Beauty 101: I'm Sexy and I Know It

Anyone can be sexy. Really! If you think that love can't come to you because you're fat, heavy or ugly, you are so wrong. Honestly I don't give a frack about guys who would go after those girls who are so picture perfect and they parade around such girlfriends like a prized trophy. Honestly girls, who give a damn about such guys eh? Especially if the girls have such a crass mouth..eurgh. Even worse. And who cares if the guy is so freaking handsome you wanna die? Be damned!

Anyway, frustrations aside, yes I'm talking about the frustration of living under a hope that some guy out there have a little bit of interest in wanting to get to know me but narh, lady luck ain't shining on me. What I get is some creepy guy who are..well creepy enough to scare me and not interest me.

Don't fret. When I say anyone can be sexy, I mean it. Sexy is not defined by how small our waist is, how long and silky our hair is, or how long our legs are. Sexy is defined by someone who thinks that we certainly got the moves to be 'Dang! You're such a hot mama!' haha. Honestly, you are sexy as long as you think you are sexy.

Basically it is all in our minds. If we think that girl is pretty, there will always be another girl who is prettier than her. You think that only the fair ones or the tanned and lovely ones will be defined as beautiful but a girl with a mocha skin won the Miss Universe. See? Who has the rights to determine what is beautiful and what is not.

Every girl is beautiful and sexy. When I say sexy, I also don't mean how much skin you decide to show. Too much showing off the skin isn't a good thing as well and you are wrong to think that guys dig that. Most of them don't. Even if they have some interest in you showing off much skin, their mind will soon wander to some other girl who show off even more than you do.

So if you think you are sexy, you are going to be one. We may need help to enhance our beauty and no, not in the cosmetic surgery way, but rather, with the help of the right accessories, clothes, makeup, we can and we will look sexy :)

And sexiness extends beyond the way we look. It is how we carry ourselves, how we approach others, and the way we don't give a damn about those narrow minded people and just do things that make us happy and ultimately proud that we are who we are. Everyone is born unique and there will always be something about you physically that you like or in terms of personality, a part of you that shines through and make you a likeable person.

If you are a plus size just like me, don't think that guys won't find you attractive. Even if there are, they are probably bigger than you :S I have seen with my own eyes many times how bigger girls can also have a romantic relationship with guys smaller or thinner than them. I don't know if the guy started off not liking the girl and then finally being won over by her personality. Or that if they actually don't give a damn but just like her for who she is.

So be it. There is nothing wrong with you. You don't have a perfect set of teeth? Look at Madonna! She has a gap in between her teeth and she didn't fix it and she is still very much worshipped.

Just think of the LMFAO song, 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' :)

Embrace your sexiness!

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