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Mum is Sick

Just a quick mum is currently in hospital :( She had been complaining of a pain in her tummy for quite a long time and recently the pain didn't go away like in previously, it would come and go. Then when she went to to the doctor with me, he noticed that she looked very pale, made her do a blood test and when the results came back, it showed that her blood count, namely her haemogoblin, was very low. It could be related to the pain in her tummy so the doctor arranged for the ambulance to come and fetch her and send to tan tock seng hospital immediately.

I've never liked hospitals anymore because I used to frequent it so much coz of my father's medical condition and now Im at it all over again. I just hope it's not that serious although last I heard yesterday from my mum, the doctor said she needs to go for operation because of the bleeding in her tummy. I really hope it's nothing as serious as cancer. We don't have insurance and my medisave is only so…

Dream a Dream

I have begun using my own savings coz I have used up my salary :S I so dread this day but it's such a monthly affair and Im just afraid my savings are going to be depleted soon. Anyway, I just have to be strong and face the challenge head on. No one says life is easy. Things will get better as long as I am confident it will. Meanwhile, I will do what I can to at least maintain my savings so that I will still be able to use it in the future. 

Oh, yesterday I watched the show Inception which starred Leonardo Di Caprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Page. I have nothing but praises for the actors and the show in overall. It's definitely thought provoking although the whole explaining what's going on in our dreams was quite a bore coz basically Im not a technical person or rather Im more used to those movies with easy to understand storylines..haha. 

So our dreams have many layers and hence the concept, dream within a dream. It wasn't a sleeper movie..heh..geddit...coz there…

All Guessed Up

Im in search of a perfect bag. Well, I actually found it already but then I often chicken out when I was about to buy it. Actually, Im pretty fussy coz I want it to be money well spent. I don't want to end up with a collection of bags that only collect dust or I grow tired of easily.

I know that if I buy it, people will think that Im oh, trying to be a 'Minah' or a typical Malay girl trying to be chic just like a typical hollywood girl. Im talking about the ultimate Guess bag. I just like the design and structure and at 100 plus, it's  pretty affordable compared to the..oh what say u..LV, Gucci or Coach. But like I've said, I will always chicken out whenever I have the money like thinking, hrm..I got better things to buy although I will end up buying the wallet instead coz it was cheaper (and heavily discounted) and I use it to death and is always proud of it.

But this year, no more! I shall..get myself a sturdy Guess bag and I am willing to pay the *gulp* price and …

Unpleasant Encounter

Wah, some things should just be left unsaid. Yesterday had the most unpleasant encounter at my work place with a contractor who was verbally abusing me because I was not happy with him when he forced me to sign on the letter. And then he had the cheek to keep pointing at me and accusing me of being rude and he was not rude. What a joker. Yes I admit that I got worked up a bit but in no way was I throwing words at him like he did. Anyway he did more than he shouldn't do like grabbing our school stamp and refused to listen to instructions as if treating this place like he blnged her. Never had I been so insulted in such manner but I was at least happy to know there were people who backed me up and complained to the company as well as even quarreled with the contractor when he was being defiant. He accused us of not helping and throwing around like a ball. But that's not true. We did help him call the manager, showed him where the phone line box was and accompanied him to the tel…

1000th Post!

Unbelievable! I actually just reached my 1000th post in blogger! *clap* *clap* *clap* I started blogging here since 2005 and oh my..that's like 5 yrs already..woohoo!! Thank you to those who read my blog because you are willing to put up with incoherent ramblings. Over the years my blogging style change but what never change is that I write here as an outlet because life for me isn't a bed of roses. Plus it's faster than writing in a diary. 

So to all those readers, new..old..non existing ones, thank you for your support! If you have learnt one thing or two about me, well..I can only say that not all are true! haha..okay, Im delusional as well. 

Once again, Im happy and thanks again! I will not stop my rambles writings as long as Im still here and have internet connection.

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Big Walk 2010

I actually skipped gym for the first time this year and only because.......I had to go big walk! So fun, though I tot the route was pretty short. Anyway, I was not able to go to the starting point because apparently the entry there was blocked by masses of people where most of them were actually queuing up to get their goody bag. There weren't exactly people who actually guided us big walkers to the meet up venue too and I think I ended up walking a rather big round. 

But it was okay. I might not have started from the starting point where I would have actually walked on the F1 route but at least I managed to start walking from the helix bridge. I heard from someone on facebook that I was lucky enough to get my way there on the bridge because she got stuck with the masses of people and were not able to move through. In fact, she had to take a bus to one point of the route instead.

I had to tackle the route myself though it was pretty easy as just the day before I went on the same rou…

Marina Bay Sands Carnival

Wow, we are really expanding those former 'ulu' or isolated places to make them more accessible for the public for recreational and leisure activities. Basically, we have more places to have our gatherings..ha! I just think they should work on the public transport a bit like have more buses plying those routes :S

Anyway, my brother and I..yes, we of the Incredible Duo, went on a trail to the Carnival. I said trail because it was a rather long darn walk because of the bus diversion routes as there were two rehearsals going on. One for NDP and the other for the YOG. We love acronyms. 

But going with my brother, we couldn't get lost easily like the others where many familiar bus routes had either closed or diverted and I had no idea how the heck he knew where he was going even though he isn't that well traveled. I have lived in Singapore fourteen years before him and I still get lost among the 'chamber' routes in Orchard Road.

We were pretty lousy at the carnival wh…

Universal Studios Outing

Ok, I shan't be too upset about my hard earned money gone with the wind. I shall talk happy stuffs like how my ever so knowledgeable about the going on in boring ol' Singapore. I've no idea how he got the info that Friday to Saturday, the entry fee for the Universal Studios Singapore from 7pm to 10pm is only $5. Then next I have no idea too how he knew Marina Bay has a carnival. I practically live under a rock. Anyway, I had fun with that teenager. See, it's not always bad having a teenage brother..coz it makes me younger..heh.

Btw, I love the retro car and I love the food at the Mel's drive in especially the Chili. 

Go on and check it out. I think it's great for phototaking and family or friends gathering. Nicey nicey..

Universal Studios Singapore

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Have Some Faith

It's kinda hard to blog when my brother has been on the computer for a rather long time and yesterday, he claimed that he was playing for a longer time than usual coz it was Friday. Well guess what? It's the same for the previous days as well! am I coping after the last blog post where I complained about having to pay $550 to the town council? Im still trying to come to terms with it and at times, I do regret that I am not doing a good job in terms of using my money wisely try as I might but then, you can't go on in life without paying a single cent for things. Im not earning much either so it's rather impossible for me to earn back what I have spent. 

Then, this week, I don't know if it's a conspiracy or something but many things in my house ran out :S so I have to spend quite a lot on groceries and household items. Hopefully, things will get a bit better in terms of my household expenditures.

But life is not always unfair. Early this week, I FINALLY g…

Big Hurdle Crossed

I have finally paid town council the outstanding amount just so that I can get them to sign the stupid letter pertaining to the transfer of ownership. It's not a small amount..but rather, an amount that could get me a decent netbook. Oh well, at least I settled it and now I just have to tighten my belt even harder. 

Oh yes, I got my mid year bonus already which explained why I could afford to pay them. But it wasn't after painful calculation and heartache from separation with the money that I can go merry-go-round with. But bottom line is that, once the transfer of ownership is done, they can take my cpf money away to pay for the housing instalments for all I care. I just want a roof over my family's head.

But I thought that well, even after paying them and other miscellaneous bills, at the very least, I managed to repay myself back the amount that I spent using my emergency savings, have some cash in my savings pouch from my daily savings as well as some money for spending …

Satisfying Bread Pudding

I may not cook coz I think it's such a huge hassle but I don't mind baking. And I have proof! Like earlier on, I made bread pudding..yumm!! At first I was quite disheartened because it didn't really look good but it was my first attempt so I just let it go and improvise on it later on. 

But lo and behold, about half an hour later when it has semi cooled down, it looks so nice!! It has that nice layered look and spongy taste but too bad, I was quite full already to cut myself a big slice and eat it. I ate two small pieces before that when it just came out of the oven and I was quite disappointed that it was too soft. But then, my mum said we were too greedy coz we wanted to cut it and eat it immediately after it came out of the oven..haha.

My brother loves it! My first she said well, I could have added more of this, less of that blah blah..but then it was only when it cooled down and tasted better that she said, oh, it was nice and perfect. Yay!! 

See the pic..see the…

Gimme a Motivational Reward

Im currently aching from my shoulders. I thought I am used to the weight training but guess not. I suppose I was a bit overambitious and hence the aching. Anyway, currently on a tight mission to lose 3 kg because 'someone'..oklah, more like me, has not been successful last mth which is sad and I don't quite know what went wrong..hrm. It's ok, it's jz a number. I will work hard next time, no biggie....starting from later because my boss treated us out to some vegetarian food which thankfully didn't taste so bad. I also went for some team building event at a new school which was actually called EAS Day and there were dismal tasting finger food.

You know what, come to think of it, I think it was fated that I had to eat mostly vegetables and finger food that I couldn't even eat as coconut milk was one of the ingredients. How can it not be, they were Malay kuehs or snacks..pfft. I suppose it was fated that I had to eat the dismal food since I had put on 2 kg bu…

Ipod Mania

How time flies. It was somewhere towards end of May that we found out that we are getting our mid year bonus and then now it's like less than a week. But of course, as usual, I have to pay myself back some money since I have used them in advance. $200, mind you :S but whatever. At least Im contented that I have bought some new clothes. Im still chummed that I didn't manage to get the long sleeves purple top that was on discount from a whopping $39 earlier on. Still upset abt it coz I could afford but it's a matter of priority. Eventually I have to pay myself back the amount later on come payday and other things have to be put on hold and I don't want that coz don't forget, I still owe town council money *sigh*. I would rather have spare cash to tide me over difficult times in the future or rather until the end of the year when I get the year end bonus. I need to further discipline myself or I will be pawing the ground for money or my mother will paw me to pieces fo…

Food Critic

I dislike going out late at 11 plus to buy groceries but at times ive got no choice but to go coz my mum asked me too. Apparently my safety is not a concern to her. I know she thinks life is unpredictable but uhm...why go look for trouble. Ok fine, Im being all drama mama and it's not so freaking late and people are still up and about. But well, I get scared too. Grandmas can be molested, what more a twenty something girl like me, right?

Sigh, what to do. This is called living with a neurotic mum. Sometimes, though Im not asking for it, a little appreciation goes a long way. My brother and I endured a long bus journey, times two, to Lau pa sat, a popular food centre in the city area just to buy satay for her. It's basically scewered pieces of meat barebequed over hot flames. She kept complaining about the dismal taste and why my brother didn't buy the ones from serangoon garden coz they were a heck lot nicer.

See, my brother was tired after school followed by project where …