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Tantrum Throwing Mum

Hey pokies,

that sounded a little vulgar but that's my greeting to you fellow popz fans. Okay it's a Monday so Im allowed to be a bit delusional. Anyway, I had a fun time during the karaoke session last Sat and I shall put up some photos later taken by my friends and do a write up on it though I dont think it will be a long one (like how I ramble usually on my posts) coz I dislike recapping a past event.

So my weekend was pretty much okay. I spent the Sunday morning at the gym despite dragging my feet to the place and went through the whole thing for one and a half hour like some routine. But actually, despite waking up extra early to go there (which accounts for the sulkiness), it wasn't such a bad time to go there compared to a Saturday. Infact, I thought it was better as it wasn't as packed. I think, most people like me, would rather sleep late on a Sunday morning.

And after that, when I went to a mall to get some groceries, I called my mum. And then speaking halfway t…

Free Lunch

Unbelievable. Two back to back posts on a week night. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm a bit happy that my budget didn't go out of the way this week which is a rarity I tell ya. But it is quite hard for me also because I find myself going to two supermarkets instead of just one. Some regular things I buy are not found in one supermarket so I have to buy from the other one and there are some things that are sold cheaper in one than the other. It wouldn't be a big deal for me if it is on a weekend instead of weekdays because I will be so tired after one long day at work and imagine going up and down two supermarkets which, by the way, are not located that near each other.

But with the rising inflation, we have to be calculative. And in my case, even more so because I come from a single income family so we have to learn to survive and my mother is also helping me to budget but her being her, she still has her quirks like some items are a must buy or there are some things …

Mum's the Word

Okay so Im finally blogging after putting it off night after night coz I was too lazy to stay up after my evening nap. Im happy that me and Mariah finally managed to organize a karaoke session after so freaking long and if things go well (like Sherry not bringing her Taiwan friend along..shall remind her later in the day), we shall have great fun mangling singing oldiesand the goodies. Oh, and in my case also, Im gonna hijack all the boyband songs.

Unfortunately, in their next meet up session, I am not able to join them because I cant afford to plonk down part of my savings to buy a ticket to the Singfest. I have a family to feed and I cant just happy happy go have a day of enjoyment and then miserably suffer the next few weeks...sigh. Anyway, Im happy for them because it is after all the event of the year and they get to be there. Mariah cant contain her excitement and Nats is dying to see Alicia Keyes.

So yah at times I do feel upset but what the hey, I'll get over it and Im sta…

Young Porn Startlet

I was browsing through my regular pop culture blog and it was answering to a reader's question on a coming crass movie film. I say crass coz it's seriously unwatchable but it's entertaining nevertheless. And the reader was mentioning two of the actors in it wanting to know more about them. So he provided details about the first actor but decided to be all coy about the second actor. He said that well....he agreed that he looks like Zac Efron (of High School Musical fame) and they both are about the same age. The only thing is that Zac wont be found doing any of the films that this actor has done. But google him up and we can see more pictures of him.

I was like looking at his photo and thought, heck he does look a lot like Zac, but a little bit more hunkier and well...more good looking. Sorrie Zac's tween fans! So I googled him!

And uhm.....I know why the editor didnt elaborate more on him coz uhm...dang! That guy is a porn star! I went straight to google images and almo…

Grieving Hotline

Well, sometimes it can be hard to understand people. At times they can be all chirpy and talkative to you and the next thing you know, they can be so downright moody that just stinks. I mean that is happening to a colleague of mine though she did tell me at one time not to take things to heart coz sometimes here, people say things that they dont mean. It is just out of work frustration.

At first I think fine, though Im a pretty sensitive person, I can take a few crap at times and drown myself in a momentarily short emotional period. But I recover quite quickly actually so it doesnt really matter. Then again, I must stress that sometimes, I dont forget that easily.

Sometimes I think why she must be so 'drama'. She also said that she was once a newbie too and made a few mistakes every now and then so she knows what I am going through as a newbie myself. But seriously, I just think that at times, she has you some people have the tendency to get a …

Whats the Big Deal?!

I got a few minutes to write onlie! And before I incur the wrath of Mariah for not updating, and accuse me of being a neopets addict, I shall squeeze whatever i can to write..hee.

Okay so I met with tox yesterday and well....her usual sarcasm (which to her were jokes..where she would always have the last ok whatever) and she was lugging her work laptop around. Based on the usual practise, I had to help her..sighz. But she saw me struggling so later we took turns to carry. And I had to help her carry while she looked at most stalls at the Little India market looking for bangles but ended up with none and disappointment that not only she cant get the bangles but also coz she thought the dresses there are prettier than her punjab dress. So she felt that she was cheated. Then again, if you ask me, if you're going to a graduation dinner where the people there dont dress in traditional garments, they dont really care which part of India your dress resembles and also the gem sto…

Nitpicking Overanalytical Self

Rahayu has a gerranamo headache right now. All coz I didnt sleep the morning because I kept waking up and sleeping..waking up and sleeping..that my neck started to hurt. Oh, I think coz I strained my neck upon waking up too. And then add to that, I was wearing a collared shirt and then went out, with a bit of headache already developed, and walked in the hot blistering sun which of course made matters worst.

Gosh, I hate having a headache but I had to be strong coz I had a line up of shows to watch earlier on. And I had to do some grocery shopping as well because a lot of things conveniently ran out come around payday. I was a little disappointed just now coz the price of nutella went up from 2.80 to 3.10. Then being the ever budget conscious person that I am, the bottle of nutella would have to go a looooooong way which means trying to stretch its usage to almost a month.

But then right, despite people's agony that the prices of things have gone up and then now gro…

Desperately Seeking Male Companion

Have you heard the single by Gavin McGraw called Im in love with a Girl? It's almost like a theme song to those who have been labelled by the press as being possibly gay and them singing the song to prove that they are wrong and that they have a 'girlfriend' and they're very much in love.

I have to agree though. I mean, what's the deal with outing people? For kicks? People only give a frack if it's the two people who are allegedly a couple happen to be two good looking people. Okay so they may look cute together but to other women like me, it's like losing part of our soul coz now, we have to look harder.

Speaking of which, I actually like the actor who plays Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. Not only is he good looking, his character is so adorable on the show. He would make these little facial expressions that just 'up' his adore-me-meter and he is so popular that people actually set up websites for him and petitioned him to come back on the show. Onc…

CSI Miami Season 6 Opener

I watched the first episode of Season 6 and Im so happy! I was this close to not being able to watch it but I managed too. My thoughts? It didn't open with a 'bang' but still something to ponder about that Horatio Caine has a....son?! *gasp*

But it didnt sit well with the boy that Horatio was calling him 'son' as in his usual way of calling boys of his age like some fatherly figure. He didnt understand why Horatio called off the police chase on the coast but felt that he should not stand in his way. Apparently, his poor family upbringing (he was brought up by foster parents who could not care less about his existence) made him to be somewhat independent and easily falling into the trap of people with ill intentions who saw an advantage of boys his age to carry out their crimes such as transporting of drugs and kidnapping.

But of course, they dont get away that easily even though technically, they didnt do the crime but they're the mastermind behind it and therefo…

Brain Matters

I almost had my life cut off by half just now when the internet and cable tv were suspended in the morning. I did not pay my internet bills last month because my mum borrowed the money meant to pay for it. Even though the problem was rectified by that early morning itself, it was almost not possible to do so if not for a little 'help'. I used first the money that I got from the government which I tell ya was a life saver no matter what people say about the GST credit being too little yadah yadah. Hey, if you receive money from the government, never say that it's too little or whatever. You dont expect them to support you fully. Well at least for me, Im the type who think that it's better than nothing.

Well from the start of this week, I have been playing Sims 2 on my laptop eversince it seems to be working quite well. At this point of time, it's pretty boring to play it coz Im playing it at the most basic level. My brother has been pressurizing me to change the gra…