Monday, July 28, 2008

Tantrum Throwing Mum

Hey pokies,

that sounded a little vulgar but that's my greeting to you fellow popz fans. Okay it's a Monday so Im allowed to be a bit delusional. Anyway, I had a fun time during the karaoke session last Sat and I shall put up some photos later taken by my friends and do a write up on it though I dont think it will be a long one (like how I ramble usually on my posts) coz I dislike recapping a past event.

So my weekend was pretty much okay. I spent the Sunday morning at the gym despite dragging my feet to the place and went through the whole thing for one and a half hour like some routine. But actually, despite waking up extra early to go there (which accounts for the sulkiness), it wasn't such a bad time to go there compared to a Saturday. Infact, I thought it was better as it wasn't as packed. I think, most people like me, would rather sleep late on a Sunday morning.

And after that, when I went to a mall to get some groceries, I called my mum. And then speaking halfway through, she threw a 5 yr old kid tantrum again when she said why I didnt know what to get for my brother on a Sunday. I mean I get for him an assortment of things which changes every Sunday for his quick bite so when I say Im not quite sure, she became angry and started screaming.

So I called back again the second time and she didnt answer and I tried again. I mean, seriously, Im not going to go home empty handed and hear me scream twice as hard again. Then I said I usually buy for him different food and then I started naming the usual things I bought and dammit, I had to mention BK (Burger King) and she said 'that one, ah! the one you just said'. So it was quite a shocker to me like, since when I buy for him BK every Sunday now?!

I know I do at times but that is usually when I just got my pay so it was still alright to buy for him food from there. But this is the time when my budget is running low and she knows that coz she has been going on and on about how we are going to survive at least until end of this month. I said hold on first and dont get so worked up. I said I will try to work around a small budget and I thought I got her understanding and I guess I was wrong.

Sometimes I wonder when will she snap out of her childhood where she yearned to have a taste of luxury food because I suppose she has tasted whatever she craved back then. Mariah said she was just being menopausal and I can tell ya, if she's like that for someone nearing 50, I wonder how I am when I reach that age.

God forbids I become like her.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Free Lunch

Unbelievable. Two back to back posts on a week night. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm a bit happy that my budget didn't go out of the way this week which is a rarity I tell ya. But it is quite hard for me also because I find myself going to two supermarkets instead of just one. Some regular things I buy are not found in one supermarket so I have to buy from the other one and there are some things that are sold cheaper in one than the other. It wouldn't be a big deal for me if it is on a weekend instead of weekdays because I will be so tired after one long day at work and imagine going up and down two supermarkets which, by the way, are not located that near each other.

But with the rising inflation, we have to be calculative. And in my case, even more so because I come from a single income family so we have to learn to survive and my mother is also helping me to budget but her being her, she still has her quirks like some items are a must buy or there are some things that I dont have to get everyday like bread but in a space of a few days, I have to get them. She's also particular about brands such as rice but thankfully, she doesnt cook a large quantity of it so we can survive on two small packs per week or even just one. So in my books, I just have to find cheaper alternatives of these regular items which she thankfully doesn't kick a big fuss out of it (unless I forgot to buy).

Speaking of rice, I was so happy the other day I managed to buy a small packet of rice grains at a cheaper price. It is on discount until the end of next month and it is quite a discount for being almost a dollar off. Woopee!!

Gawd I sound like a housewife with ten children.

It will be great though if the budget can be extended until Saturday evening for that karaoke thingey followed by dinner if we have time. But fat hope so I have to start on a new budget. Oh well, it is about time anyway coz next week is approaching. Generally, I like to take things slow every single day but in terms of budgeting, it helps to think few days ahead..heh.

Anyway, God is great. There's always a give and take. He may not have given me an opportunity to watch Singfest with my friends, but He managed to round them up for the karaoke session. And also, I ran out of bread (which I always do towards the end of the week) and what d'ya know, a teacher handed me a box of fried chinese style noodles coz she had lunch already and she didnt need the lunch from the canteen. I thought of bringing it back home and share, but I had a brainstorm somewhere in the late evening, while packing my things to go home, that I can eat it for the next day.

Even though it's yellow noodles with a smattering of kway teow noodles, which I hardly eat and wouldn't buy anyway, but hey, beggars cant be choosers. So yah, thank you God for the free lunch :) especially when You know I wont even spend two bucks on canteen food but I would love to eat them.

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Mum's the Word

Okay so Im finally blogging after putting it off night after night coz I was too lazy to stay up after my evening nap. Im happy that me and Mariah finally managed to organize a karaoke session after so freaking long and if things go well (like Sherry not bringing her Taiwan friend along..shall remind her later in the day), we shall have great fun mangling singing oldies and the goodies. Oh, and in my case also, Im gonna hijack all the boyband songs.

Unfortunately, in their next meet up session, I am not able to join them because I cant afford to plonk down part of my savings to buy a ticket to the Singfest. I have a family to feed and I cant just happy happy go have a day of enjoyment and then miserably suffer the next few weeks...sigh. Anyway, Im happy for them because it is after all the event of the year and they get to be there. Mariah cant contain her excitement and Nats is dying to see Alicia Keyes.

So yah at times I do feel upset but what the hey, I'll get over it and Im starting to feel okay about it already. And oh, thanks to my mum's weird advice also like how they are going to be richer and you are going to be poorer and they cant help you if you are broke. I mean this is the same woman who sighs whenever I buy a new blouse (and I hardly ever shop!) despite my reason like this is the sale of the year..blah blah....and they only have such sales twice a year..blah blah. She would say things like my eyes are evil...cannot see things cheap....just have to buy. Either that or she would say just because my friend bought something, doesnt mean I should.

Anyway, no matter how twisted her advice is, her almost comforting words help me to see things in a different light. Just like two days ago, I told her I was upset over some things and then I would normally post her questions like 'why is she like that?'...or 'why are they like that?' and she would say back..'oh some people are like that so just ignore them or play along'..although that is just a gist of it. She would add on to it coz she knows I wont be happily trouncing away with answers like that. She may not always be right but someone has to comfort me.

So Im feeling better and I kinda am trying to resolve some thing right now based on what she would say such as two can play that game. Sometimes, the underlying problem with me is that I tend to think too much or analyse things too much that I get caught up with being a little bit too sensitive although I will recover quickly like in a matter of five minutes. Because I know some people dont mean what they have said or they have forgotten to be a little bit more sensitive to other people's feeling but sometimes it's just unintentional.

Of course the world will be a better place if people think before they say or do first because it makes things less complicated but you know, it's just human nature that at random times, we may have a lapse of better judgment. I often try not to let negative things cloud my thoughts so I guess that's how I developed my sense of quick recovery before I let them take over me for a longer period of time. Because if I do, it will be quite serious and I can sink down in the depths of depression and based on past experience, it is not easy to claw back up again. I took months to recover on two separate occasions and it is really hard to be normal if you are utterly depressed. Everyday just seems so bleak that snapping out of it is not so easy even though in your heart, you want to be all cheery again but the thing is that, it feels as though the whole system in your body has shut down. I compare it to someone in a state of comatose and not being able to open their eyes and wake up even though in their heart, they desperately want to end this nightmare.

So on that note, mum is always right. Ok wait. I beg to differ for that at least for my mum. But mothers being mothers, no matter how nasty or how menopausal she can be at times, only she knows what Im thinking right down to why I didnt buy the packet of biscuits and it's not because I have conveniently forgotten. It makes it hard for me to tell her white lies to save my ass since she will never buy it. I shall then heed her advice by just ignoring it and not pay too much attention to it or just play along. But just so you know, I also get the table turned on me too because at times, my mum thinks that I was the one creating my own problems and it wouldnt be an issue if not for the fact, I didnt let go of it so easily.

Sigh..yes mum.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Young Porn Startlet

I was browsing through my regular pop culture blog and it was answering to a reader's question on a coming crass movie film. I say crass coz it's seriously unwatchable but it's entertaining nevertheless. And the reader was mentioning two of the actors in it wanting to know more about them. So he provided details about the first actor but decided to be all coy about the second actor. He said that well....he agreed that he looks like Zac Efron (of High School Musical fame) and they both are about the same age. The only thing is that Zac wont be found doing any of the films that this actor has done. But google him up and we can see more pictures of him.

I was like looking at his photo and thought, heck he does look a lot like Zac, but a little bit more hunkier and well...more good looking. Sorrie Zac's tween fans! So I googled him!

And uhm.....I know why the editor didnt elaborate more on him coz uhm...dang! That guy is a porn star! I went straight to google images and almost lost my sight looking at some of his pics with his you-know-what. I did a wiki search on him and he turned out to be only 21 and said to be the youngest player in the porn industry meaning that he has set up his own porn company featuring young guys like him. Oh, and in the bigger porn industry, he is also one of the most popular ones that they even have a separate website promoting him other than his own.

Now the reason why I blogged about him is that he actually blogs himself. And I read his entries. They are well written and no they're not about describing his sex acts or what although he did mention he loves porn. But I still have to do this covering of eyes motion when he occasionally post pics relating to porn.

I was just thinking that if his mother had not abandoned him at age 16 and he had not fallen into the wrong hand who introduced him to porn, he would make a fine young man. He himself said he was not proud of his past but then since he found his calling in porn, maybe it was not so bad since he grew to love it.

Well, maybe he will also grow out of it one day? I mean think of it this way. This guy obviously will have a future because he is intelligent and not someone with low IQ and decides to do porn coz he is quite a hunk. But it's just that he is off to a wrong start only.

But then again, he might as well enjoy it while it last.. :P

damn i feel like Im encouraging him. Oh if you notice i didnt include his name here coz I dont want to create publicity for him. But if you want to know, just drop me a comment! hehe..

see im doing it again!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grieving Hotline

Well, sometimes it can be hard to understand people. At times they can be all chirpy and talkative to you and the next thing you know, they can be so downright moody that just stinks. I mean that is happening to a colleague of mine though she did tell me at one time not to take things to heart coz sometimes here, people say things that they dont mean. It is just out of work frustration.

At first I think fine, though Im a pretty sensitive person, I can take a few crap at times and drown myself in a momentarily short emotional period. But I recover quite quickly actually so it doesnt really matter. Then again, I must stress that sometimes, I dont forget that easily.

Sometimes I think why she must be so 'drama'. She also said that she was once a newbie too and made a few mistakes every now and then so she knows what I am going through as a newbie myself. But seriously, I just think that at times, she has you some people have the tendency to get a bit carried away.

Talk about drama, I can be drama mama also. I made quite a fuss on the phone with my brother last Friday coz I was pissed that on a Friday, some teachers just didnt get it that office closes early. It was also probably coz I came an hour and a half earlier in the morning coz of some P1 registration I dont freaking care about how much workload they have that they will tend to stay a bit late but seriously, my guess is that even if they stay so late, I doubt they can finish their load of work there and then. I can be nasty and just hover around them until they get the message but they are adults and on my part, it isnt nice.

Speaking of P1 (primary one) registration, I was surprised that I actually had to be involved in the registration with very little briefing (like what..3 minutes before the actual time for registration?!!) and also had never done ANY practices. Infact, the first time I got to do it was with an actual registration form!!! My manager guided me through it and I er..fumbled through it..and my fingers crammed coz I was using a mainframe which is like this old school computer programme where the screen would be black and the text in green. I used this before in my previous workplace before it upgraded to a more user friendly one. But still! It was different!

Then again, it was either this or be holed up in the office attending to many of the parents' requests, dealing with the children's mishaps and carelessness and answering to many unnecessary phone calls.

Anyway, I learnt quite a few things on how to use the mainframe which gives a whole different meaning to hands-on approach, to me at least, coz they showed me once and expected me to know how to use it already in the next instance. Okay it's a good thing Im dealing with a pretty straight forward computer software coz if they try to teach me other things last minute which will take me awhile, I'd probably go..'what the HELL are you talking about?!'

It was by far a highlight in this new job of mine which caught me by surprise. And then in the next phase of registration taking place in two weeks time where the situation is expected to be the most chaotic, coz it's anyone's game in this phase, I actually hope during the job rotation, I get to stay in office.

Listening to the parents' requests to speak to the teachers (sometimes I wonder if they have ever heard of emails) when they are in class duh....will be music to my ears. I dont think I am up for such chaos where registration would be pretty fast and furious judging by how popular this school is as a choice for school going children, where apparently based on the recently over registration period, come from all parts of Singapore.

I just have one thing to say. Do you seriously want to make your children come all the way to the school from so far away so early in the morning where traffic is a surefire killer?! And then when they stay back late in school and then have to travel all the way back home lugging homework in their school bag....seriously, dont you pity them? If a government school has good teachers and a good reputation, I dont see why it shouldnt be an option for them especially if it happens to be nearby as well.

Okay sorry to rant like that but I mean, pity them. Where these children go to school to shouldnt be a bragging right to parents when they talk to their relatives and friends.

But that is Singaporeans to you. And then if the children underperform, it is the teachers' fault. When their children clearly have psychological problems where they get too emotional over simple things, the parents panic and blame teachers also for putting too much pressure on their children. Fine, sometimes they may get overwhelmed by homework too coz I know how the situation is like as I have a school-going brother.

But there are some situations where the children need to be counselled especially later it gets in the way of their schoolwork. Like not wanting to speak up, crying too easily and etc. I mean teachers can only do so much especially in a class of over 30 children. I just think that it is sad that they just let these children 'entertain' their own feelings. We should help such kids to stop doing so.

I am not trying to be mean or something but I used to be one of those kids. It is just that I dont have parents that cry with me when I cry over trivial matters. I was unlucky enough to get a phonecall from this 'grieving' mother the third freaking time who just refused to put down the phone. I understand why her boy is behaving like that. It's coz of her. She just cant make up her mind as to what she wants or hear me out. She will be so long winded about it and then suddenly, she just end her phonecall abruptly like hang up just like that.

What am I? A grieving hotline?!

For gawd's sake, he could solve a reubik's cube in less than five minutes and I cant solve it till now and it has been months. It will be such a waste. I mean the boy..not my reubik's cube.

Oh well! In life, we can only advise people but it's really up to people to make up their mind and act on it. Sometimes I tell ya it can be frustrating to tell people your two cents worth of opinions and then they will be like 'huh?!' or 'what?!' which explains why I hardly advise people. I mean I dont take it to heart if they refuse to listen or still be in denial.

But it wouldnt hurt to be a little open minded at times and take a bit of time out and say hey, maybe she does have a point. You dont have to agree wholeheartedly coz everyone has their own opinions. It's just that everyone can also be a bit carried away at times and not be able to think thoroughly because of some other factors so it is good to at least hear out what people may say.

This is just a general opinion and not meant to slander anyone..not even to the parent I described earlier or my friends and family. I know I can be a little bit more tolerant than others so I dont expect others to think like me.

Okay Im done ranting. Gosh, this sounds like such a serious post, the next one I promise the usual 'I cant believe I just watched porn accidentally' ranting. No, seriously.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Whats the Big Deal?!

I got a few minutes to write onlie! And before I incur the wrath of Mariah for not updating, and accuse me of being a neopets addict, I shall squeeze whatever i can to write..hee.

Okay so I met with tox yesterday and well....her usual sarcasm (which to her were jokes..where she would always have the last ok whatever) and she was lugging her work laptop around. Based on the usual practise, I had to help her..sighz. But she saw me struggling so later we took turns to carry. And I had to help her carry while she looked at most stalls at the Little India market looking for bangles but ended up with none and disappointment that not only she cant get the bangles but also coz she thought the dresses there are prettier than her punjab dress. So she felt that she was cheated. Then again, if you ask me, if you're going to a graduation dinner where the people there dont dress in traditional garments, they dont really care which part of India your dress resembles and also the gem stones are placed on the dress. They just see it as something glittery and thats it.

I's a graduation ceremony not a traditional Indian ceremony..if you get what I mean.

Dont let me get started on the kind of bangles she wanted.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nitpicking Overanalytical Self

Rahayu has a gerranamo headache right now. All coz I didnt sleep the morning because I kept waking up and sleeping..waking up and sleeping..that my neck started to hurt. Oh, I think coz I strained my neck upon waking up too. And then add to that, I was wearing a collared shirt and then went out, with a bit of headache already developed, and walked in the hot blistering sun which of course made matters worst.

Gosh, I hate having a headache but I had to be strong coz I had a line up of shows to watch earlier on. And I had to do some grocery shopping as well because a lot of things conveniently ran out come around payday. I was a little disappointed just now coz the price of nutella went up from 2.80 to 3.10. Then being the ever budget conscious person that I am, the bottle of nutella would have to go a looooooong way which means trying to stretch its usage to almost a month.

But then right, despite people's agony that the prices of things have gone up and then now grocery shopping is made even more expensive, I am quite puzzled that I actually dont really think that all people feel the pinch in their pocket. I see people buying stuffs that are pricey like a pricey box of cereals, pricey bag of chips, pricey loaf of bread and you get the drift. You can see them having few groceries in their basket and man, when the prices added up, you dont even see them having a shocked reaction as to how much they spend..on these..few miserable items. Im the one who will have the shocked reaction but of course, lucky it's not my money.

Of course I wished I wasnt as calculative as them but I cant afford to be like them. And oh, some of the things that people get can also be a reflection of what sort of person they are and I have one tiny conclusion to make and that is if you want to be super health conscious, get ready to pay more.

I just watched Pushing Daisies earlier on and they have this contest where a lucky viewer would get to win a T shirt and an autographed poster by the lead actor Lee Pace himself. I was hoping it would be a true or false question but it turned out to be a write in (or keyed in contest...coz u have to send in a text msg) contest where you have to prove that you're a big fan of the show.

Of course I was thinking, hey..I did a promo on my blog about the upcoming show and also did an artwork on it and used it to promote the show on my facebook. And uhm, also text messaged mariah to watch the show as well..heh.

So...should I? or should I not? But darn the sms (text message) is 50 cents. It wouldnt be a big deal if I had won coz's bloody autographed! Then again, Im not exactly an advocate of paying the mobile bill in want to have any added costs in there.

Oh! this week in summary, guess who went to Rome? Without me some more?!

It's Luke Macfarlane!! He's really into this scruffy look which you cant actually see in this picture but there was and up close pic of him with that extended stubble of his. Kinda gross looking coz Luke, you're one gorgeous guy so please...shave properly! I dont care if your boyfriend likes it or wat, coz I certainly dont!

Yes I can be such a nitpick when it comes to guys though if you want to rebute me, you can do it too coz I have so many flaws, you can practically pick and choose them. But come on, unless you're so blinded with love, Im sure there are some things which you wish the guy you're so into is..well....less of a messy eater, dress up a little bit properly instead of being sloppy all the time, tell less crude jokes and not be so obnoxious. Sure that what makes him uniquely him but this is the very guy that you may have a huge possibility of spending the rest of your life with and can you actually go past his flaws..physical or otherwise?

I was watching this non mainstream movie recently coz someone had kindly uploaded the whole movie without me resorting to downloading it coz I badly wanted to watch it. He had a problem coz his lover supported the Republicans. And then there are other things like uhm.....they were not able to make out properly on all the occasions. But he was really into this relationship and was very serious about it so he wanted to make it work. It was not an easy feat until one day something happened, he didnt get the voice message, and he went back to his old lifestyle unwillingly. He hooked up with a former lover (he had more than ten actually). Though it was just one occasion, his lover overhead the fight he had with his roomate and found out all that had happened.

But they got married eventually because he was willing to look past things that he hated about his lover, like her political stand, and how family orientated she was and how she led a clean lifestyle and all compared to his dirty past. And then by accepting her as who she was made him discover that they can be passionate about each other after all. So uhm, the movie did end up seeing their blissful happy face sleeping in each other's arms in their bed after their marriage.

Right now I dont have any existing (or exciting) crushes but there is this guy whom I tagged as bf or boyfriend for fun's sake though he doesnt actually fit the bill of the kind of guy that I would love to date. Especially with that little paunch of his..uhm..which spells out 'too many drinking nights at several pubs?!'

Yes..yes...rahayu is being her nitpicky self again. I think it's written in my stars? Heh....Im a virgo..wat do you expect? I am nitpicky over several things, though Im often in denial or doing it unconsciously.

Well Im feeling a little bit better now but *groans*...I have to wake up a little bit early today because apparently my colleague made me bring back work home coz this work cant be done at my workplace coz she didnt want my boss see me do it. And I actually have not touched it yet and oh, look at the's..uhm...1.53am on a Monday morning?

That's one of the reasons why I just cant bring back work to do and maybe that's why God thinks that I do not have the making of a teacher? Coz you know what teachers do..they bring back work to mark. And I doubt I can do that!

So yah, the idea of waking up a little bit earlier is so that I can do a portion of the work. At least half of it to say that hey, at least I did something..and not nothing. But, I can always lie I checked through the photographs eh?

Naughty me.

Well, on a happier note, this is the month of July and if I follow the tradition of my past workplace, I got a wee bit of bonus this month. I said a little coz I only joined this ministry in March and I was surprised that I still received a little extra payout. Unfortunately, things happened and I had to fork out quite a bit for my power supply bills which never seemed to cease. They also never seem to tire to target my home despite knowing that based on record, I would be able to pay at least half around the same time they come aknocking on my door.

But it would also suck if I didnt spend on myself too coz it's also part of tradition. And what the heck is that tradition of mine? Buying new tops from Mango, some famous and overrated fashion label. Actually I wanted to get another top which I was aiming for at Cotton On although it was not on discount but I dunno why, I thought it would be more exciting to look at the racks during the Mango sales. I wanted to just get one but blame my inability to decide, I got two tops instead which took away my chance of buying the other top from Cotton.

I am not broke...yet...and I can actually still get that top which costs 19.90 that people may argue is dirt cheap. But I have to be rational. That 19.90...when rounded up to 20...I can use it to top up my EZ link and my brother's prepaid card for his handphone.

The problem is....

I cant get that top out of my mind!!! I felt like going there pronto and get that bloody top! *calms down* but well, looks like I have to wait another month then. By the time my next payday comes about, I dont know if Im willing to spend on it so it will be a different gameplay already, sighz.

Dammit, why is 'analytical' also written in my stars?! Oh well.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Desperately Seeking Male Companion

Have you heard the single by Gavin McGraw called Im in love with a Girl? It's almost like a theme song to those who have been labelled by the press as being possibly gay and them singing the song to prove that they are wrong and that they have a 'girlfriend' and they're very much in love.

I have to agree though. I mean, what's the deal with outing people? For kicks? People only give a frack if it's the two people who are allegedly a couple happen to be two good looking people. Okay so they may look cute together but to other women like me, it's like losing part of our soul coz now, we have to look harder.

Speaking of which, I actually like the actor who plays Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. Not only is he good looking, his character is so adorable on the show. He would make these little facial expressions that just 'up' his adore-me-meter and he is so popular that people actually set up websites for him and petitioned him to come back on the show. Once in this episode he was suing this police officer who judged him for being 'different' because he was wearing something like a green shirt and uhm..a pair of pink shorts. But when he won his case and got his traffic offense ticket thrown out, the officer remarked back..'he called me little miss officer!' and kevin, who was helping him out as a lawyer, looked back at him swiftly and he just gave this smug look like..woops.

Even though in real life Luke Macfarlane chooses to keep his life private, it can be quite frustrating to google him. I kept seeing past articles about his alleged relationship with Wentworth Miller. I mean, come on, it was just one freaking day cute matching sandals, shirts, pants....but still! I want to know more about this guy! Not just the fact that despite only guest starring in Brothers and Sisters and doing little known tv movies and broadway shows, he has famous friends!

I used to remember the days when I was in my early teens and I used to talk loudly about boys that it was almost like I wanted the whole world to know that I know my stuffs about them guys. Oh, and that I was crushing on some guy. It's kinda like a cheap way of drawing attention to myself.

But of course, people didnt give a hoot and if I had known it any better, I might come off as pretty annoying instead. Like last Saturday morning, when I was at the gym (recent comeback to the a new timeslot) and on the bike, I was beside these two teenagers probably in their early teens. One of them was like talking loudly about some guy she was crushing and telling her friend he was this..he was that......and I know what she meant because if you totally are crushing on someone, all the littlest details matter like what he said or do.

And now, I pitied those who had to endure listening to my crap during my younger days talking about unrequited love or puppy love because I had trouble zoning her voice out. I mean, exercising and yapping away?! Give me a break!

But it was quite a distraction coz my knees felt like they were on fire so later on, I kinda welcomed her distraction. And speaking of distractions....

the hunky Chinese guys in the gym..fooh...i can sweat without even working out. They're not beefy but they're so well toned and have great looking biceps, well, gym isnt such a bad place after all. They maybe poly or uni students and younger than me..but who cares! A hunk is a hunk.

You know, Im so excited that I actually got to watch Ugly Betty Season 2 on Starworld and I may have to do a little bit of catching up coz the episode I watched earlier was already episode four. And Supernatural Season 3 has recently made a comeback too on the same channel so Im pretty occupied in terms of tv schedule. If you wanna know, Im also a tv geek although I dislike stuffs like Desperate Housewives or Lost. I dont underestimate Lost because it has great storylines with a lot of twists and turns but I dont understand the deal with Desperate Housewives. After awhile, people stop taking tabs of who the characters flirt or sleep with.

And I watched a mini marathon of back to back episodes of Friends as a way of spending my lazy Sunday afternoon. Actually, I did enjoy watching the show but then the friendships shared among them got complicated and became much more than that. They were in and out of again..and then out's like going on a roller coaster ride. So after that, I got bored with it because these characters, despite being full grown adults, and parents or parents-to-be, still acted like they make irrational decisions all the time or that they just cant make up their mind.

Not that Im saying our adult life is pretty much conflict free because Im sure we all have a checkered life. But seriously? They are still funny nevertheless and I believe that is what kept the show so popular all throughout their seasons despite their conflicted storylines. Anyway, the only character that is not caught up with making out with their own good friends or being impregnated by one of them is Phoebe.

I dunno....Phoebe kinda reminds me Quirky, nice and caring and shes funny without trying so hard. People enjoy being around her and telling her their problems and she tries to resolve them and often with funny consequences.

And she has problems finding a guy although she did end up with one.

He's pretty hot too.

I am hoping I met up with such a guy too. Even as a male companion. God knows I want to have one so much will be a different sorta friendship coz I get opinions from a male.

Any takers?

Did I mention Im quirky, nice and caring and funny without trying too hard?

And apparently a sucker for advertising herself too.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

CSI Miami Season 6 Opener

I watched the first episode of Season 6 and Im so happy! I was this close to not being able to watch it but I managed too. My thoughts? It didn't open with a 'bang' but still something to ponder about that Horatio Caine has a....son?! *gasp*

But it didnt sit well with the boy that Horatio was calling him 'son' as in his usual way of calling boys of his age like some fatherly figure. He didnt understand why Horatio called off the police chase on the coast but felt that he should not stand in his way. Apparently, his poor family upbringing (he was brought up by foster parents who could not care less about his existence) made him to be somewhat independent and easily falling into the trap of people with ill intentions who saw an advantage of boys his age to carry out their crimes such as transporting of drugs and kidnapping.

But of course, they dont get away that easily even though technically, they didnt do the crime but they're the mastermind behind it and therefore the sentence will be heavier.

What's interesting about yesterday's episode was that it guest starred the actor from 7th Heaven. Im not one to watch such shows that normally span over several seasons depending on how popular they were and viewers would get to see the children growing up and drown underneath the harsh pressure of being Hollywood stars in real life.

Well one of the children from 7th Heaven was in this show though it was a far cry from his character in the former show. But it is one of the things they do to break out and foray into playing more matured roles to be treated as a serious actor.

So if you had watched Seven Heaven and no, rahayu wont judge you, remember this kid?

I think he was the blonde middle one or something...

And he looked like this when he acted in yesterday's episode (extreme right)

Oh, that's Jessica Biel in the middle who maybe you would recognise a lot better *cough* Justin *cough*. She has always been beautiful and do you know that she's a talented singer as well? One time she sang on the show infront of a dancing crowd and everyone thought that for a 13 yr old, she sure can sing so well that it was almost unbelievable. Pfft...I did better and I believe at that time, I could sing like an angel at only..12 yrs old?

Actually there were guest actors in CSI and all its franchisees that audience would have probably recognised one time or another. Like hello...even Kevin Federline was in CSI okay?

Oh! Oh! I did a montage for CSI:Miami


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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Brain Matters

I almost had my life cut off by half just now when the internet and cable tv were suspended in the morning. I did not pay my internet bills last month because my mum borrowed the money meant to pay for it. Even though the problem was rectified by that early morning itself, it was almost not possible to do so if not for a little 'help'. I used first the money that I got from the government which I tell ya was a life saver no matter what people say about the GST credit being too little yadah yadah. Hey, if you receive money from the government, never say that it's too little or whatever. You dont expect them to support you fully. Well at least for me, Im the type who think that it's better than nothing.

Well from the start of this week, I have been playing Sims 2 on my laptop eversince it seems to be working quite well. At this point of time, it's pretty boring to play it coz Im playing it at the most basic level. My brother has been pressurizing me to change the graphic cards from the start of the year and I have been delaying it for the longest time. It will seem such a big pity for me to spend on it since it is not that cheap although computer geeks will think that pft...with recent price drops in computer spare parts, 100 plus dollars is not that much. Infact, it's minimal and it can even get you to watch tv on your laptop or pc with that amount if you get the tv tuner.

Some hobbies are just expensive and if I am a full fledged computer geek, wah there will be a big hole in my pocket soon enough.

I was watching terminator: the Sarah Conner chronicles just now and one of the recurring characters was someone who built a robot that could challenge a human in a game of chess. Even though his house was burnt down later by Sarah Conner in a bid to prevent him from building the infrastructure for mass destruction in the future called skynet, he actually managed to rebuilt back the robot in another location. Why? Apparently he actually memorized the codes which enabled himw to build it from scratch in a short period of time. And uhm, I kinda how how that is like because when I do my blog template, I had to use a series of codes that may take me two hours or more. Once, I accidentally deleted the template which meant that all the codes were gone in the blink of an eye and I managed to rebuild it in less than an hour by regurgitating all the codes back. Of course this time I did not forget to save it on desktop first in case such thing happen again.

But do you know that the human mind is able to work beyond wonders and we are able to train it so much so that we can actually become more intelligent than we are right now? Because we actually only use 2% of our brainpower. 2 freaking percent only. It's like weight loss. You will think that it is impossible to lose the weight if you have been overweight or even obese for the longest time such as since your childhood. But it's not true actually.

One of the recent contendors of the recently revived American Gladiators used to be very obese all his life which saw him being bullied endlessly. You should see his old picture.

Over the course of 5 years he lost over a hundred pounds. Even though he lost quite badly because his opponent is actually bigger in size than him (heh..quite a hunk too), it was still an achievement for him because despite his former size, he was actually a fan of American Gladiators in its earlier seasons. It was also a motivating factor for him to try to lose his bulk hoping that one day, he would be able to compete on the show if they were to bring it back which they eventually did.

So I would say never underestimate yourself. It's just mind over matter. I told you it's a powerful thing.

Okay now, I am gonna play Sims 2 at freaking 2 am in the morning. And in between catch up a bit on a UK teen soap drama. So little time, so much things to do....

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