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Does Karma Bite Back? Plus A Financial Plea

Sometimes I wonder if karma truly bites back. People say that God won't test you more than you can bear but sometimes it's really unbearable and I don't know if it is because of things that we do that make it twice as hard to cope. Like does this money woes stem from my dishonesty? I've been living an honest life but there are certain times I feel like I have cheated on my good records. Then I felt if you realize your mistakes, things will get easier and even better for you. I don't wish to elaborate much on what I've done that makes me think if this is karma. Maybe I'm just thinking too hard and that I know not everyone has an easy life especially in terms of finance.

As selfish as this may sound, at times you DO have to think about your own priorities. After all, you have to keep a look out for yourself first, learn to manage your own self before you can dish out advice to others or help others. My life is a mess and I do hope that there is this one fine d…

Night Festival 2012

I thought I should do two posts before I retire to bed..or rather, I take a quick rest on my bed. 

Last Friday I went to the Night Festival and it was pretty awesome although I think we spent most of our times in the art museum which honestly leaves me half baffled..haha. It was funny though seeing one part of the exhibition using the stop motion with clay figures and it was about a couple who was caught by the police in bed. Oh, the best bit was when an actual couple with twin boys viewed the shorts on a small tv screen and then la la la, like nothing got to the bed scene with the female clay figurine with boobs. And er..the man leaning on to her boobs and u know what happens next. Don't pretend to be all PG 13. The real life couple's reactions? Okay boys, time to divert your attention! It was quite funny especially when one of the twins kinda refused to leave until the father had to physically turn him around.

Now that exhibit came without warning compared to some o…

Long Story Short - Hair News

I've had long hair recently and though I've enjoyed the look, I get tired of long hair pretty easily because my hair can never be as nice as others. I don't subject it to regular salon treatment to get it to look nice and shiny. Plus they are often misbehavin' so yah,  it's often ruly and messy.

Anyway, to cut the long story short...heh, I went for a haircut. I mean since J Lo did it anyway to her long locks. But she uses hair extensions so it doesn't really matter but for me, what you see is what you get.

I specially requested to get it trimmed up to the shoulders and not shorter than that because I find that I don't suit such short hair anymore as I've got a chubby face. The wispy ends are natural curls by the way.

The only thing I dislike but am starting to get over it is the fringe because it has been trimmed way too short. I thought heck, go for a change but it was a bit too short! :s But knowing how quickly my hair grows, it shouldn't be a major …

Hari Raya Dishes for 2012

I wanted to post about the food we ate during the fasting month but well, my handphone was having some problems. But I guess it's a bit too late now since we are already in the month of Hari Raya. So these are what my mum had cooked for us :)

The best thing about these dishes is that they're not really as tongue wagging spicy as a typical malay dish and also there's no coconut milk! Honestly I thought it's way impossible to NOT eat dishes that do not contain this ingredient and if you are a regular reader, you will know that I shun coconut milk...haha.

But my mum managed to do it. I think I should thank the cooking show Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan from Malaysia hosted by a popular actress and celebrity cook Sheila Rusly. She doesn't use coconut milk in her dishes and she uses this condensed milk who is the main sponsor. They are to use this ingredient in most of their dishes. I can't remember the name but for my case,  we used the low fat condensed milk.

So as I mentioned…

Hope for A New Beginning

Honestly, I haven't had any ideas to write recently because my life is so messy now. I feel so troubled. I don't think anyone else can help me unless I get a certain windfall and have some moolah to help clear my debts. I shouldn't have landed myself in this deep sh*t but unfortunately I did and it hurts.

Since practically no one can help me, I just have to suffer alone. I basically just need about $1K to clear most of my debts. I tried to clear as much as I can when I got my bonus last month but there's only so much that I can clear because it's not all the time that I get that much of money so basically I used it to cover my household expenses.

Nowadays I tried not to spend too much money and just try to spend on necessary things. But the expenses for the fasting month has taken a toll on me and I see myself spending an average of $15 to $20 per day and it has been such a killer for me. However I'm glad to have it shaved to $10 plus today because today marks th…

Advertorial: Little Card Shop

Just a quick post to updates you regarding my online shop. I have been posting new cards for sales and they're just so different than other generic cards or even some handmade cards that are creative but still leaning towards the style of generic cards. I actually breathe art into them..haha. Things I say to self promote my shop.

Anyway, here's the birthday cards I've made in line with celebrating our nation's birthday though not directly connected.

I've made use of some of the new stamps which I actually just bought at only $2 each for each set! I will show the things that I've bought recently to help me make my cards. Recently there was also a National Day sales and I got the items at a less discount of 47%. Worth it, I tell ya because many of the materials are not cheap. If I couldn't sell these cards, I will give to my colleagues at work as part of their birthday month. I will still be paid so it's okay for me. It's not like a free giveaway...haha…

Health 101: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle During Fasting Month

When you are fasting, you can be so easily tempted by the array of food offered by the makeshift stalls and bazaars and even the usual food stalls serve up extra variety of food to cater to the muslim people who are fasting. When I have the photos later, you will know what I mean when I say a variety of food.

But they're not exactly all healthy and even though during this period I can 'cheat' a little by consuming food that I don't usually consume during the non fasting period such as ice cream, I try not to overdo it. While other people lose at least 1kg, I can gain at least 1 kg..haha. So better not take the risk. So much so I told my mother that during this year's Hari Raya period, I will break my previous tradition of only consuming food cooked with coconut milk in the first two days of Hari Raya. In other words, I will NOT consume any food with coconut milk which are basically most of the traditional malay dishes served during these period. I've stopped con…

Being Bugged to Death

I actually wanted to blog about the pictures I took when I was at the two makeshift bazaars but I'm having some problems uploading the photos from my blackberry. Remind me to upgrade to a better blackberry next year..haha.

Anyway, the show must go on. 

I will write about something that irritates me although I understand the intentions of these two people but it annoys me that they are pretty insistent..or shall I say VERY insistent that I sign up so that I can buy their health products and then make a living out of it as in make a lot of money. 

Now I mention this a couple of times before and I felt I was duped by them when they insisted I see them and listen to them. I knew these kind of people will be very persistent but I have to stick my guns. I kept turning them down and they kept asking them to give them a chance to listen to the various people whose lives have turned around by taking part in this 'project life' where they start to earn a lot within 2 years or even less…

Fasting Month & Business Updates

It has been awhile since I've blogged. I actually did two drafts but it was practically talking about the same thing that I've talked about before..many times...but I've decided to stop whining and just do one thing that makes me happy and fulfilled. These last two weeks I've been busy making handmade greeting cards, taking photos, editing (my editing is very very minimal) and then uploading to the facebook. Then I took wait..two steps further, by introducing a blog and an official online shop that has a carting system where you select and then it goes to your cart.

I thought that I don't want to keep whining about money quickly going down the drain no matter how MUCH effort I put in to try to spend as little as I can. There is no way if you have three mouths to feed and you are the sole breadwinner. 

All I know is that I wanna be as successful as people like facesbysarah who at a young age of mid twenties garner attention on her make up talents. She can abs…

Goodbye to My Dearest Sofa

They mean it when they say it's hard to say goodbye to something that you have grown close to over the years even though it is starting to be so worn out and pieces of it started to come out and you have to remove one of the arms.

Eh, sounds like a setting of a zombie love story movie.

I am saying goodbye..or rather, have said such a sad goodbye to my lovely formerly green couch.

This picture was taken downstairs at the void deck when me and my mum brought it down (it was rather heavy though). Whenever my friend couldn't contact me and it was still early in the night such as 10 plus, she just got this stinkin' suspicion that I am fast asleep on this sofa. You have no idea, despite its look, it is THE most comfortable sofa eva!

Of course over the years, one of the arms had to be ripped off because it was already tearing. So the mattress will always seem to move forward when we lie down as there was no support.

Such an emotional moment for me and my brother. I bought it with my f…