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Mental Exhaustion'hA-ChOOooOoO!!'..thats an actual sneeze. It's one of warning whatsoever sneezes that I had been having since yesterday ever since my 'little flu' (as stated in my previous entry) has graduated into runny mucus and my nose all clogged up.

There's some things that I wanted to blog about but was too tied up with teaching my bro just now and since he slept earlier and woke up around 9 plus. I had to endure my clogged up and dripping with flu nose while thinking through the maths questions which I was teaching him from a past exam paper. Sometimes I just think that I have no life or that the sacrifices or the mistakes that I have made are just too much to bear and I wish I could escape from them or pretend they all had never happened. But Im just human...and these kind of things are considered 'normal'. Of course I have learnt from them and has tried to change for the better by not going back to the past. S…

The Beauty In Ugly

nice video..promotional music clip for Ugly Betty. I LOVE YOU JASON!!


i just realised that my last entry was riddled with doses of me being half asleep and half trying my best trying to write a decent entry even though I can wait for the next day or night to do so. When I was reading..I went..'what the hell am I talking about.....' If you are like me and clueless about the sh*t that I was writing, join the club.

Okay in short, I was on the brink of getting sick and true enough, I could not sleep well because I was running on fever the whole night. I think that was how my brain got messed up a bit..

So I didnt develop a full fever and still managed to pull myself out of the bed though still rather groggy coz i know a cold shower would get my system least like 10% more. YOu can't term me as a workaholic coz my work doesn't rule me especially when I am back home. That will be in my brother's stupid homework. But being a calculative half moron, I somehow equate doctor=$$$ which is NOT the same as marry a doctor=g…

Ugly Betty

Cant wait to watch this show on TV!

the beauty in ugly

jz clink the link above to watch a video clip from the show.

Cat Story

Man! I love cats...especially the big overfed ones..heh heh..but my mum doesn't allow me to keep cats. But after a LooOOooong while, I come to understand why..besides her extreme hygiene habits that is. Maybe this is not her actual reason but what if one day, you have to absolutely let go of the cat because of some reasons that it is beyond control already such as peeing on the carpet a few times, destroying furniture or scratching the children. I just cannot imagine how the cat feels to be loved at one moment and then to lose the love at another in a completely different environment. They say cats can survive if you throw them anywhere as they can learn to fend for themselves but what if they have never been exposed to the outside environment and suddenly food is not brought to them...there is no comfy bed to one to be cosy and playful is a real cruel fate to them.

But we humans what do we know? Once we get over the cute factor or we think cats or any other ani…


I have decided to rewrite this entry. But even quick summaries over some of the things that happened or were said to me would seem long when put together.

In short, I just want to say that it has been a rough week. Im just baffled over some people's attitude. I could list down whatever they had done to me and then you tell me if their behaviour is justified. HOnestly, by so called dragging or just rambling non stop, I actually feel better because I get to say out whatever things that I keep inside. Seriously, if people are put off by it, I dont think they should read and that's fine coz my objective is not to find popularity in the blogosphere or attract any potential hunkies or sponsorship.

The week went well initially but in between, it started to go downhill. A toxic friend came back into my life and I didn't think that she would acknowledge me coz if I remember correctly, throughout the ten years that I lost touch with her, it was not the first time I met her outside by…

Muse live in Singapore [Starlight] it was Matthew who started the crowd clapping. Uhm..cant blame me..Like I said, I was near Chris lah! And can I say something..
I was there..I WAS THERE!!!! It's awesome..can never ever ever forget it! Didn't believe there were a LOT of MUSE fans because it felt like MUSE was unheard of compared to Hoobastank who held their concert two weeks later. And apparently, MUSE crowd was much more! YAY!

MUSE live in Singapore [knights of cydonia]

I could finally identify the song that was in the opening of their concert in Singapore..I can never forget that rhythm that got people all excited and me completely stoned by their presence. We are talking about hysterical people who waited for two damn long hours here! It's also the very song that got me pushed around by the f**kin latecomers!! Heh..apparently, the person who videocamed this also got pushed down..hehehe..and like me too, was near the musicians! Wahey! But im more to Chris side..the other guitarist.

Next up! most fav of all! Well, at least in the concert..

Happy Friendship Day


this could be an entry full of hate coz of something that happened this morning but I shall not comment about it right now. Im too tired to say anything thats awful and depressing. Well, just want to wish you a Happy Valentines' Day to all you sweet couple buggers!

by the way..if you notice, I havent been talking about my weight gain anymore. I dont want to cause any complains over how whiny I can get sometimes..hehe..the only thing I can say is that I managed to lose back all 5 kg..and err..not 3kg as stated before because that one was the initial gain. So Im back to my previous weight and if you think that I starve myself to death everyday, thats so wrong. It's always the stay active and control what you eat regime including hands off the snack-a-roos. Thats all. Oh, and stop whining and do something about it..haha..

that aside, do you believe that in karma such as what goes around, comes around? Though it sounds like one cruel twist of fate, maybe it does happen. To me…

Song Expressions

Everytime I need to use money, my heart aches. I don't have much to begin with and sometimes I can get so scared to spend that I won't dare make purchases for myself even though it may not be costly coz I will think of its repercussion later and how I may end up not having enough for the family. I do understand that I have to think about myself too that Im living not just for them. And what's the point of working if you dont get to spend your hard earned money on yourself too, right? That may be me talking in the past when I started working in the earlier years but doesnt seem applicable to me anymore. I do feel deprived at times but most of the time, somehow my mind has become so nullified that I dont find myself contemplating on whether I should get it or not as the answer is so clear..which is no..I may need to use the money for my family expenses later.

It is almost like having no life at all...seriously. The only thing that dont bug me is when I buy food for l…


I just dont understand how the power supply does their maths when come bill time such as how much to pay. I don't on the electricity 24 hours a day or use the bathroom every now and then. What gives?! YOu know what? This is a conspiracy. A TOTAL conspiracy to purposely charge us extra or around the same amount irregardless of whether we have cut down a lot on its usage. Why? Because we're dependent on water and electricity, that's why! You want your supplies to be 'endless'? Be prepared to pay more or any amount they throw at your face....bloody hell.....and they can have us fooled into thinking that they are helping us to save on utilities bills by cutting it down a bit. my ass...sure got cut down just a teeny bit but they also shockingly increased the overall utilities bill probably to make up for their 'loss'! Haiz........and then the next thing, they will ask their man to come down and do drastic thing to the supply and we'd be forced to …


'someone' just commented that I rambled too much on my blog..hrmph..yes, Im aware of it..just that I know no heads and tails to it and believe me, the last two entries I decided to cut short and there were a lot of teasing moments between 'backspace' and 'enter'. Anyway, Im gonna write like some prolific chic writer..haha...yet another impossibility. I shall try and let this be the first entry where I would not attempt to ramble..*smirks*...yeaahhh...right..

okay first and foremost, regarding the issue with my cluster's driver where I would say it right here and right now, I have no feelings whatsoever with him but it's just that I thought it was majorly weird for me to avoid him like some parasite. A GOOD LOOKING parasite I may say..that I wouldn't mind getting infected with. Eurgh...I make myself sick. Anyway, my ever trusty aunt snowy (no..not Tintin's similarity there..including the sex of the dog) said that I should keep quite a dist…

Office Politics much drama in the office. it's getting more and more unbearable that people are slowly taking off because one can only stand so much. even when i hear the kind of things these people were saying or do behind other people's back, i wonder if there is any humanity left in the office. because as you know, some people will do anything to step up the ladder or pretend that they know everything but are klutz themselves. let's call them the moronic wannabes. let's face it. you can never work in an environment where here we are working our butts off and never get complimented or if we do, it's like as if we dont deserve it. Then if we make mistakes, no matter how minute, they will not waste a single second to 'counsel'...the current buzzword at my office...Gawd, i feel like such a slave and they're simply getting too much with their sarcasm that doesnt have any bearing to it because it is as though our sincerity or honesty is getting mocked at just b…

Younger or Older Me

since im in the mood for blogging and i cant stay out of the room coz of my brother who panics easily when he is alone...and I finished reading all the episode guides for im left with some things that I feel like typing. i check my friendster account everyday and not obssessed over it unlike my other ex colleagues who have this strange obssession with this social networking thingey that everyday they surely have some things posted up. yesterday I put an old photo of me with some of my other colleagues as the primary photo because I just feel like doing that and who cares if im not gonna get any viewership after that. but i must agree that friendster...if used wisely and not as some personal shrine for your would-be is rather useful especially when you're out looking for old pals from school or your old working places. I myself am surprised at times when there are people who stumbled upon my friendster and they used to know me at some point …

Mutton HTML guide

yo mutton!

you meant this is it?

i am not mariah

or this!

but i am so drop dead gorgeous


for line through...

rahayu is the most popular girl in the world and i want to 'span' the word popular

span style="TEXT-DECORATION: line-through" and put that bold phrase in between the brackets like this <sp>

followed by the word popular

and to close off the span style just put the word /spanplaced in between another set of brackets like so </sp..>

for example...

rahayu is the most <sp.....>popular</sp..>girl in the world.

for underline one will be...

rahayu is currently dating Jensen Ackles of the drama Supernatural fame.

instead of line-through, replace it with underline.
you don't have to put text-decoration in caps but in small caps also can and blogger will adjust accordingly. but remember your opening span and closing span brackets!there you go! $2 pls..

Shy Guy

gee...i sound like im advertising my single status on friendster. good thing the views dont come in drones. word for guys looking to 'fish' for some girls who are parading themselves on so not the one for you. why? coz im a bloody shy moron. while other girls would suddenly perk up and lose their inhibitions as if trying to impress when infront of good looking guys who are talking to them jz like any female buddies of them, I...gain this incredible sense of shyness. That is also known as 'gibberish talker'....'I want to find the nearest hole to hide in'.....or....'Im not being myself...infact....Im being a clown'. Yup, my friend Az or MARIAH (haha..sorrie..I just love calling you that..) had complained about that before like how I seriously need to loosen up a bit and man..I did try...but suddenly my body is 'possessed' by this invisible entity like in the show supernatural (hi jensen!).

the unfortunate thing is that my own co…

Winchester Brothers

Yup...presenting the brothers from Supernatural. Sam and Dean Winchester. Which is which? If you think the taller one is Dean who is the older brother you're so wrong.

Dean Winchester is the short stout one and Sam..the younger the lean heartthrob looking one. I can't imagine the actors swopping roles because Dean who is played by Jensen Ackles obviously looks tougher than Sam of which the actor is played by Jared Padalecki or something like that surname coz obviously, you know who is Rahayu's favourite. The short and buff looking one with those oh so gorgeous biceps peeping from under his short sleeves lah! if you don't know my type.

Everytime I look at the screen caps of the episodes while trying to get in the mood to start watching the show for real than just read on the net, I kinda chuckle at times seeing how dean had to look up to Sam to talk or how Dean stood like a head shorter than Sam. But can't blame Dean or in real life..Jensen. Bec…


Wow...I haven't been writing for the past...three days. And that, to me is a very long period of time..hehe. I am still here..still suffering from eye strain as a result of excessively long periods of time of staring into the computer..reading. Yes, while other people are contented with playing games and surfing for information, me..rahayupopz..enjoys reading novels on the net. Riiighhhttt...........I have been reading for three and a half straight days the episode guides for the tv drama Supernatural. So while our fellow Singaporeans and especially the ladies who have been going ga-ga over the STAR of the show from Prison Break and then watching the climatic two part finale, I don't even know what day the show is on. Im contented with CSI:Miami for the past few years. I mean...geez...these people have only caught on the tv bug recently only by word of mouth when they hear these shows are good and I understand if they just gotta watch episode after episode because each one wil…