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Down and Out with Flu

I haven't been well the start of the week being down with flu and other related symptoms but good there is no fever. But I still dragged myself to work because there's simply too much work and I'm practically trying to swim and keep myself afloat to prevent myself from drowning. However, my boss, has been encouraging, despite making few mistakes here and there basically because I don't really know how my colleague does her work and I'm covering for her and taking instructions from the phone.

But anyway, in life, there will always be challenges and what you do is to rise above them. 

I didn't go doctor and I don't have any flu medication so what I do is to basically have a lot of rest when I reach home like practically after dinner, I will be fast asleep already nursing my flu. My mum has been helping me too by applying medicated oil on my nose which works basically the next day, the flu was practically gone. It's only clogged but I don't have to hold …

Much Ado About Nothing

So I finally established the fact that the guy whom I suspected might be crushing on me, has children. Okay I don't know if he has one, or two or the fact that he is married but all I know is that I am cleared. I know you're thinking what is the big deal like what is wrong in him liking me. Nothing wrong, but it does seem awkward for someone to be interested in me especially if I don't have any interest in the person although I am trying to be more open minded a bit this year in order to make new guy friends.

However, I will have to cross out chatting because at some point I chat so much in my younger days that I am put off by the idea of chatting..haha. I might give it a go, one day eventually, but I guess I have chatted with so many kinds of people, even met them to some extent, so I'm like yah, I'm so over this.

But back to this false assumption that this guy is interested in me because he bought breakfast for me only. Where does the assumption come up in the firs…

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense: 05 Plushest Punch

So this was the purchase which I quickly regretted after purchasing when I was supposed to save me some moolah especially when the facial wash set me back by $35 already.

Anyway, in life, you have to learn to let go and move on so I intend to use this often whenever I go out to meet friends. Definitely not to work because it's not colour safe for me at least in my work environment where the office peeps don't actually dress up.

But since I lurve make up and there comes a point where I should finally get myself something non drugstore related, I got this then.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense. It's not the usual Chubby Stick range but rather, a newer range which has more intense colour so they don't just work as a lip balm (a pricey one at that) but a lipstick with moisturizing benefit. With the price tag of $26, I would say that it's cheaper than Tarte LipSurgence which is currently sold out from a local online shop and cost around $30 plus.

To be honest, it is not my usu…

Pretty Pricey Make up Product

I received  my salary earlier this week due to the public holidays because the actual pay day falls on one of the days. It is after the Chinese New Year season. I actually used some money last week prior to the pay day which also mean paying back what I have used which means I have a bit lesser to spend for the rest of the month. Ouch.

Yet I will consider myself still lucky for getting some other forms of money to be able to top up what I have spent, not including what I had spent on the previous week. I would say that it isn't much but better than nothing, right?

I am still continuing to work hard to make my online business successful though I must admit that it is most defo not easy. How do people do it? But really, if you ask me, it's a matter of finding time for it. For myself, I have a full time job as well and what I do is that obviously I will get tired after work and I will naturally take a nap which can stretch a few hours. Then if I must, I will get up and do my cards.…

Personal Reflections

Honestly, I find some people hypocrites. At some point, they call themselves good people, advocate some religious teachings but then they are not really following them. I mean I'm no angel myself but really, why resort to name calling, mean judging, swearing for instance and then turn the table around saying that oh, they want to be kind hearted, patient....blah blah blah.

If you think are like that or you want to be a better person, then start acting like one.

But you know then again, whatever. We are adults and we know what we are capable of and we're not children to be chided and be educated on what is right and wrong because we should already know it. Yet, temptation can be overwhelming and we find ourselves giving in to the temptation and start being mean spirited.

Seriously, what is the point. What do they want to achieve out of this? A feeling of satisfaction that they are capable of bringing someone down? I really don't know but it seems like it. Sometimes I feel cert…

Physical Attraction vs Charming Personality

I pondered over this issue recently this week if I am willing to bypass physical unattractiveness, according to me, versus the charming and sweet personality. What stirred this kind of thoughts? Well, read on to find out. LOL, like some shameless promotion.

Anyway, the story started like this. Last week, I helped a colleague from the secondary school who came down with her Admin Manager or AM to key in the budget because this was her first time. I did once before and my boss nowadays always assume that I know everything or if I don't know, I can find out easily. Hrmph. So yah, before they came down I studied the workbook from the course I attended previously because I don't think I want to teach them the wrong things.

I helped the AM retrieve some files for him to study while waiting for my colleague to key to study some things because he was pretty new. Then, after that he tried to make small talk with me asking if I ever go up to the secondary school to try their cafeteria foo…

Good Things...and A Fall

One of my wishes is for my brother to pass his O level with grades good enough to go into the polytechnic. I am so glad he did. I have been praying endlessly every single day during my waking hours, such as when I walk, when I sit down, when I am in the bus...just so God can hear me and know that I clearly wants him to go into polytechnic. I clearly also believe he deserves to go into one because he has been studying so hard for it and has been consistent in getting passes for his Mathematics. This was because this would be his second attempt. I did not want him to screw up his second attempt. Nobody likes to fail the second and ONLY chance they were given to do it right.

I could not be more thankful enough for my wish to be granted. It's really something for me. But this is a start of good things to come to him because the next day, he received an email to go for a job interview. I helped him to prepare his resume..after the longest time..heh...and send on his behalf. Yes, the thi…

My Life in 2012 (Part Two)

Ok now, the continuation of Part Two of my life story...well, at least for the year 2012.

I will make it pretty short and sweet but basically want to share my life's goals and aspirations in which 2012 has provided a stepping stone for me. Mistakes are made and along the way, we learn from them and that is how we grow as a person.

I've clearly made mistakes too last year but instead of dwelling on them, it's better to move on in life and hope to become a better person. By this I mean, I must continue to be more tolerant, kind hearted and not let others destroy my inner peace.

From the law of attraction, if we continue to be positive about things and be kind to people even if some are beyond tolerance and get on our nerves, good things will come to us. Of course, life isn't perfect and there are bound to be things that can change the game of life but we shouldn't let feelings get in the way so much so we can't think straight because we are too emotional.  We may…