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Keeping Things Simple as I Age

I realize that I'm not the only one doing this but I guess, age has something to do with it like when you grow older and have children, the last thing  you want is to teeter on high heels while carrying a baby or running after your small children. Okay, that was what a local celebrity mentioned that now that she has young children including a baby, it will be dangerous to carry her baby while walking on heels. Back in the days, she would be on such high heels with no problem.

I don't have children but I could somehow relate that when you grow older, you want things a bit more fuss free because you would rather spend time on other things. I remember when I was younger, or at least in my early to mid twenties, I was so obsessed  with shoes and bags. I practically spend my money on them and even if the pair of shoes didn't quite fit me, if it's pretty..I will somehow squeeze my poor feet into them and disregard the pain when I'm walking in them.

I know I shouldn't b…

Celebrating a Friend's Birthday!

My friend's so lucky! That's coz she gets to celebrate her birthday with us for the last two years..on the day itself! Well, probably she is wishing she will celebrate with her boyfriend instead, but hey..even if we're like the second option or something, she is still our friend and the way we see it, she still deserves the best gifts, as long as it is within our budget, ha!

So she wanted to eat at Fish and Co and I thought of the glass house opposite the Dhoby Gaut mrt. When we were there, it was not very crowded but then the crowd started to come in. But we still managed to get a seat thanks to a friend of mine, who helped to  book for us after googling for the number. When she does that, I wish I have an iPhone and not this dated blackberry phone. Oops. But I can't wait for next month where I get to have the newest model within my budget.

Anyhoo, we had fun and I suppose my friend got super hungry when she came and waited for me (argh..I was running late!) coz she bou…

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

 Before I begin, I would like to wish all Muslims celebrating Hari Raya today a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

It's to eat all the kuihs (biscuit delicacies) and the usual Malay dishes rich with coconut milk, heh. Aah, don't worry about the calories, peeps. It may seem like a waste because you took a whole month to fast and probably lose a kilo or two and then they creep back on. But, it's a joyous occasion! Eat your fill! Just don't over do it until you fall sick, ha.

I may not have the a new and latest design baju kurung which is a traditional Malay costume but I do at least get to eat my mum's yummeh chocolate chip cookies, which I have to take a photo of. I did however took pictures of the yummy dishes.

Those three 'pillows' are actually rice cakes. The instant ones like you just have to boil them in water. The original ones of course are not like these. 

These are the dishes. Sambal goreng, which is a popular Malay dish available in most Malay stalls but I…

My Very Few MAC Products

As someone who loves make up although putting them on nicely is another story, I barely have any MAC products. MAC products are famous for their cosmetics and every make up artist or enthusiast will have their products in their collections and even other cheaper drugstore products tend to copy their original ideas and make them affordable, which people like me, would usually stock up on.

I've yet to actually buy one over the counter, except for that one single occasion many years ago, for my mum when she wanted their compact powder. I didn't really like their cosmetics products. Every now and then they will release limited collections where die hard MAC fans will know by hard and also know which products come from which collections.

I can't tell the difference.

Oh, so here are my very few MAC product collections. I am aiming to buy their dimensional powder as a highlighter because I heard rave reviews about how great they are. I do want to get a highlighting powder for that b…

My Daily Facial Routine with Complimentary Clinique Products

My colleague who has been generous all this while with me gave me a box of Clinique products which caused me to have a mini heart attach because we're talking about a high range makeup and skincare line here. For someone who only buy their liquid facial soap, this is such a welcome for me! I love their products because I've used them in the past but they have been getting expensive so I usually just stick to basic cleansing and not the extras such as serum and what not.

When her daughter left Clinique to join another company, I thought okay, my days of getting some free make up and facial products, though not all the time, is over.  However when she left, she got quite of lot of sample products because such companies usually have these not for sale samples to test before they start selling at the stores. She gave me one box of it! Argh, Clinique overload!

Make up products are also included such as the chubby lipstick, mascara and make up remover. Ooh la la. You know me and make …

Would You Date Me?

Life works in mysterious ways. Same thing I would say if some guy wanna date me and compared to me, he's got a  stable job with a good income, he's funny, intelligent, friendly, hardworking. Okay, I got a good stable job too but I guess the comparison will probably end there only.

But why would I want to think lowly of myself?

If a guy likes you for who you are, does it matter if the friends he have are that who obviously have a good life and enjoys some fancy performances, good dinner at restaurants and take part in numerous healthy activities together collectively as a group. Where else for me, I normally spend time with my family most times and meet up with the same ol' gal pals once a month or in two months.

How can I not think of myself like that when all my life I practically live it in such a way, going out with myself, shops for clothes at least once a month, spend time buying things for my hobbies, going gym and basically spend most times at home rather than go out a…

Spotting a Gem in A Guy

I was recently involved in the P1 registration and it was definitely a nerve wrecking period for parents who want their children to get into the school of their choice. There are groups of parents who are lobbying for a change in the system to allow more children to be enrolled in the school of choice but like what my manager said, there are enough vacancies for all of next year's P1 school going children. But it's the parents' perspectives in wanting to put their child in a 'better' school despite the emphasis by the government that all schools are good schools. It's a matter of placing them in a school that have their choice of niche programmes unique to each school that are of interest in their children such as sports, arts and etc. How could they say there are not enough vacancies when there are a number of schools that are undersubscribed despite being in the same vicinity of some schools that are oversubscribed. 

Anyway, this blog is not for work talk..hah…