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Looking Forward to Two Upcoming Events

Have you heard the latest news that make up can cause cancer? The horror! And though I don't often wear make up, I don't deny that I have the tendency to buy make up like some sort of collection. However I don't actually buy the expensive ones like mac simply coz I can't afford it. Can you imagine if I can?

Anyway, no cause to panic yet coz it's still in the preliminary research but whatever it is, I've mentioned before a few times that make up contains chemicals, whether you like it or not even if the colours are so pretty and intense. You should have more emphasis on skincare. When you have a good skincare routine, your skin will look flawless and even if it can't reach a porcelain standard, the least it should be is that it is almost blemish free and has as few wrinkles and sun spots as possible. Why? Because aging skin can make you look older even if you are still young like for example in your twenties or your early thirties.

So yes once again, don't…

Bonus Crunch

They have released the bonus rate that we will be getting as civil servants. Technically I am not a civil servant but I work for the gahmen (government in Singapore speak) so I will be getting that same bonus rate. Of course how much each one gets varies and yes there are people who are not happy with it. Happy or not, we are still getting that rate. 

I don't question these people who earn quite a lot (in comparison to me who earns peanuts) with just their basic pay so naturally they will be more opinionated regarding such dismal rate given our economy isn't doing very well this year. Those people around the same pathetic salary range as me would be happy as a lark. I predicted there won't be an 'extras' like some one off payment but seriously it is whatever for me. As long as I get my bonus and ok, sheepishly, as long as it goes by a certain targeted salary range, I'm happy. Heck, I am happy as long as there's additional moolah! Yes I get happy easily.

So ru…

Rose Blush with A Hint of Gold Shimmers

I don't wear make up often but....I like to buy make up items provided they are affordable and are raved about by other people so that I don't waste money and that I don't feel like I'm buying rubbish. Money is so precious so sometimes you just want to buy an affordable one that is not a crappy product but makes you feel like a million dollars. Okay, I will be satisfied just being in the region of thousands.

Anyway, I am trying my best not to be obsessed so much with buying of make up because like I said, money is oh so precious to me. There will be times when I would be raking my brain on how to survive like another two more weeks prior to payday and then when payday comes, I will struggle again. In other words, I basically live from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Enough of my life story..haha. As if you don't already know. I still believe that every woman can be beautiful, not necessarily in the looks department. Make up is only meant to enhance one's natural beauty…

Learning Journey to the Arts Science Museum

 Just a week ago, I actually went to the Arts Science Museum which was part of the Marina Bay Sands for the titanic exhibition, with my other colleagues. It was a last minute decision. My boss signed up for it and forgotten and since I am always going on such learning journeys because one, I get to visit places where I normally don't go too especially those places where I have to pay, second, well I get to escape from the office and thirdly, it's paid for :D

Yes, I'm a freebo like that.

It was a guided tour with strictly no photography and it was educational as we got to see the real artifacts from the titanic which they found beneath thousands of feet underneath. Honestly I'm not really keen with museum visits despite the educational value but no harm, learning new things. Like did you know that people back then were treated with different classes and the treatment between the rich and the poor varied so greatly. I cannot imagine going an entire cruise journey with the …

Survived a Financial Management Course!

Are you one of those number crunchers who understand accounting terminology and can easily see an account and know what is amiss as in why the heck the whole damn thing won't balance?

Honestly, I am not. I will never be. So am I one of those who read voraciously and have a wide vocabulary? And that I can write a well thought out article. I mean since Maths is not my forte.

Nope, not me either.

I am one of those whom you can say is an in betweener, if there's such a word. Anyway, I can honestly tell you I'm not that smart enough to elicit questions every now and then when the trainer was conducting the training or during seminar when it comes to the faq part, to post questions. 

But I am not one of those who ask questions for the sake of asking questions or without prior understanding. In other words, just shoot the questions to the point of making other people think like oh, didn't they explain that earlier? Just goes to show you were not listening and you were busy coming…

Life 101: Be an Empowered Woman

I sometimes think that I am not good enough and not pretty enough for guys especially to create some sort of interest but this is a very negative thing. It can make me an unhappy person who is unsatisfied about herself because I always feel that someone is better. But we must be an empowered woman. We have to exude confidence without being cocky. We must be knowledgeable and know what is going on with the current events and trends. This is not to impress. It is to keep our minds active as well as to ensure that we are not left behind when we make conversations with people. An empowered woman knows what she wants and go all out to achieve them but without hurting other people in the process by playing dirty and being mean. We have to be sincere in our hearts with genuine intentions so that people don't misunderstand us and we can generally get along well with people because they feel at ease talking to us without fear of being back stabbed or bad mouthed behind their backs. While …

Make Up Purchases and Winning Loot

I have purchased several items quite recently and I know I know I've said that I want to avoid buying make up but when I buy, I make sure they are worthy enough for me to even make a purchase but of course, I try to ensure I have enough money for necessities. Very important! What I do normally is to cut down my next purchase and to save up some loose change every now and then so that I can put them back into my bank account.

Well technically, I didn't buy all. I took part quite recently in an urban email contest which I never failed to do so every week (unless they are men's product or they only have a few up for grabs) and I just count on my lucky stars.

Then I actually won something..wahey! I won the Pantene shampoo product hampers and my goodness, they seriously dump their products on me. I don't have to uhm...worry about buying shampoo the next time? Unless of course they give me a serious case of itch.

Let's go on to the pics!

follow me at…

Make Up Bag Essentials

Do you girls actually bring a make up bag or at least a pressed powder, blotting paper or even a comb in your bag? I'm a girl and I am guilty of...not bringing such things! What the hey...

But really, whether you are girl in the early twenties, mid twenties..or like me, er...thirty-ish, we must aim to always look good. Sure we have some shabby moments like we just couldn't be bothered but even then, I think we should aim to look good 99% of the time.

Why? Not because of the men. Well, unless you are a swinging single and then you want to dress to impress.

Okay the reason why I'm talking about this is because I realize that I am not doing myself a favour. It just occurred to me as I was attending a course and then the second last segment of the course, a speaker from the charities department struck me in the head and I went like 'wowza'. Honestly, he isn't super hot but just well, can tell that he bothers enough about the way he looks and present himself. As I was …

Ghost of Our Past

Heya. What a week and for the next few days I will be away from my workplace to attend a course and for a day off. Yay! I recently met up with this one friend again and I don't know how to put it but I think she's feeling pretty jaded in regard to our friendship and I honestly think we are not going anywhere. Actually it is not just recently but I just felt that it has gotten worse. I just wish that she doesn't compare me to her other friends who obviously have more choice of freedom than me who is eternally tied to my family so long as I'm still in the best of my health. I know that my life is pretty limited because of my family responsibilities especially my mum as she can be rather neurotic and also controlling. But she still cares for us and fuss over our needs. The fact that she is very reluctant to let me travel overseas because she can't afford to lose me as I'm the only sole breadwinner. My friend asked me then when can I travel to see the world? When I…

Going On Hiatus

Hi there dear readers :) I will be on a short hiatus for a few days because this week I'm swarmed by work the minute I step into the office & just place my bag on the table. But my colleagues are there to lend a helping hand even without me asking them and seriously, I can't thank them enough.

I am expected to be so busy right up till Friday and while I try my best not to bring work home, I am pretty shagged by the time I reach home. I don't want to write half heartedly or for the sake of writing.

But yes I do have some things to talk about. At most, I will do some quickie posts just to update what is going in my life. In terms of money issues, I am relatively comfortable but you know, I don't want too comfortable & forget totally the hardship I went through to be able to feed my dear family.

I have received my elections allowance & it has been stashed in another savings account. Hopefully counting on fingers & toes, they don't run out before my n…

Of Rice and Food Wastage

Last time I remembered a second helping of rice was like...pfft..absolute nothing. A third helping then I was absolutely full and satisfied. So just one fine day, I decided to cut down on rice. To me, it is about less is more. You don't need much to be fully satisfied as long as you are enjoying your food and not just gulping it down, no matter how hungry you are. 

I know people completely cut off rice from their diet. But people like me just can't, haha. So the next best thing is to usually to cut down on rice intake which means no second helping and not to have much of it. But my mum always complain I can't finish my rice and that the rice will cry blah blah..and a lot of people can't afford you know, I had to finish the rice compared to the last time when I would proportion part of it and not eat them. So instead of wasting it, she will cut down on the rice but you know, mums are mums, especially if I don't eat during the day and merely snack on biscuits…

A Chance to Make Things Better

I didn't really have a chance to talk about the update in my life recently after facing such a huge turmoil that I just am so mind blocked because I didn't know what to do. I did a quick blog post the other day but I felt that this period of time deserved a longer post. I couldn't be more thankful for the reimbursement, which I seriously had doubts that I was going to get which made me so panicky and worried until I fell ill. Even though it was an impromptu decision to ask them for the reimbursement because I seriously thought that I would have enough until payday, turned out I won't which increased my desperateness. Normally I would get the reimbursement but what made this different from the earlier ones was that, I didn't pay it with my own cash. That was the difference which I was seriously hoping they didn't find out. I was practically lying through my teeth when I said I did and that was why I panicked in the event they found out.

So I was scared to talk ab…

Love Changes Everything

Have you heard of the song Love Changes Everything? It's an old song but I kinda agree with the title. I believe it does and a majority of it is that love can change a person to be better, more tolerant and more loving.

I've watched many dramas and even movies where a character was so etched in his narrow minded viewpoint that it took love, patience and courage from someone else to change them. And the outcome is the start of a beautiful friendship or even relationship.

So would you change for love or would you rather stick to what you think is right despite them being wrong? To each its own I guess. What is important is that when loves come knocking, you should be more open minded and think about whether you want to be happy or you want to be stuck in your own land where you have this sorta gung ho attitude, but are a complete wreck and crave for some lovin'.

But love is not without its pitfalls. Some girls may prefer not being stuck in a relationship and would r…

Busy As A Bee

Busy busy busy. That is practically me for the week at work. I finished work quite late & then even had to wake up earlier a few hours before to do some work and right after typing this out, will sleep and then wake up earlier again. Anyway I hope to get into regular programming next week after such a frenzy. Luckily, I've got additional help with the new officer who helped me to make some of the calls and to maintain the database.But that aside, in my personal life, things are relatively better. Finally, they reimbursed the money to me despite me trying my luck and frantically praying every day hoping to get the money. It couldn't have come at a better time when money was running so low already and I was in a state of panic because my pay day is still far ahead.I've made a promise to myself that I will take very good care of this 'windfall' until my bonus next month. I've also promised not to get myself into unnecessary worry though I felt that it was a de…