Bargain Shoes from Warehouse

Just last week, I went to the Charles & Keith warehouse sales and while walking to the warehouse, I realized that they have another warehouse situated just nearby their other warehouse. My goodness, talk about expansion.  I live along Paya Lebar Road so journey isn't so bad for me because it is about 15 minutes from the warehouse.

The last time I went to their warehouse sales was in March last year and didn't go the one in November of December last year because I had no munneh. This time round I did simply because it was around payday. So I could spare some money. Anyway, I needed new shoes and their shoes are like so freaking ex nowadays compared to the last time when I used to buy my shoes from them, which is so weird. Honestly, many of their shoes don't deserve the kind of price tag they were given not because of quality but I guess it's a brand thing.

Well, whatever. Looks like I just have to rely on such warehouse sales to go 'borong' or buy in  mini bulk.

I actually got four..yes, you read there correctly, four. Initially it was five but I didn't really like the one she chose because the one I chose, was the last pair and it was the one which they displayed on the table. But then come to think of it, that last pair was still in good condition so heck, I just took it.

Anyway, I would have gone so shoe crazy if not for my feet, which are well, large and 'manly' looking. I used to wear slip on heels a LOT when I was working in HPB and seriously, I didn't know how I managed. Then I got lazy when I got to work in this ministry and started wearing er..get this, sandals. Ha!

But I guess heels shouldn't be such a big problem because I am confined to a small space of a general office which basically means I don't have to torture my feet a lot with walking. This in  comparison to me working in HPB where I was practically out in the fields most of the time. 

While I'm quite sad that I can't wear the fancier looking ones or the sky high heels coz I is scared of falling and also, I have one of the worst balancing skills in the world, I have to settle for the slip in heels..or slip on..well, you know which kind.

Okay fine, most of them have the buckle designs, and not coz I purposely chose them like that but it was a coincidence. 

The heels between them all varies but it's pretty much about the same height and they only look slightly different. Honestly, I like the third one with the denim front soles. But I had some problem walking up the stairs coz well, I did mention I have the worst balancing skills in the world.

I am sure many of you girls out there did go to the charles and keith warehouse sales, braving the heat because it was held in a new multi storey carpark and also the massive crowd. Ugh...but the things we do for shoes, right?

Price wise? Two of them cost 9 bucks (!!), one costs $14.90 and the other $16.90. So in all, I spent $49.80. I cannot get such a price for four shoes from them in their regular stores. Probably a pair with one shoe, heh.

That's it! I am just sticking to the warehouse sales for their shoes. Next time round, I may get a bag. The last time I went, it was still quite pricey, at least to me lah, but their prices were slashed up to 50%. Still, I think the designs were pretty meh.

What did u get?

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