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Temporary Problem

I was on half leave in the Monday morning and therefore had to drag myself back to work that afternoon in the hot frakkin' sun. It was pretty weird that recently when I just came back from half day, visit to the doctor, or from medical leave, it felt as though I was a breath of fresh air entering the room. But it was more in the case of 'Ah finally! Help is here!' Sighz...if it makes me feel wanted, fine.Still this case of relief on their part was also because the temp girl who came in late March to replace my male colleague on long leave was not much of help to them. They threw work at her while Im left with very basic simplistic jobs which still require attention but not as much as her only because they thought she was idling her time away surfing net and chatting for long stretches of time.I do feel 'neglected' at times like I felt that those jobs should have been given to me since Im the permanent staff and she's not. Later on, I will have to do those jobs …

Screaming Weekend

Weekend was a mess over at my house. My mum was screaming and screaming away at my father and then at us and then back again like a game of beach volleyball except that this is no fun under the sun.
Me and my brother were really sick and tired of her screaming at my father who was actually feeling vulnerable coz he had a bout of bad diarrhea which caused him to run to the bathroom often. To me it was just a case of food poisoning coz of the recent scares and he didnt have such a problem until he visited the Indian Muslim coffeeshop nearby. I have no idea what he ate..but my bet was that he must have eaten the spicy curry coupled with milk tea or something..I dunno. However, to my mum she kept insisting that we send him to hospital coz she just could not take it anymore. I dunno what was it that was troubling her coz I dont see her having to clean him up or clean up the mess. She was just at her sofa, occasionally standing and then yelling at the top of her voice.Both my parents are of …

No Obligations

Last Friday, I actually had company when I went home from work. The closest I have as company is when we walk out of the gates together and then go on different paths. But this one was different. it extended until inside the bus.I dont want to make a hoo haa over this like some kind of big deal coz it really isnt. Still, for someone like me, who yearns for a day when some guy asked..'hey you want to grab dinner together?' or 'you want to catch a movie later?' it is, in my own little twisted world, a big deal when my male colleague asked me to wait for him so we can leave (the office) together.Of course my initial reaction in my head was...oh no........but I thought well no biggie, coz it's only until the main gate and I have walked out before together with another male teacher as he was also the last one to leave and also took several rides in another male teacher's car to the nearby train station so it was no biggie. But when he started questioning me like whe…

Wussy? Not Always a Bad Thing.

Actually, I had never seen myself as anything special like sometimes, I thought..pfft.....what do people see in me. However, I kept being proven wrong again and again whenever I see people talk to me with faces of delight or concern like they are really interested in sharing with me their life stories or their ranting. For example, my colleagues treat me well like not just a mere colleague even though at first I used to call my other colleague moody coz of the cold reception she gave me for several months. I understand that I often give out an unfriendly vibe coz Im a shy person by nature and then sometimes, I dunno how and why that over time, those people who bother to actually get to know me better, they dont perceive me as someone who is aloof anymore and that I get along with pretty much anyone irregardless of race, gender or age. Plus it doesnt help that I am pathetically a wussy like Im just someone who cannot find herself offending others so easily. I know that word itself seem…

Being Aware

Sigh, I don't know what is becoming of the Aware saga in Singapore of which it is an association aiming to act on behalf of women in general in our quest to attain gender equality. This is a battle that is on par with other kinds of human rights that will entitle us to get the most out of the benefits in being part of the society in general. But it is a battle that needs persistent moral support along with good leaders and advocates to act as voices for other women. Unfortunately, if among themselves, they cannot even reach a consensus because everyone is just too strong headed to listen to what others have to say, how do you expect women who are sitting on the fringe like me be able to gain the trust of such fellow leaders?I mean come on, stop playing the blame game. In my humble opinion, it is good that the new exco want to steer the ship on a new course though it may not be on agreeable terms with everyone. Furthermore, with constant changes, even old values get replaced with n…

My Dearly Beloved

My computer has served me well all these years and I am afraid that one of these coming days, it will eventually give up and die on me. Last week, it almost did and I revived it twice myself with some kind of miracle. I think it is pretty true when they say that during critical times of one's life, one can expect to do things out of the ordinary. But I know that it won't be long and I suppose I have to start saving up to get a new one just in case. Still, to actually be able to save up a significant amount for a brand new computer will be yet another miracle. I know people will rather buy a laptop than a new computer but despite the advances a laptop can have in terms of mobility and specs, that little thing just cannot last long. Right now, despite getting on to a slow crawl, it is busy downloading a movie which I tried as I might not to but youtube got the strangest policy of muting the videos that contain copyrighted music. And also because it happened to mute the critical …

Life Changing Trip

I watched this indie film (well..halfway now actually) and now I know why there was so much hype about it. So what if it is not mainstream but the storyline is good, the characters are funny yet at the same time, are able to invoke emotions (e.g. tears) in you when the sensitive bits hit you in the face. The script was well written and clever...makes you laugh, think, and cry (I know I said it before but seriously, when it was funny, it was funny...when it was was seriously sad).
I wished there were more indie movies like this but not everyone can make good movies. You can have the vision but if it is poorly executed, there is no way you can go far with it if the audience ain't buying your 'vision'.Anyway, this movie was about a road trip which was actually much later in the movie but basically it was also a trip, or rather journey, through the hippies and revolutionary era where people back then were strongly divided between the freedom fighters and the narrow mind…

Multimedia message


David Archuleta Fan

As of David Archuleta when he came to Singapore to perform at a local newly opened mall. I have always been a fan of his ever since I watched American Idol last year and it was solely due to his one performance that got me to follow through week after week after that mariah carey week just to see if he made it to the finals. Eventually he did but he lost it to David Cook..but hell, I know that on this show, you dont have to be the winner to do good (Im referring to you too Adam Lambert..but of course I want you to win too!)

I actually had to take half day off in the afternoon, got ready at home...and my mother's endless errands again..pftt..and then! It was off to Iluma early to pick a good spot. I was actually having stomach cramps since the day before but I knew I had to stand for a long time, I had to resort to taking pills to ease the cramps..sigh. Before that, I was often au naturel except with the help of medicated oil to help me sleep without to…

The L Word

Can I say something before I type blogging full fledge? Adam Lambert...whether or not he wins American Idol, his career has just been launched. He's one of those contestants who don't need to take the title in order to enjoy future success. Trust me on this. So I don't care if that Danny Gokey is gonna win eventually because he's like the typical classic contestant that the whole of America will embrace and vote for *rolls eyes* (though at one stage I seriously thought making Fantasia win was a huge mistake......and..I am right! Look at Jennifer Hudson!). Okay! Well, last Friday spent the public hol at a good friend's house because we wanted to hold a simple birthday celebration for her. I did a little photo montage for her although I was not told the set up for it like whether it should be portrait or landscape but just in A4 size. Nevertheless, the birthday girl likes it and that is all that matters. For once I actually spent less than an hour doing the montage c…

Long Time No Hear

Sometimes, some things, are better left unsaid. There are times where we want to shout to the world because it is hard to contain the excitement but if we want to be spared the ordeal later, then it's better that we keep quiet. Of course, there are people that we can trust to keep the secret and not blow it out of proportion. And only because we don't want to just keep it to ourselves. But in life, when we don't learn things the hard way, we will never learn at all. Incidentally, that will also help us to keep our mouth shut at times...heh.
Anyway enough about that...even though I think in future I will still repeat the mistake unconsciously. I think Im one of those people where lightning will strike more than once. No offence to Merlion.An old friend of mine has been contacting me recently via text messaging and the first message that she sent me left me a bit stunned. She asked to stay at my house for several days because she is very stressed. I did not reply and it is no…