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Beauty Fix

Wow, Im really making use of the four days of extended public holidays slacking away instead of taking it in stride by making full use of them. I think I need a life coach. But I guess I'll do fine later with some last minute cleaning up at night coz it's just so freaking hot outside right now that Im practically better off with a fan blowing at my face than facing the dust and mess in my room.

Anyway, apart from enjoying the extended hols, I am also making other improvements in my life like trying to get into a fixed beauty regime though there are lapses in between.

Battle Against Diabetes

Well, this month has been pretty okay so far but for all I know, some God forsaken crisis will turn up and make things worse but hey, that's just life in general I suppose. Important thing is to lift your head up high and tell yourself that everything will be over. Unless of course it's something good, then please prolong it somehow.

Anyway, I actually wrote a post already earlier in the week but I found it rather draggy coz I was just being my long winded self. Earlier in the week, I had just lost my elder aunt who had helped to pay for my dad's funeral expenses.