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Advertorial: Bulk Orders for My Little Card Shop

Recently I mentioned about my Principal buying cards for me..all 20 of them! I am so happy because it helps to pave the way in slowly increasing my income and also helping me to pay for expenses so that I can start saving up with my salary.

I hope to make this into a successful business and get it registered soon once it has taken off. Of course I will still stick to my day job. You can say this is a night routine..heh. So night-ish that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to complete my orders and then had a bit of flu.

So yah, the body needs a bit of adjustment but we will get there.

I really need to get more orders so if you are reading this blog, please help me to share this post :)

Need personalized cards for your company for some special event or to simply say thank you or happy birthday to your colleagues? Drop me a note at rahayupopz(a)gmail(.)com

I can take up to 50 cards per order as you know, I'm still working in the day and come home only at night. But if there i…

My First Promotion Ceremony 2012

Last Friday,  I had my very first promotion ceremony. After 9 years of working in the public service, my contributions have been recognized :) My promotion is from my second job which is also in the public service line and I had no idea that I will be promoted because I feel that I'm just not one of those officers that offer a lot of ideas and make many useful contributions. However I do believe in working hard, believing in the job that I do and just simply do my best. Yes there are times I feel like eurgh..I'd rather do something else but it's best to brush that aside and give your full on concentration on the job that you are doing.

After struggling for many years and with my ultimate struggle last year with of course led me to this credit card debt which I really hope to eliminate by year end, my pay has finally been increased. As of next month, there is a slight increase again. But I will have to make use of the increase to slowly clear my debt and hopefully start to e…

Beauty 101: Budget Eyeshadows, Eyeliner & Mascara

Been a long while since I last wrote about beauty. Honestly I have yet to abandon my love for make up although it hardly shows on my face. I'm the low key type of beauty person..ha! Anyway, if you are like me who don't wish to spend such big buck on make up and would rather spend on the essentials, there are some product recommendations that you can get to include in your stash. Best time is now if you want to get discounted price for some drugstore products.

You can get hold of this Loreal infallible eyeshadow which I lurve..

According to the Loreal website:

Infallible Eyeshadows contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish and up to 24 hour long-lasting hold.
Immense, endless, breathtaking blue with a myriad of starry glimmers for eyes of exalted strength.

They do stay on but I've yet to test for 24 hours and the colour is intense. If there is one shade you wish to get, you can get the shade shown above called Hourglass Beige.

They are also affor…

Hoping the Dark Clouds WIll Go Away

I've got a lawyer's letter telling me that I've got this much to pay and...worst of all, my mum found out coz the letter was sent to my home.

I had never experienced such severe hardship last year and I had never got myself into such a huge mess. So much so I had to ask for financial assistance. I recently asked again and I'm hoping that they will approve my application.

My mum was of course angry with me at first for keeping things quiet about this but I told her I've got no choice. I was so hard up last year. I would totally understand her confusion and anger. I promise her that I will pay and come clean about this matter.

Just last week, my savings account was deducted of $270 by another bank to settle yet another outstanding amount. Though I was totally heartbroken, I guess it was for the best because it is really no point owing so much.

With this new pay raise, I will learn to be more frugal and concentrate on paying all my credit card bills. Don't want to owe…

Financial Dilemma and Network Marketing

I hate to get myself into a financial dilemma even though now I'm earning slightly more because I still have debts to pay. Estimated to hopefully clear by end of this year though. Lesson learnt: not to play with fire when it comes to debt.


Anyhoo, just a week ago, I was so upset and actually cried because after so long of not being able to deduct from my savings account, one of the credit card companies managed to do so and they took a hefty $270 which is the minimum amount to pay. I was also upset because my aunt was kind enough to transfer $200 to me for the utilities bill as they had called me to inform about the outstanding utilities bill and how my house electricity is liable to be disconnected if I don't make an almost immediate payment of $280. I could only afford the $80 so imagine how upset I was when my aunt had transferred the money and then this stupid bank had to deduct through GIRO.

I didn't tell my mother about my debt but told her that the telco company …

Close Shave with Food Poisoning & Secret Forums

I thought I was going to have another bout of food poisoning when my stomach felt so funny although I didn't feel like I was so bloated and wanted to throw up kind. Anyway glad that this was just a short episode and not draggy after applying some medicated oil and before that, uhm..clear the contents, heh.

The other day I was saying that I came across these two closed groups on facebook introduced by a colleague of mine and I was pretty bummed that the kits were bought by one single user already although she didn't state exactly that she wanted to buy them all. Still she was the first one to comment so oh well. 

Anyhoot, the seller was kind enough to send me a private message saying that she got another 5 kits and they're better and she can send me the pics if I want. So she did although during that period of time I was sleeping coz my stomach was acting up. More on that later. I ended up wanting the first 3 kits that cost $5 each. Drats. Here I am trying to save up some moo…

Finally, New Salary In & All the Hoopla

I've got my first pay since the promotion :) and then after doing my calculations and paying the outstanding bills, realized not much left as I expected as there are some things I just had to pay to resume the service. I didn't get the additional $1500 as backdated pay since Feb as I had chosen to accept the promotion. Who in the right mind will reject a promotion. As I've mentioned umpteenth times in my blog, when you work in the ministry, there's always a trade-off, haha. But thankfully, I got some moolah from cardmaking which help to add up a bit. I hope I can see this as a successful venture.

When you are passionate about something, you jump through hoops to get to what you want. Sacrifices need to be made but they will be worth it when you get rewarded in due time. Meanwhile, I encourage you to  find something that you love doing and even if people put you down saying you can't make it, if you don't try you won't know. Even if it doesn't turn out to…

Moolah from Card Making

I've made some moolah recently :) ... and it has nothing to do with my pay, which by the way is tomorrow if I can go through the day doing same ol' same ol' boring work, haha.

THAT moolah came from the vice principal of my school who has paid in advance two months of birthday cards even though I politely declined but she was hesitant. She is paying more than what I charge for but probably she does it because she wants to help me out too, I don't know.

Honestly I was really nervous about the principal signing on my cards and then thinking, uhm..what are these? I know he's a very particular man and during his leadership, he hasn't renewed the contracts of two managers at my workplace. Ouch. And one of them has served the school for more than 10 years. He really means business :S

So I was nervous in the sense that he wouldn't want me to make cards anymore. I won't feel offended because I can find other channels to spread the words about my card making busines…

Hate to Be Forced

My blog is getting more boring, huh? 

Anyway, my mind has recently been blank on what to write, not that it is completely blank...haha. 

I've been pretty upset that things haven't been going well for me in terms of weight loss. Then during a meet up with an ex colleague recently, halfway talking she said that she's now doing something else to make additional income because she can't survive on her current pay. CANNOT SURVIVE?! Hello, she's a degree holder now and earning much more than she used to when she worked at my workplace. But then again, she's quite a spendthrift.

So she said she has something to show and it's a matter of whether I am interested or not. I kinda suspected what she wanted to say and I said no...BUT..she still went ahead :S Therefore then with her ipad she was showing me this slimming product which is like a shake and you are supposed to drink it before a meal and at least twice a week. If you are on facebook and in Singapore, you will pr…