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All Aboard on the London Bus

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of going up the actual London public bus..even without leaving Singapore. I'm so happy! I've always had a dream of going to London one day and I know I will. Not sure when although I most certainly want to go to Australia after my studies. It will be like a dream come true to me to go on an airplane and fly there. 

I rushed home from gym and then got ready in a jiffy to go to the Garden by the Bay. I don't know why..up to last Sunday, I've been rushing back home from gym and then go out and head somewhere else. But it was an experience that was worth it. We were literally bus-crazy! And I think the Londoners who had gone up such buses throughout their life, would be saying to us, 'but it's just a bus...pfft', haha.

The bus seemed pretty small in the interior and I don't think many Londoners take public bus? Not sure. But I know our buses seemed bigger and we're already complaining about it ;p Oh well, what else are we…

Facing Rejections & Dealing with Them

 I am currently on school holidays..yay! More time to sleep, rather than going back home late, play a little on the computer, sleep and then wake up early to do my orders or to revise or do research for my exams.

Life has been pretty okay for me until the last few days. Facing one rejection after another. In another blog, I was writing that I can't please everyone. They haven't been mean to me. Infact, they do feel bad about it that the works that I have done for them, isn't what they wanted. But, just like in real life business, you basically have good dealings and bad dealings. Just take facebook. Not every thing about them is flawless *cough* stocks *cough*...and you get the drift. But do they just leave it to be an ultimate failure and shut down facebook for good? No. In fact, they were in the recent news by acquiring whatsapp for a few billion dollars. My goodness. I feel like I'm working in the wrong industry, haha. What have I been missing in life, by not working…

School Semester Ending Soon...& My Awesome Team Mates

My oral communications class is finally over!!! Ok technically not yet, because there are another 4 teams to present but the good thing, I just have to sit down and watch their presentation as mine is over and done with! Yayness.

Infact, my team became the first one to present because technically, one of the team members of the rightfully first team, decided not to show up. Because of her no show, we got an earful from the lecturer who usually doesn't mince her words but she does make sense, how odd that sentence is. 

For my classmate to decide not to come, because apparently she thinks she doesn't have enough good materials or whichever reason she has, to me it's a waste. Our semester is ending next week and she should have just got it over and done with. I mean I'm noooo public speaker material, I shudder at her looking at me present (apparently she knows I'm freaking out too) but it's all good when it's over. 

The thing is, if you have done your research ve…

Feeling the Chills in the Start of Feb

Before you know it, February is here. One month has gone since I last watched The Wanted performed for the New Year countdown. Financially, it  has been a good month. I *crosses fingers and toes* hope that NOTHING will suddenly come and attack my current savings and I'll be biting those same fingers that I crossed to see how am I going to survive this family, yet again. 

But always think positive and always work hard. This is my current motto of the year. I don't want to think about how much sleep I have to sacrifice and how much work I have to do. I just have to do the best I can. There are a lot of busy and successful people out there and they have the same amount of time as me. It's a matter of how strict I am in maintaining the many aspects of my life including time management and personal finances.

It's not exactly a good start to February for me though, because I came down with a fever yesterday and I had to heavily rely on painkillers to subside the fever so that …

My Project 300..A Reward for Not Giving Up

Finally, I could write this post! 

I actually received an offer to do 300 (!) cards for the Primary One students in our school and it came at a time where I thought I wasn't doing so well in my online shop and I prayed every day, even when I was feeling tired as and when I was alone in public transport or walking to work that I would receive orders at least once a week to keep me and my family going. It's my second source of income and I know I can't rely just on my monthly income from work because it's not enough to support my family. Well, actually if my mum weren't so obsessed about certain stuffs from supermarkets, I would have probably saved some moolah. But it's okay. If there's some things that can't be changed, some other things can be adjusted like for instance, I rarely spend on lunch or dinner outside even though for 3 times per week, I have classes. 

I actually can survive on just a piece of fruit pre-lesson and during the break, I'll spen…

A Very Happy Lunar New Year 2014

I love Lunar New Year even though I don't celebrate because it means I will get NTUC vouchers from le workplace and it's great for me because, I go grocery shopping almost everyday. Yes, you read that right. I guess you can say I don't do grocery shopping on the 1st day of Lunar New Year itself, LOL..simply because all the shops are closed including major supermarkets. My mum has this obsession with certain grocery items and you must replenish it on a daily basis, otherwise it will be like as though she's missing an arm or leg. Don't you forget her 'most important' items, she'll give you hell for it.

Anyway, I'm glad I got the vouchers again because it will help to save costs especially during the times when well, I run low in cash. That's why I have the tendency to use it sparingly although my other colleagues use it namely to buy groceries for their lunar new year celebrations. The last voucher I used from the previous giveaway was mere days be…