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Snag a Guy

Okay I wished the title of my post would be snagGED a guy rather than waiting to snag a guy. Hrm, as I have famously wrote in my entries, I'd rather die a single. No wait, I didn't write tat. Tsk, yes rahayu is so desperate that even the guy who worked as a pharmacist, I assumed, at the counter opposite my clinic at the polyclinic is labelled a 'hottie'. I mean..pfft...if he's just a stranger walking past me, the bus stop..he would probably be destined to be just one of the guys whom I have no interest whatsover to get to know more. Like duh...I don't dig tall guys. k, so Im one of those girls wanting to be different from others or I just so happened to have a taste that doesn't equate to most girls such as 'tall, dark and handsome'. Gawd..whats wrong with me?!!! why can't i be like the previous times when not just any guy would make my radars go crazy by making me do a double take and then shoot me right to heaven? I mean, okay...he is …

My Diary

I haven't been doing much today except sitting down and trying to set up the wireless connection back again between my laptop and my pc with the lousy monitor. Ey, suprisingly after almost a month of hiatus, the monitor worked okay but as per usual, it wouldn't BE that long. But my brother managed to 'spank its bottom'..which basically meant hitting it hard at the bottom of the monitor, to bring up the graphics when it went to the 'i dont feel like showing you anything' mode. Oh, and the second thing which I am doing? Blogging...aahh's so wonderful to blog once again and of all the things, I just HAD to talk about the current work changes which I so so so hate...*breathe rahayu breathe*. Anyhoo, while I could not command the strength in me to sit up straight at home and then having to finally resign my fate to sleeping on my well laid down mattress, I did start something else though at work: a diary.

Knowing my penchant for writing mere pages i…

Mash Up

This is a bit of a mash what they call it in the digital world (well, we're in the blogosphere anyway) because this entry is gonna be a combination of different things that I have been wanting to say right before I fell ill with fever and yadah yadah. First of all, I wanna say congratulations to, Suhaimi Yusof, a local celebrity who use to weigh around 126kg and who now managed to lose 17kg in three months through natural means! 'Natural' as in....through proper diet and exercise. This is the kind of determination the Malay population needs to adopt so that we can together bring down the statistics for the dubious honour of being the 'most overweight race'. I am a fan of his show because i know the agony and the struggles he went through and I must say, even until now I do struggle a bit but actually, it is all in our head. In other words, this is not about achieving the ideal physical attributes but also to increase our mental alertness by putting our bra…

Darn Flu

Okay, I don't have much time to blog on this space but once again, I wanna say my thanks again to God because of one thing: He helped my family again. Just as I thought that I would have to relive back the previous month where I was suffering from post fasting and Hari Raya months where I had to scrimp on money after festive spending, I received some financial help again. Okay, that money is my dad's but he had given the green light to use the money for his medical expenses. However, since that has already been covered by his relatives who were kind enough to offer help (I don't know the exact amount but I roughly know how much..), so basically the money that was put through his old savings account could be used for daily expenses instead. And to me, it is more than enough to cover us for the next two weeks before my pay. Right before that, exactly a day before the transfer, apparently my tabulated calculations as to how much to spend each week had been 'disturbed'…

Under The Weather

Im still in the midst of recovering..yesterday, suffering from the almighty flu bug and fever. today a bit better but my nose is as clogged up as a toilet stuffed with rolls of tissue paper. I could have just taken an mc but of all the days to meet my two ex colleagues, it had to be tomorrow so die die I had to rest as much as I can the past two days so that I could recover on time for today. I just realised I had lost almost 1 kg of weight..phew! But after today's dinner, I can say goodbye to that 1 kg weight loss. Still, rahayu is not going to give in! Anyway, happy SERIOUSLY cutting down on food intake the next few days plus one week! Darn it..

Here's some photos of the gathering held today. The one in black and the one lonely guy..yup, they are my ex colleagues. I tell matter how much busy they are at their current workplace, at least they are not treated like we're in a communist state in our department.

In case you're a dodo head, Im the one in orange weari…

Arty Farty Me

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to seoul garden again! woohoo! It's bustin' the diet time! wait..before you think im becoming like the next Nicole Richie, narh....Im just happy if I can lose the darn 3 kg. But it's okay for that day I guess even though I am running on a tight budget until tentatively next month coz you know..rahayu got to play the role of a breadwinner here! However, my dad has been taking care of my family's lunch but you know, my family is never full.

So yup, I mean girls should have a bit of fun shouldn't we? Besides, prior to this I have already planned my lunch menu for the week under a tight budget and under a tight tush..if I sit on the menu accidentally. Anyway, even if there is no such thing as the Seoul Garden (of which I will say...'NooOOooOOooo!!!!!...') and my fren didn't plan the great eat out any garden restaurant for that matter, Im still rather strict when it comes to financial planning and diet planning. Im …

Busy Girl

I never had any issue with my nose before or I dont think I will in the near future too..hehe. But my mum has an issue with it for the longest time! And her comments nowadays are like..'the face pretty..but pity the nose is big'..or 'you are actually's only your nose is big'...what the hell...Do I seriously have a big nose?

I don't know..even it is, maybe Im in such a big denial or I simply dont care. I know people are so ga ga over their nose as it somehow give them a better face profile. Look, I don't long as it doesn't block my entire face.

Actually, I want to give my big shout out to this man who sent me an email who just got to say that my blog is interesting. He didn't say which aspect of it is interesting but nevertheless, I seriously thank u for ur kind comments and actually bothering to email me just to say that.

I wish I can type more coz I do have stuffs to write about like my new written diary, my hobby, my adventure at t…

But Why?

Actually, Im supposed to write about what happened yesterday but I think I just want to write about something that is pretty disturbing to me. Like how some women continue to be tied down emotionally by low lifers whose ambition in life is to bring down the women who are doing very well on their own. Im talking about the women professionals who are making a name for themselves and whose income power is above average. But unfortunately, what saddens me is that how willing they are to lower down their standards and would rather face their husband's cold heartedness towards them just so that they can continue to be loved or that their children has someone to call as their father. But why?

I know I have never been in their position and it will be too easy for an outsider to simply tell such women to get out of their shaky marriage. If it is not physical abuse, it is emotional abuse and to me, both are just as bad. Everyone deserves a second chance and as hard as it is to forgive someon…


Im a little bit wrecked right now..okay, truth be told, for the past few days. I don't know..maybe there's a little bit of hormonal imbalance or just that I was caught in the rain few days ago. Practically drenched wet. Yes, silly rahayu didn't THINK that it was going to rain even though all the signs were right infront of my face, including the ominous black clouds floating over. Oh, rahayu thought that she could make it back on time before it rained. Well, lo and behold..since when this rahayu becomes a weather predictor?

Right, Im not feeling too good. I cant say that Im gonna fall s......coz, really..I WILL fall s......The last thing I want is to go to a doctor. Seriously. I think Im the only one who doesn't see the MC as a way to escape from going to work. I'd rather go to work than take an MC unless Im dying and close to the light. Main reason being I would hate to waste my money on the doctor no matter how handsome he is...maybe not so much now already coz he…


Okay, so I told you that sometimes people may just like look at me thinking that I am NOT aware they're looking at me while I'll be putting on my thought of ' there something with my blouse..etc..' I know it's just a habit of guys to look at girls irregardless of whether they are pretty or bland..which yours truly actually fall in the latter category coz Im just not one of them girls who actually bother to dress up like some fashionista. For me, if I dont look 'out there'...extra fat..or extra goofy..well, good enuf! Of course hair check is critical too. I don't wear make up to work or outside except on some occasions and if I do wear foundation, it's just for my chin on top of my concealer coz I've got bad case of acne over there. Well, ex acne. It's the favourite 'hot spot' for pimples..darn it..

So, yup..this is a picture of me taken when Im inside the bus...alone on the second deck and it was raining. It…

Thank U God

Okay, so after massive blogging session for the last two days, I think I am gonna take a short break. But before that, I wanna say a thank you to my relatives, to be precise my aunt and her daughter, for giving my dad a sum of money to help support his medical expenses and also household expenses. At first, I was relieved that his appointment which I felt bad for postponing to a later date..which turned to be much much later due to a full booking...had been brought forward. I mean, I could always make use of my leave but to see him in a week after the test results were not so good, I couldn't bring myself to make him see so early. Besides, I saved just enough for payments on that particular day only including his medicine. So I was scratching my head as to how else am I gonna pay for his oncoming appointment which came too soon. It took me days to figure out and plan the finances to see if I could include expenses for that day after including other things to be paid by end of the …

Jason Live

This is the EXACT reason why Im a huge fan of Jason Mraz...

jason live

oh, and there's the part where someone shouted 'you're beautiful!' and his quick reply was something like 'that's not gonna happen..'...hahaha..wonderful.

Just a Thought

So blogger has a new interface which is much easier to deal with than the previous interface or the one that Im still using. I had the opportunity to use that when I tried to help my friend to adjust her layout a bit and I must say, it is way easier and even non tech geeks can do it without squinting their eyes like mine. I mean, squint as in to read the lines of codes. But im not switching yet coz I dunno...I am not entirely thrilled by it. I mean, definitely in the future I will switch but seeing it much easier to deal with, I kinda am sceptical about it coz of the lack of challenge. Like how Im not really that thrilled to use web design softwares designed, of course, to make our life easier to create and maintain our website. Yes, I do learnt how to use them but basically coz I jz needed them to create the codes for me after which I would have to tweak it according to my personal taste. Yes, that's it. Creating a website from scratch or even a layout gives u thrill like no othe…

Hari Raya Gatherings again

Created a record for writing three entries in one go. But, sometimes Im too free lah. Anyway, last Friday my close colleagues and I went on this Hari Raya rampage..I meant..visiting to one another's house and frankly, by the second house, Im quite pooped already. Not coz of the visiting..but from all the walking! Let's just put 'no feeder bus rides' and 'rahayu is seriously wearing high heels' get one messed up girl who looked all feminine in her baju kurung and inside her head, she was tortured by the sheer volume of walking. Yes, in super high heels and on wet slippery pavements coz it was raining before that. I have no problems with walking but definitely when I am not wearing this people! Oh, and by the way..'What less than ten minutes of walk?!'

Haiz...but still, it was fun. I had to wear this really lovely blue kebaya which is two three sizes bigger than me coz it was from last year. I am not going to harp on how big I used to be but…

Cool Blog

Just to let you know..I DO read people's blogs and the ones that I like, are the ones who are not too full of themselves. But somehow rather, their blog is personal like they really talk about the things going on in their lives that when you read it, you don't see the person as being pretentious..but rather, open and real.

Now, there is this blog which I think you all should add to your list of links (which by the way, I realised I don't have one). She writes in good English and is candid about her personal life without choking the readers over how gorgeous she is. The fact is, she is pretty but instead of telling us about that, she was choking over how some guys are just so bleurgh in their attitude towards girls like her. Seriously gal, I think I would agree with you that some are a waste of time. By the way guys, she is married already so go wank yourself. Or at least beat urself for that for being late.




hehe..yes, I know, yesterday's entry was a little bit carried away but I can be entitled to dream, can't i? As in, dream on rahayu! Talking about dreams ah, there was one night very recently I had this fantastic 'search for rahayu's groom' theme of a dream..heh..kinda rhymes there. I had this 'mum' who was trying to hook me up with one of her friend's sons and I had not seen this son of hers yet but then ah, the name..bloody familiar. Oh, my real mum has a friend who has a nephew of that name and she has been always trying to hook me up with him since like forever. I mean, that boy grew up to be a fine young man, handsome to boot and has a pleasing too coz he went to poly but narh, I think he is better off with some pretty young thing. Anyway, back to my dream. So we went through this series of guys and I tell ya, I think it was pure torture just going through that dream at first coz before hooking up with the real deal, I had to g…

New Guy


sawadikap!!! yes rahayu is slowly getting back in order..and is it just me or the fonts looked somewhat different as Im typing..heh..somewhat relaxing..hehe..Hey, by the way..I think I got a cool blog. Don't look at me but I think many people write great stuffs like they are always in the know about stuffs and they write intelligently voicing out their opinions and when I read them, they made sense. You give people a platform to speak and you realise that many young people are in the know..and you think we're just wasting our time.

But this whole week I have been reading blogs by some people (I don't usually do that..heh) and it kinda got on my nerves at times. They are just so full of themselves and yes I know that this is their blog and they can do watever shit they want..write whatever shit they want...and even I write about how intelligent and gorgeous I am. That is IF I am intelligent and gorgeous.

Still, you know what? But if there is one micro thing that we c…

Fried Chicken Rice

Okay, so I have been writing rather frequently nowadays coz I have no place to turn to and complain about how my life has been on the downward spiral recently. However, I have done a lot of self discoveries that somehow I feel a lot more 'humblefied'..if there's such a word. I did mention about how now I don't take the lazy way out of doing things, including taking multiple public transport when I can just take one damn bus. All because I didn't want to walk for the five pathetic minutes. Yes, Rahayu is self pampered. Or WAS self pampered. I know all these are God's own doing to make me wake up to reality and stop being so freaking lazy. I try to rise to the challenge and like what I said, I do learn a lot of things. There was one point in time where I didn't believe God existed and I was going through a very rough patch in life back in pre school. I think all the rock or metal music had drilled some negativities in my head that I didn't believe in anyo…


I actually have prepared a blog entry that is depressing in my pda but I hate to write about depressing stuffs all the time but heck man..I am bloody well going through such tough times. But one thing I want to highlight though is how sometimes things can get a bit manageable like i know I felt bad talking like that about my mum. Then today, she didn't actually ask to get for my brother food from McDonald's or Long John Silver but only need to replenish the box of hash browns that cost less than 3 bucks. Im fast food. Then, she did ask to get Old Chang Kee's nuggets which costs around 2 plus if I get two sticks but I gave the alternative of why not I get for him waffles instead. Anyway it's cheaper plus one is enough..hee..surprisingly my mum agreed and she said that yah, he ate that already yesterday and eating too much of it is not good also. Im just happy I don't have to get him any fast food and the groceries plus the waffle only costs around ten…

Childish Mum

You know what? I realised something...when Im depressed, I binge. Im not the sort who takes on a tub of ice cream and then eat like it's the only food that can relieve me of my 'pain'. Last Friday, my mum got on my nerves coz she was behaving like a child who couldn't get what she wanted. I bought the fish and chips from KFC and it was shared among my brother, me and my mum. I ate a bit coz they were obviously more hungry. But being a growing boy, of course my brother would eat a tad bit more and we always have to remind him to leave some behind for people to eat or at least for my mum. Otherwise, help yourself to the crumbs. Then my mum would take her own sweet time before she eats and then when it was almost finishing, thanks to you know who...she would sulk and not be happy about the remnants of the food. I told her to eat before he tried to gobble up everything but no...must go to the son first and then she can eat the balance. But if she is so hungry, she can just…