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Overwhelmed but Grateful

 I admit that I felt overwhelmed mid-week. I had orders coming in, which is good believe me, but another thing is that I have just started on a new module as of last Monday. I've always felt lethargic last few weeks and add school to the repertoire, it somehow made it worse because for three times during the week, I would return home late at night after school and doing some grocery shopping.

To me, school doesn't quite interfere with the time I spend running the online shop because I am usually not productive around the time I reach home from work which can be anything from 7.30 to 8.30pm. I would rather veg out infront of the laptop and do mindless surfing either on the laptop or or on the phone through wireless internet. However, I simply could not get up in the middle of the night to do my work and just my luck, I had to rush several of my orders including one who, I don't know if it's a miscom or something, said that she didn't receive the mother's day card…

Me & My Attempt in Drinking Chinese Tea

I don't know how but I seem to be gaining weight around the tummy, hips and well..butt area which is so excruciatingly difficult to get rid of. Many women tend to gain weight around those areas and it really sucks. I have no idea too how I've been gaining weight because I don't remember eating a lot of unhealthy food. Everytime I set my mind to losing weight, I gain instead, haha. My lunch isn't fantastic either. It just consists of oatmeal and wholemeal bread except for one of the weekdays where I get to skip eating oatmeal and eat a proper lunch instead bought from the canteen.

While I think it's true that as you age, your metabolism rate slows down which means that you burn fats at a slower pace, it's not completely true that you cannot lose weight at all. I know that I have to be more conscious in what I eat such as eating more healthier stuffs and do more physical activities to help in the burning of calories.

I read over the last weekend that a successful w…

Treasured Memories

In life, people come and go. Even things that used to be in the rage and of places that used to be bustling with people, over time popularity may dwindle, things take a toll by the harsh realities of time but memories are not meant to be broken. There are people who may do things that upset you and practically make your life a living hell but there are also others who are basically real life angels. Sadly, the rapid changing world has made many people cold hearted and instead of doing some self-reflection on how they could be better, they choose to blame it on other people.

When you hear them talk, all you can think about is how the world doesn't revolve around them. Don't always expect people to bend over backwards for you for your own benefits. Fortunately, there are still others who are rational, supporting and caring enough to be there for your in times of your need and to support you in every step you take. 

I do have such people in life and one of them is a friend, not jus…

Not Loving Myself & The People I Love..Enough

I know, what a shocking title right? The truth is..I have been feeling rather 'meh' and as much as I read about self-improvement whether about my side business or my life in general, and how I want to do this and that, everything seems to go on the slide down. This is what happens when you don't know WHY you are doing this or that. You don't have this hold in life where you know what you are supposed to do but you just don't have a firm enough grip.

I've read this a few times and I know that I just have to tell myself that if I love myself, I will do whatever it takes to bring happiness in my life by improving my life and making things better for my family. Because if they're happy, I'm happy too. I should count myself lucky that I'm not dirt poor or living in the slums. I should be grateful that we care for each other in the family and having a few well meaning friends who are supportive and colleagues who also care for my benefits. I don't thin…