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Nutrition 101: Popular Dishes

So before I start my post, let me entice you with some delicious food from our country, Singapore.

These are some of our popular dishes and trust me, they are indeed mouth watering if you can get the best of the best. I have tasted them a long time ago and even though I have eaten the healthier versions except for the char kway teow, of course nothing beats the cooking in their traditional forms.

While there are extremists like *ahem* yours truly here who don't eat them anymore, actually you can still indulge in them. If you intend to lose weight or maintain your current healthy weight, consider the tips I have included here below.

Recommended number of times you can eat, by the experts? One per fortnight. And no, I don't mean all in one go.

The problem with these food, though delicious, is of course the calorie content which is very high. For example, the coconut milk used in laksa and nasi lemak or the kway teow noodles in char kway teow. I have to stress this though. A dish ca…

Random Pics in Feb Part 2

My favourite section of my blog: Pictures!

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My Personal Health Investment

While people are very much focused on investing money wise for the future, we must not forget to invest in our health either. Honestly, if you think that going veg or going organic is the way to go, it may not be necessarily so for you to live healthy for most of your life.

It still comes down to doing what is right for your body and to learn to have a healthy well balanced diet. I know I talked about this many times but it's not coz I'm trying to constantly influence people but it's a way for me to also justify why I'm doing certain things in life so that I will remain focused and not be easily swayed by other people's opinions about me. 

If you ask me, you can have your piece of cake and eat it too. I mean you can argue it's fattening coz it's hello, there are triple layers of chocolate in there. I got people telling me, oh isn't chocolate fattening? I mean seriously, say what they want to say and it's not like I snack on huge amounts of chocolate e…

Bills, Bills, Bills

Did you notice my new header? Finally I got a proper one..hah! I used to manually type in and tweak the html coding with a lot of pain and time taken to configure to make everything working out smoothly. And then now I just have to use the template designs available and while I'm at it, I become a tech goondu (or idiot, if you are an American), and suddenly I have a problem inserting my own personalized header, haha. Sometimes they say, if you make things a lot easier than they should have been, our brain will shut down slowly.

By the way, the one on the extreme right is the latest one as in, it was taken in December last year, but still latest one alright. If you say that I seem to age backwards instead, you're half right except that I get aches occasionally after a long hard day at work and then I still walk to the nearest mall (about twenty minutes away) which further add to the aching pain. All for the sake of saving some transport money and to add in a bit of an exercise. …

Online Shopping

I just found a website that sells NYX Cosmetics that are not selling in Sephora and also in the personal stores which are so affordable in Singapore and they are currently having a huge discount. 

Go to G Market (Singapore Version)

They claimed that their items are authentic and all the way from US. I was this close at getting the NYX 10 shadow palette from a US website until I saw how much is the shipping charges and I almost fainted. And that thing itself doesn't really cost much. And then to know that in Singapore they are selling the item and I managed to get mine at $14.60. For a freaking 10 shadow palette!! And I was twittering about how expensive a Maybelline eyeshadow palette is with just 4 colours.

But I shall not blow my horn too early and I will get the item first before committing to my next purchase which is one of the top selling lipgloss in Make Up Geek store, a US online make up site. And that item, including local normal postage, is less than $10. Even my EZ link top…

Government Cash Handouts

I heard one of the happiest news of my life, yesterday! So happy I got myself an M)Phosis bag from Marina Square in the afternoon! Ok, I actually did intend to buy the bag even before the news since I told myself that I would get a bag from there if they were having sales. It's just that this news make the purchase more seh weeet. I know I've said that I'm very mindful over what I spend but some sales cannot be missed because it's generally from them that I get my stuffs. I'm picky over my sales items coz whenever I have to spend money on myself, it better be worth it. My friend, who associates people's personality closely with their star signs, will just imply that I'm picky or rather fussy coz I'm a Virgo.

And I've always said, you have never met a true nit picky Virgo until you meet my mother.

So what is this news? They are going to reimburse me back the money I paid for the tv & radio licence! Whoohoo!! That will be $110, thank you very much.…

If Life is A Fairy Tale

If only life is like the fairy tale, where everything is so fine and dandy, the evilness banished from the face of the earth, and everyone lives happily ever after. If only I get to be in a chance encounter where two hearts start  beating as one and good things will happen soon after. 

But never mind. If life is like a fairy tale, the animals will start talking and that will seriously creep me out..haha. Every night, I like to escape from the harsh realities of life and just start to have my mind wondering in the depths of soap dramas where some scenes just set my heart a fluttering especially when it's too freaking sweet. 

I always believe one closed door will lead to another open door. You will never know when good things will start to happen to you and then you ride on the wave of excitement when you look forward to new and better things ahead.

Currently, as you have probably figured out, I like watching 90210. I still say it is a train wreck alright but there are few minutes of s…

Random Pics in Feb: Valentine's Special

Valentine's Day is long over..well at actually it's just Monday. But anyway, I got an early morning surprise when I came into work today and I can just swear it's my colleague who put the chocs there and a sweet message but until today, she is still in denial.

Then the next day, I went out with a friend of mine and she gave me a surprise Valentine's day gift and I had to make it up to her by buying something equally nice as well. All I got for her was good ol' walnut brownies. Speaking of which, last weekend, my mum tried to recreate the marble cheese brownie that we ordered from an ex colleague of mine. I tell ya, it was splendid for our first attempt!!

 Even for a family of 3, it is rather small..since we all have big appetite for things like this, haha..

Back to my friend, she got me a nice bag, for the second time this year. I feel so bad already..

I mentioned before that I am a closeted bag whore and after work, I completely forgotten to buy my mum towels as promi…

Good Things will Come One Day

If you lead an honest life, good things will come to you. No matter how bad your day has been, or how your life has been so much of a downer, like me currently as I'm facing troubled times in terms of my money, I still hold on to the believe that things will get better soon. Earlier on, some stupid grandpa made a ruckus in the office coz his precious grandson forgot his lunchbox and his classroom was locked already and he could not get it back. Anyway, while I didn't expect the classroom to be locked so early and then when I called the attendant, the grandpa had already left in a hurry. So then the attendant came down made some noise that he waited and waited but the boy didn't turn up and he said don't expect him to be miraculously standing there the minute he was called.

That last action he did when he went to the office saved me in the sense that my boss managed to rectify the situation and believed me when the attendant came down to office to say that he had already…

Money 101: Spending on Little Income

Nowadays, I don't spend much time on blogging which is good compared to in the past where I can take up to 2 hours to write a post. Call me a traditionalist but even with the advancement in social networking, I still like to blog even if my blog posts aren't one to rave about. That is until I put nekkid photos of mine but then I don't want to crash the internet server.

Anyway, I just want to voice my frustrations that this month, I am not able to buy some nice things for myself. It's one thing to start like make up and another thing to not being able to buy all the variety of eye shadow palettes. If I could just invest in one make up item, that will be an eye shadow palettes with lots of shades in it. Lovely! Of course it will be even lovelier if  I could get my hands on the urban decay palette. Nice to the max. Should have bought it when I had my bonus in December but well, no point harping on it since it is already over.

But like I've always stressed that there is …

Death by Chocolate

As I mentioned on both my twitter feeds and facebook status update, I have died and gone to chocolate heaven. I was brought to a faboo (heh, the word thanks to a recent episode of 90210) chocolate buffet along with another friend of mine. It was supposed to be a secret location and it took place at One Fullerton Hotel. Yes, very the fancy schmancy. No wonder we were told to be dressed a certain way, including wearing heels. I'm not one who wears heels coz after a while it will get tiring but heck, it's not every day so will do. Plus heels elongates the legs and if you wear jeans in them, instant touch of class.

My friend also put on make up for us girls and did our hair. My skin never looked so flawless, haha, thanks to 'tonnes' of compact foundation. But we all looked good and prior to the chocolate buffet, we had a photoshoot which I wasn't very keen at first. I'm timid that way. But after a while of seeing my friends having a good times taking one photo after…

Celebrating Singlehood

As you know from my blog, I have been single for the longest time eva! Infact, I never actually had a boyfriend, not coz I don't get to have guys going up to say hi or anything, though I secretly wish it's someone I would actually wanna say hi back :S. But then at times, you have to actually have an open mind and not think too much about it and just accept an invitation with a guy whom you think that you can't actually be together but hey, nothing wrong in being friends, right?

And then like what my friend says, who knows that guy friend of yours will actually lead you to know more guys and then hey, next thing you know, you will be holding hands with a special someone :)

While having gal pals are great, it's a different feeling when you are with a guy. You get to talk about things you don't normally talk about with your gal pals, which may mostly consist of guys and fashion, for instance. I'm still waiting for such opportunity though. I know I'm a little bit…

Fitness 101: Dumbbells

I like writing about stuffs that are also not directly related to my life so that I can help girls younger or around  my age to reach the peak of their confidence level simply by being more comfortable in their own skin :) So do read up my articles titled 101 something something and hopefully you can learn a thing or two.

I can't say I'm totally nuts for good health but I have to emphasize that you still need to know the importance of good health. And being in good health doesn't necessarily mean avoiding high cholesterol food only. Exercising is still a must, even if you don't run in marathons. I can safely say that you are in good hands as long as you eat more of what is good for your body and less of what is bad. Don't forget to also exercise so that your body will remain in tip top condition and you don't fall sick so often because it's not just going to affect you but also your work and your personal lifestyle. No boss likes to have a sickly subordinate…


The other time in my previous blog post, I kept pondering on whether I should buy that black blouse which was selling at 50% off at Cotton On. I was debating about it coz I thought that if I were to get that blouse, I will be $15 short in the savings that I am having which is already dwindling, by the way. But the problem was that I kept thinking and thinking about it, before I sleep, after I have woken up, that it clouded my mind and not about the impending trip to the gym.  

And when I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus in the morning, I still kept thinking about it. In the end, after waiting for some time for the bus to come, I got up and went to the other bus stop opposite and went down to the damn shopping mall. There is advantage in living near by a shopping mall, heh. My final decision was that heck, I will have to somehow figure my way in getting that $15. And it's not always that I buy blouses unless they're on super discount and I've always wanted to buy it. …

My Teddy Obsession

If you read my blog, you will know that I love my soap dramas but do you know that I love watching thrashy ones as well? If I'm watching dramas because I want to hone my language and written skills, I would rather read literature.

Okay kidding. I like all kinds of dramas, even those with storylines that make laugh out loud or just be so baffled, I think my intelligence hasn't been insulted coz I find myself way more cleverer than the writers. And I can't write for nuts. That says a lot. I watch some kinds of dramas coz of one thing: the guys. It's downright shallow and downright true as well. Just like how some people are seriously addicted to all the scripted dramas on reality tv. And they say guys watch such dramas because the show is so intelligent and not coz they want to see Kim Kardashian in her bikini. So come on, girls need to have fun too!

 One of my current obsessions is...90210!! My friend was like wondering, why the heck I watched such trashy shows. Believe m…

Istana Open House & Dinner Meet Up

I stepped into the Istana for the first time on Friday and I tell ya, the snaking queue was a headache to be in though it was moving quite fast. Anyway, after a little miscom at the security checking area, heh.., we are finally in the premise which seriously looked like the Botanic Gardens. The Istana itself was quite a distance away and the skies were quickly turning dark so we had to hurry hurry! But of course, photo taking was always in order ;P

Yes this is us camwhoring in the premise of the Istana vast garden..(pics courtesy of my friend and her 'accomplices'..if it's badly taken, probably me..haha..)

So we were seriously famished after that and we met up with a good friend of ours who went to her workplace to finished her job..on a public hols (!). The places that we walked through were pretty quiet so we were in disbelief when our friend said that Burger King was crowded and thought she was being all drama mama.

But she was right! Anyway, we made our quick getaway and …

Can I Afford It?

I'm actually bummed out. I got this nice top for a friend of mine and I was intending to get the black one as well for myself but alas, I don't need to do my budget calculations to know that I can't afford it :( And best of all, guess how much is it? $15. I have more than that lying in my room, in my bank accounts and I could just ask them to swipe my freaking credit card, but nope, I realized that I can't afford it. 

Once I've done my actual calculations, I find that I'm slightly behind in my projected budget. See, it's a no brainer. I really can't afford it. 

See, we always underestimate the value of money because we only think of now, as in right now, not as in later. Even people with a lot of money do budgeting. There are of course, those who have way too much money and don't know what to do with the surplus that they actually gamble much of them away. Those that know the value of money think far and years ahead of their time to make sure they wil…

Becoming My Own Boss

Actually, one of my dreams is to set up my own online shop selling handmade accessories. I want to make it affordable to girls and young women who do not have deep pockets but would like to own beautiful exclusive accessories which they can use when they doll themselves up. Alas, I lack motivation and inspiration...haha. Plus, I don't think I have that much talent in doing them anyway though I know if I can learn make up from you tube, I can also learn making costume jeweleries by watching you tube videos as well, eh?

We shall see..

Anyway, those of you who dreams of owning your own shop, whether a bricks and mortar kind or the virtual kind, do know that owning a business is NOT an easy job. Better still, don't give up your day job yet unless you are really sure that you want to quit to fully focus on your business and that you have enough savings to last you in the months ahead that you are without pay and not breaking even yet.

There are like so many online shops nowadays set u…

Random Pics in Feb Part 1

Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating the festive occasion. For those who don't, enjoy the extended weekend..haha!

Anyway, I received a hongbao, which is actually a red packet containing munneh inside and for me, it's a nice $10. Ooh, I don't celebrate it but I got it. Nice! Just nice too coz I got myself the cardigan that was on sales which I didn't get the first time round coz I passed it on to my friend instead. 

As usual, I got a whole bag of oranges. I'm used to drinking the Minute Maid Pulpy so this is a refreshing change. Plus, it contains vitamin C and in this wet weather, good to load up on vitamin C so you don't fall sick so easily. Already I was this close to getting a flu coz I was freaking cold throughout the day and night.

My mum also cooked nice food too and though I had to spend a bit on groceries, which I don't really like, I suppose if I am careful with my money, I guess I can make do with some additional items every now and then..h…

Make Up 101 : Applying Mascara

Besides my usual basic ramblings, I do hope this blog will also help women who are more on the shy side, like me of course, to be more confident about themselves. I won't promise miracle cures and make you instantly confident because ultimately, it is about whether you want to help yourself or not.

One of the things that women should embrace is cosmetics. Well, those naysayers may think that hey, putting on cosmetics will just make us look less natural. I tell ya, if you are blessed with good genes that makes you a natural hottie, then by all mean, say what you want to say. If not, a little help can go a long way.

To me, even if you are not well off, it doesn't mean you can slack and be all sloppy looking. Trust me, you don't have to spend lotsa money to look and feel good. This time round, I'm going to introduce you to mascara.

I'm sure you have sleeked on mascara before but if let's say you have not put it on eva before in your life, don't miss out on this g…

Justify My Bargains

Sometimes I blog because I am procrastinating. Currently I'm procrastinating on what to write in my to-do list. I vow to start afresh this month and not waste so much time just sitting here and surfing net coz there are a lot of things to do basically. 

But anyway, let me do a quick post. 

I recently went out shopping with two friends on different occasions and I actually enjoy going out with them even if I don't buy anything but of course, after some time, I will get bored but it's just natural to feel that way. It's just that sometimes I don't get the 'science' of fashion like how this does not suit you like in what ways because to me, I don't see the difference whether you are wearing this or that especially if they are of the same colour and they basically look the same to me. I tell ya it's difficult to go out shopping with someone so analytical about things that everything needs to be justified. I don't know..but to me...the only justificati…