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SMART Goal Setting & Leveraging on Social Media

This week, I had to design the covers of 10 notebooks which I did explain the reason why in my earlier post. But it's okay because if you're kind and generous, you will be duly rewarded. Anyway, designing is therapeutic as you get 'lost' in trying to come up with good designs but of course, when it starts to get stressful, it's no longer as fun. I like designing on smaller layouts because I think I will get bored or run out of ideas if I were to design on bigger layouts. But now, I got an order to design for 8 (yikes..) full sized 12" X 12" layouts and to be honest, I don't know how am I going to pull it. I believe, in this instance, I really have to pull in whatever knowledge I picked up from watching hundreds of you tube videos and translate them into the layouts.

Wish me luck!

Oh, I don't know it is going to turn out but I dare not take too much money from her so I just decide $15.00 instead of $20.00 and I was upfront in telling her that it is b…

It's Thosai Time at Little India

Early this month, my friend and I paid a visit to Little India with two objectives in mind. First, to indulge ourselves in thosai..heh..more specifically, masala thosai which is thosai with potato filling. It was most definitely filling :s but hearty as well!

By the way, it's at the Komala Vilas if you are craving for one too..ha.

Especially after I post these pics! 

pictures courtesy of my friend..because somebody doesn't have instagram..ha.

By the way, our second agenda is basically for my friend to shop for Indian clothings for a wedding of our good friend's brother. Yes, it is an Indian reception and frankly, we were excited about it because it's not all the time we're invitied to an Indian wedding reception. Spoiler alert: the food and entertainment were faboosh! I actually blog about it in a later time.

The whole of the second floor of Tekka market was filled with clothing shops and I don't know how they stay afloat because they pretty much sell the same stuff…

Goal Setting for My Online Shop - The Results of It

 I seriously need to do some goal setting. I did it for my online shop and I managed to pull in some sales although I would have to spend some money first. But if I want my online shop to succeed, I need to spend money in order to make money, right? Psyching myself. It isn't much like probably $10.00 just for the notebooks itself, not counting the materials itself because I have them on ready stock and probably don't have to get anymore because they're not customised projects.

So it also got me another project which I haven't done, okay probably did a mini one the last time and so much effort was needed. I think mini books are cute and if done right, can look beautiful but the amount of work for different pages, if I am not aiming for simplicity, can be quite a turn off, haha. If someone orders a mini book from me, then I would do it. Otherwise, there is no sense of motivation.

Not sure what I am talking about? 

Something like this. This is not my work, of course and I g…

Out & About in Universal Studios - MOE Family Day 2013

A little back story. I work for the government and boy, does it have its ups and downs. People say when you work for the government, you are pretty much in a stable job.

Not true. I once got retrenched from a stat board which is also part government. It was gut wrenching although in my next job, I did get to work with the same group of people. However, it was also a turning point in my life. I chose to live it instead and jump ship to the ministry.

I won't say the perks are better. But to me, whatever job I am in,  being public or private sector, I want to do my best and be on top of the game.

One of the perks is getting tickets below the price, but of course with its own set of terms and conditions. Whatever it is, I finally get to go to the  Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa..yay & WHEEEEE!! I missed the waterworld show because for the life of me, I couldn't find the place and also because I got distracted by the junior roller coaster ride..heh.

So as promised from …

Getting out of Zombie Land Plus Goal Setting

To be honest, I've been pretty zombified recently, well at least in the couple of weeks. I lost two uncles, I attended a funeral and it sorta make me re-think about life like WHAT HAVE I DONE.

Unfortunately, the way I react is that I don't feel like doing anything else. Instead of feeling, oh I think I should do this, I think I should do that, I should lead each day as though it was my last, I chose to NOT do anything else.

Why? Because I'm so tired. I don't know why but I feel so tired. I did manage to snap out of it, yesterday, as I think why I'm leading my life this way is because I don't have a concrete set of life goals. Things that I look forward to and sticking to. I want to earn at least $50.00 in revenue from my online shop but I didn't set out goals on HOW to achieve them. I just want the $50.00.

So I came across a tweet by BJ Fogg

I'm not big on "goals" to change behavior but I am big on helping ppl feel successful. Key: Make goals sim…

Letting Go of the Past

Just this week itself, I lost two uncles..on the same day. First, my mother's older brother and then my father's late sister's husband. Both were sudden death. They were both fine and dandy, though they do have health problems but death took them away out of the blue.

My mother's late brother left behind an Indonesian wife and three of his children who were younger than me being in their late twenties. While I wasn't so close to them during childhood, but I can't deny that they were an integral part of my childhood growing up in the old estates of Tanglin Halt. While I often spend my time at my late grandma's place, where they also stayed until the moved out, their late mother didn't really acknowledge us when we came by locking themselves in the room and only go out when necessary like taking a bath or eating. So I don't have much childhood with them.

I still however remembered how they looked like when they were younger with my late uncle and aunt…