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Geylang Bazaar Outing!

Who knew that at this point of time, Hari Raya is 9 days away! Not that I'm looking forward to visits, change of outfits, and all the merry get together stuffs because I basically celebrate it with my own small family unit only. In the past yes...but well, our family is always of a different kind! haha.

So one of our family thing to do every year pre Raya is to visit the bazaars and the last one we went to was the Woodlands Bazaar situated right outside the Woodlands MRT station. It looks like a typical Pasar Malam, which I believe you're not a true blue Singaporean if you haven't been to one before, but if you enter and go past the food kiosks, they have stuffs you can buy for Raya. They even have a carpet auction and I don't know but is carpet auctions an 'in' thing to do now? I've been to this bazaar, the Geylang one and even at a recent Halal food expo and they have this auction thing going on too.

While the food choices are pretty much same same every t…

Lights Up! And it's not even Christmas..Gardens By the Bay

 It has been a year but I have never been to the Gardens by the Bay even though it's mostly free unless you want to go to the OCBC Skywalk which is like a treetop walk except the trees are fake yet majestic and artistic looking. If you look at the pictures or at least visit their website, you will know what I mean.

I went at night and the weather was cooling. It is situated near the ECP but there is a MRT station nearby which is Bayfront, part of the Circle Line and the minute you exit, you will see it straight away although you need to walk a bit to see the supertrees.

They are so majestic and who knew, they were man made. Okay, actually you can tell but really, it's a unique architecture combining concrete and plants. You've got to see it to believe it. You can either go day or night although if you go in the day, it can be blistering hot but it can't beat the heat experienced by moi at the Jurong Bird Park..ha. I practically thought my skin was chapping badly. Okay ac…

Woodlands Bazaar Outing! - Plus a Tummy Upset

We are currently in the midst of the fasting month and come this Wednesday, it will officially be two weeks. This coming Hari Raya is going to be different because it will be a day just before National Day. Coolness. I saw the term National Raya or something in that line being coined.

So! As usual, my family will be one of the fams left out of the celebrations. It's a joyous occasion definitely with family and friends gathering but yah, we're very low key..haha. Okay, we shall get to that more later.

As for now, we shall concentrate on our fasting and also to perform good deeds. Oh, and eat all the yummy food my mum will specially prepare during this month. This is also a chance for me to lose some inches, even if the kilograms don't necessarily drop. I've been pretty much stuck at the same damn weight and while it doesn't bother me too much, it will....probably help having to wear a  pair of jeans that do not cinch too much at the waist. Just sayin'

So! I had a t…

Exploring Historical Site: Fort Canning Park

I took history lessons in the past and I also did the subject for A level, plus somehow managed to scrape through. How? Dunno.

Anyway, my brother will always think of ways to explore Singapore without burning a holey moley in the pocket because we're not that well off. I think even if we are, he will probably still be very stingy with his money. So he has always wanted to explore the Fort Canning Park which is an important historical landmark way back when Singapore was at war with Japan. There's quite a lot of things to see..and er..a lot of stair climbing. Fort Canning  Park has many archaeological finds such as relics and ancient brick buildings.

The hills offer a great view which prompted Sir Raffles to build his first colonial residence. Beautiful architecture. When I was standing on the majestic residence porch, I felt like a Queen waving to her subordinates down below..ha. The last time I went here, I ruined my expensive pair of Zara sandals from an outdoor concert watchi…

Back to Blogging..Story of My Life

It's been ages since I've last blogged. So guilty about it. I've been busy attending to my online shop orders and while I'm thankful for it, I've been losing sleep on some days where I have to work throughout the night to make the goodies. I would take a nap about 10 to 11 ish at night and wake up about 2.30am to start work. Sometimes, I start the ball rolling by doing some simple designs after work or try to finish up last night's work. 

In other words, it has been hectic. Although not all are paid orders, some are giveaways which I'm pretty generous in order to generate interest and build up my online portfolio. I try to be fair by using the random generator and select those who have not won anything yet but sigh, least they did buy something in the end. Except for one and she won again. Oh well.

I am doing all this despite having a full time job. Sometimes, I don't understand why I am doing all this. But what made me continue, which includes hav…