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My Brother's First Book Out & Seeing Him After 3 weeks

Last Friday, after what seems like eternity though it's just 3 weeks, my brother had his first book out from his camp training in Pulau Tekong. I was basically doing the countdown in my head and it was really good to see him that day though it was hard to differentiate them because they were all wearing the same uniform and with the same haircut. He didn't call us yet so we assumed he wasn't back in the bus although we did see many of them at that area of the bus interchange. My mum randomly talk to a guy sitting down presumably waiting for his family to pick him up and he mentioned my brother's group came back already. About a minute of talking to the guy, out of nowhere my brother came to us excitedly when I was about to call him. I thought he was going to cry and my mum too though she later asked him many questions typically of a mum.

He then offered to treat us for dinner although initially he said he would pay half but then he got his GST payout and his first NS pa…

Sending My Brother to Pulau Tekong for his BMT

I've not seen  my brother for like two weeks and it feels like an empty void inside. Perhaps me being sick had something to do with that but I dunno, the void is definitely there. I know that it's worse for him as he has to go through his national service in an island across Singapore and missing his family as well. Thankfully, he's pretty resilient and he's coping well with the new friends that he made which he mentioned through one of his daily phone calls that they have been very helpful. Now my brother is like me, who leads a sheltered life thanks to our mum, but thankfully his resilience helps him to cope and he's also not afraid to ask for help, not like me.

Can't wait for this coming Friday because he will be making his first book out from the island. It's time to spend it with the family and just now, he could whatsapp me because he now finishes at 6.30pm and he sent several messages and we chatted awhile. He got his first pay as an NS man and althou…

My Fever was at 39.6 Deg Celcius!!!...

Few days ago, I really felt like dying and no, I'm not exaggerating. It began with constant coughing where my throat felt damn itchy and bottles of water eased no pain or slow down the coughing. By the time I got down the bus at the interchange, it had escalated into fever as well and I had to sit down because I didn't have the keys to my house and my mum was out with her friend. Worse thing, she wasn't picking up her calls!! So there I was sitting there, coughing my lungs out, rocking my body, coz I was so damn hot that I don't know if I could make it. Yes, I know it's very drama but it really felt awful.

One hour plus later, my mum finally contacted me and she was annoyed with me coz she already told me she left home late to meet her friend and now I want her back home. I said I had no choice coz I'm like literally dying here. Then I thought she would make it a fast one and asked me to buy some things home as I told her not to come to the shopping centre as sh…

A Visit to the Coffee Bean at Marine Cove

My brother had stopped working for Coffee Bean and his last day was on last Tuesday and it was filled with memories for him from the good to the bad. I'm glad he has been in great company whichever outlet he's being posted. So far I didn't hear him complaining about the people he worked with but rather, the customer he encountered. I told him there are people from all walks of life and some of them expect more just because they're paying for it but doesn't mean they're right. But we cannot get too carried away with them because there are more nice and friendly customers than the nasty ones.

It has been a learning experience for him. So that day we went to Marine Cove which is actually at the East Coast beach although it was late for us to explore the beach. He specifically wanted to go to the Coffee Bean outlet which is the latest one to open and boast more items on its menu compared to the other outlets except for the Coffee Bean bistro at Marina Bay Sands.


I Don't Want to be Broke Anymore

I saw this post on IG or Instagram about the Rock saying that he used to have just $7.00 in his wallet and he didn't let it get him by telling himself that that would be the last time ever that he would be broke. And look at where he stand now. It reminded me of back then towards the end of 2014 where I was like so broke and I even mentioned before that I did things I wasn't proud of and I was determined to get out that really bad financial situation as I was in a really bad shape. The following month when I had the bonus and then throughout the following year as well, I told myself that I will NEVER be dirt broke again.

I kept that promise as much as I can. Of course financially, there's ups and downs where I see my savings start to dwindle and I can't help that much but I still ensure I am not completely broke and that I do have some emergency stash. Sometimes I forget when I spend unnecessarily although I do a quick recap how much I have out of habit so that I have s…

Running a Business on Passion is Not Enough

This is something I feel like someone should have told me in the first place, haha. But anyway, I told myself when I first started doing this side business that I should not be too emotional in a sense that I can't please everyone. Not everyone is going to be appreciative of what you're doing and there is ups and downs. Sometimes, more downs than ups but I shouldn't take it personal. So I tried my best to hold on to that notion but I'm only human. As part of customer service, I try to handle it tactfully and even though I sound like I'm a little cheesed off, I still remain tactful and end off with something like, thank you or thank you for your patience. Coz some people think their order is the only order that I am making and I really dislike rushed work because I feel like it's compromising on the quality.

Then there is this issue where I would have spent money, time and effort making the things and then either the customer disappear or they dislike what they s…