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House Matters Settled

After months of deliberation, I have finally settled the transfer of ownership regarding my house. More than $36k gone from my least not for now until they have officially completed the transfer on the housing board side. The officer came to my house with the documents and then my mum and I signed all the documents and I actually prepared the cheque already for the admin fees which was written by my boss after I gave her the money. But then he didn't want to collect the cheque because he was not authorised and asked me to come down to the HDB branch office instead. Im like..eurgh..go down again?! I also saw this opportunity to not pay..hee..but no matter what, I know they will come and chase after me for the money. Plus, I was holding on to a cheque and it wasn't even written by me so yah..better get it done quickly. But when I came down there to make the payment, apparently they could not find the documents and proceeded to question me who was the officer and ho…

Getting Help

As my savings are dwindling, I try not to think about it but just do what I can do instead of harping on something that I can't do. But as much as I try to cut down on spending, some things are just inevitable like I just have to spend money on them because I am after all the sole breadwinner of the family. But I do try my best to save money as well whether it's just a dollar or two dollars per day. Whatever it takes to keep to a minimum amount of savings that will last for awhile.

Well, my mum went for her first medical check up yesterday post op and actually the appointment was supposed to be in September. But because she was worried about the slight discharge from her surgical wound, she wanted to go to the doctor earlier. Besides, the polyclinic doctor and the nurses who dressed her wounds after taking out the staples, insisted that she went to the A&E just in case. In  my head I was thinking, oh my gosh, that would set me back like what...$90?! And it's not even in…

Baking Spree

Okay I admit I have been on a baking spree despite running low on savings but the thing is, if you have a packet of flour and a packet of sugar all ready with just some other ingredients that don't cost much, like why not eh? Something like, buy one time and can make many later. That's basically how many people make quite a lot of money from baking too on top of charging quite a lot :S

And that is why.....I am on a mission of baking. While I have other things in mind that I want to bake, I think I will settle with the oreo cheesecake as my last attempt. But I do not know for how long because chocolate chip cookies are mandatory for Hari Raya.

My ultimate favourite will definitely be bread pudding and I made a few already although in my last attempt, I didn't bake long enough so  the base was a little bit soggy. *sigh* Oh time :D

Let the pics do the talking!!

Sweetcorn Cake..nice...I actually modified the recipe such as replacing the four cups (!) of coconut milk wit…

Cleaning Lady to the Rescue

My house is filthy. Okay maybe not sooo much now coz we actually paid a cleaning lady to help us do general cleaning like moping, wiping, vacuuming and sweeping. You can't depend on me for doing housework coz we don't click but I do little stuffs like do the laundry, clear the rubbish and maintain the cleanliness of my room the table top where we use to eat our food. Oh, and vacuuming and it's my absolute 'favourite'.

Okay the thing is, my mum isn't in good health to do thorough cleaning and Im out working most of the time and when I reach home, I really want to zonk out.

At first I was quite apprehensive about asking another person to clean the house but I've mentioned before that it doesn't really make sense to me to pay someone to do it. But seeing my mum's condition and seeing how our house has been in such a bad state for the longest time ever, I think it's high time we pay a one time fee and get it over and done with. At this point of time t…

Mum Back Home Now

My mum's back home now....she just suddenly decide to come back home even though I already told her earlier that HDB has sent the documents over to Woodlands for the paper work come this Friday. She was fine with that at first until I dunno what my aunt said at night, she just made a decision on the whim to wanna go back home with me. She said my aunt kept harping on the fact that my brother misses her even though uhm..he didn't say he did. He's actually fine with my mum staying over at my aunt's house. I just brought him along with me yesterday because I just want company and also because he doesn't have to go to school the next day. My mum also said she had enough of my aunt long windedness whenever she talks to her. Then the drama she had with her family the night before gave my mum such a big headache with my aunt's antics. I don't mind she comes back although I just told her that on Friday, she has to make her way to my aunt's house again for the p…

Not Angry and Frustated Anymore

I admit that I have been upset for the last few days when my mum decided to stay at my aunt's place and kept pressurizing me to get housecleaning service for my house before she comes back home. I guess I was frustrated at the fact that she won't come until I get someone to clean my house and I was like...since when does the cleanliness of the house has to do with her getting better? All she needs is a good rest to recover quickly but all she does is to think about when can the house be cleaned whenever I explain that they are not able to get a cleaner down the last few days because their schedule is already packed. 

So I was angry and frustrated and I felt also that I was not able to take care of her. But then this brother of mine die die wanted to make pretzels in the middle of the night when I told him that he can make on a freaking Saturday which was just the next day. So that's TWO people who had annoyed me. 

It was difficult but in the end, I realized that I would rath…

Discharged but not at Home

My mum has been discharged already and she is resting at my aunt's house for awhile. Actually she did come back home for like ten minutes and then she made noise coz she thought the house was messy what with the clothes still strewn on the floor and on the sofa. Her long dress which was on the sofa was still there. Ok there were like two or three of them.

Fine, I know I have been blogging about keeping the house clean including cooking and doing the laundry but I can't do everything. I go to the hospital on  a daily basis and then come back home quite late and if my aunt comes later, I will return even much later because she will go for dinner and talk and talk and talk. Oh, not forgetting that I also have to do the grocery shopping on some days or my brother has nothing to eat.

I often say that my mum will listen to my aunt more than she listens to me because I dunno..her words are more comforting?! She took her suggestion to hire the service of a maid-on-the-go. Basically get …

Mums Coming Home

Mum is likely to come back tomorrow from hospital. I don't know how they first I said that I will be able to take a few days off to take care of her at home for about a week. And then, they suggested sending her to AMK community hospital for therapy so that she can regain back her strength after the operation. And then now, they kinda argued saying they didn't say they want to send her there but I said I wanted to coz of my difficulty of taking leaves. What the I was just being up frank lah that sure, the case manager didn't say she wanted to send her there but someone else obviously told her that. Why don't you just say that since they saw my mum capable of walking herself, though with some support, and able to get up and down slowly from bed, in other words she is rather independent, they don't want to send her there instead of citing my 'difficulty' of taking leave in order to take care of her. And also because the daily charges at that …

Wake Up Call

My mum is getting better but she cannot move too much after the surgery because her wounds are still healing. I still don't know the results of the tumour like what is it and if it is cancerous.Yesterday, I got a call from the social worker and she asked some questions, and then based on my answers, she said that I qualify for 100% medifund which means that my mum's outpatient bills such as seeing the doctors and medicine will be free. That's good news. So tomorrow I have to come early to the hospital at 11am to do the application form and submit the relevant documents. Since my medisave is still enough (hopefully, I don't know how much is the surgery :S) to cover for her inpatient treatment at the hospital, they won't render assistance for it. Actually, I was hoping they can assist but it's okay. Anyway, since my medisave has been used, then I just have to take extra care of myself so that I can spend the next few years rebuilding back my medisave for future h…

After the Operation

An update about  my mum...the operation was successful and as told by the doctor, it went better than expected. I am thankful for that because the doctor did talk about their concerns regarding complications that might arise like if the tumour affects the small intestine as well and the only way to be certain about that is when they open up and take a look at it. But based on what they had seen, they said once they removed the tumour, she just required stitching and there is no need for the stoma bag so subsequently, she can pass motion as per normal. When I came to visit, she was still in a state of drowsiness although she can respond without talking. I was nervous like hell coz the doctor didn't call to update and I messaged my friend who then persuaded me to call the mainline and get connected to the ward. So I did as told and then finally found out that she was out of the operating theatre and would return to the ward soon. As per this morning, she was able to talk already bas…

Anticipating News on Surgery

Heart is in so much dilemma...a whole lot of it. I just hope my mum is well and there are no complications during her surgery. It's supposed to end anytime now but I haven't heard from the doctors yet. I just hope that when they call, it's good news. All surgeries come with risks, whether it's minimal or otherwise. I've been praying to God asking for His help and I hope he can hear me. Please get my mum through this difficult period.

Update Regarding My Mum

As you know, my mum is in hospital. Though she's not exactly in critical stage coz she has been calling me every now and then regarding the household and other matters mainly concerning my brother :S, I still worry for her. Apparently, there is growth at the right side of her large intestine and it has to be removed or otherwise, it will block the flow in her intestine and she will no longer be able to pass motion. And then, she will start vomitting her food out because the food particles are not able to flow properly. That will be the most critical stage already and the doctors don't want that to happen.

So the operation involves removing the affected part of the intestine and then reattaching it with a good part of the intestine. It sounds like a rather simple procedure but the problem now is that they worry that the growth affects the smaller intestine as well and that may complicate things. Worst comes to worst, she may need to wear a bag in the tummy although the doctor as…