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Scrapbooking Loot from Moving Out Sales

Yesterday I queued up for an AH-MA-ZING one hour and a half (actually no mean feat coz I've lined up that long for a charles and keith warehouse sales before..heh) just to enjoy the 50% and 30% discounts on papercraft materials from Made with Love. I've got myself a project after I've finally mustered the courage to ask the vice principal of my school that I volunteer to make cards for her to give to the teachers for their birthdays. She says can because she spent 'thousands' of dollars on it. Thousands? Will I earn that much too? Heh. I'm doing it out of publicity.

Speaking of which, I forgot to bring home the camera from school which I'm supposed to use to take photos of my card. Le sigh. No matter what I will still officially start my shop on 1st May. Yay!!

So while I'm not one of those hardcore paper crafters, and not really good at it, I believe I am still in a good position to just believe in my designs. Sounds like some tagline of an inspiration po…

Driven by Desperateness

Few days ago, I read an article about how a pastamania outlet manager was jailed for a week for pocketing the money from sales that were either unrecorded or deleted from records. I believe he probably had a sob story that gave him a mere one week's jail term for theft and I'm not being sarcastic here regarding his story. 

He did it to support his family. It's not like other news I hear about people who embezzle huge amounts of money to supplement their so called luxurious lifestyle or are just greedy even though they are earning a lot already.

I could understand where he is coming from. An incident also happened recently where a public transport staff was being dishonest when a student gave him a wallet he 'found' that contains a stash of money close to a $1000.

Now I don't condone thefts. I still think what they have done is wrong. If they are in need of financial assistance, there are a number of organizations that can help them. I just felt I knew what they ar…

Basic Cardmaking 101 Part One

Paper crafts such as scrapbooking, cardmaking and even making own photo albums is catching on in terms of popularity because they're so beautiful once done even if you have the least amount of creativity. There are a lot of embellishments that can help make a card looks beautiful and well made. Best of all, yes it is also handmade.

For me, I like cardmaking and used to do them since secondary school but stopped for a long while and occasionally scrapbooking usually for special occasions. I used to do what I call as photo montages just to add some zest to the photos especially for friends on birthdays for example as a little handmade memento for them. Last time, there were very few places that offer cardmaking supplies. Now there are quite a lot although honestly they can be pretty pricey :( so it's best to join their facebook or twitter so you will know when they will throw some discounts for their older stocks to make way for new stocks. At least can save some munneh, you kno…

Free Make up from a Colleague :)

So blessed! At one point I was almost beating myself up (not physically of course) on why I just had to settle for the Bobbi Brown's beauty rules make up palette when OMG, I'm knee high in debt. I could have just settled for the lipstick.

But you know what? I got them all...for free! A total value of $35. You tell me, do people give away brand new make up for free just like that?! 

Simply wow. She kept insisting that I don't have to pay for it. I don't believe such kindhearted people exist. Simply can't. Even though I can't really stand some of the boys at my workplace which is also a school by the way, I am happy that I am working along side such kindhearted colleagues. Truly appreciative of it :)

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, she got for me the Bobbi Brown's beauty rules makeup palette which is for beginners but I think it should be all good for non pro peeps like us. Like hello, it's Bobbi Brown. It also contains the popular rouge pots aka l…

My Little Card Shop - New Online Venture!

 So egg-citing!

I have finally set up both facebook page and blog for my new online venture: selling handmade cards and in future, my own line of handmade accessories :)

I won't say they are over the top or top notch production even. Simple, yet meaningful. Of course in future I hope to build up on this foundation so that it will progress further and will also improve on my designs. Just like any other business online or otherwise.

Please visit the facebook fanpage! And let your friends know about it as well. Currently available in Singapore only as I have yet to test the market for overseas. 

Facebook Fan Page My Little Card Shop

However, you can visit the blog which can be viewed internationally or if you don't have a facebook account. If you are from overseas and still wish to order, you can still drop me an email available on the blog and I will reply to you.

I have only managed to put up the birthday cards. Within these few days, will work on posting up the other cards.

My Littl…

New April Header with Longer Hair

By the way, if you have been reading my blog, I have updated the header. I took a picture of myself in my longer glorious hair..heh...fine, it is more like unkempt..with the web cam.

Fine, there was a touch of photoshop but merely on enhancing the picture because it was initially quite dark. No touch ups on the face and hair. It's as real as me having no boyfriend.

 Not a hot babe..or a babe move along guys, haha.

follow me at

When A Hero Could Save Me

And they say that a hero can save us..I'm not going to stand here and wait..

Sometimes I don't know what I am doing. Really I don't. How I wish life will be a little bit less complicated for me. While it is already completed, I just have to take one notch up by making it a little bit more...complicated. As often the expression of my other friend *slaps forehead*

But then in life, you make mistakes...and you learn from them..and just move on.

Hence, I need a SUPER HERO.

Someone to tell me that hey, you have to learn to stand up and just look at life in the eye and say, no more of you giving me stupid nonsense like this. Give me the strength to carry on with life in dignity and in strong spirit. 

I just want my very own..

But then again, who needs a superhero when you can find the strength within yourself, rise above the obstacles and take charge of yourself. Yes I know it is easier said than done and countless of times, I find myself at the bottom of a pit hole struggling to find…

Life 101: Don't Bring on the Hate

You are stronger than you think. When faced with adversities, we can easily think it's the end of the world. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions but its really sad when they use their negativeness to influence other people and bring on the hatred towards people who meant no harm to them.

Everywhere you go, there is bound to be discrimination. Basically if you don't fit into their idealistic world, you will seem to be like an outsider. For me, I've gone through a lot when I was younger so I know what it is like to be an outsider. That is why I don't quickly form my own judgments being always judged wrongly and then not given the opportunity to show them who I really am. 

Even then, I used to be one of those people who tend to stereotype others because everyone seems to think that way and to think otherwise will seem strange and...different. I am easily influenced by what others think and is quick to agree with them.

But as I grew older, I learn that not everythin…

Sweet Flowers

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Charming or Cocky?

I know this is going to sound a little bit silly but a guy who is too 'cocky'..which basically means too now don't get the wrong idea...or a guy who is just too smooth with his words and trying to razzle dazzle you with sweet words, they don't impress me.

I also know that well, generally when guys want to woo girls they put on their best charms. But when they start to act differently when around you especially after they know they have managed to capture your undivided attention, that's when I find it irritating especially when they have moved on to the next target.

These kind of guys will end up loners because they actually become unhappy inside as they just don't know what they want in a girl. Sure they want attention and they want some sort of ego boost to convince themselves that they are capable of charming girls. But at the end of the day, as they move on from one girl to another, who has truly captured his heart? Most girls are just too …

The Long & Short of It

I have been contemplating on cutting my hair like I always do every year..okay fine, up to last year where I kinda grew sick of my long hair. It somehow get in the way especially when I feel that I just couldn't maintain it. I don't have that much moolah to go for treatment whatsoever and God forbid, me colouring my hair which means even MORE maintenance work..haha.

I just like to have a fresh look but then I will quickly realize that while I don't mind the convenience of having shorter hair, my face looks rounder with that length of hair. Then I quickly wish my hair will grow out quickly and while previously, it does, nowadays they take a loooong time to grow to a favourable length. I think my hormones are slowly depleting due to older age now.

Anyway, I guess somehow longer hair looks better for me but oh, the frustration of maintaining it! Why can't my hair be as well behaved as a majority of girls. So freakin frizzy although it will get tamed just a tiny bit when I w…

Loves Knows No Boundaries

I thought I would do a quick post before I retire to bed. I just watched a simple but very sweet marriage proposal between two unlikely people proving the notion that love knows no boundaries. I know they will probably get a lot of flak for it especially those who have nothing better to say than say cruel words but whatever it is, this is a couple who is truly in love. 

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about my idea of a marriage proposal. I wouldn't think that I am the marrying sort and it has nothing to do with how I look and how unsatisfied I am with it. I sincerely believe that if a person loves you, he or she should love you for who you are and not whether you are fab looking or has the most impressive personal background. Nobody is perfect and if the person is willing to accept you, flaws and all, love goes beyond race and everything else.

My friend though, thinks otherwise. She keeps insisting that I get married so that I have someone to take care of me and my family. While I…

Update on My Recent Life

Hey, I am back from the dead. I didn't go anywhere but it is just that...I didn't know what to write about. Meanwhile, I have also been making some cards, trying to be serious about launching this online business of mine. Later on, I will be making some accessories like earrings. 

Nothing much in my life, otherwise. I am trying to lead an honest life but truthfully, I haven't really been honest.When I was watching this crime show, I was so touched by the story of this karang guni man, or what you call as rags and bone man, someone who collects recyclable items like cardboard boxes, newspapers, old drink cans and etc and then sent it to someone who would then weigh and give them some money.

But it's not like some big business unless they collect those bigger items like used computers. Even then they will only get a very small meager income, barely enough to buy a plate of food for them. Like this old man, who toiled to collect these items and had to pay those people who g…