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Love Ourselves & Live Simply

We can get inspirations everywhere and not just from the memes of quotes people paste on their facebook wall..which honestly can get a tad bit annoying sometimes..hehe. And you know where I can inspirations from right if you follow my blog. I get them from whatever I watch on youtube be it from movies or dramas. One of them I learn is that if we don't love ourselves, how can we expect other people to love us??

That's true in the way. You used to hear me moan and groan about me being well, on the heavier side, but the fact that I'm doing something to make it better helps in a way and also about me not being as pretty as other girls but now I have slowly learn to appreciate the fact that this is my looks. Like it or not, it's mine. If other girls choose to have botox, chin filler, plastic surgery's their looks and they can damn well do whatever they want with it. But I just cringe when they overdo it and they end up looking uglier than they already are. …

Pursuit of Happiness & The Joys in Life

I haven't cleared the things from my haul from Johor Bahru yesterday. To be honest, I didn't buy much but I guess it's in my nature to just not buy a lot in one single shopping spree but you know, I didn't want to make it a wasted trip. More on that in a separate post once I got the photos up.

For once, I thought well it was good I lost a bit of weight so the clothes didn't look too awful on me when I tried them on. I guess the gym sessions and diet conscious me in the weeks prior to the trip helped in a bit? Hee..

My only one single regret is not getting one of the skirts from Factory Outlet Store and I'm deprived of skirts! I think the closest I could find a shop like FOS here in Singapore will be the Song & Song? I believe I can find it in Marine Parade and they sell similar stuffs like basically factory rejects of popular top brands that cost more in the actual shops. I guess I will drop by later to see if I can get one, as long as I still have the moolah…

Yet Another RAK!

I cannot believe my luck that I won yet another RAK (random act of kindness) on this closed facebook group with even more scrapbooking items! Jealous much?, can't believe my luck! While at that point of time for the first rak, I thought it came at such a good time because I was pretty upset I couldn't shop as much as these people do who seem to don't mind spending their moolah.

Even though now I'm not totally broke and I managed to buy some little stuffs from the group, winning this RAK is like an icing on the cake...again! 

This post was from an earlier RAK.

So I collected my loot last Monday..or is it Admiralty and I'm so happy!!! I finally got an owl stamp in a set and the Tim Holtz distress stamp pad which I tried to find but everything was snapped up at the madewithlove shop. Gosh, those people are really crazeh..they literally sweep everything off the racks the minute the shop opens ever since the news came out that they were closing dow…

What's in the Bag

This is a pictorial version of what's in the bag..haha. I don't do videos which is probably more interesting but my things are not that interesting. At one point of time, it was a popular video in you tube where people show what are in their bags.

Well, this is my version and the things that I carry around in my bag and some are brand new. I usually change bag every 2 to 3 weeks. By right, 2 but sometimes I am lazy to stash them into another bag although the process is usually very fast because I don't really have many stuffs.

I'm not sure if you can see very well because I didn't take a good shot because it's past 4.30am in the morning and my eyes are blurry.

Anyway, let's go from left to right. 

There is this green umbrella which I've yet to use but the school attendant gave it to me because he found it. Yes, I'm surrounded by nice people.

The hello kitty pouch which contains my keys and my internet banking security code thing. It was given by my cousi…

Closing Down of One of My Favourite Haunts

You know the shop that I often frequented and blogged about recently? Sadly, the shop is ceasing its operations in Singapore and will be concentrating on their stores in Indonesia. They could not find a favourable location in Singapore and then judging from the local scrapbooking market, they felt they were better off concentrating on their Indonesian market. That's sad. This is like the second scrapbooking supplies shop closing down this year. 

So we were all hyped about the moving on sales and then now it has sourly turned to a closing down sales instead. You have no idea the egg-citement of me thinking of going down to Plaza Sing to visit the shop every time pay day comes. And I went a little crazy every time they have sales but not so crazy I spend hundreds. I save a hundred plus yes because their sales prices can be very good like up to 50% discount even.

Ever since their announcement plus the recent one about them closing down, I had gone down four times. I most likely make on…

Beauty Haul Plus Beauty Gifts in September 2012

Last week, I got myself a new eyeshadow. Silly me. Money no enough also can still buy make up. But don't worry babe, I got my finances under control. Yah right. But really, this month I've got $120 worth of free munneh this month courtesy of my kind vice principal..haha. Okay at first the $20 was a birthday gift and the other $100 which I got on Friday was for the cards I make every month for the teachers' birthdays. Supposed to be $50 and when she asked if it was enough, before I could answer she handed me another $50 giving a total of $100. Wow. Then again, since she wants to can I say no, right? I said that I will use it for the next month instead so I won't collect money next month. Even if I do, it will be for the following month to be fair.

So I think it's more than enough to make up spending on the...eyeshadow? haha. Anyway, the eyeshadow costs me $11.90 instead of the original price of $14.90. How can I NOT get it?! I mean, I got one of them in b…

Birthday Gifts

The other time I was thinking to myself that I need new clothes. So I'm definitely looking forward to my trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia next Saturday so that I can grab me some new clothes and try to get them as cheap as possible, without of course holes and tear. Then this kind soul asked me if I want her clothes because she has some clothes which she can't fit anymore and I thought why not..hehe. I'm fine with second hand clothings. Anything to add to my wardrobe as long as of course, I can fit and wear them.

She also gave me some decorative buttons for my cards which puzzled me initially because I thought that she forgot to give me or something. But then after my birthday, she gave me in this nice little handmade gift bag which I tried to find on youtube later on how to make it, haha.

Anyway, let me share with you the gifts that I got. I didn't take pictures of the things inside though.

I got another gift from my colleague (btw these all above are from them) a day befor…

Happy 31st to Me!

Oh what a day at work. My colleagues treated me to a nice lunch. Really appreciative of it :) and I got...for the first time, a flower bouquet! Honestly, I have no idea what to do with it. I'm useless with bouquets..haha.

Anyway, I will upload the pics soon. It's not a big celebration but yeah, I think the best is that the happiness is shared among people who care about you :) Plus it also helps that they said I don't look like I'm 31..hehe.

My wish this year is very simple. I just want a better life for me and my family. I hope my online card business will soon take off with orders streaming in because I really am interested in making an additional form of income to support them. It is also to help me get rid of my credit card debt. Mistakes are mistakes and I just have to learn to move on and make things better.

 If your birthday was on the 18 September, happy belated birthday to you too!

I make support me!

My RAK Items & A Little Cardmaking Haul

Remember recently I wrote about my winning RAK items (oh yes, forgot to thank her for that after receiving) and I'm super excited because I've never won such items before and she's so generous. She included some other stuffs that were not in the pic including a pair of clear stamps and from the start of my cardmaking adventures, I've always loved clear stamps though I usually don't spend much on them to curb the expenses.

So anyway, here's what I got!

Four washi tapes!! I don't know what to do with the cupid arrow though. I don't have a die cutting machine. Probably will sell it off.

I thought I won't buy for some time but damn it, they have to come up with selling or de-stashing cheap and pretty products online! The most ex one that I bought was this jar stamp with other little stamps and this jar stamp used to be of a craze including the patterned papers with jar pictures on them. I was looking for it for some time and there were two other interested…

Beautiful Inside and Out

I couldn't go gym last Sunday and it was so so sad not because I ate a lot the day before like I usually do on Sat..heh...but because I was down to my last few dollars and I still need to buy stuffs for my family :( And my ez link card was running low on cash too so what do I do? I had to forgo transport for that day so that I have some money left to go to work.

What was sad was the situation itself not just a matter of me not being able to burn off some calories.

Oh well, it's over and I survived.

I spent time at a nearby library (like where else could I go?) and thankfully I can walk over to it even though it was freaking hot in the afternoon for me to walk without feeling the sun shining on me. Luckily I get by walking underneath blocks of flat. I read magazines of course (easier...) regarding card making for some fresh new ideas as you know, I love making handmade cards with abstract designs. I was also reading CLEO magazine which is my fav magazine because it's just fun…

Fly High with Kite Festival

I declare today as blog nite because I will be posting several blog posts tonight..heh. First up, we went to a free event called the Kite Festival held at the Waterfront Promenade and many kites flying high up in the air including one with LED lights which was so big at night.

Our mum prepared french toasts...yum..and then someone still had to get some cheese balls from seven eleven but he said I can't complain because he paid for it and he's quite stingy with his money so it is a big deal. Plus nowadays he  likes to emphasize that he's not working so he doesn't earn money unlike me. K whatever.

I hate to tell long stories about events like this because pictures can tell a thousand I'm lazy. Enjoy the captions and pics!

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Life 101: Matter of Principles

One of the key things I learn, though not directly regarding the course, is about principles of life. The facilitator has gone through a lot in life including dealing with lost lives that his principles are shaped around them. He learns that we can't take life for granted like one minute you are talking to the person and the next evening (no..not even the next day) he's gone. He also studies psychology so he knows how the human mind works and why some people behave in this way or that way. Then also, never assume. This one also relates to the course that he's teaching regarding workplace safety and health. You can't assume that this place is safe. Always have to be careful and practice caution to avoid accidents because accidents can be avoided if we take steps to be careful. Of course people will argue that if it happens, it happens. But why succumb to that 'care less' attitude. Life is precious enough. In my case, one of my ex school mates passed away early t…

Random Act of Kindness

I was saying the other time that made with love is having sales and depending on your membership, you can get up to 60% discount. Unfortunately, the whole of this week I am not able to go because my budget is super super tight and there is no way I could spend more than $10 without blinking. And it kinda 'hurts' that while I can't go, there are people posting on facebook wall about their purchases and bloody hell, they bought a lot of stuffs up to a point someone was saying there isn't much left. Payday is still like what, almost a week later? The agony.

When I got back the reimbursement money, I almost wanted to go but I have my rationale mind in place thinking that this money should be spent on the family first and foremost. I obviously don't have the spending power as these ladies and I don't judge them although at one point, I was calling one of them greedy, of course not the fb wall or I will get hell, because she bought so many of the badges! 70 over!! And…

Made with Love Moving On Sales

I just found the shop that I have been going to regularly since March..well, not really regularly but whenever I have the moolah and they have sales..hehe, it's closing down!!

That's sad. I love the shops because if you follow my blog, I love making handmade cards. And I get many of my sources here. Oh, and online too but these fellow members from the facebook group also get their fix here. But them being scrapbook junkies, they have other sources too but definitely one of the shops they go to is here.

Recently I've got quite a number of items from them like some below:

I could safely say only in July that I didn't get anything from them (I think..) and bought my stuffs online from the facebook group who are so into scrapbooking sometimes they just have way too many stuffs. They're pretty much like me with my make up stuffs..heh. But I've been cutting down a lot this year ever since I got into financial trouble and money is used mainly to pay my debts and also on …

What Makes You Beautiful

I've talked about this before but you know, being girls we tend to compare ourselves to others and then think that they have physical qualities that make them attractive and us mere ugly mortals. 

But I've also learn that we should just accept our looks and you know, there is always make up to help enhance your looks (not hide it, mind you..unless you talk about concealing your dark circles and blemishes). Of course there are women, older or even much younger women who would go under the knife or go through cosmetic procedures like silicon fillings, botox injections to further enhance their looks. Whatever it is, while every woman wants to look good not just for the sake of attraction but as a feel good quality and to raise our confidence level, it is NOT the only thing that makes you beautiful.

Beauty should also come from within. If you see her better looking than you, trust me hunny, there will be hundreds or thousands of other girls way better looking than her. Plus, what ma…

Annual Retreat to Sentosa Beach

The sun, the sand and the sea. Perfect combination of a retreat. Okay technically it's not an annual thing for us but it sure feels like it and I advocate we do it every year. The stresses in life can get to you and from the posts here, you can probably tell I get stressed out over financial matters. So time for a quick getaway!

We got in Sentosa for free because it was their 40th birthday! I knew they were celebrating their birthday but didn't know that it will also mean free entry..heh. 

It's also a picnic time for us but we brought our own food to cut down on wastage like the last time. But Nats brought drinks literally taken from her office pantry..haha.We're all scrooge I tell ya!

I do hope they make this into an annual thing just like our karaoke sessions. It's just fun you know, doing them with your best friends. You don't always have to spend much like dinner ian restaurants but simple local getaways like this :)

I make support me! http://www.fa…

Weight Loss Progress

I am happy to say that I've lost 2.5 kg last month during the fasting month and the fact that I still try to eat lesser after the fasting month I guess makes it possible that you can maintain the weight loss after having to cut down your portions after that month. I have also gone back to the gym to continue with my health care regime. Among that, I have limited eating white rice to every other day even if my mum cooks rice. I know it's a better option to eat brown rice but it's not possible in this household so have to make do with that arrangement.

From September to end of December, I am planning to continue with this weight loss and hope to lose until about 8 kg bringing it to a total of 10kg. I pray that this is possible because nowadays I find it so hard to lose weight. Gaining weight is another story..heh. I wish to get back to my weight in 2010..sigh.

I told ya I didn't have a good start to my thirties.

In terms of lunch, I just eat a simple sandwich and then not s…

Out with Credit Up with Debt Free Life

I know I sounded desperate in my last blog but it turned out okay and I was able to spend within my mean for my brother's medical appointment. The very next day I asked for the reimbursements so that at least if they give me back the money by next week, it can tide me over until my next payday. 

Of course this being a  non popular blog I didn't get any donations but it's okay. My aunt helped me a bit and I asked for a small amount but now I'm careful as I borrow an amount that I will definitely be able to afford. This month wouldn't be too bad because we will get our quarterly maintenance allowance. However after receiving the statement, I don't know if it will be enough to cover until his 21st birthday. Unfortunately, I feel that I'm partly to blame because there were times that I asked for reimbursement claims that never happened in the first place. Long story. I don't want to delve into it but I think I probably had asked for claims that may exceed $2…