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Love Vigilantes

I was at the gym towards the tail end of my work out session and on the stair climber (which I've grown to love but can never do the full 20 minutes ;p) when I looked up to watch this tv set just above my head. It was a docu-travel showing an episode about the caste system in India and even in the modern day, is still pretty prevalent. 

You can google more about the caste system and how the distinction caused a lot of conflict and extreme prejudice. But this show explored one side of the effect the caste system has on the people. Normally you've heard about couples going through extreme resistance because of difference race, religion and social status but only in India, they have added another resistance which is the caste system. For instance, people from the lower caste system can't marry someone from higher up the system. 

But love being love, despite the circumstances, you can't just forget about it and move on when clearly, there's a strong emotional attachment …

Lending a Helping Hand for a Kid's 1st Birthday

Time passes by so quickly and the surprise baby of a friend of mine, turns 1 today. Another friend and I tried our best, within our abilities, to help her as much as we can as we know she's struggling but being a mother, she wanted the best for her child and to have a successful 1st birthday for her young tot. 

Nowadays, as beautiful as the birthday sets up that we see on instagram based on themes, when I looked at the price list, my need to set aside a few hundred dollars. Unless you have a lot of money to throw, I think a DIY birthday set up is good enough as long as the highlights of any birthday is there, which is an array of food and the cake of course.

We contributed financially for the cake and also in some of the goodies. I even made the guestbook for free although I used office supplies for the main papers and used my stash of supplies for the decor. Oh, and also the taxi fare because in the last hour, my friend couldn't get the car as planned as her brot…

CNY 2015 & The God of Fortune

I love CNY, not so much for the festivity since I don't celebrate but my workplace is so kind with their generous oranges and ahem..$100 worth of NTUC vouchers! comes grocery shopping! That is like part and parcel of my life managing this small family of us and those vouchers come in so handy during times when when we're running low in cash or I need an extra help financially coping with the expenses. 

The generosity is overwhelming which makes it soooo painful for me to leave this workplace when the time comes, which I believe will be very soon since I'm already pursuing a diploma. To feel welcomed, even though I'm not Chinese, is overwhelming.

Speaking of generosity, I had also received an ang pao from a colleague of mine who was generous to give me $20! I didn't think it was necessary but she insisted and I had to take it but I hope to give her something back in kind. She needs money too so I feel bad on that too actually. 

This year, the God of Fortun…

Miss Worth It

When you're watching Miss World and Miss Universe, and thinking if only I have half their beautfy, you're not alone. Or wait, probably it's just me, haha. God must have spent more time on them, but you know what, whatever. There's no time for sappy sad stories like boo hoo, I'm not pretty enough and nobody wants me. 

Truth is, if you look around you, chances are you won't see someone who look exactly like one of those Miss World or Miss Universe contestant. Sure, there will be one or two who seriously stand out but do you see the rest moping around because they're not beautiful enough? Like they deserve better than this?


I used to think that I'm not  pretty enough or beautiful enough to clearly make an impression but is that all there is to it? You know what, we can make ourselves beautiful. We can start by taking good care of our skin, keep our hair healthy and shiny, have trimmed nails (often overlooked but who like looking at unkempt nails) and we…

My Fan Girl-ing Moments

Where can I sign up for this guy? LOL.

I am so glad the actor went from Devious Maid, although I can't argue about his shirtless pool scene, to being this werewolf who looks out for his people and pledging his true love of another species publicly.

And my God, if a guy were to kiss me, I want the kiss to be as gentle as the one he gives, in the two episodes I watched where he initiated the kiss. Oh, and also the look after the kiss with him cupping the face. Argh, kill me now!

Although most eps, he bears a serious look but in the last episode, he went through various emotions, from being overly concerned, to being nervous and then being all lovey dovey. 

Plus, he was in a tuxedo looking all daper and his wavy hair all slicked back. And in the wedding scene, he gave the biggest most cheerful happiest smile of all, after his eyes turned golden and he is officially a super werewolf.

Argh!! You think how can I not fall in love with this character? And I LOVE the writers for listening to us…

Love is Love & Something to Fight For

Many people would probably not know about this but I don't like to judge people because it's a real poor character to have. I know that it's easier said than done but whenever I catch myself doing so, I will refrain from saying unkind things. But in general, I think that everyone is entitled to live a life of their own which brings them true happiness, rather than condemning them of their lifestyle just because we don't agree to it. 

Hence why I'm pretty open when it comes to various types of relationships and instead of giving unkind judgments like they will probably not last or she's just after his money, they are probably much happier than us. Love is love and if they're happy, let them.

I was watching The Originals and while I loathe the antagonist with his witchcraft that's causing mayhem, the rest of the show is still watchable. As usual, I don't foresee watching this for a long time although the season is coming to an end very soon but I do enj…

Staying Focused & Get Going

In my previous post, I was writing about how I'm feeling so super clueless especially right after busting my ass studying but yet, now I don't know how to get back into the groove.  Then shortly after that post, I did what I have scheduled to do, and that is to clean my room and get ready for gym and yay, I accomplished them!

And to think I almost didn't go to the gym and feel like further vegging out in the library. Go figure.

If you're feeling like me at times, the best thing to do is to simply, do something and get going. The first step is always the hardest but do know that it will get easier and you will be thinking, why the hesitance.

But if we simply get going with no area of focus, the things that we have to do, seems like a huge burden or chore because we do not know what it will lead us to. Then, we will just give up and go back to our lifestyle of just wasting precious time away. And that focus has to be specific.

If I say, I want to earn more money, it's s…

Exams Over, My 2 Months Break & Financial Plans

As I'm typing this out, I'm not feeling good inside as in I'm not sick, but I feel like I'm feeling clueless and lethargic. I don't wish to have this feelings so hopefully, after I type out this blog post, I will feel much better because I get to let out these uneasy feelings.

Anyway, I guess I'm having this 'what should I do' feeling as for the last three or so weeks, I've been so super focused on exams, or at least trying to cram as much notes inside my head, lol. It was very tough I admit with the feelings of being so super stressed out simply because it was frustrating not to be able to remember a lot of things. During exams, I didn't remember everything but I know I've done my best and I just hope to get good grades for all the hard work I've put in. It's not just a matter of getting the cert and moving on to the next level. If can aim higher, why not.

Below is a picture of us after celebrating two of my classmates' birthday a…

My Exam Woes & Strategies

You have no idea how I have been suffering up to yesterday, lol...being cooped up in the school library from morning until night, clocking almost 12 hours! From Monday to Wednesday, just for the sake of sitting for one paper on Thursday. Of course, there's more to come and I will be continuing to endure this suffering for at least until the following Thursday.


Up to one point, I began hallucinating, like seriously. I began to have the feeling of regret, like why am I torturing myself with this, when I don't need to. I still have a job, and they don't put me at gunpoint to go study. If I want to, I can stay within this comfort level, for AS LONG as I want to.

But what gives. It's me wanting to get out of this comfort zone and to be able to try out a new job scope and also, to hold something that I thought I would never ever be able to get due to my dire financial situations. It's because also, I want to get out of this situation, I set myself up on this continua…