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Celebrating My Birthday in 2013 - Part One

This is going to be a 3 part series..or maybe 4, ha..who knows. So it's the dawn of realization that I'm no longer getting younger but older. This is fine by me but I hate the thought that I won't be looking as youthful as I did before. But then again, back when I was in my twenties, people thought I was in my LATE twenties which of course made me work extra hard to do something about my weight and personal appearance. When you look frumpy, people have the tendency to add years to your age.

To be honest, I have not received any presents yet but my two good friends, who plan my birthday every year (Thank You!) have planned something for me this Saturday. This involves...get this..KARAOKE! It is one of my favourite activities! Too bad it can't be enjoyed all the time but singing isn't my passion so I probably be bored to death if I keep on singing.

Moving on...

My colleagues celebrated my birthday early with a birthday cake! It was during the September holidays where th…

Good Money Management..and How Bad Do You Want It?

When I see how people spend their money, it will come across my mind thinking how can they afford it. I myself struggle at times.  If they have plenty of money and they have money streaming in, even when they're asleep or when they're holding a job that gives them a good income where they don't have to live on paycheck to paycheck, I don't care how they spend their money. But if they find themselves struggling after their whirlwind shopping spree, I feel like there is a need for them to learn to manage their money well.

I do think that whether you earn a lot or very little, we all should know how to manage the money. Why? The economy, whether you like it or not, is not very stable nowadays. A lot of people spend their money recklessly like they're simply living their lives as of that moment only and not for tomorrow. I feel that kids should be taught how to manage their money and expenses well very early in life.

For me, ever since the prices have increased and I fin…

Amazing People Do Exist

Sometimes I feel like we live in a world where hatred towards other people different from us or hatred towards people who do not have the same beliefs as us getting more and more out of hand. There's also hatred towards other people who are more successful than you. By the way, my advice for the last group of people, instead of venting your frustrations towards successful people who have made their way to where they are now on sheer hard work, to get a life. Do something meaningful instead of being a hater.

I'm not surprised that for other people, even among the people you consider as your friends, or close colleagues, they can get jealous of your success or your up and coming achievements. If this motivate them to work even harder, then that's good. Otherwise they are just wasting their time being all jealous.  

If you live in a fast paced nation, where people can get pushy, rude and self absorbed, there are times you may think that the world is practically doomed because o…

Kite Festival Night

So, we visited the Kite Festival on Sunday night, about an hour before its official ending. That was funny. We actually wanted to go much earlier, probably around 5pm but let's just say there were...distractions. But hey, I skipped gym so that I can fit everything in the schedule. Skipping gym is no excuse unless I'm sick or fasting. 

There were very few kites flying and since it's so dark, totally no point taking. However we did enjoy the performances dotted around the Marina Bay area. Well, somewhat. Just as we were about to like stand around and watch, the performances would either stop abruptly or just ended..ha. Fine, it was my fault for causing the delay! I had to run errands and orders to fulfill in the morning.

Anyway, whenever they were free performances, we would be there. At least attempt to, provided there is easy access to transport because we're lazy public commuters like that. Just like the previous post on the Singapore Night Festival 2013. 

The only we ge…

Night Festival 2013..and 1D?!

Two weeks ago, we went to this yearly event which is the Singapore Night Festival 2013. We only went for one night but I heard that if you go on other nights, you can see other performances or attractions. But it's okay. We can just settle with one night.

There was the 3D projection mapping on the exterior of both the Art Museum and National Museum. Too bad we can't go near the National Museum because it was super crowded as there was a fire eating performance going on at the same time too. So we settled for an outdoor concert..for like 5 minutes before we move on..LOL.

The performance was energetic though. Could tell they truly enjoying performing and there were some people dancing to the music too. I can't even sway because my body is so stiff.

It was quite a long walk because the festival for this year stretched all the way to the Raffles City shopping mall where there was this big screen like the magnetic board which we used to scribble on when we were younger. Somehow th…

Prayers Answered...and Sleeping Hours Deprived

For the last few weeks, I have been praying hard that I will get sales because I want to have money until the time I get my pay. I don't want to be completely broke. Then my prayers are answered when I kept getting orders for Teachers' Day and despite them being pretty last minute, I persevered and even getting on little sleep while working throughout the night right until I have to work. 

However, I still need to try to maintain a healthy cash flow which I admit I'm struggling with. When I had certain amount of money, I had to use some of it to buy the materials for my next order while the rest goes into spending on the family like buying daily necessities and food. I still need to work on getting some savings. This will be pretty much settled though when I receive the money from my last order because apparently she had forgotten about. I just hope that she didn't think that she had paid me :s because that will be such a scary thought. If fingers crossed, she pays me, …