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DIY Birthday Card for a Dear Colleague

My friend celebrated her birthday today and I don't know whether she's lucky that her birthday falls less on the 28th instead of the 29th Feb where you should know the latter date is the leap year. If not then she has to wait every four years to celebrate it! 

Okay so I think that she's worth making a card for..and uhm worth staying up super late to make the card. Like in my previous post, I don't really plan but just go with the flow. You know one day, if I make enough moolah from my cardmaking adventures, I can reinvest the money and make better cards using specialized products. Of course, the best designs don't always have to depend on such products. Like Spongebob says..use your 'IMAGINATION'...heh heh.

So to my dear colleague who is also like a mother to me (which my own mum dubbed my Chinese mother), have a blessed birthday. I'm super glad to have you as my colleague..which is good..and bad in the sense that now, I find it harder to get out of this …

Weekend Project & A Shot at Happiness

I like my new hobby..okay more like a revamped hobby..though last week, I didn't get down to making a decent card except for a small tiny one. But I discovered another new thing instead, personalised notebooks. I got this idea from a website that sells handmade products such as this and they are beautifully designed and I loved them.

Actually I tried to do a step by step thing..not a tutorial coz it was my first attempt too...and my phone battery died half way. I only managed to get these shots. But through out, I shall write some captions.

Okay I don't have that much of moolah to start off with though I managed to get some knick knacks along the way that don't add up much and yet when done creatively, added some DIY dimensions to my craft project.

How awesome is that? =) First project, yo! 

Sometimes you can't write down creativity but you can get the basic layout down and then add on. This is my style anway, ha! I would say..the go with the flow style.

While I love prett…

My Life is Hard But Meaningful

Sometimes life can be so hard..yes it's true...but somehow there is no way that we can just let it hurt our pride and make us dreadfully unhappy. We just have to learn to make compromises, even have to sacrifice while actively look for help and solutions to our problems. 

But we must always remember that for every misery that we are in, there are other people who are in  a worse situation than us. Honestly I don't know why do I sometimes end up making bad decisions but it's all part of the learning process. In the spur of the moment where I don't think hard enough and make poor decisions, things can go downhill. I would also be driven by a sense of desperateness that make me do things that I shouldn't do but I had to. 

Still there is no use crying over spilt milk, right?

Sigh. Such is the complications of life. Honestly I'm not seeking fame or fortune or even popularity. I don't care if nobody reads my blogs. I usually sort out my thoughts here because writing…

Card Making is My New Hobby

Yes people, finally I found something that I enjoy doing! Okay I have always enjoyed making cards but then you know laziness takes over my poor brain and body that I simply hate doing anything except having my face infront of the laptop or lying down. Anyway, I have embarked on this new project after years of putting it off although there were times that I actually did make an effort (when I was too poor to get a decent looking present) to produce DIY cards that comes from the heart.  So it is totally not a lost effort.

However, I have tried different methods of making cards that have enhanced my creativity and also add some dimension to my artwork...more like using embellishments similar to that of scrapbooking. Honestly it is hard for me to find decent embellishments that do not burn a hole in my pocket. My gosh, they're so pricey! But I think it is still possible to make nice looking cards or a scrapbook layout if you can buy selectively on a tight budget and also to make some o…

Finally Seeking Help from CDC

On the 1st of Feb, I have finally sought help. I actually went to see the CDC or the Community Development get some sort of financial help. I've always felt that I was in no position to get help from them because there are other people who are of even more dire financial conditions than me but I do need help so I just went to approach them one fine day after going to my brother's school to see the teacher regarding his re-admission.

I have problems coping financially so to me it is a move I should have done yonks ago. However I didn't expect to be bombarded with so many questions as the officer was so thorough :s that I got nervous and I left out some important financial facts. But I just hope she gets the gist of my problem and do offer me some help. I have no idea how exactly they are offering me help as I have to wait for a month before I get some reply on whether my application is successful. If it is not, then I may have to make a second trip and this time…

Not Gone from Good

Life hasn't been good lately especially in the last two weeks. The latest news is that it seems that almost everyone has an increase in their pay due to changes in the civil servant wage scale and very unfortunately, my group didn't get it. So my boss, whose post is that of a manager and the operations manager, have quite a significant salary rise.  I heard she got a 10% pay rise. 10%!!! look, even the attendants got a pay rise. What we got? nada! zilch! Why? Because apparently our salary is of a competitive range.

Sigh, such is the unfairness of life. I'm already struggling as it is and then apparently now, the rich has become richer. The poor remains nothing but a destitute mess. So I guess the only chance for a pay rise is for me to be promoted and though I do not know how much pay rise will that be, at least it is going to be slightly better. The problem is that I have no clue when I will get promoted. I am not one of those people with many super ideas that will greatly…