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How Life Can Teach Us to Be More Appreciative

A friend of mine has been sharing quite a lot of things on Saturday, which isn't like her at all, because while she does share things with me, most of the time she doesn't and I appreciate the fact that she wanted to share her personal story that changed her perspective on life. I couldn't believe that she went through that and having gone through such a state of mine before years ago, I completely understood how one could be so emotionally wrecked when you feel like you're going to lose your loved one.

For my friend, I'm glad the ordeal was over but it clearly left a big impression, from the conversation we had and how it changed her even though in my opinion, she is one of the best people I've ever met. But as told by her, she learns from everyone and sees strength in people when clearly, those very people have doubts about their own abilities and what they're capable of doing. 

But life as it is, may result in us forgetting and appreciating what we have a…

Taking Credit and being Blessed with Your Looks

I'm typing this post out on my phone as my laptop has been sent for repair due to the cracked screen which technically happened a year ago but I never got round repairing it. It would cost me $400 plus but apparently the price seems to have dropped when we went there last Saturday .  Still, it's actually costly. Now you know why u delayed for so long.

But it was frustrating nevertheless to not be able see half the screen. Also the damage becomes worse as more pixels die from the cracked screen. Well, I'm not looking forward to forking out  $200 but I have to accede because my brother is willing to share the costs with me now that he's working part time. That means to say I have to work harder to earn more money to repay myself back the amount.

This week was the bomb because I earned $100 which is so rare and I'm so happy for it. I stashed it away to keep for rainy day for the next two months as I don't want to be dirt poor like last year around this time.


Bittersweet Ending to My Diploma Course

How could I miss this post?! I actually didn't write about how I got my results, now come to two weeks ago, and I'm so happy! I didn't get  any C again although I know that the important thing is to basically get the modular certificate, after going through project after project and test after project, often within a week or so of each other. In other words, we survived! Of course, there was also an exam that we had to take at the end of the course and to me and perhaps some other people too, it was the absolutely last chance to pull through, just like the final projects from other modules.

Some guy in my class was like saying why some people are so driven to get distinctions or do very well when the important thing is that we pass. But he would always be the most emotional one whenever we get back the results, verbalizing his happiness or his disappointment.  While at the end of the course we want to ultimately get it together and hold the diploma in our hand, the little a…

I Want to be Grateful But Sometimes, it's Hard

Nowadays I try to tell myself that I should be grateful for things like having some money before the next pay day instead of being completely broke, because believe me, I have been through days like those in the past, most recently towards end of last year. I also want to be grateful as well that even though I'm still struggling with weight issues, I don't want it to take precedent of my life like it's over if I don't get a certain weight. I want to be grateful that at least now, I have better choice of clothings compared to my younger days where getting a skirt means buying from Marks & Spencer or Robinsons which were then very expensive for someone who didn't earn that much. 

Now, I can wear skirts from H&M too and choose nice tops although until now, shopping for clothes is not my area of interest. I'd rather shop for pretty patterned papers so I can make pretty cards and sell them to make a bit of income, hehe.  But my mum seems to take over this sho…