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Good Friends

One of the things Im grateful in life is having friends who care for you and who help you whenever they can. It makes you think that despite how hard life can be sometimes, you always have 'backing' where you feel that you are never alone.

That and also I was testing out this polaroid picture which I grabbed from some blog site coz I thought it was really neat looking. This is version 1. And in case you think that Im some ungrateful b*tch for using their pictures as an excuse to put up the neat polaroid picture (heh), every word I said above stands true. No, not the b*tch part, the description about friends.God bless them.

Melee - Built To Last

Im so distracted by how good looking all the band members are *smittened*. Oh, the song's good too. Nice and rich deep voice, great play of instruments and catchy tune.

(singing)Built to laaaaaaaaasttt....(end of bad singing)

RSS Feed


In today's edition of Geek Speak, I shall give you a small insight on what the heck is RSS feed. Basically, RSS feed means Really Simply Syndicate, which is actually a web feed or news feed that internet users subcribe to in order to be updated about the latest contents from the websites, blogs or podcasts.

Let's use my blog for example. If you notice at the sidebar, I have this orange looking icon:

It's actually the universal icon for RSS feed.

Once you click on the icon, it will prompt you on which feed reader, technically called an aggregator, you wish to use in order to be updated about the content you subscribe to. RSS feed consists of the summaries of the blog content, which are basically web links, and whenever the blog is updated, a new link will appear on top of the other existing web links.

Examples of aggregators or feed readers are feedburners and FeedDemon. Web browsers also allow subsribers to read the web feed from the toolbar. Let's say you are using…

Fall for you

Doing a weetle bit of experiment here..

Anyway, I like this song above though it made me feel like Im some emo teenager who is so smitten by her young and hunky teacher. Well, I was listening to the later half of the 987fm top 20 countdown and this song was the highest jumper. From being newcomer at 20 last week, it shot up all the way to..uhm..10?!!

Not surprising..we got a lot of REAL emo teenagers here, unlike urs truly.

Fall for you. Hrm, sounds like a great music soundtrack to a love story. Yet again..unlike urs truly which doesnt have a love life apparently. But no, I am not so down. Actually I want to post up a link to this song for you to download. It's just that..erm..I uploaded the wrong song. It's freaking 4 plus in the morning!!

So just bear with it and listen while I dunno..u reminiscence about the good ol' days when you fell in love with the guy..before you know that he's a jerk. Good times, eh?

Glam Chasers


okay after yesterday's ranting of not doing much work, well at least I feel productive today in the morning as well as into the afternoon. Okay it's not actually a big kick ass job but rather the task of emailing and calling of parents and guardians regarding the entrance exams for next week. And yes I always have the irritating task of handling calls from irritating parents. I mean I dont mind attending to their general enquiries but I get annoyed when they get so..well...demanding like as we, at the general office, have nothing to do but surf net. Well, technically that's just me currently but seriosly speaking, Ithink I have told this many times but the kids here are so pampered and not forgetting absent minded coz they always lose their things.

But what to do. I mean I cant be so freaking choosy coz one good thing Im posted to this school is that the working environment is not so bad. It's spacious and comfortable because we're not exactly a typical neighbo…

Am I Too Free

Yes I have been facing extreme boredom at work and it sucks coz it makes me so unproductive. I mean..Im not without work but my work is so random these past two three days that Im feeling so bleh.

But anyhoo, in order to be productive or at least look like as if Im doing work related stuffs, I did some reading on my own over at the MOE website. It's not that I want to or were asked to but I answer calls pertaining to general enquiries as well as reply emails from the public. I have the daunting task of handling the school emails and this time, I sign off anonymously...ok..more like just leave behind the school's name and contact details without leaving my name behind so that they wont call and ask for me. I learnt it from the secondary school side when they forward the emails sent to them but relates to the primary side.


Gosh this school administration part is so big that the last thing I want is to be not sure about what Im doing. So today I read quite a lot about quest…

Evolution of Dance

The most watched video on youtube! A 6 minute series of dance moves (hence..evolution) done in an exaggerated comedic style. Which ones are your favourites?! I like the N*Sync's one in the 5 min mark among others!

Pork and Beans

Great video by WeezeR starring some familiar faces from youtube like Chris Crocker, Tay Zonday, Evolution of Dance..and so forth. Even if you dont recognise any of them (how could you?!), it's still a kewl video to watch!!!! Just look at the viewership!

Nats 27th bdae at Marina


Pushing Daisies on TV

Rahayu is bored..she's itching all over....and she's like thinking..'Is it some kind of public holiday in America?!' Yes Im not getting my dose of American pop culture coz the blogs that I visit almost daily is on hiatus or something. Gawd! I didnt write in my diary to watch out for an episode of Greek for nothing! I did enjoy watching the first season but after reading the episode guides of the Season seemed very meh..after awhile, I can only tolerate certain amount of teenage infidelity, love triangle and what have they...all these teenagers with so so looks and a very huge sex drive.

The only reason why I wanted to watch the recent episodes again was the introduction of a new recurring character who played Alexis's personal secretary on Ugly Betty. He looked good looking on Ugly Betty but in Greek, he was like..well..still good looking....just a tad older looking. See what difference hair gel can make you.

Oh, and I previously failed to mention about this d…

Pushing on my Button

I am blogging using my laptop and it's not an easy task because of the lines that cut across the screen. See this is why I am pretty much against laptops. It's pretty high maintenance coz for gawd's sake, the thing's all compact!!

Well work's okay today (surprisingly) and there were some new teachers that arrived. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of tables for the teacher and well...they had to make do with the tables of those teachers who are on long leave. Suddenly my table seems very the comforting.....right after I cleared the clutter on my table that accumulated because I was collecting forms for various reasons. Basically, they now take up the space underneath my table..pfft. What to do..Im the 'designated' form collector.

Not much to ramble today but if you notice, there are some changes to my blog. No, basically the content's still rubbish which to me is basically better than nothing. Try to keep a lookout for the sidebar because there are upda…

Rambling Hissing Fit

Alright alright...I shall start blogging for serious today onwards. I have been doing this blogging once a week thingey and it's getting annoying. For me at least.

First of all, I wanna wish my brother a Happy Birthday as of yesterday on Sunday May 25th and you're a big boy now! All 13! I told you it's unavoidable. I wanted to buy him a cake for the longest time and didnt want to be all stingy on that but I decided against it budget's pretty tight this week. Who am I kidding...okay...very the tight. But you see, I bought something else instead. Doughnuts. And though initially my brother kicked up a bit of a fuss earlier this week when I said I would buy him doughnuts instead instead of a cake, in the end, his sensibility kicked in and he was like..Im up for anything. Just as a small gesture, I made him a pop up birthday card of a cake.

I told him I'll make up for it when I get my pay but then later my mum said, dont get cake..just treat him out for…


Right now Im seriously contemplating on whether I want to eat that one ball of chicken wrap on a stick. I ate one earlier just now, and now left two, and it used to be one of my top favourite snacks two years ago. I was surprised the price didnt change compared to the rest of the products sold at Old Chang Kee. Like what, it's not popular enough? Nice what! It's also nice to revisit good times in the past when I used to eat these things when I dropped by the mall after work.

Yes, these balls (no pun intended) are damn oily especially when the chicken is 'wrapped' in beancurd skin which will contain the oil..and yes I'll stop my health prep talk now. But heck, unlike some dietician who apparently swears off any form of deep fried food (which she said she didnt care even if the oil is healthy such as olive oil), Im quite okay with it though yes, I do cringe at the sight of oil laden malay dishes. Hey, we have such things as 'once in awhile' okay? And this …

Ray of Light

The act of falling in love. Very subjective and it also depends on the object you desire. Well, if it is the 'whoa mama!' sort of hunk or good looker, then yours truly has fallen in love many times over and over again. But a guy who has stolen my heart for good..well...that has yet to happen.

But let's not talk about my non existent love life. Let's just ponder over the act of falling in love. From what I have observed through several tv shows or even movies, I gather that well..not everyone is so lucky to have fallen in love at first sight. It takes time, and maybe it will even take boyfriend after boyfriend or girlfriend after girlfriend before reality smacks your face and you end up with your very first boyfriend (gasp!). What a truly merry go round.

Hey, it happens. Because we make mistakes and we are too blind to notice how someone can truly bring you happiness by their sheer volumes of care and concern for you. In the midst of crisis, a ray of light shines through …

Cheating...good or bad?

If there is one thing I dont understand is why 'cheating' on your loved one is considered an act that is forgiveable. Okay fine, we all should learn to forgive and forget but when movies or dramas make cheating as something fine and dandy, what are they trying to drive at?

I watched two unrelated shows which portrayed about couples cheating each other. Basically, the reasons were quite different. One did it because he wanted to get back at his partner because well, it's a case of 'if you can do it, so can I!' Yes, we're talking about grown adults here. For the other couple, the guy made out with a new girl on campus because he wanted some 'excitement' in his otherwise boring sex life as his girlfriend was not spending that much time with him.

I dont know about you all but I just think cheating is not right. Hey, people get hurt in the process but I think what is more important is the underlying problem on why couples cheat each other.

So while it is easy t…

New Labels

Im proud of myself coz I actually managed to complete a task that I have set myself to do and thank goodness, it's relatively simple. But of course, a little background knowledge helps too. What am I talking about? Well, remember earlier I said that I am going to put categories for easier browsing as part of newly revamping this website? Yup yup, I have done it. You can already check it out on the sidebar to the left.

I will put labels under certain entries like for example, a certain tv show that I watched, and I will label it under 'tv and movies'. So all entries pertaining to that category will be labeled so if you can click it according to the category, you will find all the other related entries instead of them being all mumble jumbled up with my personal life which, by the way, does not have any labels.

Speaking of which, remind me next to do something about the featured guys category. If you ask me, it's kinda lame ah the past entries. What the heck was I thinking…

No Garfield

I came to know of this website through a pop culture blog and I thought it's really interesting because of the way it puts across the fact that well, sometimes, we're better off without a sarcastic cat who does nothing but laze around and eat all day long.

Yes, we're talking about Garfield but! This isn't about Garfield but it's about its owner, Jon Arbuckle, which you know is the sore loser who is dealing with loneliness and how that can be very scary and unfortunately, a true reflection of so many American guys like him.

So this is Garfield comics without Garfield and how is that possible? Well, the one who maintained the site is an artist, as well as someone who has so much time in his hands to 'photoshop' Garfield out of the comics.

Highly recommended for you to browse through.

Garfield minus Garfield

ps: this is a start of a new feature in my newly organized blog as promised! It will be categorized under the label 'Featured Blogs/Websites' or at le…


The return of Geek Speak. *shudders* No, I wont bore you with straight, hard up facts but hey, a little information wont hurt a fly, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, this edition of Geek Speak is about torrent. Okay, if you're a heavy internet user like a certain someone *cough**cough*...there are things that you will discover slowly but surely and end up being a more effective user. Living in Singapore has its perks. We are miles away from natural disaster and the country is clean and green (well..almost..). But when it comes to tv, we...are pretty backwards. It's okay. Thou shalt not complain.

So it is through the internet also that I get to do some 'catching up' with our US counterparts. For myself , being a minor fan of indie films by independent film makers who are pretty much liberal in the way they convey certain messages, which may sometimes come across as offensive or well..kinky, can be hard to get hold of them and watch it in full if youtube subscribers do not put …

Review of Jason Mraz New Album 2008

Yay! Jason Mraz has a new album out and Im proud to say that I got it! Well, technically, not in physical form..but..long story.

Anyway, if there is one thing I want to say about Jason is that, he does not disappoint in this album. I would say that it is more radio friendly than his previous album Mr A-Z so expect more tunes churned out from the album after the popular 'Im Yours'. Do you know that the song Im Yours was actually 'discovered' on the net as a Demo Song which Jason himself was not aware of until he performed in, Sweden I think, and he was surprised that the crowd could actually sing the song word for word!!

Anyhoo, it is a great album to tune in to as you look out of the car window or the bus window or even as you are sitting down drinking your chilled latte and watch the world go by. It is very breezy and reflects Jason's ability to sing and create songs that dance with your soul.

So if you just want to chill out and not be so stressed out by the occasio…

Sing Dance and Steal

I've yet to get back my blogging mojo..darn it. But hey, I'll try my best. And oh, one more thing, I think Im going to give my blog a little makeover and no, that does not mean a new blogskin (but a possibility though..heh..). It will sort of have different categories which you can easily browse through. i dont think there is going to be much since, ahem..rahayu has a very exclusive not all things turn up the heat in her..haha.

But for a start, Im going to give my review of Jason Mraz's new album! woohoo! It's called, 'We Sing, We Dance and We Steal things.' Now I wish I got the album in full and I've already made a pact with myself that I will most definitely get the album but uhm...maybe, now is not a good time. And then things make quite a turn when I wanted to try to find one of the singles on the net that is also in the new album and it's called 'live high'. So I tried my luck in finding that one out and in less than ten minutes,…

Paper Chasing Toxic Friend

I seem to be putting off blogging for awhile, eh? Well, thanks to my brother who found the freedom to spend longer hours on the net right after finishing his exams..(hrmph)...and secondly, I was quite caught up with watching this indie film called Shelter which caught the attention of some movie reviewers as it was being circulated via small screenings in certain small states of US.

You do know for a fact that I watch ANYTHING with cute guys in them even if Im turning my nose up or facing my head away...or even cringe in utter 'disgust' at how lame and crap worthy some shows are. But! I have to make an exception for this one not coz of the leads but because of the storyline as it somewhat is a wee bit reflective of my own personal life. Well, it's about facing up to your family's commitments because you're the only one they can depend on and holding off your desire to pursue your own interests. While I wont say that I am as talented as the guy who is clear…

Van and his friend

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just been shocked by the earlier horror trailer and sorry if I didnt warn you earlier about the screams..heh.

Anyway, it's not that Im suddenly into horror genres...I just wanted you to see this guy:

Tyler Hanes

There is a rumour floating around the Internet and 'someone' apparently got wind of it and I dont quite agree with the way this person is handling it for the sake of increasing traffic to his website. Unfortunately, I am one of the occasional contributors..hrm..

Now now people..doesnt mean that one person is often seen together with another person of the same gender...they're If that's the case, where's the beauty of friendship?

Then again, if it's the truth, I dont baulk at it either. Especially if they're equally hot...coz you know how I am with such guys...irregardless of their sexual orientation.

Well, if you see one of them as familiar, he used to frequent my in...I blogged about him qui…

IN THE BLOOD: Official Trailer 1

May Day

Okay..before I start blogging...Happy New Month of May!! Isn't it fantastically wonderful? So sue me if i look forward to a new start of the week or a new start of the month.

Nothing new in my life. My mum is as angry as ever to my father with his non-working status and how he's living off me and my mum now. She keeps bringing the same old topics up about how she regrets getting married and how his family screwed up by not telling her that my father just loves sleeping and isnt much help round the house. So she's bitter and at times, takes it out on me and my brother with her screaming fits and swearing.

Of course I do hope one day she stops all this nonsense but who am I to say? My mum is so stubborn and always thinks she's right and everyone else is wrong that I have given up long ago at hoping that she will change one day.

Well, that aside, last Tuesday, got some moolah from the government. Though a lot of grouches had been heard that it's a pathetic small amount (…

The Reaper

I am adding this to my list of 'must watch tv shows'. Currently showing in the US about Sam, upon turning 21 years old, found out that his parents sold his soul to the devil as part of a contract. His mission became to help the devil capture other devils that have escaped on earth. It's a drama comedy so expect the...funny. Something in the likes of Ugly Betty and yes, Ugly Betty Season 2 is somewhere in my list too.

Blogging Foul Mood

Stupid exams period now. It's nearly 1am in the morning and im still tutoring my very lazy brother in Maths, specifically algebra and factorisation. Im quite okay with algebra, for now, but I HATE factorisation. I dunno...coz i think the thing is freaking complicated and requires to 'see' what are the common factors and seriously, I dont have an 'eye' for the common things. That also explains why Im not really into the common guys on the street..heh..

I feel like a naggy mum of a high school boy who cant seem to get past his computer and his tech freaking toys which just happen to not be in a good mood today, thus triggering a foul mood in him. Gawd I hate feeling mumsy when I should be a swinging single going on date after date .But no, I have family commitments.

I also feel like a number one slob and if there is ever a guy who asks me what are some of my best qualities, err..I guess I can say that being a slob is one of them. You see, Im the type who does not quite…