Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Friends

One of the things Im grateful in life is having friends who care for you and who help you whenever they can. It makes you think that despite how hard life can be sometimes, you always have 'backing' where you feel that you are never alone.

That and also I was testing out this polaroid picture which I grabbed from some blog site coz I thought it was really neat looking. This is version 1.
And in case you think that Im some ungrateful b*tch for using their pictures as an excuse to put up the neat polaroid picture (heh), every word I said above stands true. No, not the b*tch part, the description about friends. God bless them.

Melee - Built To Last

Im so distracted by how good looking all the band members are *smittened*. Oh, the song's good too. Nice and rich deep voice, great play of instruments and catchy tune.

(singing)Built to laaaaaaaaasttt....(end of bad singing)

RSS Feed


In today's edition of Geek Speak, I shall give you a small insight on what the heck is RSS feed. Basically, RSS feed means Really Simply Syndicate, which is actually a web feed or news feed that internet users subcribe to in order to be updated about the latest contents from the websites, blogs or podcasts.

Let's use my blog for example. If you notice at the sidebar, I have this orange looking icon:

RSS icon

It's actually the universal icon for RSS feed.

Once you click on the icon, it will prompt you on which feed reader, technically called an aggregator, you wish to use in order to be updated about the content you subscribe to. RSS feed consists of the summaries of the blog content, which are basically web links, and whenever the blog is updated, a new link will appear on top of the other existing web links.

Examples of aggregators or feed readers are feedburners and FeedDemon. Web browsers also allow subsribers to read the web feed from the toolbar. Let's say you are using web browser Mozilla (like myself) where at the end of the address bar there is the orange icon as above. Just click on that icon and it will lead you to the page where you have the option to choose which applications to use. I use the Live Bookmarks which is right on top of the other applications and then it will create a link below the toolbar (where the home, back buttons and the address bars are located). To me it's easier since, duh, I use a web browser to surf the internet and then I just click on the link of the blog I subscribe such as Perez Hilton to see what latest gossips contents he has posted.

Actually, the only way you can understand the whole process above is to click on the RSS icon on my blog's side bar (cheap publicity) and you will know what I mean.

But if you want 'professional geek speak', here's the wiki for this:

Wiki for RSS

Fall for you

Doing a weetle bit of experiment here..

Anyway, I like this song above though it made me feel like Im some emo teenager who is so smitten by her young and hunky teacher. Well, I was listening to the later half of the 987fm top 20 countdown and this song was the highest jumper. From being newcomer at 20 last week, it shot up all the way to..uhm..10?!!

Not surprising..we got a lot of REAL emo teenagers here, unlike urs truly.

Fall for you. Hrm, sounds like a great music soundtrack to a love story. Yet again..unlike urs truly which doesnt have a love life apparently. But no, I am not so down. Actually I want to post up a link to this song for you to download. It's just that..erm..I uploaded the wrong song. It's freaking 4 plus in the morning!!

So just bear with it and listen while I dunno..u reminiscence about the good ol' days when you fell in love with the guy..before you know that he's a jerk. Good times, eh?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Glam Chasers


okay after yesterday's ranting of not doing much work, well at least I feel productive today in the morning as well as into the afternoon. Okay it's not actually a big kick ass job but rather the task of emailing and calling of parents and guardians regarding the entrance exams for next week. And yes I always have the irritating task of handling calls from irritating parents. I mean I dont mind attending to their general enquiries but I get annoyed when they get so..well...demanding like as we, at the general office, have nothing to do but surf net. Well, technically that's just me currently but seriosly speaking, Ithink I have told this many times but the kids here are so pampered and not forgetting absent minded coz they always lose their things.

But what to do. I mean I cant be so freaking choosy coz one good thing Im posted to this school is that the working environment is not so bad. It's spacious and comfortable because we're not exactly a typical neighbourhood school. It is a government aided school because we are under the school management committee but we still receive government subsidy although it's unlike most neighbourhood schools which receive 100% of goverment fund.

Did I mention I live nearby too? Despite waking up to dreadful mornings because of work, and being bored at times too because I feel so 'stuck' at one place instead of moving around exploring new places ala field duty, I must thank God that Im grateful for still being able to support my family without paying so much for my own transport and food.

I know I have mentioned this above many times in my previous post but I still need some convincing on my part because I do feel, at times, like I dont belong to this workplace. No doubt I would say that the people here are nice and friendly..and oh, ways that they can, I just think there is still a lack of 'something'. Or it could just be me, I suppose.

I head is just in the dark clouds nowadays because of my very tight budget and the days to my next payday has been very painful and slow. Heck, I am just trying to live each single day...slowly but surely...and always look forward to the end of the day because it means I have triumphed. Well, at least until the next day.

So please bear with me if you think that I sound like some grandmother (or my mother) for repeating something over and over. Okay, tell you what. I too dont really like to talk about my work but heck, I just need to slap myself virtually sometimes for being ungrateful to be where I am right now.

Okay maybe a tight slap in real life helps too sometimes.

Well I have not been checking out youtube videos recently to source for inspiration for my single blog over at friendster and here too. Hrm, I think I may just have one idea. And I will also update on Geek Speak. Very interesting topic on RSS feed.

Anyway, I am going to enjoy my weekend (HURRAY!!!!) and see what shows I can catch up via internet.

So a little on what I have been doing the past few days. I have been doing something that I very very very seldom do and that is reading blogs by our local bloggers. Okay apart from Mariah's one, I hardly read other local blogs except the international ones. (Read: American). I have been looking around not so much to read but rather to find useful things to put on my bloggie to so called make it a weetle bit interesting (seriously, I should take credit for that word weetle=wee+little).

If you have been catching up on my blog lately, you would have noticed little subtle changes that I have made mainly in the sidebar.

Like..pfft, of course..that Hunk of the Day segment.There are other things too lah of course besides that! No rahayu is not scolding you but at herself because she can only think about that new addition. 'Huh?! Got change meh? Where got? Only can see that quasi naked man there!'

See what I mean.

Oh yah about the local blogs. Well, apparently the blogosphere here pretty much is mostly about glamour and getting press invites to the hot and happening events in Singapore as it means that they are able to mingle among stars and get expensive door gifts. And oh, sponsorship which pretty much equals to $$$.

It's quite sad ah because blogging is so much more than that. I mean it's really up to every individual as to how they are going to blog but I just find it utterly annoying that the young bloggers here have really no substance in their blog contents except to 'chronicle' what dishes they eat at some top notch restaurants and who they rub shoulders with.


And I still cringe at how some tween looking young blogger dolled herself up so beyond her years and her eyeliner?! My gawd...I wonder how many tubes of eyeliners she uses in a month! Seriously, such blogs are so bleh to me. They're practically camwhoring in their entire freaking blogs. Who cares who has the cutest pose or smile in the pictures!!!!

I dont want to be so crude about these bloggers but I am just a tad bit sad at the way these young bloggers are portraying the young generations of Singaporeans here. It may give others the impression that we lead such sheltered life without knowing there is such a thing called hardship in other countries as well as here in Singapore where some other Singaporeans are practically struggling to live each day.

It's really sad.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Am I Too Free

Yes I have been facing extreme boredom at work and it sucks coz it makes me so unproductive. I mean..Im not without work but my work is so random these past two three days that Im feeling so bleh.

But anyhoo, in order to be productive or at least look like as if Im doing work related stuffs, I did some reading on my own over at the MOE website. It's not that I want to or were asked to but I answer calls pertaining to general enquiries as well as reply emails from the public. I have the daunting task of handling the school emails and this time, I sign off anonymously...ok..more like just leave behind the school's name and contact details without leaving my name behind so that they wont call and ask for me. I learnt it from the secondary school side when they forward the emails sent to them but relates to the primary side.


Gosh this school administration part is so big that the last thing I want is to be not sure about what Im doing. So today I read quite a lot about questions pertaining to P1 registration. I mean I know about the general details like the different phases that are open to the public (though I often get confused about them) but it's good to know more since people like to do the easy way out which is to give a call or send an email without doing their research online first through the MOE website. And I finally know what the heck is Leave of Absence, which mind you, spans over 5 pages but I managed to cramp the info in my head to answer to pesky parents.

I get these moments of boredom when they are busy doing finance like keying in details in the system, confirming invoices, tabulating amounts, calling the vendors..blah blah..while I entertain phone calls. In other words, I cant touch finance yet because Im still new and also because my manager is quite the control freak. But I understand her concerns as you dont expect a newbie like me to handle money as yet. Still, I think Im pretty priviledged after hearing the things other newbies which I got to know during the course I participated earlier this month as well as my ex colleague( or is it...back to colleague again since she is working for the same ministry as me now). I dont know..they appeared to be some convenient scapegoat for the more senior colleagues to dump work on them pronto. My colleague from another school recently started working this same lline as me but are expected to know so much but yet over at my place, she tries to space out my learning curve.

STILL!! Rahayu needs to be challenged!!!

And I dont want to be accused of 'curi tulang' or 'work for free' because it's not as if Im asking for it. It's just that..well...I usually do the work given and then...have nothing to do uhm..slack ah..hee. But I missed the good balance of working and then rewarding by giving myself some slack time like a 5 minute break or what doing unrelated work stuff.

Haiz...anyway, tomorrow I have some work to do and hopefully, I will feel more productive than I have been the past few days. I mean the holidays have just started so I dont expect myself to be so busy. Yet.

And many of the teachers are going overseas for some vacation while Im stuck behind in Singapore. At times, Im thinking why cant I be a teacher since they have so many concessions given by the government to make them stay in their curent line but knowing how parents are nowadays, I guess God has a reason why he thinks Im not cut out as a teacher.

Like I said, I want my slack time!! I in...a lot of work in between..and then giving myself the much needed slack time rather than aving it for long stretches at a time...sighz.

See a lot of work work also complain. Yes sue me for being a typical complaining Singaporean.

Evolution of Dance

The most watched video on youtube! A 6 minute series of dance moves (hence..evolution) done in an exaggerated comedic style. Which ones are your favourites?! I like the N*Sync's one in the 5 min mark among others!

Pork and Beans

Great video by WeezeR starring some familiar faces from youtube like Chris Crocker, Tay Zonday, Evolution of Dance..and so forth. Even if you dont recognise any of them (how could you?!), it's still a kewl video to watch!!!! Just look at the viewership!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pushing Daisies on TV

Rahayu is bored..she's itching all over....and she's like thinking..'Is it some kind of public holiday in America?!' Yes Im not getting my dose of American pop culture coz the blogs that I visit almost daily is on hiatus or something. Gawd! I didnt write in my diary to watch out for an episode of Greek for nothing! I did enjoy watching the first season but after reading the episode guides of the Season seemed very meh..after awhile, I can only tolerate certain amount of teenage infidelity, love triangle and what have they...all these teenagers with so so looks and a very huge sex drive.

The only reason why I wanted to watch the recent episodes again was the introduction of a new recurring character who played Alexis's personal secretary on Ugly Betty. He looked good looking on Ugly Betty but in Greek, he was like..well..still good looking....just a tad older looking. See what difference hair gel can make you.

Oh, and I previously failed to mention about this drama series..or maybe I did but I could not remember...that was receiving popular response from the tv viewers. With such storyline, I was thinking that hey.....maybe Singapore would show this on tv one day since it is very popular in US.

I had not caught an episode of it online yet to give a review of what I think of it..coz I was more mesmerized by Reaper..which by the way, I need to continue watching especially with the recently concluded first season. Let's just say...judging by my recent absence on the blog, I have been very the lazy.

And BEFORE I get distracted by my boring life once again, I shall bring your attention to the show called...

pushing daisies

In short, it's about this guy, when he was young, discovered that he had the ability to bring a dead person back to life with his touch. It happened when he 'woke' his dead mother who then continued to do what mothers do until one night, when she tucked him in and kissed him goodnight, she fell dead again. He could not wake her up again and she was dead for good this time.

So basically, it's just a one off thing which he used to full advantage when he grew up. With this secret talent that he had, he brought the dead back again to find out about how they died to bring about criminal justice. It went well until one day, he fell in love with a girl whom he had brought back to life and who had no clue how she could have died. So the thing is, since he was not able to touch her again because it would mean that she would fall back dead again, they thought of various ways of 'touching' each other without actually touching.

It kinda drew a boundary among them which resulted in hilarious scenes.

Anyhoo, find out more about the show via their wiki site Pushing Daisies so you can basically find out more about what makes this show tick (and also see how inaccurate my description of the show is above).

On my part, Im very the excited to be able to catch this show on a tv channel rather than the internet because it means better quality ah obviously. Im just hoping they will show Reaper one day too. And judging on how forgetful I can be nowadays, I think I might have just missed the first episode last week...darn it!

So to the internet to find that episode, I guess?!


Okay so I have not missed yet..the show's in June! Phewh..

If you live in Singapore, here's the programme guide for the show:

Pushing Daisies on Channel 5

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pushing on my Button

I am blogging using my laptop and it's not an easy task because of the lines that cut across the screen. See this is why I am pretty much against laptops. It's pretty high maintenance coz for gawd's sake, the thing's all compact!!

Well work's okay today (surprisingly) and there were some new teachers that arrived. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of tables for the teacher and well...they had to make do with the tables of those teachers who are on long leave. Suddenly my table seems very the comforting.....right after I cleared the clutter on my table that accumulated because I was collecting forms for various reasons. Basically, they now take up the space underneath my table..pfft. What to do..Im the 'designated' form collector.

Not much to ramble today but if you notice, there are some changes to my blog. No, basically the content's still rubbish which to me is basically better than nothing. Try to keep a lookout for the sidebar because there are updates. And......*drumsroll*...I added web buttons. Okay I added a few other things but hey, I put in effort to make these web buttons, k? Not like anyone would use them but you will never know right? And oh, another new addition is the 'Hot Link' named for obvious reasons. If you're into hunks, specificially caucasian hunk, should seriously click on the link!! Fuwah.eyecandy all the way babe! And it will change every day I think to reflect the (in loud voice) ''HUNK OF THE DAY!!!!' See, I didnt even profile my own friend mariah's blog but yet I profiled this hunk galore and the link button is so big some more..

I mean seriously, it's not that I dont wish you to read her blog but it's just that I have been sworn to secrecy not to reveal her blog add and woman..ur wish is my command. Oh, and I dont have enough space for other blog links..yes, me and my excuses.

So once I manage to snatch the computer from my brother so that I dont have to suffer a migraine later from all the visual lines on my laptop, I shall update my blog again.

For now, happy adding those web buttons!

And oh, pay a visit to hunk du jour!

Rambling Hissing Fit

Alright alright...I shall start blogging for serious today onwards. I have been doing this blogging once a week thingey and it's getting annoying. For me at least.

First of all, I wanna wish my brother a Happy Birthday as of yesterday on Sunday May 25th and you're a big boy now! All 13! I told you it's unavoidable. I wanted to buy him a cake for the longest time and didnt want to be all stingy on that but I decided against it budget's pretty tight this week. Who am I kidding...okay...very the tight. But you see, I bought something else instead. Doughnuts. And though initially my brother kicked up a bit of a fuss earlier this week when I said I would buy him doughnuts instead instead of a cake, in the end, his sensibility kicked in and he was like..Im up for anything. Just as a small gesture, I made him a pop up birthday card of a cake.

I told him I'll make up for it when I get my pay but then later my mum said, dont get cake..just treat him out for dinner like pizza or something. Hrm...maybe, cake doesnt sound so bad. Anyway, that bro of mine had just turned 13 which meant he has stepped into it wont kill me to do something special for me. It will kill me though years ahead knowing how teenagehood can be all turbulent.

Okay, on to next update. Yes American Idol results was out last Thursday and David Cook won. I did root for David Cook to win also because I dont think the Idol is all about singing as it's about the whole package also. Then again David A was like singing his whole heart out during the finale that I thought hey, it wouldnt hurt to support David A either. And since I have a knack in supporting the underdogs, I changed my mind and decided to root for David A instead. I was impressed by David A's determination to win that night by showing off his vocal prowess but I just felt that something was 'missing' in regards to his performance. I guess he forgot to have fun...or forgot to prance around the stage and get the audience members up on the feet and thinking 'hey i want to vote for you!'. But Im still not going to criticise David A because I dont think his physical appearance has anything to do with his singing talent but then again, it wouldnt hurt for David Cook do I put this gently....SHAVE!

Seriously, while he was singing, that was like a huge distraction to me! Cook won..and blah blah..may you have a recording career and not end up as a fallen Idol, k? But first, please shave.

Oh, and despite yesterday being my brother's birthday, my mum was in her most foul mood yesterday. And it was triggered with me asking 'whats that?!' when she was stirring something that looked like oats in her drink. I didnt know it was biscuit that she had meshed up in her tea and she went all ballistic. Seriously, looney and ballistic and accusing me of being a kepo or a busybody and her ramblings intensified for more than half an hour and again with the issue of my father came into ramblings.

Trust me, it didnt stop there. Infact in the late afternoon, she began her ramblings again and it turned into a hissing fit with her threatening to kill us and my brother..and she was like showing us a knife and saying that 'do you see this?! I can kill you all!! You are all better off dead! You all are nothing but trouble!' And we didnt do anything like spill a drink or was rude to her or anything but she was blaming us only because we're the offspring of our father who in his own world right now.

Im already doing my best to help my family and though Im on a tight budget, I didnt go against her wish of craving to eat something and yet, she was like saying, oh...I cant eat whatever I want. Already Im scrimping on my lunch just so that I could buy them snacks when I got off work and yet I am being blamed for not thinking about the family's need.

I know she's stressed out because of my father but stop putting the blame on us children and accusing us of being a burden to her. I mean both my brother and I are quite used to it and just stayed in my room and let her ramble to herself in the living room while we just gestured among ourselves that well..she's a bit..crazy today. But it does hurt me when she blames my brother and wished that he was not even born and yesterday she was like telling me to go find the form on the internet to put my brother in the home so that she would not have to take care of him anymore. I mean saying that..on his birthday some more...wouldnt it hurt? Of course my brother was like..whatever...but it did sound hurting to me coz the poor boy was not at fault that my mum wanted things done perfectly for him.

Oh well..hopefully today she would calm down a bit and off to work. I am trying to psyche myself up that hey, Im going to work to earn money and not be all moody that I dont have so called friends to talk nonsense too. But then again, in my previous work too, every day I would wish myself that I would wrap things up quickly and go home on time so no big difference there actually. Im just simply not cut out for working life.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Right now Im seriously contemplating on whether I want to eat that one ball of chicken wrap on a stick. I ate one earlier just now, and now left two, and it used to be one of my top favourite snacks two years ago. I was surprised the price didnt change compared to the rest of the products sold at Old Chang Kee. Like what, it's not popular enough? Nice what! It's also nice to revisit good times in the past when I used to eat these things when I dropped by the mall after work.

Yes, these balls (no pun intended) are damn oily especially when the chicken is 'wrapped' in beancurd skin which will contain the oil..and yes I'll stop my health prep talk now. But heck, unlike some dietician who apparently swears off any form of deep fried food (which she said she didnt care even if the oil is healthy such as olive oil), Im quite okay with it though yes, I do cringe at the sight of oil laden malay dishes. Hey, we have such things as 'once in awhile' okay? And this very same dietician, who is making a name for herself on a certain channel, is a chocoholic. What, chocolates can, deep fry food cannot?

Some people are seriously confused.

Anyway, at work, we are down with staff at the admin office because two of the officers have gone on a one week study leave. Okay, technically two weeks for one of them..but this week, two of them go simultaneously on leave.

No, they're not having a scandal...though I may not be surprised if they do.

So Im left with the taking over some of her duties and one of the things, I dislike doing in the office is dealing with piles of paper because *ow* papercut. I think I can say that I have numerous small cuts on my dainty fingers (ok more like 'cant fit a ring' chubby fingers) as a result of this. Haiz..the hazards of my work.

Now, while my friend Mariah is being all trigger happy with her new toy boy, aka Nikon SLR camera, Im being all trigger happy with labelling stuff on my blog posts. Notice how this is just going to be a passing fad only in rahayu's life.

I have created another category called 'single life'. Basically, they are the exact entries as the one on my friendster's unofficial single blog but hey, not everyone is into friendsters..let alone my profile on friendster. Then again, so is my blog at blogger..hrm.

Okay, Im not going to copy and paste every single entry there but basically, just the two most recent ones coz, well, I wrote them earlier. This is going to be pretty fun because suddenly I have ideas in my head as to what I want to blog about. Just now I chanced upon a blog and it was interesting in how he organized his various categories of labels. While I used words, he used pictures to signify the different categories.


Of course I can do the next best thing to make small pictures of myself looking good..which isnt so hard..coz..pft...I believe every single one of my picture is. But it's definitely a thought.

Oh yah, since we're on the topics of blogs, there were several featured blogs in Digital life about how they actually made money out of advertisers. Basically, these blogs have high viewerships so it makes sense to advertise. But one of the blogs was so 'infested' with blog ads and annoying pop ups..that I was there in less than five minutes. Sometimes, too much of something can be quite an overkill. It takes away the main thing which is your content.

I would say that it is a good looking website and before I came across it in the paper, I did visit the blog before yonks ago. But I think I had the same problem as I did earlier..or maybe even worse.

Now I refuse to put up her link here because duh..she's already making money and Im not going to add more to her revenue. Plus her contents are quite bleh...because like I said, I think she has become pretty obssessed into making her blog a money making mechanism.

I would say that it's the plight of Singaporean bloggers. Well, the only thing I can say is, there is always the 'kiasu' trait. People give 100%..I give 110%. *yawns*

Well, Im contented with whatever viewership I have (hey, zero is still a number okay..) because I stay true to the blogging spirit. Now on to more labelling.

Ray of Light

The act of falling in love. Very subjective and it also depends on the object you desire. Well, if it is the 'whoa mama!' sort of hunk or good looker, then yours truly has fallen in love many times over and over again. But a guy who has stolen my heart for good..well...that has yet to happen.

But let's not talk about my non existent love life. Let's just ponder over the act of falling in love. From what I have observed through several tv shows or even movies, I gather that well..not everyone is so lucky to have fallen in love at first sight. It takes time, and maybe it will even take boyfriend after boyfriend or girlfriend after girlfriend before reality smacks your face and you end up with your very first boyfriend (gasp!). What a truly merry go round.

Hey, it happens. Because we make mistakes and we are too blind to notice how someone can truly bring you happiness by their sheer volumes of care and concern for you. In the midst of crisis, a ray of light shines through and you will find yourself truly blessed for having the support of someone who understands you and make room in their heart for you.

Yes life can be truly difficult and suddenly everyone around us is experiencing bad things in their life. But sometimes, these bad things can serve as a wake up call to us and give us a sense of hope that not all are lost.

In the end, you get to experience happiness and to finally be on cloud 9 by falling in love all over again with someone whom you have neglected to love.

Like I said, sometimes we need to be smacked on the face.

Cheating...good or bad?

If there is one thing I dont understand is why 'cheating' on your loved one is considered an act that is forgiveable. Okay fine, we all should learn to forgive and forget but when movies or dramas make cheating as something fine and dandy, what are they trying to drive at?

I watched two unrelated shows which portrayed about couples cheating each other. Basically, the reasons were quite different. One did it because he wanted to get back at his partner because well, it's a case of 'if you can do it, so can I!' Yes, we're talking about grown adults here. For the other couple, the guy made out with a new girl on campus because he wanted some 'excitement' in his otherwise boring sex life as his girlfriend was not spending that much time with him.

I dont know about you all but I just think cheating is not right. Hey, people get hurt in the process but I think what is more important is the underlying problem on why couples cheat each other.

So while it is easy to throw in the towel, if you two really love each other, to cheat is to show to the other partner that hey, we have a problem in our relationship. Of course, the best way is through communication without resorting to the extreme. But if someone is 'presented' to you in a seductive manner and here you are, feeling so boxed in your relationship, how far you are you willing to go?

Sure the two couples I mentioned earlier forgive each other and see their so called escapades as a thing of the past. But it is a painful memory alright. If you really love your guy or your gal, you wont resort to such cheap tactic. It can be a thing of the past but scars are hard to heal and can be etched in the memory forever.

So think about it before you put yourself in such extreme situations.

New Labels

Im proud of myself coz I actually managed to complete a task that I have set myself to do and thank goodness, it's relatively simple. But of course, a little background knowledge helps too. What am I talking about? Well, remember earlier I said that I am going to put categories for easier browsing as part of newly revamping this website? Yup yup, I have done it. You can already check it out on the sidebar to the left.

I will put labels under certain entries like for example, a certain tv show that I watched, and I will label it under 'tv and movies'. So all entries pertaining to that category will be labeled so if you can click it according to the category, you will find all the other related entries instead of them being all mumble jumbled up with my personal life which, by the way, does not have any labels.

Speaking of which, remind me next to do something about the featured guys category. If you ask me, it's kinda lame ah the past entries. What the heck was I thinking. I may have to delete those old entries and put in fresh ones. Ronnie sounds like a good sue me for being biased.

Now Im on my way to making my blog more user friendly and be on almost the same par as one of those US pop culture blogs that I read. Okay, while Im at that, maybe I should do something about the colour of the font, eh?

No Garfield

I came to know of this website through a pop culture blog and I thought it's really interesting because of the way it puts across the fact that well, sometimes, we're better off without a sarcastic cat who does nothing but laze around and eat all day long.

Yes, we're talking about Garfield but! This isn't about Garfield but it's about its owner, Jon Arbuckle, which you know is the sore loser who is dealing with loneliness and how that can be very scary and unfortunately, a true reflection of so many American guys like him.

So this is Garfield comics without Garfield and how is that possible? Well, the one who maintained the site is an artist, as well as someone who has so much time in his hands to 'photoshop' Garfield out of the comics.

Highly recommended for you to browse through.

Garfield minus Garfield

ps: this is a start of a new feature in my newly organized blog as promised! It will be categorized under the label 'Featured Blogs/Websites' or at least until I can find a better name for it.


The return of Geek Speak. *shudders* No, I wont bore you with straight, hard up facts but hey, a little information wont hurt a fly, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, this edition of Geek Speak is about torrent. Okay, if you're a heavy internet user like a certain someone *cough**cough*...there are things that you will discover slowly but surely and end up being a more effective user. Living in Singapore has its perks. We are miles away from natural disaster and the country is clean and green (well..almost..). But when it comes to tv, we...are pretty backwards. It's okay. Thou shalt not complain.

So it is through the internet also that I get to do some 'catching up' with our US counterparts. For myself , being a minor fan of indie films by independent film makers who are pretty much liberal in the way they convey certain messages, which may sometimes come across as offensive or well..kinky, can be hard to get hold of them and watch it in full if youtube subscribers do not put up the film in different parts.

But a random search, for example, 'shelter movie torrent file' will generate responses and then you are welcomed by the fact that you can download the entire movie! Of course you need broadband and not dial up because trust me, we're not talking a file of minor proportions here.

Basically, when you download a torrent file, you need a supporting software (called a P2P software) which will find this file that you have already saved to desktop, for example, and start downloading once the settings are clear. It means that you have acquired the correct estimated downloading and uploading speed which you will roughly have to enter manually based on certain tests that the software conducts in order to maximise your downloading experience. In other words, for a faster less interruptive download.

Now this supporting software will actually capture bits and pieces of information from various computers worldwide that already have the torrent file and all these bits and pieces will form together into downloading that one single torrent file. Of course, these little bits and pieces have a name and they're called 'seeds'. The more seeds, the better..geddit?

Okay, before I start sounding like Im doing some biological lesson here, I shall direct you to read more about the facts on torrent via this wiki

Wiki on BitTorrent

Of course, there is this legal issue because of copyright infringement blah blah. Technically, BitTorrent, which is one of the P2P communications software for downloading and uploading of torrent files, may claim that it is not illegal because they do not store copyrighted material. Depending on where you stay, this is pretty much a touchy issue. To the best of my knowledge, if you distribute copyrighted material, then it's considered illegal. If you use it for your own personal viewing or listening pleasure, then why not.

But like I said, there are various interpretations depending on where you stay. So to be on the safe side, to me it's just better to either rent the movie, buy the album or if you're lucky, do a search on video sharing websites, and who knows, you may get to watch the entire full length movie.

So just take it with a pinch of salt and not to overdo it like trying to download chunks of information at any one time because heck, you'll never know if you are downloading copyrighted material among them.

So that is Geek Speak to you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Review of Jason Mraz New Album 2008

Yay! Jason Mraz has a new album out and Im proud to say that I got it! Well, technically, not in physical form..but..long story.

Anyway, if there is one thing I want to say about Jason is that, he does not disappoint in this album. I would say that it is more radio friendly than his previous album Mr A-Z so expect more tunes churned out from the album after the popular 'Im Yours'. Do you know that the song Im Yours was actually 'discovered' on the net as a Demo Song which Jason himself was not aware of until he performed in, Sweden I think, and he was surprised that the crowd could actually sing the song word for word!!

Anyhoo, it is a great album to tune in to as you look out of the car window or the bus window or even as you are sitting down drinking your chilled latte and watch the world go by. It is very breezy and reflects Jason's ability to sing and create songs that dance with your soul.

So if you just want to chill out and not be so stressed out by the occasional life's hash blows sometimes, then go get the album!!

Then stop by his website that is very reflective of him and read his blog entries or find out more about his album at

jason mraz

Sing Dance and Steal

I've yet to get back my blogging mojo..darn it. But hey, I'll try my best. And oh, one more thing, I think Im going to give my blog a little makeover and no, that does not mean a new blogskin (but a possibility though..heh..). It will sort of have different categories which you can easily browse through. i dont think there is going to be much since, ahem..rahayu has a very exclusive not all things turn up the heat in her..haha.

But for a start, Im going to give my review of Jason Mraz's new album! woohoo! It's called, 'We Sing, We Dance and We Steal things.' Now I wish I got the album in full and I've already made a pact with myself that I will most definitely get the album but uhm...maybe, now is not a good time. And then things make quite a turn when I wanted to try to find one of the singles on the net that is also in the new album and it's called 'live high'. So I tried my luck in finding that one out and in less than ten minutes, I actually came across the whole album via torrent (incidentally, that will be in another category called 'geek speaks'..see how all these categories start to come together?!).

So it had the option of me downloading the entire album or the singles that I wanted off the album. And uhm.....well, we're talking about Jason Mraz here! Of course, if the artist deserves to be credited for their musical talent and efforts, I will most definitely support it by buying the album. But seeing this is the first time that I came across such a thing, apart from a whole season of Supernatural which also came in a 'package' but with the options to download the episode that I wanted only, I thought why not I just..uhm..give it a try. The file size is smaller anyway too. Yes, Im wrecked with guilt after that. So much for artist support. But then again, Jason did say that he is not against downloading of music. I wonder if my internet subscriber share similar viewpoints as well.

Dont worry, Im not one of those serial downloaders. It's one of those obscure things that I do like downloading an entire indie film and then just yesterday, some youtube subscriber uploaded the whole thing in several parts *smacks forehead*. I can tell you off hand that I used this torrent software less than ten times. See, not all my fingers are used!

Oh, and a little unknown fact. The last album that I bought was in 2006 and that was Jason Mraz's last album.

Okay, talking about purchases, Im on a seriously tight budget this month and fingers crossed, I hope nothing crops up and that's it. My world will come crashing down. Im doing what I can to try to 'prolong' my savings and I dont want to say what I do exactly in order to save money coz it will invite controversies and Im too famous for yet another of those controversies, thank you very much.

Yes, if you read my previous blog post about a certain friend, I finally plucked out every single lazy bone in me and hauled myself to the prayers' ceremony. Fortunately, I had a bit of company in the form of her roomie and her friend and they're very nice and friendly people. Though they're very much intellectual (one is still studying in NTU while the other was a former student of NUS..two top universities in Singapore), they really dont behave like their nose is so way up high. I enjoyed listening to them talking to each other and the friendly teasing among themselves. I think one of the funniest moment was when her roomie was asking her friend on the way to the bus interchange 'So are you going to see me off?' and the friend's face was like all *eyes rolling* and she was like okay..'first, you are going off for two days' and second..'it's PULAU UBIN!!' But the roomie remarked, 'well..still Im going off what.'

It didnt end there. Her friend said 'okay, then are you going to send me off on Tuesday too? Send me off to work. Coz Im going off too what.' Well, I dont know if it sounds funny to you but it did to me at that point of time. The other one was that her roomie pointed her to something and she was like 'yah i can see that' which made her retort back to her friend's earlier remark that she was special by saying 'precisely! so whats so special about you? You can see that sign board!' Of course to her friend's dismay..'You cant judge me with some random signboard!!'

I dont know..kinda reminded me of the sort of friendship me and Mariah have but Mariah is the more intellectual one while my intellectual ability is of the same level as a starstruck dumb blonde. But hey, opposites attract which makes our friendship all the more unique. Besides, there are so many friendships as described earlier too that after awhile, it gets tiresome when it sounds pretty safe especially when you try to find 'witty remarks' to make all the time to counter to what your friends say. Hey, friendship doesnt have to be so taxing on the brain, right?!

Okay, besides trying to juggle on a tight budget, and listening to my mum FOREVER verbal bashing on my father and his family, Im on the lookout for the next American Idol!!!! As predicted by so many people, the two Davids are going to compete against each other for the idol trophy! While there are fan favourites on both side, Im okay with either one but of course, it will be superb if David Cook wins because he is simply awesome!

That reminds me, I shall go trawl the net again to find his remake of Mariah Carey's 'Always be my Baby' *sniff* What a heartfelt song singing in such deeeep...manly...voice. Too bad I cant relate to the song..but I can always relate to David Cook!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Chasing Toxic Friend

I seem to be putting off blogging for awhile, eh? Well, thanks to my brother who found the freedom to spend longer hours on the net right after finishing his exams..(hrmph)...and secondly, I was quite caught up with watching this indie film called Shelter which caught the attention of some movie reviewers as it was being circulated via small screenings in certain small states of US.

You do know for a fact that I watch ANYTHING with cute guys in them even if Im turning my nose up or facing my head away...or even cringe in utter 'disgust' at how lame and crap worthy some shows are. But! I have to make an exception for this one not coz of the leads but because of the storyline as it somewhat is a wee bit reflective of my own personal life. Well, it's about facing up to your family's commitments because you're the only one they can depend on and holding off your desire to pursue your own interests. While I wont say that I am as talented as the guy who is clearly artistic but has to turn down an arts scholarship, much to his dismay, to help his no-good-for-nothing elder sister look after his five year old nephew, I guess i can relate to him. For myself, I wish I dont have such a heavy responsibility towards my family which can get on their nerves sometimes due to my very strict budgeting rules on them (my brother calls me a budget freak) and also at the same time, I do wish I can pursue further studies.

Even though I initially had the capital money at the beginning of the year to do the latter and even had an education institution in mind and the course to study, in the end, family commitment gives way coz I think the money is better spent on them than just myself. Of course it was not easy answering to other people as to when I am going to pursue my studies..blah blah blah..that I am so farking sick and tired of it like it is the easiest thing to do.

Yes yes...rahayu knows that it's good for her future. But you see, at the end of the day, are they going to help me look after my family? No, they're not. Can 'paper qualifications' bring me an even bigger rice bowl? It may do so in the past but for now, with so many people pursuing further education and armed with a new piece of paper, there is a long queue for people to get the jobs that they want. There is such a huge concentration of it that seriously, employers nowadays are choosy even if you have the paper qualifications for it that you think you can get by it so easily. So what bigger rice bowl?!

At the end of the day, we may still end up with shitty jobs.

I dont really care if people start thinking that I have such a laidback approach to life where I just take what is presented on the plate. Believe me, even if I am, it's not coz I didnt try to change. I did. But there is a place and time for everything so if things dont happen now or dont happen at all, there is a reason behind it although at times, it can be hard to fathom.

Plus, I dont want to end up wasting my time and money away on a course that wont get me anywhere either because I find out later that it is not recognised or I have no interest in it. And there is no age limit in wanting to further your studies or upgrade yourselves in terms of new skills and knowledge. I believe if this is not the time, there will be a time in the future and it does not matter even if I will eventually be in my thirties when I finally pursue my studies. I dont really see any hurry in it and for now, Im just trying my best to cope with my increasing workload in the office.

A friend (?) of mine has been 'accusing' my family of holding me back and saying that I am babysitting my brother. I know she's very rigid in her mindset where money is the single most important factor in life and to get that, you must have the right paper qualifications.

She annoys me to a great extent but Im always nice enough to 'thank' her for caring though of course, I dont appreciate her dissing my family. Like why I have to resort to teaching my brother his homework or give him random assignments to do and then during exam period, focus more attention on him (in between surfing the internet) is simply because I cannot afford to pay for exorbitant tuition fees that are now mostly provided by graduate tutors moonlighting while waiting for a big job offer. Im not the traditional sort of parent tutor who sits beside the boy and oversees his homework. Infact, my brother hates me sitting beside him and neither do I like to sit beside him as well. Plus, he thinks me teaching him certain Maths questions, is like giving him a boring lecture though I dont really associate me screaming at him for not getting certain parts of the questions right or when he's not paying part of a conventional lecture.

She also thinks my parents are in the wrong because they are not working. But who am I to go scold them to find a job and work?

Look. I've said it before and I will say it again that I know she means well. Unfortunately, her mind is so technical that other reasons get thrown out so easily if they seem to hinder or go against her logic.

I also dont appreciate it when she goes all 'you dont care about me' routine and 'you are just like so and so'...referring to an ex friend of ours. For one thing, I dont see her making the first move as well and when she does try to conjure up a meeting, to her, it felt like oh, she's always the one organizing which in fact she does not ah.

If I reply to her late in even less than two minutes when chatting, she starts 'scolding' and begin this 'oh you're too bz to even reply' while I dont balk when she does not reply hour later. It's like she's being given permission to be busy because she genuinely is while im happily shaking legs somewhere and pretending to be busy.

Oh wtf.

Im so...............over...................this........................already........................

that Im like..oh chop chop..give her time and her talk her crap...go victory and not anticipate another meeting until she starts making noise again whenever she's done being busy and suddenly figures out Im still alive and kicking.


Monday, May 05, 2008

Van and his friend

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just been shocked by the earlier horror trailer and sorry if I didnt warn you earlier about the screams..heh.

Anyway, it's not that Im suddenly into horror genres...I just wanted you to see this guy:

Tyler Hanes

There is a rumour floating around the Internet and 'someone' apparently got wind of it and I dont quite agree with the way this person is handling it for the sake of increasing traffic to his website. Unfortunately, I am one of the occasional contributors..hrm..

Now now people..doesnt mean that one person is often seen together with another person of the same gender...they're If that's the case, where's the beauty of friendship?

Then again, if it's the truth, I dont baulk at it either. Especially if they're equally hot...coz you know how I am with such guys...irregardless of their sexual orientation.

Well, if you see one of them as familiar, he used to frequent my in...I blogged about him quite often in the past as he is one of the actors of some daytime show.

Nice shirt boys..and Tyler,

IN THE BLOOD: Official Trailer 1

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day

Okay..before I start blogging...Happy New Month of May!! Isn't it fantastically wonderful? So sue me if i look forward to a new start of the week or a new start of the month.

Nothing new in my life. My mum is as angry as ever to my father with his non-working status and how he's living off me and my mum now. She keeps bringing the same old topics up about how she regrets getting married and how his family screwed up by not telling her that my father just loves sleeping and isnt much help round the house. So she's bitter and at times, takes it out on me and my brother with her screaming fits and swearing.

Of course I do hope one day she stops all this nonsense but who am I to say? My mum is so stubborn and always thinks she's right and everyone else is wrong that I have given up long ago at hoping that she will change one day.

Well, that aside, last Tuesday, got some moolah from the government. Though a lot of grouches had been heard that it's a pathetic small amount (I got $150), to me, heck if it's money, it's money and I truly appreciate it. So for a few days, my 'whatever is left of my savings' is kept off the hook when it comes to spending on the family and my needs (which by the way, does NOT include any new purchases I can use or wear..*sucks*) but does a black pen count? Well, from that amount too, me and Mariah managed to do an escapade to Seoul Garden and we ate till we can eat no more. Oh by the way, in the first time of the history of my Seoul Garden, I made my own concoction of a healthier low fat version of jelly cocktail. Why low fat? Coz I was frakkin' stingy with the condensed milk and it contained no brown sugar. Instead, it was loaded with fruit coctails and I added a tinge of red syrup for some colour. Mariah refused to eat it coz she felt she was not superior enough to eat such sweet..sweet..delicious..concoction. It's okay woman..I understand.

Work wise, it's been quite okay and has officially worked for the school for two months. Yet, last Friday my mind was only half working (why wouldnt it..coz the day before was a public holiday and lo and behold...had to come back to to work the next day..on a FRIDAY!) so I wasnt thinking that much on what I should do when faced with some things at work. I was doing basically data entry which took me almost a whole day and my colleague gave me a cold shoulder when I asked her something about the school email inbox which I now have to maintain. Tsk..remind me to ONLY talk to her when necessary. That cold shoulder was she was irritated with me or something even though I merely asked a simple question.

Like I said, whatever, even though I had already promised myself to only talk to her when necessary and the question I asked her WAS necesary. I think I got the hint that she thinks Im too dependent which is not true coz I bloody am still learning so there are A LOT OF THINGS Im not sure of which I tried to refrain not to ask them too much coz I know they are busy with their own things as well. But if I dont ask and just follow my own lead, it will not be good on me either coz I will have a higher tendency of making mistakes. Catch my drift?

Anyway, I dont expect to perfectly get along well with everybody and Im not someone who is like her that tries to get herself into other guys' pants into other people's good books with her childish mannerisms. I dont know whether other people observe it, but based on MY observations, I think they are cringing inside their hearts.

Speaking of cringing, do you know how expensive groceries are nowadays? Goodness! And u know what else is bad? Food costs a little bit more expensive like for example, a bowl of mee now costs about $3.30 to $3.50 instead of the previous $3 and if you think, you're getting more share with the price hike, nOooooOoo....they scrimp on the food so you will actually pay more..for less! How fantastic!

That reminds me, because of things like this, I can put up with the antics of my colleague as it no longer involves me travelling outside for work. Yes, rahayu will sit quietly behind her bare desk and be happy that she hardly spends exorbitantly on lunch nowadays. Oh, by the way, my ex colleague called a few days ago and we had a good chat. Or rather she had a good chat with me coz she was doing most of the talking as I was sitting on my bus from Sengkang all the way to my place in Hougang and it's quite a wonder how in such a short period of time, so many changes took place in terms of staff movement. Some left, some old timers joined back and some of the nurses that were with us last year for attachment, joined this company.

But you know what. Changes are good as it keeps you on your toes and one of my latest changes is to maintain an organizer and this time, seriously maintain it. In just one quarter of the year, I changed diary at least 3 times because I was never satisfied with it and in the end, settled with this one clunky looking black organiser which has been adorned with post its.

Anyhoo, entertainment news (no Ronnie didnt make a comeback) and Mariah have been keeping ourselves entertained on the net. While she's on a movie spree from a tip I gave her as to where to watch free movies online..heh....Im on a roll for watching US based TV shows as I have blogged earlier. Just put it down as me having a shorter attention span than her so I would rather watch a full episode of Greek, Reaper or CSI:Miami than watching a movie but of course, there are 2 movies that I want to catch, Iron Man and the second instalment of Harold and Kumar.

Yes, Reaper is a very good supernatural drama comedy and it's hilarious how Sam and his friends tried to tackle the escaped souls that came back to earth to finish off the last job they did before they died. And most times, these 'jobs' are somewhat the types that will kill innocent people like dying from electrocution or arson and when they came back, they would be stronger as they would acquire supernatural powers and these powers are a reflection of their last bad deed.

Here are some pictures from the tv show Reaper:

Here is Sam and the always well dressed Devil whom he is working for as a bounty hunter or 'reaper'

the opening sequence...

Sam and his two buddies, Sock and Ben, and they were dressed in rubber as they were facing a demon who had the power to control lightning. Sock quipped in the car 'I feel like a giant condom'...

My brother is also hooked in this show and he says he will also catch it if he comes back from school because he thinks it is safe to watch because there is 'no sex'...unlike Ugly Betty.

Yes, my brother the angel. Not.

I would say it's better than watching Greek though Im halfway through watching Season 1 and I actually rewatched episode 8 coz i think it's one of my favourite episodes. Plus, Heath, a recurring character on the show as one of the fratboys in the 'always partying' Kappa Tau fraternity, is pretty cute with his dimples as he smiles. I find him better looking than one of the male leads but his character is often in the background but given his looks..heh...I think thats why the show creator or director decided to give him a mini storyline after all? It's the dimples, I say..

Zack Lively as Heath

I feel like Im really turning into a paedophile..what with me going after younger guys (Ronnie included..) and this guy? He's 20! See where Im heading?!

Still, I love me guys.

The Reaper

I am adding this to my list of 'must watch tv shows'. Currently showing in the US about Sam, upon turning 21 years old, found out that his parents sold his soul to the devil as part of a contract. His mission became to help the devil capture other devils that have escaped on earth. It's a drama comedy so expect the...funny. Something in the likes of Ugly Betty and yes, Ugly Betty Season 2 is somewhere in my list too.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogging Foul Mood

Stupid exams period now. It's nearly 1am in the morning and im still tutoring my very lazy brother in Maths, specifically algebra and factorisation. Im quite okay with algebra, for now, but I HATE factorisation. I dunno...coz i think the thing is freaking complicated and requires to 'see' what are the common factors and seriously, I dont have an 'eye' for the common things. That also explains why Im not really into the common guys on the street..heh..

I feel like a naggy mum of a high school boy who cant seem to get past his computer and his tech freaking toys which just happen to not be in a good mood today, thus triggering a foul mood in him. Gawd I hate feeling mumsy when I should be a swinging single going on date after date .But no, I have family commitments.

I also feel like a number one slob and if there is ever a guy who asks me what are some of my best qualities, err..I guess I can say that being a slob is one of them. You see, Im the type who does not quite fall in between to balance things up. It's either Im very sloppy or very neat. Example. My computer table at home. Sloppy. My computer table at work. Neat. Infact, the only decorative piece I have is a photoframe, dolled up by mariah and then adorned with a picture of Ronnie on this spinning thing with a killer suit up pose. I used to have this imagination thing going on back to when I was working in my last two company where I told myself that if I had my own table, it would be personalised like no one's businedd. Although it used to suck that I had to share a freaking table with one or two other people and that where I sat was not normally fixed, I still had some space to decorate. It was quite fun putting up some pictures but it was quite hell when I had to change table and there goes my decor.

So now, to cut the chase, rahayu shall go 'commando'..meaning..bare table..heh. Well, not exactly bare, since to me the second most important thing, besides the computer with internet access sitting pretty on my table, is my food supply and my two cups. Yes, I need to survive.

Talking about food, Im on a mission now..which I think would somehow fall through and I have to restart again eventually. Nope..not going to say, what the heck my mission is because it will generate tonnes of laughter. Deadline? My birthday. I can tell you though it's not going to be easy and it has always been like that. But it's okay, I can do it. I CAN DO IT!!

So 'barely there' blogging. Okay! Okay! I shall try to find my blogging mood somewhere..out there...

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