Monday, February 25, 2013

Down and Out with Flu

I haven't been well the start of the week being down with flu and other related symptoms but good there is no fever. But I still dragged myself to work because there's simply too much work and I'm practically trying to swim and keep myself afloat to prevent myself from drowning. However, my boss, has been encouraging, despite making few mistakes here and there basically because I don't really know how my colleague does her work and I'm covering for her and taking instructions from the phone.

But anyway, in life, there will always be challenges and what you do is to rise above them. 

I didn't go doctor and I don't have any flu medication so what I do is to basically have a lot of rest when I reach home like practically after dinner, I will be fast asleep already nursing my flu. My mum has been helping me too by applying medicated oil on my nose which works basically the next day, the flu was practically gone. It's only clogged but I don't have to hold a piece of tissue all the time..haha.

Other than that, nothing much going on except that I have been watching videos of this life and business coach and she has been very inspiring. While passion makes you moving despite the hurdles, there are days where you don't feel like doing. For example, I am supposed to make cards but I'm tired because Sunday is also where I go to the gym so after dinner, I practically zonked out. Carbs has that effect on me that's why I don't eat heavy dinner every day.

Plus, the clean up is quite undesirable after making my products.

But it doesn't mean I stop there. At least what I don't feel like doing, I channel my energy into doing something such as updating the website. Based on the videos that I watch, I picked up some pointers. Hence, I made some significant updates to my other blog which is also like a website for my online business so when people come to view the website, they will know what are the products on offer and how to go about ordering them. It's basically about trying to attract the crowd. And yah, there is no overnight success when it comes to business so I am taking it one day at a time.

Oh, if you are interested to see the blog, here is the link.

Other than that, yah I am still single..haha. But you know something, I read somewhere that well,  the right guy can be infront of you all along but you just don't know it. While at the moment, I'm not looking for one because I'm already bogged down with life's challenges already, I believe there is truth in them. Many people practically scour the internet to look for the potential one or go on numerous dates but all along, the right guy can just be one of her good friends.

Interesting, isn't it? That's how the universe works I guess.

I know I may have talked about this but what suddenly 'inspires' me to broach this topic again? Well, you know about that gym guy whom I practically see every Sunday and it's easy to recognise him as he's pretty tall and fit (wait, aren't most of them there) but he's always in that same blue sleeveless shirt so it's easy to spot him. I guess he knows about my presence too because pfft, how can I not be insignificant? I am practically less attractive than all the younger girls there. But yah, because I'm always there every Sunday come rain or shine or whether I am injured the day before or sick early in the week.

I just have this gut feeling that he comes a bit later to do his exercise because last couple of months, I have been going to the gym at a later time than I always do because at first, I make appointment with my friend. But she has been a no show several times even though she always ask and then cancel at the last minute. Now, I spend time in the morning on my online business until it's time to get ready to go gym.

However, I have been telling myself that well, since I'm  not looking for a potential love interest, I just see him as some regular guy there doing his thang. Plus I really really think he's married so don't even go there. It always happen to me. I don't know how one can have the married look but I guess there's such a thing, haha. It's just a random feeling that he might be married. 

So peeps, this will be the official last time I talk about this guy so just get it out of the system.

I should be concentrating more on my life like giving myself a grace period of until end of June to reach my target weight. So far, I have lost 1 kilogram and before you think, pfft...that's a lot, at least I'm off to a good start..haha. Do you know how hard it is to lose weight nowadays despite putting in effort and if I let it go to my head, I will be going crazy. It's like oh, one minute I lost weight and then I put it on and the weight doesn't seem to budge after that. Crazy I tell ya because here you are trying to reach your target weight and then you hit the brick wall. Hopefully things will get better but I also have to be disciplined and not give up.

It's barely a few days before March approaches which happen to be one of my favourite month of the year because I will get extra moolah. But till then, I will have to watch my spending then go a bit crazy next month..haha. I have things to pay so whatever extra I get will go into my studies and also my brother's studies. So far, I have been diligently saving but because I have things to pay as well, I couldn't get a significant amount to save. Hopefully come March, my savings can be more or less stable.

Alright, here's to a good week to you as well!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

So I finally established the fact that the guy whom I suspected might be crushing on me, has children. Okay I don't know if he has one, or two or the fact that he is married but all I know is that I am cleared. I know you're thinking what is the big deal like what is wrong in him liking me. Nothing wrong, but it does seem awkward for someone to be interested in me especially if I don't have any interest in the person although I am trying to be more open minded a bit this year in order to make new guy friends.

However, I will have to cross out chatting because at some point I chat so much in my younger days that I am put off by the idea of chatting..haha. I might give it a go, one day eventually, but I guess I have chatted with so many kinds of people, even met them to some extent, so I'm like yah, I'm so over this.

But back to this false assumption that this guy is interested in me because he bought breakfast for me only. Where does the assumption come up in the first place? My guess is that I have been single for the longest time ever (i.e. never had a boyfriend) and I have long accepted the fact that well, maybe the time is not right for me for someone to take interest in my life unless I do something about it by being or at least have a wider social circle where I can mingle with other people. 

While to other single people, this can be so frustrating when they keep getting bombarded with questions of when they will get a boyfriend, get married, have children blah blah blah...basically because these people have nothing else to ask, some single people like me just chill and perform daily tasks as per normal. In fact, too normal. But now we are so connected thanks to the advancement of technology that you can find ready people to chat or become fast friends with. In the past, people may raise an eyebrow when you say oh, you met so and so in the internet but now, people are happy for you. Yes, there are sceptics most definitely, but basically you follow your heart's desire. However, this doesn't mean you should let your guard down. 

When such things happen, I feel different like eh, something is not right like I am in this phase of denial where I thought to myself, that narh...this couldn't have happened to me. I don't deserve such attention and what is so special about me. But I just have to accept the fact that when other people may see something special in me that I just can't see because I am so used to doing what I have been doing like a fixed routine.

I must admit, it sure feel good to be appreciated even if it turns out to be just that, a small gesture of appreciation rather than interest. Whatever it is, while my mind keeps saying ah, he's just being appreciative but like I said, if you're a single girl who doesn't have guys basically trying to sweep you off your feet that often or when you don't think highly of yourself, such glimmer of hope does exist. It's just natural like a natural reflex.

So okay, I'm moving the crowd along :) Nothing to see here peeps!  No, not my blog post but rather my love life...haha...

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense: 05 Plushest Punch

So this was the purchase which I quickly regretted after purchasing when I was supposed to save me some moolah especially when the facial wash set me back by $35 already.

Anyway, in life, you have to learn to let go and move on so I intend to use this often whenever I go out to meet friends. Definitely not to work because it's not colour safe for me at least in my work environment where the office peeps don't actually dress up.

But since I lurve make up and there comes a point where I should finally get myself something non drugstore related, I got this then.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense. It's not the usual Chubby Stick range but rather, a newer range which has more intense colour so they don't just work as a lip balm (a pricey one at that) but a lipstick with moisturizing benefit. With the price tag of $26, I would say that it's cheaper than Tarte LipSurgence which is currently sold out from a local online shop and cost around $30 plus.

To be honest, it is not my usual lip colour which is more towards a mauve colour but then as with any other lipstick which are of non natural colour, I tend to just wear it on my upper lip and then press my lips together so that the colour doesn't look too outstanding. I guess I'm not quite a lippy person. 

So here is my Chubby Stick Intense in the colour 05 Plushest Punch

I've got dry lips and I use a lip balm with beeswax as one of the natural ingredients most of the time. Sometimes they can get so dry, skins are flaking. But it depends on the weather mostly. Nowadays it has been raining so they're not really dry as it used to be earlier this year.

What I think of it? Well, I think it lives up to its expectation and the colour payoff is great and one swipe you get the intense colour as promised. Currently in the market if you are looking for dupes, the closest I can find is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Stain but if you ask me, it's not worth the $18.90 price tag for something that doesn't give you the colour intensity of a lipstick. It's like a glorified coloured lip balm. I would rather you get their lip butter range which is cheaper. 

However, if you don't mind it, either you wait for store discount, major department storewide sales at the expo or go local online shopping which can charge you lesser by few dollars even though they don't carry a wide range of colours. 

Okay I should not regret it. I must admit it is a good buy though I should cut back on other expenses. Haha. Yes, that is so me. I am not a free spirited shopper. 

Thanks for reading my review!

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Pretty Pricey Make up Product

I received  my salary earlier this week due to the public holidays because the actual pay day falls on one of the days. It is after the Chinese New Year season. I actually used some money last week prior to the pay day which also mean paying back what I have used which means I have a bit lesser to spend for the rest of the month. Ouch.

Yet I will consider myself still lucky for getting some other forms of money to be able to top up what I have spent, not including what I had spent on the previous week. I would say that it isn't much but better than nothing, right?

I am still continuing to work hard to make my online business successful though I must admit that it is most defo not easy. How do people do it? But really, if you ask me, it's a matter of finding time for it. For myself, I have a full time job as well and what I do is that obviously I will get tired after work and I will naturally take a nap which can stretch a few hours. Then if I must, I will get up and do my cards. It's a side income for now. I hope to be able to make even more cards in the future and I am actively trying to get attention through facebook marketing.

Other than that, I am still trying to plan my expenses better this time by making a more conscious effort on what I am spending on though yes, being human, I do make mistakes but not to an extent I make such a boo boo.

Except for one.

Because I had placed back into the savings what I had spent, I don't have that much left to spend. And yours truly, with her itchy fingers and brain freezing moment, went ahead to buy the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense lip balm because I felt that for a non drugstore brand, selling it at $26 is quite a bargain. Except that my purchase is also inclusive of my usual facial wash from them which has run out for more than a month and my poor face isn't really looking good nowadays.

So, in total I spent $61. Then when I reached home, I forgot that I was supposed to transfer $50 to my aunt because she lent my mum that amount. Plus my brother's monthly allowance. So I had to fork out another $100. Ouch. Talk about not following what you have initially planned to do.

I thought that I could shelf my plan of hopping down to forever 21 to take advantage of their sales by buying at least one blouses. But well, turned out that it may not come true for me. 

However, I don't want to dwell on it. I can't just return it but I will make the best of it (i.e. making use of it often) and not to buy anymore make up products for this month though I must say the NYX cream blush is oh so tempting after watching a product review on youtube. And at the price of SGD$9.90 to boot. The agony.

I still managed to go to F21 still or otherwise I will keep thinking about it and after surveying several wearable blouses for me, with my reluctant younger brother in tow..heh,  the price tag seems to get lower and lower. From $21, to $19 then at last I choose on a long sleeve plain pink top but wearable enough for both work and play, for...get this...$11!

I have long established the fact that I am no fashionista and my fashion wear is pretty basic with the occasional dresses thrown in for certain occasions and not part of my usual routine. So I tend to stick to nice basic coloured tops with some details but not too much of them until it overwhelms.

Bottomline, you should make the clothes work for you, and not the other way around.

In my next post, I shall post up the photos of my blouses including a previous week haul and of course, the Clinique chubby lipstick.

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Personal Reflections

Honestly, I find some people hypocrites. At some point, they call themselves good people, advocate some religious teachings but then they are not really following them. I mean I'm no angel myself but really, why resort to name calling, mean judging, swearing for instance and then turn the table around saying that oh, they want to be kind hearted, patient....blah blah blah.

If you think are like that or you want to be a better person, then start acting like one.

But you know then again, whatever. We are adults and we know what we are capable of and we're not children to be chided and be educated on what is right and wrong because we should already know it. Yet, temptation can be overwhelming and we find ourselves giving in to the temptation and start being mean spirited.

Seriously, what is the point. What do they want to achieve out of this? A feeling of satisfaction that they are capable of bringing someone down? I really don't know but it seems like it. Sometimes I feel certain things happen to us because of how we treat others or how we choose to lead our lives if you believe in karma or all those positive and negative aura. Even if you don't, it's just common sense that if you treat others well, be less critical over people who honestly may not even deserve such uncalled for criticism or personal attacks for no reason, life will treat you better. 

Sometimes people wonder why these things happen to them all the time but all they need to do is to look at themselves and see what they can do to change for the better. How you treat others is a reflection of your moral values and beliefs. Take a good look at ourselves (yes, me included) and then learn to see which areas we need to self improve. Don't take advantage of other people especially when they show kindness to you and don't keep slamming other people who I believe half the time don't even care about your harsh opinions on them. Time for personal reflections, people.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Physical Attraction vs Charming Personality

I pondered over this issue recently this week if I am willing to bypass physical unattractiveness, according to me, versus the charming and sweet personality. What stirred this kind of thoughts? Well, read on to find out. LOL, like some shameless promotion.

Anyway, the story started like this. Last week, I helped a colleague from the secondary school who came down with her Admin Manager or AM to key in the budget because this was her first time. I did once before and my boss nowadays always assume that I know everything or if I don't know, I can find out easily. Hrmph. So yah, before they came down I studied the workbook from the course I attended previously because I don't think I want to teach them the wrong things.

I helped the AM retrieve some files for him to study while waiting for my colleague to key to study some things because he was pretty new. Then, after that he tried to make small talk with me asking if I ever go up to the secondary school to try their cafeteria food. I said I tried the canteen food and I didn't like the mee siam and I guess I said with such distaste because seriously, it ain't nice especially since it gave me a tummy ache the next day :/ I didn't say that but he was like saying I should give it another chance and try their other dishes because they're better. I said well, I don't want to buy their food ever again. Yes, I can be stubborn at time. Tummy ache, mind you. Painful affair.

He didn't want to sit down and he was pretty helpful even though it wasn't his office by attending to walk in people. But I had to step in because it wasn't nice plus he probably won't know anything.

So LONG STORY short, just early this week, I saw a packet of lontong which is a type of Malay dish with rice cakes and rich gravy made from coconut milk. If you read my posts before, I don't eat food that contains coconut milk or cream. Simply for health reasons. Not because I dislike the taste because food with coconut milk are rich and oh so sinful.

Argh, I'm making the story longer, aren't I? I thought it was from one of the teachers because occasionally they buy food for us. That was until the receptionist said the secondary school AM came down to see me to pass the food but she told him I am not in yet. Then I asked if he bought it for everyone but then she dropped the bombshell saying that no, he got it for me only.


That was awkward.

The more awkward moment was when I heard from my own AM that he was coming down because their side was still short of two booklets. Oh no.....So he came down, and my AM asked him to go to me to get the booklets and *gulp* I had to act busy but my heart was beating fast. Then as he was signing he asked me how was the food and I said oh, I was going to eat it for lunch. He said later it would be cold. Anyway I thanked him for the food. 

The truth is, I gave it away, heh...

Then last Friday when I came up to their office to send an envelope for courier and some food from my AM for CNY, he was there and he was so elated saying that I was welcomed there and I can sit at one of their empty tables. After that I went to that same colleague to help her with something else, which according to him, I came at the right time. Why do these two AMs think I am that capable? 

Okay, I don't know if he's single or married though I think he has this married look..haha .I don't know if there's such a thing. But seriously, to me he's not physically attractive in my books but it got me thinking in general. Is that how other people see their true love as beyond physical attraction but for what he or she truly is inside? Is that also how I see some good looking and slim guys holding hands with a girl who is twice his size and not as hot looking but you can just feel the  love between them?

The mysteries of love.

Are you willing to get past other people's stares or even sniggers because only you know that this is your soul mate?

I'm thinking too much, am I?

The point is, I am thankful even if I didn't get to eat the food and it was just his way of saying thank you for helping so I just leave it as that. Also possibly he was trying to change my mindset about their canteen food, haha. I will only start to worry if it happens again and without me helping them again with something. I still don't want to know if he's single or married because it doesn't concern me as I'm not attracted to him in that way even though I thought it was nice of him to remember. I am also not interested in pursuing a relationship so we shall just leave it as that.

So how about you all? Do you read too much in people's actions that it got you thinking and writing a whole blog post? haha...

Oh well. Let's not get carried away with our thoughts, shall we? Okay, I shall update if there's anything 'fishy' that really point to him liking me. I hope not though.


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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Good Things...and A Fall

One of my wishes is for my brother to pass his O level with grades good enough to go into the polytechnic. I am so glad he did. I have been praying endlessly every single day during my waking hours, such as when I walk, when I sit down, when I am in the bus...just so God can hear me and know that I clearly wants him to go into polytechnic. I clearly also believe he deserves to go into one because he has been studying so hard for it and has been consistent in getting passes for his Mathematics. This was because this would be his second attempt. I did not want him to screw up his second attempt. Nobody likes to fail the second and ONLY chance they were given to do it right.

I could not be more thankful enough for my wish to be granted. It's really something for me. But this is a start of good things to come to him because the next day, he received an email to go for a job interview. I helped him to prepare his resume..after the longest time..heh...and send on his behalf. Yes, the things I do. He did prepare one as well but well, obviously he didn't do enough research. It sounded as though he was begging for a job. I know he's desperate but still..

So I took half day and accompanied him all the way to Leng Kee Road which was near to Redhill. He did get the job because they really wanted people so during the interview, he said that it was more like a briefing on what he would do and stuff. That's good for him. Then he promised he would give me $50 when he gets his pay. Wow. Ka-ching! At first, he had planned to give me $100 but then since I said $50, he stuck to that. Argh, me and my big mouth. But it's alright lah. In the future, he can give me more if he wants to. $50 can still take me places i.e. shopping malls..haha!

Yeah, this has been a pretty good week, at least for my brother. As for me, I've got an order for 4 cards which is amazing because honestly, this is the first time that I receive and order for cards. I have also signed up for a new online store, something like etsy, but for this one, I basically don't need to pay them some commission or something. I can only post 5 items for a basic account but well, I'm not complaining yet. We shall see how it goes. Oh, I started another blog. I figure that this one will be a bit more personal. That one will be more like reviews and recommendations, articles and some other general less personal stuffs. 

This month, I really need to try to be careful with my spending. After being deducted unknowingly from account a hefty amount of $240, which is actually my outstanding credit card charges, poor me have to dip my hand into my savings which I have only recently started in mid December. I need to have some sort of savings because my brother, and possibly me, are going to embark on our studies and I believe the expenses will be a bit more. Luckily, I bought something from an electronics store and they have a promotion where I will get a cash back. They still take some amount from that 'cash back' from God knows what but whatever, I should still be thankful that I can deposit back some money into my savings. I also receive $100 NTUC vouchers from my workplace as a Chinese New Year token. I've not received this amount before like at most it was $80 so it was really wow. It can certainly cover my household expenses.

So I felt blessed this week...except for a fall this afternoon because impatient me, can't wait for the usual bus to take me home because I was in a hurry. I took another bus which will take me to a rather obscure back lane and somehow, dunno how, I tripped and I fell hard on a rough surface. Luckily, I was wearing pants covering my knees so it was less bloodied but still bruised and there was some blood. My palm was also covered in scrapped.

Argh, so careless and my mum kept blaming me saying that I should not have hurried home and things like this would not have happened if I had waited for the right bus. I was in a hurry because my friend changed the time at the last minute and I was outside so I had to rush home to get ready.

Oh well, you can't predict things though I admit, I should have been more careful.

I have one more week to go before the extended weekend due to Chinese New Year. As pay day falls on Chinese New Year as well, I hope that I get my pay earlier...I'm thinking Saturday? I have money on standby already to cover me and my family's expenses until up to the actual pay day but well, it's always good to anticipate pay day earlier.

Okay, I have to wake up earlier to do the cards. I hope to get it done by this morning itself which means less internet surfing. I should really try to cut down on meaningless surfing such as googling about Matt Bomer's personal life. 

See ya soon!

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Friday, February 01, 2013

My Life in 2012 (Part Two)

Ok now, the continuation of Part Two of my life story...well, at least for the year 2012.

I will make it pretty short and sweet but basically want to share my life's goals and aspirations in which 2012 has provided a stepping stone for me. Mistakes are made and along the way, we learn from them and that is how we grow as a person.

I've clearly made mistakes too last year but instead of dwelling on them, it's better to move on in life and hope to become a better person. By this I mean, I must continue to be more tolerant, kind hearted and not let others destroy my inner peace.

From the law of attraction, if we continue to be positive about things and be kind to people even if some are beyond tolerance and get on our nerves, good things will come to us. Of course, life isn't perfect and there are bound to be things that can change the game of life but we shouldn't let feelings get in the way so much so we can't think straight because we are too emotional.  We may also become rude and uncalled for towards other people who have great concern for us.

I admit I am far from perfect and while I can be helpful, there are times I don't feel like helping because I don't feel like it. But I learn that when you are helpful, most people are appreciative about it and it can really make your day. Dealing with customers daily can be a little bit overwhelming but it's part of my job and I should always do my best in everything so it's a matter of mind over matter.

This applies to my health too. I am still on the quest to lose weight not so much for the sake of vanity but because I want to have less health problems in the future. Having better fitting clothes is a bonus which is also a good confidence booster but I am concerned about a healthier overall well being. This I achieve by taking a long walk after work daily instead of taking the bus and going to my destination around four to five bus stops away depending on whether I go to the interchange. Unless it's raining or I leave after 7.15pm from work, then it's walk all the way for me despite being tired.

I am continuing my personal tradition to go to to the gym every Sunday which is my routine since middle of 2009. I didn't use to be as regular but since 2011, it is a fixed routine for me. I have also begun cutting down on sugared drinks and drinking plain water. Now it has gotten better in a way that I can drink two glasses of plain water at work during lunch. Last time, it was so hard just for me to finish one tall glass. Currently I can wear my old jeans back although my target is to reach my ideal weight by end of June and who knows, I may even drop a jeans size..haha.

So yah, basically life still goes on. 2012 had its share of setbacks and disappointments but the past is in the past and it's time to look forward to a hopefully better year in 2013. I hope to continue my studies this year too, sustain a healthy bank balance, be more successful in my online business, be nicer to people and to slowly be debt free.

Dreams do come true but I must work hard for it because if we are passionate about it, all the obstacles that come along the way can be easily conquered. Here's to a better year ahead!

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Long Weekend, A Little Rambling & My Lack of Gratitude

The day I discover IG filters It's almost mid week to August..argh. I am in the midst of a long weekend, which sadly will come to ...