okaylah, based on the episode trailers, I just think he's like the one kind of expression sort of actor where he's always giving that intensed stare but whatever it is, I doubt that ever stop his legion of female fans.

But I still like Luke..

and this shot...awww........

COMEX 2007

For Last Week

Well, supposed to blog every Tuesdays for my Tech Tuesdays segment but there was not really much to blog about last week. Fine, it's not really a techy thing but heck, last week's Digital Life issue is about social networking on a higher level. Ok, more like on an I.T. level. Right now social networking websites are being used as an almost free source of advertising because of their ability to connect people on different degrees which is a perfect avenue to attract customers. Plus, we're talking millions of registered users here both local and overseas so there is a very high chance that if you set up a business such as an online business in making and selling accessories, you are able to reach out to a lot more people. And therefore...bring in the $$$. So dont just see websites such as Friendster as a convenient place to 'add' friends...or so called friends coz you hardly know them. Try to milk such an opportunity without bursting your bank account.

If you are more on the shy type and would rather attract a smaller pool of customers and preferably the ones that are your friends (real life..not the online ones), you can include a link to your website selling your goodies under your profile in the segment 'about you'. You can even update them via the bulletin board if there are new goods or new arrivals so they can come in and take a look.People update their social networking websites quite frequently so there is a good chance they will actually come view your website once they read your bulletin board notice.

For This Week

Okay....this is THE perfect timing to announce to those who are very much into I.T. products

COMEX Exhibition is ON!!!!! Buy! Buy! Buy!

From Zen Neon 6 GB mp3 player selling at only $99 to an ACER LCD screen at 20 inches selling at only $299!!!

Here's a tip though....before you go squander all your money and be duped by the promoters there, I suggest you do your homework first.

Establish what you want to get whether a laptop or a digital camera. Do the necessary research and work it around your budget. Be in touch with whats the latest set of features. Of course lah the better the features, the more you have to fork out. As a rough guide, if you're planning on getting a laptop, there is the latest version of core processor which is the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. What it means is that your laptop works on a dual processor like if your system crash (touch wood), you have a so called back up system that you are still able to use unlike the older systems that work on a single system. Of course there are different versions of it but it basically works around the same thing. Plus it has faster processing time so you wont get things like a computer that hangs easily.

And then look for a RAM of at least 512MB. RAM basically means memory space or Random Access Memory but to me, why go for MB when you can go for at least 1GB and then look for the DDR2 SDRAM especially if you're going to use internet surfing using broadband access. With the higher broadband speed that are available, you tend to download more infos or cookies and these infos will be temporarily stored in the computer for easy access later. If you dont want ur laptop to overwork due to the bulgeoning memory space, 1 GB will be suffice. Of course you can always shut down and restart your computer where your system will start on a fresh new slate and clear the temporary internet files but hey, we're talking COMEX here!

Oh, and DDR2 SDRAM means that your laptop will be able to work longer for at least 2 hours of battery life which means you can play your DVD without the power connection especially when you are going mobile. Like hello, whats the function of a laptop anyway. Other than that, it also means a faster memory speed especially with easy access to broadband and wireless network.

On to digital camera. Now the current 'it' features are the face recognition feature where you no longer have to be 'haunted' by blurry faces and then now, you are able to recognise faces like 'hey, this is the BITCH! I swear she had her nose done!'..that kinda thing. If you are on a lower end scale, should get at least a 5 megapixel camera. The higher the megapixels, the higher the resolution so if you're planning to print out the pictures, it will be clearer and more 'seamless' looking. Other features will be the image stabilisers to minimise shaky and blurred photos, longer batter life and even the lens play a part and look for manufacturers such as Leica, Carl Zeiss or Canon.

Okay, if you're looking for an LCD monitor like I did last year, aim for at least a 17 inch monitor. And then the contrast ratio of 700:1 which is considered as a norm and the better the contrast, the better the images will be displayed. And then the viewing angle should be such that if you are not seated at the centre, you will still be able to view the monitor clearly. Then nowadays, an added feature is that it will be great if your monitor comes with at least a USB 2.0 port so that you can hook up your thumb drive or printer without making use of your existing ones or if you already used them up. For example, people like me who are USB freaks.

Now all these info are available on this week's Digital Life but if you missed the issue, it will also be available at the entrance of the COMEX exhibition.

Okay! Take note also that if you are going, ladies...please..NO HEELS. Not the time to act 'chi chi' coz it will be packed I tell ya. But if you're looking for bargains and planning to fight for the best ones, donning a pair of heels will be great..ONLY..if you're feeling violent.

Promoters are everywhere so just try to whizz past them or put on a pair of earphones and listen to your mp3s. And oh, what I like to do is to study the map of the hall so that I know the routes to the booth that I want to go and then a good shortcut way to it to minimize the encounters with them promoters. Now if you're looking for a good deal like computer peripherals, the best is to go on the last day nearing the closing time but if the one you want is going at a dirt cheap price and limited in stock such as a branded mp3 player or digital camera, go on the first day. Better yet, before the damn thing even opens. Treat it like some Great Singapore Sale or something.

Anyway, sadly this year I wont be able to go coz I got nothing in mind to get except maybe an mp3 player coz it's two years plus and the buttons are acting funny. But it is still in good working condition so I guess I have to pass.

But if you're planning to go there, COMEX 2007

Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre
Level 3, 4 and 6
12 to 9 Pm

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mum Bugger

It's easy to see me as someone who is cool as if there are no problems bugging me but thats just who I am outside. Im rather tormented inside coz my mum has been driving me up the wall nowadays and it's not over me going out often as I've been pretty good. It's just that seriously, she's driving me insane with her constant need for reassurance about her health which she does not want to do anything about so seriously, there IS nothing I can do except listening to her talk and talk and talk. Then I asked her to look after my father's health and not to make him buy food outside too often like those coconut rich food but she took a nonchalant attitude about it like..heck..let him buy what he wants to buy. Her excuse is that he's sick and it cannot be cured so whats the point..just let him enjoy. And when the person coughs non stop for the past few days, she kept on calling me on the phone, make me convince him to see the private doctor and then forcing to take a half day to send him to see one. When I reach home, she keep on saying she cannot stand him coughing and coughing.

Seriously, I took the trouble to collect his medicine from the hospital and fine, she does her job of giving him the medicine. I just dont understand my mum's attitude over everything and not just over my dad. She has issues in which she says what she wants and she does what she wants and she'll throw a tantrum like a small friggin kid if we utter a single word that goes against what she's doing. For example, once..she cannot even stand me saying 'mum, get ready ah..' and she told me off saying she hate it when people ask her to get ready because she will get ready when she wants to and nobody can say anything about it.

Im only saying that because she had to go to a wedding and I know she's a last minute sorta person and she will be almost like a mad woman if she's running late. THen she'll drive me insane and keep on yelling at me and find her stuffs which alway seem to be missing at the last minute.

Then I hate her 'what if?' questions like she will be telling my auntie off or my dad off about something and then she will go like 'what if she thinks that Im angry?'...or her 'do you think?' questions. I know she doesnt fancy my auntie's husband or her relatives and then just blurt out angry stuffs about them when my aunt talked about their nasty kedekut or stingy habits. After that she will go back to me and ask non stop 'do you think she will tell them?'. I dont know if she's suffering from short term memory loss or what but she has this freaking habit of going into repeat mode like she's in constant need of assurance and reassurance.

PLUS!! Most time she's never satisfied with my answers and after a while of hearing something over and over again, I go into this auto brain shutdown. No serious, it's like I keep saying to her mum, dont eat MAMEE crackers too often and again she will ask me to buy despite me saying no, you cant eat that always. Then she of course wont be too happy about it and insists that she 'balances' out her diet. After that she suffers from headaches or she gets this invisible tiny bumps on her body and would ask me what is it..what is it ok..will anything happen to her..will it get worse...but at the end of the day, I know she will never go to the doctor to check out what's wrong.

In short, Im really really tired of listening to her talk all the time and it's really beyond my control if she doesnt want to listen to me at first calling me a nag. Im really really tired of playing this mind game of 'yes mum'.

Im also tired of controlling the family budget because my mum thinks money will last forever and that whatever amount we spend on, will be miraculously recouped back. It's bull shit lah but every time she expects me to give money or buy stuffs, I'd better not give her shit that there is so and so amount left because to her, she doesnt spend a lot or she doesnt make me spend a lot. Yeah right! for someone who doesnt cook and expect to eat good quality food like a 1.95 bread for example every freaking day and buy food court priced takeaway food almost everyday, yeah right the money will stay stagnant in the f**king bank! And if the money runs low, oh blame it on rahayu for being an idiot for not managing the f**king money well! I know she's just ready to pounce on me whenever I gave her 'the look' if she wishes me to get some stuffs that is slightly on the pricier side. Do i look like a f**king MONEY TREE TO HER?!! Do you know how hard it is to control the budget but yet not go against what my mum asked to buy coz she will be so damn sarcastic's 'expensive'....we dont have 'enough money'..'we cant afford it'....even if that item may cost like 2 dollar plus.

LIke hello?!!.....

YOu know what..I have had enough.

I wont go against her wish of what she wants me to buy....but I just had to tighten my belt tighter than it already is through my own self means. I ran out of wholemeal bread and my digestive biscuits is running out soon too but I guess I have to sacrifice not eating them for the next two week. Why two weeks? Coz payday will set in. I try to make the cuts wherever I can. Money will be solely spent on my transportation, my lunch and groceries for the family...excluding my own.

I, for once, am determined to make the money..or whatever that is left, last as long as I can for at least these two weeks. Then payday comes, it will be spent on more takeaway food for the breaking fast period coz knowing her, she wants to try this food or that food and I know initially, each trip will cost me almost fifteen dollars of food. You know lah, people are just too eager to extort money out of you even if a pre packaged food that you bought...its quantity is not even worth the amount of $3 or more even.

It's a tough call but I try to see it as life's a matter how f**ked up it can be sometimes..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love is Sweet

I have very different views on love. But thats the beauty of is three dimensional. You can see it as something that is very complicated or pure and simple. Most times I chose to see it as freaking sweet. Now isn' t a good time for me to fall in love but can we choose the right moment, the right time and the right guy to experience love?

Here's the cant. It's totally unpredictable. That person can be a total stranger to you and within the next hour or so, you're totally smitten by him, quirks and all. Love sets in and everything starts to fall into place.....NOT!

Okay, maybe not. Sometimes it can take a bad date for you to totally push him to the back of your mind. But what if he creeps back in through a totally unexpected chance encounter...and start to show up slowly....but surely.

I've been watching these indie films and it teach me that it takes courage for us to face our fears and to be more relaxed a bit rather than trying to be in control all the time. We cant expect everything to fall into the right way and the wrong way because there are some grey areas. Just look at our world. You dont see it in black and white only right? All the colours fuse together to make it even more beautiful.

We each have a story to tell and it can be filled with sadness and happiness but the story within us is what makes us individuals. Two people from very different backgrounds can get along fine with each other and who cares if people stare at them like they're some kind of zoo exhibition. Sometimes, I wonder why people bother talking to me coz I feel like I have a tough time taking charge of my life and there is nothing in me that can spark interest in people. But.....really, it's hard to see our good points but if someone takes such great interest in us, even our flaws are seen as something unique.

I wonder if someone does take an interest in me, maybe.......he will find out that I dont eat chilli, fish and how I love chocolates but will only indulge in it if someone offers me one coz I dont buy chocolates. It's not a diet thing but I know myself. Once I start, well...let's just say the evil has taken over me. I still remembered going to Candy Empire at vivocity and I bought ten dollars of chocolates, and the next day...and the next day...until I was sick. Okay that was too much. Maybe something that is known to me but not known to many others unless I said it out accidentally is that I have quotas for the food I eat which I have been following for months. Im a serial snacker so I can be out of control. It's a daily battle for me but Im coping well.

Sometimes, people surprise me with facts about me that I didnt expect them to know or even remember. Like the other time Mariah mentioned about me not liking fish and I was does she know that.

Can you imagine a guy who bothers to take note of the things you say or you do because we mean that much to him. I find it...flattering. Like this show I watched, this guy like to watch classic television shows and one of them is the Planet of the Apes and he liked one of those characters in it and was at a flea market to see if he could find an action figure of it. Well, his gal pal (not yet girlfriend) thought that it was funny he plays with dollies..but he said..'action figure!' Okay whatever...but he didnt find it. Guess what? His gal pal looked it up on the internet and when they got into a squabble and there was also a hint of jealousy when his gal pal was chatting up with some hot guy at a hen party, she went to his house and gave him that 'dolly'. He asked where did you get that and she said...'internet'.

It turned out that the action figure was an original and it was sent to her in the original box and he was surprised coz things like these would cost more. But she didnt see the importance of the box, took the figure out so that he could play with it immediately and when asked where was the box, she said she tossed it in the dumpster. Of course he would have jumped but they just squabbled over how he could be so freaking neurotic over everything so he just said..'never mind' and smiled at her freaking sweet gesture.

Wow...yes, love can change people. They became an official couple after that. At first she laughed when he was finding for the action figure coz like..pfft..a grown up playing with a doll?! But in the end, she understood what it meant to him and she reciprocated it back.

Geez, didnt I tell you love can be so sweet...



finally some free time to blog...that is until my mum comes knocking on the door. Well, hows life been for me. Cruel at times but I do have some sun shiny moments too. Like yesterday, as I was sitting in the front of a seat of a bus..the kind of long seat facing directly opposite the former farecard ticketing machine (thats a preetty long description) with my load of groceries and food, I saw this guy boarding. You will probably think Im weird that within that five minutes that he boarded the bus, he just had to stand directly opposite me. I figured that he was waiting for the bus to stop moving so that he could find a seat. But even when the bus stopped at the next stop, he didnt move. You see, the minute he boarded the bus, I was trying to control myself from grinning. Now this, does not happen all the time...for a guy to put a silly grin on my face. Okay so I noticed the body first and boy does he fit the description well-O! QUite hunky and he has a nice skin colour and nice hair in a messy do form...a little on the short side (the height..not the hair), and handsome! Alright, so I just took a quick sec to look at his face and can easily decipher that he's good looking.

But there's a catch..

He's not Chinese. Okay so I know whats the big deal about this like since..hellooo..Im not even Chinese. Hrm, when it comes to guys, I have this preferential thing going on. Trust me, Im not against my own race.....I thought that some are..err...good looking. But seriously, the good looking ones? Yah the minahs got them...or rather, they are so easily victimized by the minahs.

Honestly, I dont think the guy is Malay either. He could be Eurasian too. He looks like one of the actors in this lame drama on channel 5..who I reckon is Eurasian too. NO I did not move on to Eurasians lah...but that would mean some move..heh...But bottom line is, what if a guy strikes you in your face, no matter what race...what religion....what age....and would you equate that to love at first sight? Well, of course wherever we go, we tend to bump into hot guys but what about those that catches you fancy straight away leaving you no room to breathe coz he just strikes you hard like a hot iron.You just dont know where to put your face, how you should sit and if your hair is in an utter mess.

For me, yesterday I was so not glam. I feel like a mother and a wife who just finished grocery shopping for her family. What..a major turn off. But heck, even if Im not in my so called motherly mode, I would probably dismiss him as some guy who is too good a catch for me.

But what does that make me out to be? That Im someone of a B grade? I dont deserve someone who is as good looking and physically pleasing as him? What sort of guys should I go for? A b grader as well? How could I think of myself as that low?! I've always thought that we, as women, deserve better even if most of us go against the typical A class woman who can make men go all weak in the knees. Okay, you know what. Let's put a stop to this classification of women. There IS no such thing! But it is human nature to amplify our flaws rather than our better traits and it's hard not to feel yucky about ourselves. Why dont we start thinking the other way round such as the men feeling that they are losing out a potential love interest just coz they are not 'open' enough to ask for our number because we're....too good for them?

But if you're thinking that will NEVER happen, see...we're in loser mode again. The first rule of being a women, whether we're young or matured, is to feel good about ourselves. If we start feeling good about ourselves, then others will see through that and want to get to know us better. We dont feel sorry about ourselves that it's better that we perish from the face of universe.

It's easier said than trying to feel all empowered and being in control of ourselves and the next minute, we totally slack. NOt easy I tell ya. But if you want any comforting thought, here's the thing. Even those high flying women who are financially independent and has a great career, inside..they may not be happy. They always end up with the wrong men who treat them like dirt even though they are able to provide them with pleasure inducing moments. One article I read, this woman even paid her estranged husband a thousand or two dollars to make him have sex with her. And then he's off to his mistress. We're talking about an intelligent woman here who will probably will do a heck lot better without him. But each time she is drawn to him because she doesnt have the confidence to move on to a guy who will probably treat her right.


She feels that she is not good enough for other men. She thinks men in general are scared of her because of her position. She knows she's being taken advantage of especially if her husband demands that she gives him more because he either wants to spend money on his mistress or to recoup back the losses he made during his business ventures which flopped. She's a convenient atm machine for him. No money, no honey.

The good news is, she is out of the relationship. It was hard for her coz her husband made it difficult for her to get a divorce from him. In the end, she succeeded but she is still recovering slowly and is not open to meet other men yet although she is hopeful that one day, she will meet the right person.

Look, even supermodels have insecurity issues. The more voluptious ones think that they will look better if they were petite while the petite ones will think they look better if they were taller. So face it, we will never be happy if we keep let negatives cloud our minds. Turn the table around and make the men...want us purely based on our alluring sensuality and not based on what little clothes we're wearing. We want to attract handsome intelligent men...not hungry wolves.

So, let's be nice to ourselves. I know that it's not an easy journey for us to accept ourselves as who we are, chunky thighs and all. Based on personal experience, the best thing or the best 'gift' we can give ourselves is not a ruby or a diamond ring (that will be nice too lah..) but to make little subtle changes in our lives that up our tempo a bit so that we dont always feel that our hearts belong to the dumpster. I once felt that my shoulders were so huge that I make everyone else small....and I had problems with my shoulder blades which would ache badly five minutes into writing something. At that time, I had to write long essays and each essay would take me forty five minutes or more. Can you imagine how much pain and discomfort I was in?!

So...I made the change. I lifted weights and used those arm toning machines thrice a week and even though it would leave me with tired aching shoulders and initially I could not see a f**king difference, I stuck with it. I knew that it was driving my confidence away and I wanted it so badly that I persisted. All I remembered was that I didnt do it for a guy. I did it for myself.

Now my shoulders dont feel that heavy and the bonus thing about it is that my arms are also longer and leaner. They used to feel so 'stumpy' including my hands that holding a cup or a pencil were not an easy process for me. I would often drop the cup or bottles and spill the water coz I was not able to get a good grip coz my fingers were too fat.

I believe that we should not degrade ourselves. So if the guy is someone who dresses up well, whether casually or for a special occasion, while we look like a slob most times, I dont see the harm in changing our style to make it less sloppy and our confidence will soar to a higher level. Even if we dont get to know the guy or his heart belongs to someone else, it is little things like this that make us want to change for the better which to me is good because at least we dont keep on entertaining ourselves with negative thoughts. We just need that spark and if that spark comes in a form of a guy, so be it. See him as a bonus to improve ourselves rather than a future conquest.

So please.......let's treat ourselves with the respect that we deserve! Next time you see a cute guy and he doesnt look your way, just think...hrm....Im too good for him so it's his loss he doesnt look at me!! heh heh...or better yet...'awww..he's shy of me!!'

Friday, August 24, 2007


you know wat..

i seem to enjoy watching short films on you tube be it internationally acclaimed or amateur...the message is often put across short and simple...yet sweet, bittersweet, emotionally engaging..whatever...and you're often left pondering on a thought. And more sometimes.

i witnessed the companionship between two unusual characters that you will never thought would actually forge a friendship. I also witnessed the cruelty of society and at times i would catch a glimpse into a world that is so pure yet rarely seen.

so after watching these short films, which often mimick real people's lives but we hardly witnessing it happening, it kinda open up your mind a bit and then you'll be left with a thought that hey, that will never happen.....but then again, it will.

okaylah..thats all the excuse i can think of for my absence in writing...haha...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Piece of Junk

Oh bother.....

seriously disappointed with myself and feel like slapping my face left and right for treating my own life like a piece of junk. no im not on drugs but nowadays, Ive been treating my life like as if there will always be enough time for everything.....and therefore can chuck it aside and then leaving whatever I have left behind to rot in some corner.

very the philosophical but thats how im feeling right now...

so much in the dumpster..

let me get a hold of myself (or better yet..slap myself)

ok truth be told, I think i better get rid of my obssession with well, they cut the bloody movies in parts so it's like okay...watching one after another. haiz.......

i will be a new day! no more leaving things to do till the last minute..and never accomplishing it!

including blogging..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tech Tuesdays

So while Mariah has her book review, I have review every Tuesday since I read digital life every Tuesday. I expect her to be on auto sleep mode already by now. I try to sound as layman-ish as I can so this is more like a personal review.

I must admit...when it comes to mobile technology..a.k.a..handphone technology...I can safely say Im a mobile idiot. Why? Things that offer the world in your hands in a compact device such as email on the go cost a heck lot so basically im not interested. But! If you're willing to fork out an exorbitant amount of money for this kind of push technology, it is something that is worth a try. Okay if I were to choose my dream mobile phone, it will be the one with the qwerty keyboard like the blackberry. I know that is getting more and more affordable but you know Singaporeans, if you carry things like that around, they will get this picture that're rich. I hardly take my pda out because it will draw stares and then furthermore, it doesnt suit my image.

But then judging from the ever changing evolution of phones into better smartass devices, pda is so backdated. Pda phone is somewhat the in thing but because of the many technical glitches, people are reverting back into phones that are fast becoming more 'intelligent' such as the touch screen phones and with the new 3.5G technology, it promises faster downloads and web browsing. Wah and they call me indecisive....

I know technology is never constant but I feel that in Singapore, we're more into the experimental stage with ideas taken from Japan who is in the forefront when it comes to mobile technology. (im beginning to sound like a writer for some i.t. magazine..) Like hello, their phones act as a 'wallet' for them k? They use it to pass through train gantries cool is that? But thats the same country where their instant noodles cost as much as a real meal and their suicide rate is damn high.

Sometimes when I read stuffs like digital life magazines, it's a waste of time except the pc troubleshooting part. But I kinda share the same sceptism as the freelance writers that hey, we're still at the bottom rung of the ladder but only the pros are being presented to the consumers and not the cons. Yah lah they want to make money so why risk it by telling us the cons so it's up to us to go find out about it ourselves. Before signing up. So dont be an idiot and just get eaten up by their words.

Now for cable tv, I have to pay a bit more than usual because they said that they have been 'good' to us by absorbing most of the fees and they can no longer take the strain so have to pass the costs to the costumers. It's just four dollars more but I cant imagine taking additional channels and then bearing the huge costs later. Like what..I dont have to eat but just watch tv only? Can you imagine they drop the bomb soon after they introduce stuffs like digital cable or hdtv (which is a norm in America like yonks ago). Lucky I stick to the same ol' basic plan.

But I must admit, the usual critics of technology in Singapore, are lauding the multi usage of broadband technology offered by a single set box? You can surf, watch tv and talk. Fantastic eh? Except when that thing breaks down, then hello hermit life. They are also trying to make it cheaper so that eventually most household carry a broadband service.

heh..cheaper...sure or not..

Singapore so small are you sure they are going to recover back all the millions of dollars they spent just to perfect the art of squeezing a heck lot out of broadbrand service?

Yeah cheap for now...then later become another classic story such as the stunt they pull on us...saying we have it easy all this have to pay more now. Wah piang..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Camera Pics

Fooling around with the new camera's a weekend what! what do you expect?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Energiser Bunny

Yippeee!! The muttons are back!! wah...the long hiatus is making my midnight very the boring! Especially when my nights are spent tutoring my brother with his very the freaking challenging maths 'exciting'..


so we got new driver and due to the increased number of teams on prowl..err...more like sent out to the field, it will be very taxing for just one driver. So we have one main driver and another guy on standby and if one of them happens to be nearby the area, then he will come by. and no..they're not the sort you want to befriend with coz they have this look like they dont even wanna look at they look younger than me and I think they just left ns or what. or they can be ex convicts..or ex gangsters..i dunno..we're talking about tattoos worthy of that scale. aiyah..we're so desperate for drivers that this company we hired to do the transportation for us will take in anyone so long as they can drive a van and fetch the equipments. and perhaps not get into trouble half way. sad to say lah...they're not of the same calibre as our ex drivers ever since this shitty cluster configurations thingey where everyone's back will be crooked within the next one year. We got along quite fine the first half of the year and then now that we're in the next half of the year, they realised that they did a bad job at scheduling. So now..we're behind schedules.

My leader like relax one corner...I mean..dont get me wrong..she's really good and efficient...but the rest? Uhm...apparently one of them is so stressed out, she's being extra nasty and extra sarcastic to anything that has pulse.

My schedule is simply said....ridiculous. How can they make me come back to office EVERY..SINGLE...FREAKING..DAY?!! Have they ever heard of the phrases 'varieties'...'sharing of workload'......'not trying to kill somebody while she's standing on her feet?!!' tired you know..the journey to the school..rush like nobody's business...then journey out in the hot sun back to office..where a pile high of school data and spectacle reply slips awaits you with open arms.

Anything's all in the name of if I earn so much I can afford a car. the very least, it pays for my bills.

Sometimes I think that there is so much for me to explore and learn or high time I make a transition into something a heck lot better. But...I dont know. Maybe that time is not here yet...haiz.....anyway, life in general isn't easy right?

Even if I were to realise my dream to become a will be a very stressful one too. I mean..Im struggling to cope with just one brother here...and my stress level is almost reaching boiling point. But I dont know if God is helping me out too coz today, my brother seems very the enthusiastic to learn Maths. Seriously, he's somewhat a sad reminder of myself. Able to do maths but simply have no interest in it unless threatened at gun point. In this case, my mum's repetitive nagging that can make you raise the white flag if you want her to quit with her nagging.

My stress level is on the increase but being a virgo, heh.....I can cope well under pressure. Uhm, sometimes too well la..that I forgot what is my main priority. And then I start panicking again. But I also have the knack for doing something at auto speed to so called get rid of the inertia of doing something that I have placed way way way behind my head. But if only the two sides of my brain are working together instead of against each other. When that happens, it's like I'm being possessed or what where my brains, my eyes and my hands can work simultaneously. Ok more like my eyes and my hand co ordination..uhm brain..has to work somehow or i would be declared brain dead. Seriously, Im quite amazed at this minor talent of mine where I can spot and correct typo mistakes in a split second or typing out the whole IC number..with the two seconds flat. This only happens if I concentrate and not be easily distracted which is basically how I lead my life day in day out.

Wow..if I can apply that in my own life, I would be like some energiser bunny. Cute..fluffy.....energetic. Now Im only cute.

Well, rahayu..time to get your act together. Uhm, I hope the wiping of my computer table is a good start. Hey, it's still something okay coz it has not been done so long I think im breeding a whole new different organism of bacteria on it.

Stupidity Overcomed


I will not let my itchy fingers do anything drastic to the template anymore by pressing the buttons WITHOUT thinking.

managed to restore back to the version I made even though had to almost start from scratch but did it within half an hour.

and this time I saved the codes..

painful lesson learnt.



rahayu the damn freaking smart!! anyhow go and change the freaking shitty template and then now what! have to start all over again! just great!!!!!


500th post

In celebration of my 500th post, I have decided to post up a completely different blogskin. This time, I didnt recycle the usual template code but still used the fray theme...coz..Im so in love with the fray! And guess what? The singer...uhm..what the heck is the name..hrm..

*thinking hard*

oh, it's Isaac Slade . ALright so i checked the internet. It's his looks lah..Im more of a physical appearance sorta person..the more handsome..the more I remember..

Anyway, he was born in the same year as me! AND!!! He was born in May! So technically, he's older than me!! Woohoo!! Okay which means Im not liking a pre-pubescent.

Talking about pre-pubescent, my colleague just broke up with her fiancee. I know this may sound ridiculous but...'finally!' Seriously, he has been a bad choice from the start and not just me..everyone thought so too..including her family but she was determined that one day, he will change for the better. But for a guy who does disappearing acts every now and then, keeps problems to himself...gets agitated easily if you ask him whats wrong..would rather be left alone than talk it out...gets jealous easily....I would say forget it. Mat jiwang2? So not for her...

Well girl, I wish you all the best and dont worry, time will heal all wounds..and hopefully knock some sense into this guy and NOT get into a habit of breaking girls' hearts. And oh...WAKE UP!!!!

Well, I anticipate this week will be a very darn busy week for me coz my brother's exams are coming up. But I need to go out this coming Saturday to celebrate mariah's birthday. However it's not something that will end so late so okay....I guess I still got time to tutor my brother and that boy is another one..need to seriously wake up and not take his up coming exams for granted. I dont know who is feeling the him. Okay definitely me...even though most times I tend to panic and then de-panic so I also need to wake up. Ironic...since Im typing this way late into the night..sheesh.....

Gawd I wish sometimes I dont hold such big responsibilities over my family. Im glad in a way that i have got myself back on track rather quickly once i put my mind into the budget mode. But it's worth the cause. Just like eating..I can eat a heck lot (I dont get full easily..a trait I got from my father)... am a serial snacker (mum...) and I have a sweet tooth (er...both parents? haha..blame it on the parents). If I let go of the devil in me..without the prada....I am in big trouble.

OH YAH!!'s back on already, baby! Season I come! But I missed the first episode coz I was not aware of it until I saw the trailer by accident last week. A babe in bikini with a gun strapped around her waistline..who would have missed that?! NO, the last I checked, Im not into women. Lucky just one episode and no biggie on that. I can work my way around it. Miss you people!

Yesterday, I spent my entire late afternoon till early evening at Plaza Singapura.....waiting for my queue number to be called at Starhub. My gawd..the crowd was a killer! But then again, it was a Saturday. I used up most of my points to get the 100 dollar voucher which entitled me to a new set of handphone and also I get to recontract into a better plan which allowed me to have 500 sms-es!! Now I dont have to be one of those losers who actually have to pay for her sms-es which is ridiculous given the amount of free sms-es they give out at will nowadays.

If you're wondering.....yes, I got a new handphone even though my current phone is still working well. I was not planning on getting that phone but I had to get something before the expiry date end of the month and this phone was the only phone that seemed reasonable enough to get and within my budget. It's sorta like an upgrade. There are a lot of additional features which I dont need actually. Now isn't the time to further upgrade the card coz it's still a heart pain for me departing with my money. Im just one of those people who are not big into handphones coz at the end of the day, or rather few times a day...the calls I get most are from my mum and not some secret admirers or what. That or *touch wood*....I drop it into the next toilet bowl or left behind in a cab driven by a dishonest cabby.

I still remember that stupid cabby! am I officially disqualified from being poor since I two handphones now? But of course I may eventually have to give up that phone to my brother who has been very the patient with my reasonings that doesnt mean your friends have one, you must have one too.

Well, btw...I put a song at the sidebar from the Fray. It's an old song from them but heck, that guy...can sing! It's not on autoplay so you have to click on it to play. Uhm...why the trouble? Let's just say songs on autoplay is one of my pet peeves. It's like forcing a frog down your throat..and you hate frogs. Uhm...something like that...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Boring Project


what can i say except to wish you all you singaporeans who survived listening and watching the opera singers belt out tunes during the Marina Bay national day celebration...a very good national day!

had been awhile since we last had a public holiday that not going to work today felt like a Saturday that I kinda woke thinking..oh i supposed to do Saturday duty today?!! Am I supposed to cover someone today?!! WHAT?!! You may probably guess that my dream last night did not involve any hot or cute looking guys and thus the wakin up in an exasperated manner.

well....I guess I have been so used to the routine of waking up to go to work on a weekday despite being sick the last two felt like another working day just now. But I guess i got over it and then end up waking at 11 plus..hee..and then 2 plus onwards, I felt my energy level dipping. I thought that maybe yesterday's gym routine got me a little lethargic coz it was a little harder than the usuals as I got a bit more time. But then........I realised. I did not sleep well the night before!

remember me writing about how it sucked having to do the so called I.T. project which is just a word document but it got me bummed coz I had to do it myself? Yeah..I finished it within the night..sacrificing my sleep in between. I started at 1.30 am...slept like about an hour or so..woke up about 3 and then the whole thing was completed by 5 plus. Then I slept for another one and half hours. Even with the make up I wore, it could not cover up the sleepy face and the tired eyes..especially the tired eyes which got one of my colleagues to notice.

When I was asked to present the two sets of word documents, they were like ...oh..okay...nod in agreement...but like..hello? Im sure there are thing that they want to change about or add on but no one said anything. It's like what you see is what you get! It just showed that we're all the freaking lazy to even think about this project..year in..year out..

bloody boring!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Busy Sunday


last sunday was a super busy day for me and it was so freaking hot even wondering why the heck am I even outside!! It has always been a false notion for me that sundays are super hot days..coz probably most of the Singaporeans are prowling out in the streets taking up the shady spots leaving the rest of us to roast under the burning sun. Okay so I was being dramatic but seriously, me walking in the traditional baju kurung..taking the bus that made so many numerous turns..and then breaking down halfway...making us wait for another one in the barely shady bus stop..hello? being dramatic is an understatement! I was also rushing for time coz I had to meet two of my friends in about two hours time after the wedding held in the middle of nowhere..seriously, doesnt mean the rent is cheaper you should set up the damn restaurant there! Okay rahayu being super pissed. Pity those guests who drove there and then their cars had the wheels clamped afterwards. And so they got stuck in the 'desert' even though their car was right there but could not drive back home. But cant blame them coz there was no parking space available either.

Haiz....can I just name the restaurant here? My gawd..I know Im not a big fan of the dishes served at wedding but this is like THE MOST PATHETIC buffet that I ever saw. I cant believe each one was served two small slices of tempeh (fermented soya bean cakes) like two ring fingers and two small pieces of cut chicken probably cut to the smallest size possible and then smothered with a very thin layer almost invisible gravy. Plus they actually hired people to serve those to us?!!! What..tempeh also want to ration?! I actually ate the briyani rice with the gado gado pieces made up of tempeh slices, cucumbers, cabbages and pineapple pieces poured with a bit of its gravy. But I was not alone in doing that. The popiahs and the kuih pieces were cut in a way..u know the normal slice of rectangular kuihs? It is almost like they cut it into a further four pieces. The popiahs were cut into the same four small pieces and inside were bananas.

But I just think the tempeh thing was pathetic. I dont even think it should even exist as one of the so called dishes served except as part of the the gado gado. And it's a restaurant?!!!!!!! Okaylah plus point is that it is damn healthy..coz I almost felt like a vegetarian.

Nevertheless, at least I was quite happy sitting around with my colleagues especially with those I didnt get to mingle around in the office ever since we got separated into different clusters..

Oh, here are some of the pictures that I took on Sunday. Among them are the wedding highlights, sherry's little baby niece (she's an official auntie now!), and a fat 12 year old cat that showed her divaness when the baby woke up and all attention was on her instead. I tried to shower my attention on her but she was so mad at us she gave us dagger stares and wanted to scratch me and then her own owner when we tried to touch her later. Wah just now manja like nobody's business and then giving this attitude. Tsk..anyway it's a small wonder coz they named her after the hongkong actress cecilia coz the previous owner was a hongkie. Nats was like..hrm..I see the resemblance..

But I still like the cat! SO freaking fat! I like! And to think it is 12 years old which is the same age as my brother.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Of Computers and Guys

My computer is currently having a meltdown...and you wonder how I can still type. Well, meltdown in this case means that it is housekeeping time! It will start to lag and thats when I have to delete unnecessary softwares, documents or pictures..oh..especially give back space ( in the button..okay, lame..) for more unnecessary stuffs in the future. I do it at random but not really a thorough one coz that will mean waiting time..and.....a rather long time without the usage of computer. That!!

But I must give my computer a round of applause for tahan-ing with me all these 5 years where other computers may not be able to survive this long given that this is a very basic computer and how I use it for long stretch of hours every night or day. I cant say the same for the keyboards though...pity. And my printers (yes that's a plural) have also survived with me all these years. Of course there are the occasional breakdowns including one very major one two years ago but other than that, I brought it back to life myself. I will never give you up!! SO dont die on me now!

Talking about computers, Im very the lazy to do this freaking if it is a draft..pfft...that shows snapshots of an I.T. guidebook based on this internal software system that we have in our office and satellite clinics. I could do it in an hour or two but alah.............this is a group effort! I cant be doing everything while people will just point here..point there...ask to remove this..remove that...add this add that...based on the framework, which to not just a framework. Might as well qualify as the actual thing itself. I mean seriously, when they say they are going to do an I.T. project this year, half of me is excited while the other half of me want to creep into some hole coz I will feel victimized later. And victimized I became. I tried to shut up most of the time when they spent like an hour or so talking about things that I could solve in less than 5 minutes and it was super hard to control. Like complaining they have to type out the web address for the system every time they log in and I was like thinking..cant they just save it under internet options? And they spent half an hour talking about ways to solve the problem.

When they get back to me and ask if I think I now how to do like..'' and Im probably the worst liar in the world. Then there was one time they were puzzled why the system in the Woodlands clinic doesnt seem to have the problem as the other sattelite clinics and asked if I had anything to do with it since I was attached there. Like hello?! Does everything to do with computers have to do with me?! ok so I denied doing the configurations..

Look, I am not trying to make a big hoo haa over something that Im probably passionate about next to this guy below..

But seriously, Im not into the idea that doesnt mean someone knows something more than you, might as well dump the whole thing onto this poor fella. Yes so it is still being discussed as a whole..well..almost...but..I think it's a lousy excuse to say that oh, you have zilch knowledge on this so might as well not get involved in it and just stay by the sidewalk. Then do what? Act like some bimbo-ish cheerleader? In the end, they get the credits too coz the final scoring doesnt say who does more work or who totally slacked.

Im just going to do a chop chop thingey on this...and not make it so gawd damn perfect even though I have the tendency to lean towards that when it comes to such things. But no..rahayu has to put a firm hold on this. Fine, I can do the framework as a starting point. Then, when it comes to finetuning it, dont they dare pass the buck to me again as a whole. I will still get involved in it since it is after all a group effort but I would rather let it be as it is..a group effort.

Anyway, enough about my whining. Heh, talking about computers, just now one of my colleagues had some problem with her pc and she called one of the computer guys to come take a look. When he came, she called me over and I was like whats up since there was a guy already attending to it. Then she told me if I can hear any noise coming from the computer and I tried to listen to it and I said..err..dont have? She also told the guy that her screen vibrated just now but the guy said most probably coz it was next to the shredder so the current passed through the monitor causing it to vibrate. Or it could be just the static.

Then, I was standing there I even needed in the picture..until the guy bent down over the computer to hear out the sound and she signalled to me about the the thumbs up and the look that this guy is cute. Ok, he's a malay guy and yah, he is rather good looking and I said yesh..okay more like nod in approval..and then I realised why the heck she called me over. She wanted me to see him in person! what the heck...and here I was trying to figure out why I couldnt hear any sound coming from the pc.

Oh, there was another encounter as me and my colleagues from the same cluster were entering the door to the pantry and another group of people went out supposedly just finished their meeting. And I was like's damn hard to see good looking guys which only exist in certain departments like the research and Im so ..wah...until it came to the last guy whom I suspect is a malay..but a damn fair one who is rather good looking and has nice hazel brown eyes. Why I even knew the colour of the eyes coz I had eye contact with him coz I was's not every time I see malay guys lurking around our office building except maybe the technicians..certainly not in shirt and tie. And I guess he was puzzled too there is a malay girl existing in this damn building who is not minah-ish (seriously, there seems to be a slow influx of them..) or mature-ish (a.k.a mother of two).

He looked like the singer from suria..something anjani...or it the song he sang that had anjani in it..gah! DOnt ask me anything about malay it classic or modern. I know siti nurhaliza exists but the only song I know from her is Aku Cinta Pada Mu which was yonks ago. He seriously looked like him that I even thought heck..could it be him?

Anyway, the funny bit was that my colleague infront of me turned behind to see me after he walked past and she gave me this sly look and I said..'potensi...' (potential)..haha....we're so gatal!

Well, maybe there will be another chance encounter but that is as rare as the fire drills at my workplace. During that time, I pity the volunteer civil defence guys who will talk about our timing and other crappy shit coz we're so concentrated on picking out the handsome guys and the not so handsome ones. If they're lucky, we gossip about them too. I guess they are also wondering the same like..'i've never seen this babe around before..'...aaah...the honour of being called a babe....But sorry guys, Im more focused on the CD guys especially those who spend more time at the gym and have those gorgeous biceps to show off.

Yup, thats life in office and tomorrow, since it is the eve of national day, I have to wear red and white. Unfortunately for them, rahayu dont do solely red and white unless they want me to drape myself with the singapore flag. Im wearing black pants coz gawd knows what games they want us to play..tsk...hate I dont want the whole department to know I wear thongs. (just a fancy term for my granny pants)....

And let's fellow readers..or reader..tomorrow I get to see more of the good looking chinese guys maybe stun them again as they open the door to the pantry. I so want to see this one guy..who rather short lah..who am I kidding..he's shorter than me..but he's good looking. At least in my know those boleh tahan looks but not the sort that kills me or impress me so much till I go blind.

That will be a very good national day for me with the fireworks burning my intestines inside. butterflies in the stomach? So overrated.

So Called Genius

oh man...

life sucks if i don blog. point in case. my ex driver came back! what the like ..what the heck is he doing here?!!! bothersome!! not really bothersome lah..he just sit down lepak like one big boss except that he is skinny which takes away the 'grr...' factor in him.

anyway, I have been rather busy lately because my brother's homework has been piling up like crazy and who is there to help? yes..super sister. Im not that keen with maths..and probably never will....but for his sake, i have to make use of my maths skills. This may sound strange to those who always have to calculate change for me if we share out the costs...haha..but im actually pretty good in maths..which, trust bloody odd also. And another 'things you never knew!'...I uh...score better maths than in english for my 'o' level..I hate to say this, but i dont see it as something to boast about. More like an embarassment coz im supposed to be better in English! Oh, and another 'things you never knew..knew knew..knew...' (lame attempt at copying the 987fm catch phrase)..I studied Additional Mathematics too..and..I passed it too!! And throughout my years at pre U, I never passed my GP so it was a dang miracle I did so during A level.

Plus Im happy coz it's the same score as my we're even! hahahahaaha..*evil laugh*

I cant deny this fact already tat i can solve maths problems..well, most of them..just by looking at it..coz of my brother's stupid homeworks! oh, plus the fact that I like to tweak html codes which require some maths too..

Dammit, I cant run away from the past.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Blogging Break

Would you believe i have been on on a blogging break right now? hehe..

okay...not that i have run out of ideas or what but i have been down with flu know the brain lost half its functuality..if theres such a word..

but i'll be back soon most prob later tonight coz im better now..except the occasional sporadic phlegm clogging coughs..

so mariah! i'll post the photos tonight k?

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